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Your Top Marvel Heroes part 48

Written by Chris Mitchell on Monday, May 03 2010 and posted in Features
Two ladies and a Spider. {nomultithumb}

109. Jessica Jones (26 points)

jessicajones.jpg"If you need it explained to you, you'd never understand anyway."

Jessica Campbell was just about to speak to her crush, Peter Parker, before being distracted by the spider bite that gave him his powers. While going home, she and her parents are in their family car when it collided to a military truck that is carrying radioactive chemical. Her parents were killed and Jessica slipped into a coma. She was then adopted by the Jones family and she woke up from her coma during the time of the coming of Galactus to earth to feast on the planet. She was enrolled back to Midtown High School, where she was at the receiving end of bullying by Flash Thompson.

Peter felt empathy towards Jessica as he grew up without his true parents, but Jessica lashed out to him because she thought that he was pitying her. It was at this time that the exposure from the radioactive chemicals gave her powers. As the superhero Jewel she had a brief career thwarting crime. During one of her adventures, she ran into the mind controlling Purple Man. He took control of her life and used her in many unpleasant ways. He eventually tried to use her to kill Daredevil, but instead she attacked the first person she saw in a red costume, which happened to be the Scarlet Witch. After a fight with the Avengers they helped to free her of the mind control, and even offered her a place on the roster. She declined, quite disturbed by the abuse the Purple Man inflicted upon her.

She started the Alias private detective agency and worked for some interesting clients, including Matt Murdock. During this time she became pregnant by Luke Cage and briefly dated Scott Lang.

Later, she was offered a job working for the Daily Bugle on the superhero column The Pulse. She ended up arguing with J. Jonah Jameson over his opinions of costumed heroes and quit before the birth of her child. She and Luke Cage have since married.

After Jessica and Luke are confronted by Iron Man and Ms. Marvel to register under the Superhuman Registration Act, they make their intentions clear to defy the new law. Making sure Danielle would be safe, Jessica travels to Canada with her while Luke stays in New York and joins Caps "Secret" Avengers.

It has been speculated that Jessica might be a Skrull because her baby lit her eyes with a green flash. After the New Avengers fought and defeated The Hood's Gang, she feared for her safety and her baby and so she goes to see Iron Man to register.

When a Skrull ship crash landed in the Savage Land, the Avengers goes out to investigate. What is inside of the ship was some of pre-existing heroes, including Jessica in her Jewel costume. When she was later revealed to be a Skrull, she was killed along with the heroes from the Skrull ship. The real Jessica Jones was present in the final battle between earth's heroes and villains fighting together against the invading Skrull empire. After the Skrulls lost, the Skrull that masqueraded as Jarvis kidnapped her child and disappeared. The two later found their baby with Norman Osborn's Help.

During the events of Dark Reign, Jessica didn't do much. She reveled that she used to have a crush on Peter Parker in high school. But when Clint Barton was captured trying to kill Norman Osborn, Jessica called her mother to baby-sit so she could done the costume of Jewel once more. Come the Heroic Age, you will see Jessica in costume again in the new New Avengers title.

108. Dazzler (26 points)

dazzler.jpg"Her book had terrible art there for a while and she wasn't even in costume for a time but I think she was ahead of her time. She was different---a person who didn't want to be a superhero but always fell into it. She wanted a career in entertainment (there for a while she tried to be an actress in her solo....liked the musician angle better) I think there is a lot of potential for this character if she has a good writer"

Alison Blaire was a talented singer who discovered she was gifted with mutant abilities in high school. While performing at a high school show, she began to emit bursts of light. After the event she was terrified and was determined to hide the fact that she was a mutant from all those around her. When she reached adulthood, she infuriated her father, Judge Carter Blaire, declaring her intention to become a singer, rather than following in his footsteps in law. She conceived a clever showy gimmick where she could secretly use her light powers to supplement her act, and all listening assumed that she used special effects. Calling herself "The Dazzler" and adorning herself in mirrored clothes, make-up and a pair of roller skates, she started her career.

