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Your Top Marvel Heroes part 55

Written by Chris Mitchell on Wednesday, May 05 2010 and posted in Features
A Man, Woman, and Other? {nomultithumb}

88. Rocket Raccoon (33 points)

rocketraccoon.jpg"He is a raccoon who talks, space travels, carries big guns and helps save the universe on a regular occasion."

The Stranger, a cosmic entity collects and experiments on all sorts of things. In his menagerie is a raccoon that escapes his confinement and make his way to the planet Halfworld. The planet is home to quite a few insane individuals. One such loon began to experiment on animals and give them a more humanoid form as well as human level intelligence. One such success was Rocket Raccoon. Rocket excelled in almost everything and was soon made an officer of the law. In time he became the Chief Ranger for the whole planet and eventually an entire region of space.

He gets a space ship (the Rack 'N Run) and assembles a crew of fellow former animals. Their adventures were legendary. One day while investigating a crime, Rocket found his way into another part of space and there met his first human, the Incredible Hulk. Suddenly the whole universe was available too him, but back home a devious bastard called Judson Jakes had started up The Toy War that Rocket successfully ended.

Free to explore everywhere, Rocket and his crew took off and explored. A rumor started that Rocket was killed but that was just some guy PADding lies.

Years later, Rocket befriends Peter Quill (Starlord) and together they get involved in a battle against Ultron and the Phalanx. Afterward the battle was won, Rocket and a few others band together as the Guardians of the Galaxy.

Rockets quick wit and tactical mind has been vitally important and many of their missions. Recently, Rocket has been the defacto leader of the group.

87. Brother Voodoo (33 points - 2 first place slots)

brothervoodoo.jpg"Jericho Drumm's a great character and has potential to be worked on given that there aren't definitive stories with him yet besides that awesome short-lived series by Remender and Palo. He has a great hook and the religion of Vodou is amazing and vast. One of the abilities that Voodoo has is the ability to communicate with the Loas of Vodou for help and guidance. With the different Loas out there combined with the skills he has already brings a great dynamic and great possible ideas for stories. The stories of the Loas themselves in the regular Vodou religion are all very interesting and appealing and could bring many things to the table that casual Marvel readers aren't used to. Then you have the fact that his twin brother, Daniel, is practically a ghost who follows him around and is the second half of him as together they make up the overall hero.

People just need to give the guy a chance before debunking what they could do with him. If you've read enough of the character and do a bit of research on vodou, the Loas, etc, you'd know there's easy ways to have him stand on his own without being a black Dr. Strange."

Jericho Drumm was born in Haiti, where he was surrounded by a native culture that embraced voodoo and magic. Jericho left behind his brother Daniel and went to New York City, where he studied psychology.

After 12 years away from his homeland, Jericho returned to Haiti to find that his brother had become a voodoo priest and was in conflict with an rival sorcerer who claimed to be empowered by a spirit god called Damballah. Daniel was badly injured from his last battle with his rival sorcerer and was about to die.

Daniel died, but not before he made Jericho take an oath, Daniel made Jericho promise that he would take the ways of their ancestors and avenge him. Jericho agreed and went to be train by the soccer Papa Jambo. Some time after Jericho found out that Papa Jambo was the last living lord of Loa, Papa Jambo intended that Jericho would be his successor.

Papa Jambo summoned the spirit of Daniel and bound it to Jericho's soul. Now empowered by his brother's presence, Jericho donned the garments that would mark him as Brother Voodoo and set out to avenge his brother's death. Brother Voodoo found Damballah and they battled, Damballah was exposed as a false god called Zobop. Brother Voodoo beat Zobop using the power's of Loa [ the power of Loa enables Brother Voodoo to control fire and plant live, mesmerize people and raise the dead].

In the years that followed Brother Voodoo found himself battling against some powerful supernatural enemies such as Dracula, the Black Talon and Marie La Veau but none of them could beat Brother Voodoo. Brother Voodoo has also worked along side other supernatural being such as Doctor Strange, Ghost rider [Dan Ketch] and Blade.

Dr. Strange knew he lost the mantle of Sorcerer Supreme for some time and that the Eye of Agamotto would appear to the person that would replace him. He travels with the New Avengers to New Orleans where he believes The Hood is trying to kill the new Sorcerer Supreme before he or she can take their rightful place and claim the Eye.

The Hood fights Daimon Hellstrom to the point where the infernal side of him becomes dominant. Dr. Strange then appears, assuming that Daimon Hellstrom was going to be the new Sorcerer Supreme. He tells him to run so that Dormammu could not possess the Eye. Daimon then tells Strange he does not have the Eye.

Brother Voodoo then emerges from the ruins created by Daimon and the Hood-Dormmamu's fight. He is seen to possess the Eye of Agamotto, and it seems that he is now the new Sorcerer Supreme.

Voodoo joins the Avengers, Strange and Hellstorm battle The Hood who has fully turned into Dormammu. Together they are able to defeat him and the three magic users banish Dormammu and depower The Hood. After the fight Clint Barton re-names Brother Voodoo Doctor Voodoo on live TV.

Taking his new calling to heart Doctor Voodoo is now being tutored by Doctor Strange. He travels to the Dark Dimension to seal Dormammu for his recent assault. Using his staff of Legba who speak in the mystic language of the null and magic crows he seals him in his land.

