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Your Top Marvel Heroes part 51

Written by Chris Mitchell on Tuesday, May 04 2010 and posted in Features
Here we go folks, the Top 100 Marvel Heroes. Will your favorites make the Top 50? Some of them don't. Who? Well, where is the fun in that. {nomultithumb}

100. D-Man (27 points - 2 first place slots)

dman.jpg"Dennis Dunphy was a pro wrestler with a bad heart, and he turned it into a heart of gold. He's here to earn a slot in the One Pointers Club."

One Point Club? Riiiiiight.

UCwF 4 Life!

Dennis Dunphy was born in Lincoln, Nebraska. Dennis becomes an aspiring athlete who receives the strength augmentation treatments offered by Power Broker, Inc. Finding himself too strong now for normal sports, he becomes a professional wrestler and member of the Unlimited Class Wrestling Federation (UCWF) along with other superheroes and super villains such as the Beyonder, the Thing, and Screaming Mimi. He refuses to throw a fight with the Thing, and was defeated by the Thing in a wrestling match. He was later mentally compelled by the Puppet Master to attack the Thing. Dunphy refuses the Power Broker's order to help kill Ms. Marvel. He revealed his addiction to the Power Broker's drug to the Thing, and went through a painful withdrawal when the Power Broker cut off his drug supply.

After the fall of the UCWF, Dunphy becomes the Demolition Man and teams up with Captain America to investigate Power Broker, Inc. His costume is intentionally designed so the body of it is a duplicate of Daredevil's first costume, and the hood is a knock-off of Wolverine's. He is successful in rescuing Captain America from Karl Malus and helping Captain America catch him. Dunphy is captured by the Power Broker and subjected to further treatments which augment his strength further but damage his heart. While under the influence of the stimulant, he went mad and attacked Captain America. Dunphy suffers a heart attack, and his second augmentation is reversed and he is hospitalized. Dunphy takes a step back from superhero activity to take over Captain America's hotline.

Soon after this, Steve Rogers is stripped of his Captain America costume by the Commission on Superhuman Activities (CSA) and goes missing. Demolition Man joins Falcon, Nomad, and Vagabond in searching for Rogers. They discover Rogers, who had renamed himself simply "The Captain", and they all become a short-lived informal team. They defeat the Serpent Squad in their first outing. D-Man aids the Captain, Falcon, and Nomad against Famine. D-Man is nearly killed in battle by Titania. He begins teaching Vagabond hand-to-hand combat, but is attacked by a jealous Nomad. He fights Anaconda and Slither of the Serpent Society. He is attacked and poisoned by Viper, and mistakenly fights Battle Star. Dunphy is arrested by the CSA and held for questioning about the Captain's activities.

When Dennis is finally released by the CSA, he seeks out the Captain, discovering that not only has his team disbanded, but that the East Coast Avengers team have also just disbanded and that the Captain is seeking new members. The Captain inducts Demolition Man as the first of his new Avengers and they almost immediately leave on a mission at the request of Battlestar. Battlestar's partner is John Walker, Captain America's replacement, who has been captured by Flag-Smasher and his group ULTIMATUM. While Battlestar and the Captain investigated ULTIMATUM's Arctic base, Demolition Man is left with their plane. During the fight, the Captain discovers that Flag-Smasher's base contains a doomsday weapon-an electromagnetic pulse generator, and he orders Dunphy to set the plane on course to crash into the base and then bail out. Dennis sets course, but then sees an enemy agent land on the plane. Dunphy elects to stay on the plane to ensure that it connects. The plane explodes apparently with Dunphy in it, and Captain America is unable to find any trace of him.

In a later adventure with Jack Frost, Cap sees what he believes to be Dunphy's body frozen in suspended animation in ice near the North Magnetic Pole in the Arctic. However, he is unable to free him at that time. Demolition Man had survived the explosion, but suffered wounds that rendered him mute and in a stupor, and discovered to be living among Eskimos. During a back up story to "Operation: Galactic Storm", he is rescued by U.S. Agent and the Falcon and recovers under Avengers' care. In time he becomes a hero of a subterranean group of homeless people called the Zero People. Dennis appears when the Avengers are attacked by Morgan LeFay's forces. His inattention to hygiene causes many to sit far away from him.

It is later established that Dunphy has become delusional and mentally unstable. His intentions remain pure, but he has begun to believe that a "Cosmic Gamemaster" has asked him to retrieve the seven Infinity Gems, which D-Man carries out by stealing common jewelry. At Ben Urich's request, D-Man's hero Daredevil comes into the sewers and persuades Dennis to get some help.

In Civil War: War Crimes, an unnamed newspaper carries the headline "D-Parted: D-Man On The Run After Whereabouts Revealed By Anonymous Tip." Dennis is being considered as a "potential recruit" for the Initiative program, according to Civil War: Battle Damage Report.

D-Man has been shown to be serving in the U.S. military in his civilian identity and covertly in his Demolition Man costume. For a while, he inspires several of his fellow soldiers to operate covertly in costumes as well, but he put a stop to that out of concern for their military careers. He continues operating by himself. How he recovered from the brain damage/mental instability he had been suffering from is unknown at this point.

99. Armor (28 points)

armor.jpg"My fav. of the newer mutants."