On one of her fist major appearances, during the auditions, she managed to beat out the Asgardian Enchantress, despite the goddess using her magicks to enhance her singing ability. Enraged, the Enchantress attacked Dazzler at her show, where a number of prominent heroes were in attendance. Dazzler ended up defeating the Enchantress herself, and began the cycle of being a reluctant superhero.

n the beginning stages of her singing career, Alison had huge obstacles pop up in front of her: She was detected by both the X-Men and the Hellfire Club as a mutant, and both groups wished to recruit her, the Hellfire Club by force. They appeared at a club where Dazzler was performing and attacked with armored troops. With the X-Men's aid, she escaped.

At her first stadium show, she was forced to battle the Hulk, who had been working as Bruce Banner as a roadie. After defeating the Hulk, she was noticed by the secret government organization Project Pegasus, who wanted to study her abilities.

While at Pegasus, Alison's powers were tested exhaustively, and the scientists concluded that there were no limits to the amount of sound she could transduce into light. When an inmate of the Project, Klaw, who was composed of solid sound, escaped and battled Quasar, head of Project security, with whom Alision shared an attraction, Dazzler absorbed the criminal completely, believing she had killed him.

In her remorse, Alison escaped from Project Pegasus, and was soon after captured by Galactus. It appeared that Galactus had need of Dazzler's abilities, in that she was the only being that could safely see in a black hole. His former herald, Terrax, had betrayed Galactus, and fled from his wrath to hide in a black hole. Galactus super-charged Alison with sound, and sent her after Terrax.

Dazzler battled Terrax and in the end, defeated him, dragging him back to Galactus for punishment. She was returned to Earth, to attempt once more to further her singing career.

Although Alison had many men after her attentions, it was at this point that Warren Worthington, the Angel began courting her in earnest, as he saw Alison as a better alternative to the string of bimbos he'd been dating. Although things never ended up working out between them, Archangel helped reunite her with her estranged father, and find her lost mother.

Alison eventually traveled to the west coast, where she tried her hand in acting. She met and became involved with movie producer Roman Nekoboh, who convinced her to film a movie telling her story, and convinced her to come out as a mutant to her fans. Alison finally agreed, and the backlash prevented them from releasing "Dazzler: The Movie".

Dazzler's career plummeted after this. The only regular musical work she could get was as a backing musician for interstellar rock star Lila Cheney. She was pulled from this when the Beyonder summoned a number of Earth's heroes to battle a number of villains. The Beyonder took a special romantic interest in Dazzler, declaring her the most beautiful and powerful beings he had ever met. After several attempts to win her over, which all ended unsuccessfully, the Beyonder gave up and returned her to Earth.

Soon after, Dazzler was possessed by the entity known as Malice, who summoned the X-Men for help. The X-Men managed to defeat Malice and liberate Dazzler, at which point she realized that joining the X-Men was her best option. This forced her to come to terms with the former villain Rogue, who had been one of Dazzler's worst enemies for some time.

While with the X-Men, Alison became involved with fellow teammate Longshot. Alison's training and confidence grew as she stayed with them. However, when she looked within the magic gem known as the Siege Perilous, she saw all the other possibilities of her life, including a possible life as a bag-lady, which seemed to destabilize the team. It became necessary for her to push Rogue through this gem, in battle with the Master Mold, in order to defeat it. Psylocke was forced to send the surviving members through as well, to save their lives from the Reavers, who had taken over their town in Australia. A reincarnated Alison Blaire was found, without her memory, washed up on a beach in Malibu, by Lila Cheney's bodyguard Guido (Strong Guy). She joined the band again, and not even watching the public debut of her movie could return her memory.

Eventually, she was found by Longshot, who convinced her to return with him to his home dimension of Mojoworld to return to the rebellion that he had begun. She agreed, as her memories began to return, and after their victory on Mojoworld, Allison married Longshot and become pregnant. Sadly she lost the child due to a miscarriage.

Dazzler eventually returns to Earth without Longshot and travels to England, where her music was enjoying a retro resurgence, and began singing in her original stage outfit. However, after the events of M-Day, the backlash against mutants got even worse, and Dazzler was as unpopular as ever. Returning to low-level performances Allison fell on hard times. After previous troubles in her life and no friends there to be with her, she found drugs to be the answer to her problems. Alison decided to stay on Earth, and try to restart her singing career.