He returns home where his brother and Strange scold him for not resting in a week, but shows the Doctor mystical items he has collected in his work. Strange reminds him of the dangers of dark magic and Voodoo reminds him he is not Sorcerer Supreme anymore and Strange leaves.

Doctor Voodoo goes to his work at a free clinic to see an old man who has been waiting on him for hours. He is shocked to see the man is possessed by a loa spirit named Marinette-Bwa-Chech. Doctor Doom arrives to interrupt the two and fights Voodoo. Doom still wishes to have the Eye and feels now is his best chance since Voodoo is so untrained in its use. The two battle even raging through different dimensions but Doom wins.

He takes the Eye but it opens to show him something that disgusts him and he leaves it with Voodoo who wonders what he saw. There fight leaves Voodoo trapped in a dimension filled with strange frog monsters and where his magic is of no use. After escaping the strange dimension he finds that the demons of that plane have followed him to ours.

To face this powerful threat Doctor Voodoo calls on Son of Satan for support. The duo discover that this whole ordeal is being lead by the long term Sorcerer Supreme enemy Nightmare.

86. Dagger (34 points)

dagger.jpg"The Light to his Darkness."

Tandy Bowen was a sixteen-year-old girl who grew up in Shaker Heights, Ohio, a suburb of Cleveland where many wealthy people live. Bowen's mother, Melissa, was a celebrated and self-centered model who had become rich not only from her own career but also from receiving her previous husband's estate. Tandy's father had left for India seeking "spiritual rebirth." Subsequently Melissa married Phillip Carlisle. Although kind, Tandy was still hurt by her father's leaving and did not accept Phillip. Feeling unloved, Tandy turned for affection to an older teenager named Rob Daltry. But when he left for college shortly thereafter, the despondent Tandy left home on a bus for New York City. While there, a man tried to rob her, but was stopped by Tyrone Johnson. She bought him food and the two learned about each other.

Simon Marshall and his men rounded up the runaways offering them food and shelter. Naive, Tandy agreed, and Tyrone went with her suspecting things were wrong. There, they were knocked unconscious and injected with a designer drug the Maggia wished to use as a replacement for heroin. Because of genetic factors, Tyrone and Tandy survived while the others died due to the drugs' effects. They escaped, jumping into the river, and both began manifesting superhuman powers. Tyrone found himself swimming alone in what appeared to be total Darkness. He believed Tandy somehow escaped away from him until he saw her glowing brightly with white light. He felt himself drawn to her and made his way over.

Once the pair reached the shore they were attacked by Marshall's men, but the men were consumed and defeated by Tandy and Tyrone's new found powers. The two became Cloak and Dagger, pledging to protect other young people from the dangers they had encountered. Tandy became fiercely loyal to Cloak. The two being runaways, they often found themselves hungry and homeless and ended up moving into a church where Father Delgado resided.

Cloak and Dagger were manipulated by into tracking down the six runaway children of the Pride, a secret criminal organization. The two heroes eventually learned the truth about the Pride and promised to help the children, but the Pride caught up to them and erased their memories of the truth.

Cloak and Dagger were later revealed to have been members of Captain America's team of heroes who apposed the Superhuman Registration Act. Cloak was shot down by S.H.I.E.L.D. agents when trying to teleport a large number of heroes a chemical plant. Once at the chemical plant, Iron Man was waiting with the heroes who registered with the Superhuman Registration Act, where Dagger was hit by a bolt of lightning dispatched from a clone of Thor. Cloak and Dagger were later jailed in the Negative Zone , which then they were freed by Hulkling who was in disguise as Hank Pym. This then led them to a brawl between Pro-Registration and Anti-Registration.

Dagger was approached by Norman Osborn, who offered her a chance to have her criminal record sealed, but only if she went along with his offer of joining his Dark X-Men. She and Cloak accepted, and became incorporated into Osborn's personal team of X-Men. Fighting alongside veterans like Emma Frost and Namor, Dagger's performance was exemplary, coordinating quite well with the rest of the team as they helped to keep the peace in San Francisco. Siding with Osborn didn't sit well with the young heroine or her partner, and she once more felt the urge to flee from the situation. Cloak stopped her, saying that if they ran away again, they would always be running. She and Cloak stuck around, despite witnessing some of the more unsavory practices of Osborn's team. Thus, when Emma and Namor betrayed Osborn, revealing their siding with the HAMMER director as part of a ploy by Cyclops, both Dagger and Cloak were invited to join the true X-Men in their exodus from San Francisco.

Tandy and Ty accepted this more readily than they accepted Osborn's entreaties, and thus the two runaway mutants were finally part of a team, and among their own kind.

While on Utopia, Tandy befriended many of the younger X-Men. But when Dr. Nemesis told her that she really wasn't a mutant but her power came form a drug, she was hesitant to stay, even though the other accepted her. During that time Cloak went to his old home and met some old friends but was later trapped. Dagger went to rescue him alone because the other X-Men went on a special mission. She almost failed but Dr. Nemesis, Rockslide and Anole came to the rescue. After that Tandy and Ty decided to leave Utopia and go back to their former living space.


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