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Your Top Marvel Heroes part 53

Written by Chris Mitchell on Wednesday, May 05 2010 and posted in Features
There is a character in this group that gets love for reasons I do not know. Guess which one? PS: It's not the green dude or the one with the mullet. {nomultithumb}

94. Hulking (30 points)

hulkling.jpg"A great new character. Sure, his powers aren't the most original but he is still a damn fun character. Only Young Avenger better then him is Wiccan."

Teddy was raised by his single mother who really was a Skrull posing as a human who he believed to be his mother. Teddy did not know the true source of his power and assumed he was a Mutant.

He had hidden his powers afraid of the backlash that comes with being a mutant that is until he met Greg Norris who was the class president and captain of the basketball team. Teddy soon confided in him about his power and to his shock Norris was not upset. Greg used his friend's powers to pull cons and pranks using Teddy's powers to shape shift into popular figures. After hearing of the break-up of the Avengers, Teddy was shocked. Greg used him to go into the wreckage of the Avengers Mansion. Teddy was in awe of the place and respected it, while Greg just wanted to use Teddy to loot the place. Teddy threatened Greg using his powers and he left the mansion.

After Greg left, Teddy then met Kang who was gathering teens by using the Vision's fail-safe programming, to form a group of Young Avengers to fight Kang. Teddy agreed to join him and become Hulkling alongside Iron Lad (Kang), Stature (Cassie Lang), Patriot (Eli Bradley), Hawkeye and Wiccan (Billy Kaplan) with whom he kindled a close relationship.

After the Patriot quit the team the rest tried to talk him into coming back. While this happened, Hulkling was abducted by the Super-Skrull who said that Teddy was a Skrull himself and he had come to take him back. After a battle the group (minus Eli) escaped to Wiccan's house where they found who they thought was Hulkling's mother, but before anything could be made clear the Super-Skrull broke in with the Patriot as a hostage ordering Hulkling to come with him. The Super-Skrull then used a device that was supposedly supposed to reveal that Teddy was a Skrull but instead revealed that his mother was a Skrull. She stated that she was ordered by the Empress to protect Teddy and shot at the Super-Skrull who retaliated by setting her on fire, resulting in her death.

The Super-Skrull then took Hulkling and told him was Dorrek VIII and the son of Anelle, the Skrull Emperor's daughter, and the only heir to the Skrull empire. But the Emperor had ordered the child's death upon learning who his father was so Teddy was sent to Earth to be reunited with his father. Before the Super-Skrull could tell Hulkling who his father was, the other Young Avengers arrived to save Hulkling. Kree soldiers suddenly appeared claiming that Hulkling was Kree. The Kree soldiers then said that Hulkling was the son of Captain Marvel and by law had to join the Kree army, but Hulkling refused and a battle broke out.

The Young Avengers fled, but then found themselves in the middle of another battle as Skrull and Kree Troops both appeared demanding that Hulkling come with them, but the Avengers came to the rescue. The conflict was resolved when the Hulkling and the Super-Skrull switched identities and "Hulkling" agreed to a deal in which he would spend 6 months with the Kree and 6 months with the Skrulls before making a decision on who he would side with. The arrangement was still in order when the races left and Teddy returned to his original form, safe from both races and staying in Earth. After all was done Teddy scattered the ashes of his foster mother to the breeze at the Avenger's Mansion.

Teddy recently confronted his father (Captain Marvel) because of his return. They had a large heart to heart, and Teddy now knows what it is like to have a father. However, unknown to Teddy, this Captain Marvel was actually a Skrull appointed to impersonate Captain Marvel. Due to an accident, the Skrull agent truly believed himself to be Captain Marvel.

During Secret Invasion, Teddy joins the other Young Avengers, confronting the first wave of invading Skrull religious fanatics that arrive in New York City. Teddy attempts to reason with the Skrulls by revealing his identity as Dorrek VIII, but is incapacitated before his identity is revealed. Leaders of the invasion recognize him and allude to his ability to jeopardize their plans if their followers learn of his identity. Nearby, the Runaways also confront Skrull invaders. Recognizing the danger they pose, Xavin attacks and incapacitates the Runways, pretending to be one of the invaders and protecting them from capture. Xavin sends the Runaways to safety with Nico and Victor, but notices Teddy being attacked. He escapes with Teddy, attempting to save him, but both are attacked by other Skrulls.

93. Cypher (30 points)

cypher.jpgDouglas Ramsey was a friend of Kitty Pryde, the X-Man Shadowcat. Both shared an interest in computers and video games which brought them closer together.

When both Professor Charles Xavier and Emma Frost discovered Doug was a mutant, they both attempted to recruit him for their respective schools. Frost offered him a scholarship to the Massachusetts Academy in hope of inducting him into her adolescent Hellions to serve the Hellfire Club's sinister needs. Pryde accompanied Ramsey on a trip to the Academy for his final interview. Kitty didn't trust Frost at all due to past experiences, and this time was no different. The White Queen captured Kitty, and was later saved by the New Mutants. Ramsey ended up not attending the school.

While Douglas became a friend to the New Mutants children, they kept their mutant powers and costumed personas from him. However, one night when the New Mutants were alone in the mansion, the techno-organic alien Warlock arrived and battled the New Mutants in the confusion that erupted. The mutants asked Ramsey for help in communicating with the alien, and revealed their secrets to him. Douglas succeeded in talking with Warlock and both the alien and Ramsey soon joined the team. Ramsey chose the codename Cypher, as his mutant ability allowed him to decipher codes and languages. Warlock and Cypher shared a close bond, often sticking close together in battle.