Allison aids Jean Grey and her band of Genoshians in battle against a repowered Magneto who had captured Professor X. Alison informed Jean that she believed Longshot had been killed and Jean sensed that Alison had lost her baby. What actually happened has not yet been revealed, although some believe that Shatterstar may actually be her son as an adult

For a while, Dazzler was living in England performing as a musician. But times became tough and she had to put her microphone down. Upon Doing so, she spent the last bit of her money paying back all the shows she canceled out on. And the very last of whatever two cents she had went toward her plane ticket to go to San Francisco. On the plane a man Was causing a bit of a ruckus and even took a flight attendant hostage. Dazzler and the main sang a duet to keep his mind off of what was going on. Upon finishing the song, Dazz blinded him with a light show and then shot him with a laser. Another passenger on the plane mentioned how he runs a little club and if she'd be interested in performing once a week for a month. Dazzler accepted and now lives in San Francisco with the other remaining mutants.

Next, Pixie is seen leaving one of Dazzler's shows where she is then badly beaten by the Hellfire Cult. Beast sits in the hospital with little Pixie and informs her that he has a special guest to see her. From around the corner comes Dazzler, with little flickers of light dancing around her head. Dazzler stays with Pixie for a while, mainly to just raise her morale. Upon leaving, Dazzler requests Pixie to join her on stage in future shows due to Pixie's mutant abilities, but Pixie declines the offer. Pixie at the time felt as though being an X-Man wasn't exactly for her and was thinking of leaving the team for a while. Dazzler has established a career as a musician, finally landing a big break.

Sometime in between Pixie's decline and living in San Francisco, Pixie takes Dazzler up on her offer and aids her in many performances. After One night of going out, Pixie, Northstar, and Dazzler all return to Graymalkin Industries, only to see Cyclops sleeping on the couch. Northstar asks if it were because he and Emma got into a fight to which there's no reply from Cyclops. Dazzler insist on using her powers and in doing so, illuminates the room revealing the clothes that Cyclops is not wearing. He becomes flustered and then smells alcohol on the underage breath of Pixie. Pixie immediately teleports out of the room. He reprimands Northstar and Dazzler for letting her get drunk but is shaken when a psychic call comes in from Emma. She tries to warn them that the school is under attack from the Sisterhood of Mutants, but is subdued by Lady Mastermind. Chimera and Martinique Jason appear in the room that Dazzler, Northstar, and Cyclops are in and a fight commences. She later joins Emma Frost, Karma, and Storm in an attack on the Sisterhood of Mutants. She takes on Psylocke, who is back into her British body and is being mind controlled by the Goblin Queen. Psylocke was able to take the upper hand, but Dazzler absorbs all the sound in the city creating a beam of light. She blasts it at Psylocke's right face which allows her to regain control over herself and returning back to her Asian body.

107. Spider-Man 2099 (26 points - 1 first place slot)

spiderman2099.jpg"This was my first venture into Marvel comics and to this day he is my favorite character. The costume design is great, and I loved it when he joined Exiles"

On Earth-928 in the year 2099, Miguel O'Hara worked as the head of the genetics department for the Alchemax Corporation. He was working on genetic coding and splicing. He toyed with the idea of recreating the powers of the original Spider-Man from years ago. Miguel's boss, Tyler Stone, secretly got him addicted to the drug Rapture. This highly addictive drug couldn't be worked out of the body. It was Stone's way of controlling his employees by offering them the expensive drug in return for their loyalty. Miguel decided to try to genetically cure himself by rewriting his genetic code from a sample he had taken previously. He was being watched by a competitive co-worker Aaron Delgato who attempted to sabotage his experiment by adding a random code into the process. The results cured Miguel but also gave him spider-like powers. Aaron tried to shoot him but he fell from the Alchemax building despite Miguel trying to save him. Soon Tyler sent out a cyborg Bounty hunter named Venture to capture him. Miguel fled to his home to escape Venture. Grabbing a costume from a Day of the Dead celebration he fought Venture and won. Miguel began fighting crime and the evil corporate Alchemax as Spider-Man.