Hisako was a mutant student at the Xavier Institute who dreamed of one day becoming an X-Man. Along with her best friend, Wing, Hisako was attacked in the halls of the Xavier Institute by the alien villain, Ord of the Breakworld. Hisako and Wing attempted to oppose Ord, but were overpowered. While both teenagers survived the attack, Wing was injected with a "cure" for his mutant ability of flight. Despondent, he committed suicide after some goading from a Danger Room hologram of Hisako. In the wake of this tragedy, Hisako, her teacher Kitty Pryde, and several Xavier students found themselves trapped in a sentient and hostile Danger Room with Wing's reanimated corpse. Danger, as the intelligence is named by the X-Men, eventually leaves the Institute.

Some time after, Hisako finds another of her classmates, codenamed Blindfold, 'crying' in a bathroom (unusual because Blindfold has no eyes with which to cry). Suddenly a mind controlled Beast attacks them. Using her powers, including a blast of energy from her psionic body armor, Hisako fights off the enraged Beast before ultimately fainting. After the students escape they meet up with Wolverine whose mind is being manipulated so that he thinks he is only five years old. As they all go down to the basement to witness the final confrontation, Blindfold is teleported away with the X-Men to a SWORD ship, by Agent of SWORD, Abigail Brand and her crew. She takes the X-Men to the Breakworld, so they can help stop Ord from destroying Earth.

After an extended trip on Ord's planet, Breakworld, Wolverine makes a Hisako a member of the X-Men. Hisako takes the codename Armor which Wolverine comments on by saying that calling herself "Armor" is like calling himself "Claws". Armor has proven herself a valuable X-Member, despite her age.

Armor was also recently seen fighting the Acolytes along side Kitty Pryde, Colossus and the other students of Xavier's Institute. Armor had been specifically fighting Unuscione, who has similar powers to her.

During Messiah CompleX, Armor joins forces with the mutant team known as the New X-Men and went along with them to take down the Purifiers secretly with out informing Scot ot Emma. Unfortunately, the New X-Men failed and their presence was detected. She then battles Predator X with Gentle as the creature rampages through the Institute, but is then teleported away to Muir Island with Beast and the New X-Men by Pixie, where she took part in the final battle.

On Muir Island, Predator X was defeated, unfortunately, so was Professor X. After this, the X-Men decided to relocate to San Francisco. Hisako is currently a full member of the Astonishing X-men team where they have tracked down a mysterious "Ghost Box" and have found their way to Champaragna Beach, also known for being the place space ships go to die.

Armor is seen with the X-Men, watching the news about the protests between Pro-Mutant Rights protestors and Humanity Now. Cyclops made Hisako part of a team he made to defeat the Dark Avengers, and she has participated in the last fight against Norman Osborn's Dark Avengers and Dark X-Men, fighting Daken with Pixie and X-23.

98. Lockjaw (28 points)

lockjaw.jpg"I named my Bulldog Lockjaw. No lie."

The Inhumans are an ancient race that diverged from human beings over 25,000 years ago. When they come of age, they are exposed to the Terrigen Mists. Each Inhuman experiences different results.

One Inhuman child was transformed into the shape of a giant dog. He is now known as Lockjaw and serves as a companion to the Royal Family. Lockjaw has the ability to teleport himself and a large number of others (with a combined weight of one ton) over great distances, such as from the Earth to the Moon. Lockjaw is also capable of teleporting to other dimensions.

Lockjaw has the intelligence of a human, but has many canine traits. Allegedly Lockjaw is able to speak but rarely seems to do so. Lockjaw is generally treated as a pet, but is respected by other Inhumans. He appears to be Luna's protector, as he was to Crystal.

Lockjaw comes just in time when Black Bolt is freed from the ion field. He unknowing distracts the Kree soldiers just long enough for Black Bolt to attack them. Lockjaw then teleports them outside of Attilan by the Kree tents. Lockjaw teleports Black Bolt, Medusa, Karnak and Gorgon to the Mists to fight the Kree.

Lockjaw can teleport as little as ten feet and as much as 24,000 miles, (from Earth to the moon), it is unclear if he can teleport further. Lockjaw can also teleport interdimensionally and has teleported across time on very rare occasions, when teleporting he can bring up to a dozen individuals or a ton of mass, though all being teleported must be within a radius of 14 feet of him, (the closer the better, physical contact makes it easier). He cannot teleport others without teleporting himself. His teleportation is accompanied by a bright sparkling white flash. Certain types of fields, notably the Inhumans "negative space" barriers, can inhibit Lockjaw's teleporting.

Lockjaw has limited telekinetic ability. He has used this to move rocks and to create force shields to protect the Royal Family, these exhaust him and he rarely uses them. The antennae on Lockjaw's and Black Bolt's Foreheads allow the two to combine their powers, they once created a dimensional gateway, something neither can do alone. Lockjaw has limited and erratic empathic abilities as well, he can sometimes sense when those he cares for are in danger or need, no matter their distance. Lockjaw can also track beings he knows, even across interdimensional space.

Lockjaw's intelligence fluctuates from a little more than canine at times to comprehending complex language. Lockjaw's strength is significantly greater than that of a normal being of his size and build, and his jaws are able to grab and hold up to 90 tons, he also held Silver Surfer at a standoff. Lockjaw's teeth and digestive system are similarly strengthened, whereas normal dogs chew on and digest bone, Lockjaw chews on metal.


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