Doug often felt useless in battle, even though his powers often came more in handy then others. During a mission to return their teammate Bird Brain to his home island, the villainous Ani-Mator captured the New Mutants, but thanks to the friendship made with Bird Brain, the humanoid animals that the Ani-Mator had made, came to their rescue. During the battle, Doug wanted to help their friends but felt that his powers could not help, and if he tried to fight with his hands, he would get in the way. But when the Ani-Mator aimed a gun at Wolfsbane while she was fighting a Smile-Face, Doug couldn't stand still and hurled into the way, getting shot twice by the Ani-Mator, getting un-noticed by Wolfsbane, she asked him not to dive into battle like that, his last words being "Don't be mad Rahne... I'll never... do it... again." before falling into endless sleep. After the battle, his body was found, while the Ani-Mator confessed at shooting while trying to shoot Wolfsbane, she blamed herself and that she should have died instead. Magik, in anger, threw Ani-Mator into limbo where he was eaten alive by demons. Doug's death and noble sacrifice, saving the Ani-Men and Rahne, also drove Magneto far away from his students as he blamed himself for his death as well as homo sapiens.

Recently, Eli Bard, a servant of Selene, tracked down the body of Douglas with the aid of the reanimated Caliban and reanimated him as well with the aid of the Transmode virus. Alongside the resurrected Hellions, Cypher infiltrates Utopia and, while the Hellions go after Emma Frost, he targets Magma as commanded by Selene. After successfully attacking Magma and a lengthy battle involving the New Mutants and the Hellions, Douglas was freed from Bard's control by Warlock wielding Magik's Soulsword.

92. Longshot (30 points - 1 first place slot)

longshot.jpg"A mullet, leather jacket, two hearts, eight fingers, hollow bones, and an origin illustrated by Art Adams. His eye-flashy thing inspired Cable, so, you know, that's...something. Okay, so his luck powers."

Longshot is a genetically engineered being created by a race of beings known as "The Spineless Ones" in another dimension that they rule. Arize, a scientist, engineered a race of slaves with spines to serve the Spineless Ones. However, in the process of creating these slaves, Arize gave them free will, a willful spirit, and even provided powers for many of them. Longshot was forced to perform dangerous stunts for a Spineless One named Mojo, who filmed movies for his peoples entertainment. Longshot eventually started a rebellion against their spineless masters, and was a hero to his people, using his amazing ability to create good luck when his motives were pure to aid his crusade. However, due to sheer numbers, the Spineless Ones were victorious in quelling the rebellion, and Mojo wiped Longshot's memory. Longshot managed to escape and fled to Earth, pursued by servants of Mojo, including the six-armed Spiral. On Earth, Longshot met and befriended stunt-woman Ricochet Rita, who aided him in trying to regain his memories, and even took him to Doctor Strange. Eventually, after his minions repeatedly failed to capture Longshot, Mojo himself came to Earth to reclaim his slave. Upon seeing the free humans of Earth, it became more important to Mojo to ensure Longshot never returned to tell the other slaves about Earth. Longshot defeated Mojo, and followed him back to Mojoworld with Rita in tow. He was eventually defeated, and once more Mojo wiped his memory, and sent him to Earth. There he was taken in by the X-Men, who believed he was a mutant like them.

During his time with the X-Men, Longshot became romantically involved with Dazzler, another X-Man, and when he finally reclaimed his memories and decided to return to his home dimension, she went with him. After defeating Mojo, Longshot became the ruler of Mojoworld, and he and Dazzler eventually married. The two of them also became the official care takers of the X-Babies and Dazzler soon became pregnant.

Much later, Dazzler returned to Earth, where she reported that she believed Longshot was dead, and where it appeared he had lost their child. Some speculation has it that Shatterstar may be that child, but this is unconfirmed. Later, Longshot resurfaced while the dimension-hopping group the Exiles were being held prisoner by Mojo, and he aided them in escaping. Mojo wiped Longshot's mind, but upon making a deal with Heather Hudson of the Exiles, Longshot joined the team to hunt down Proteus, who was running rampant through the multiverse. After defeating Proteus, Longshot remains a member of the Exiles and aids them in their attempt to repair broken realities. In their last mission, Longshot was brainwashed by Madame Hydra and The Hand to attack his teammates. After being in a battle against with an alternate version of Merlyn and fighting side by side with Excalibur, he joined Dazzler to be with her and resume their relationship.

Longshot was eventually involved with X-Factor along side Darwin, during the Secret Invasion. However, it was revealed that the Longshot traveling with the young mutant was actually a Skrull named Nogor. After a confrontation with Jazinda and She-Hulk, Nogor was apprehended and taken into custody.

The real Longshot came to join X-Factor after reading about his so called "appearance" during the Secret Invasion. While X-Factor was apprehensive to accept him at first, Longshot helped the team in locating Darwin, who had been apprehended by the Karma Project. After helping to guard a client of X-Factor Investigations, it is revealed that Longshot's luck powers make him very attractive to the opposite sex. He also reveals that he has suffered from memory loss after his time with the Exiles, and this is one of the main reasons he and Dazzler have not continued their relationship.


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