Even after receiving his new powers O'Hara continued his functions at Tyler Stones company after his brother Gabriel's girlfriend Kasey was kidnapped by the Specialist, Miguel saw that there was still a need for Spider-man even after the huge time gap. Using his powers he rescued Kasey from the Specialist (however he died due to Miguel's ineptitude in use of his talons) and Kasey would begin a long going crush on Spider-man. After his daring rescue from Alchemax, the new Spider-man was now being targeted by Stark-Fujikawa, led him a one way ticket too Nueva Tork, a city overrun and controlled by gangs. At this place Spider-man encountered numerous gangs, one of these was ruled by a cannibalistic man named Vulture 2099 who proceeded too extend an invite too Miguel too join their gang which O'Hara declined. With the help from other gangs Spider-man fought of Vulture and his gang, and ended up returning home, where he had gained a fan that inspired him too continue as Spider-man.

After the series relative success Marvel decided too do a crossover with the original Spider-Man, this ended up boosting sales both ways. After a while Spider-Man and Miguel swapped places. Miguel swings around in awe through the time-period which is so adored in the future. Peter swings around in horror at the 2099 world. Miguel ends up in a fight against Venom, Eddie Brock, while Peter does the same to Vulture 2099. On a more sinister level, it seems that 1995 is the point at which the Age of Marvels was destroyed and the 2099 world becomes inevitable. Spider-Man and Spider-Man 2099 get together and are thrown into the future where they meet Spider-Man 2211, as well as Hobgoblin 2211 who is actually a girl and Spider-Man 2211's daughter, who is the architect of the whole evil plan of time traveling. Together the three Spider-men managed too defeat 2211 version of the Hobgoblin, there after the two spiders went back too each of their own time with their memories intact of the happenings.

After his encounter with earth-616 spider-man Miguel grew from an arrogant scientist too a justice driven superhero, as Miguel O'Hara is relationships at home were going sour, as he became more Spider-man then Miguel O'Hara. Alongside Dana D'Angelo and Gabriel, he visited their mother Conchata, who was committed too an asylum, he confessed too his mother that he was the newest Spider-man, only too see her break down in laughter. after he left the asylum, he faced off against Public eye and sent a message too Tyler Stone saying he wasn't messing around anymore. He was brought by Tyler Stone too inspect a Russian sub that was left from the Cold War, during their expedition, they found out that all the crew were in fact superhuman agents left in cryogenic sleep until the start of the war, one of the agents, Cernobyl, heard them speak English and thought that the war had in fact started, he fought against Spider-man until is body overheated and he was forced too retreat to space where his body ended up exploding, Miguel erased the data so that Alchemax wouldn't get the info. He was asked for help from is colleague Tarantella, whose lab had been attacked by a monster, after Miguel tested a piece of skin he found at the lab only too discover the monster was Tarantella himself, he then tracked him down only too find that he was calling himself Man-Spider and had kidnapped Dana, after Spider-man won the battle he copied the file of Tarantellas work for himself and erased the rest.

Spider-Man 2099's most recent appearance paired him and the original Spider-Man together once again, this time around, Spider-Man 2099 was just a teenager who got his powers from energy from the Time-storm and spider DNA and out for the first time as Spider-Man and didn't know how to use his powers completely. Though he was nearly killed, Miguel O'Hara managed to rescue Peter from Scorpion 2099, and the two heroes took down the freak of science. Later Miguel fought Human Torch 2099, an Atlantean with control over fire, HT 2099 soon offered to train Miguel in the art of combat.

During a battle when the inter-dimensional team known as the Exiles visited Earth-928, Miguel's identity was exposed to the entire world when he was unmasked by Hulk 2099, who was possessed by Proteus. Rather than being hunted by Alchemax, Miguel decided to join the Exiles in trying to fix time-lines that went wrong. When the all of the members were scattered throughout different realities, Miguel settle on an alternate earth (Earth-6375) with a new girlfriend.


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