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Your Top Marvel Heroes part 59

Written by Chris Mitchell on Friday, May 07 2010 and posted in Features
Quite the unique batch this round... {nomultithumb}

76. Amadeus Cho (39 points)

amadeuscho.jpg"Anyone who gets the thumbs up from a God, is wicked in my book."

Amadeus Cho was not your average teenager, not even above average could define this extraordinary teen. After making history on an internet game show called "Brain Fight" he became known to the world as Mastermind Excello, teenage super-genius. An unknown agency tried to track the boy down, destroying his home and possibly his family in the process. Running away with his only companion being a coyote pup, agents tracked him down but not before Amadeus ran into to another misunderstood genius with awesome power: the Hulk. The Hulk protected Mastermind, who gained a boost in his confidence and promised to find the unknown agency.

Sometime later, a terrible incident in Stamford, Connecticut killed 612 including the schoolchildren. The "Stamford Incident" gave rise to the Superhuman Registration Act and sent S.H.I.E.L.D. to apprehend the unregistered Mastermind Excello. After outsmarting some S.H.I.E.L.D. agents, Amadeus discovered a former hide-out in New Mexico, one belonging to his friend the Hulk. There Amadeus hacked into the Baxter Building security network and discovered that a group of heroes such as Mr. Fantastic of the Fantastic Four and the Avenger Iron Man had sent the Hulk into exile in outer space. Using a special phone line, he informed Reed Richards about his discovery and it was revealed via satellite that the Hulk wasn't where the Illuminati thought they had sent their former friend. Amadeus left Reed thinking about his betrayal toward his former ally and friend while Amadeus set off to find the Hulk.

When the Hulk and his Warbound attacked Earth, everyone tried to stop him. Cho's plan was different, and he formed a group of Renegades consisting of Cho, Hercules, Angel and Namora to help the Hulk. The Hulk and the Renegades even fought against Thunderbolt Ross and the army. He tried to offer help to the Hulk even saying they should use Angel's money to pay for a safe place; but the Hulk, determined to get revenge, ignored Amadeus's advice. Amadeus does not give up feeling Hulk is not a monster like most people believe him to be. However, despite his trust in the Hulk, Cho works with Scorpion and S.H.I.E.L.D. in an attempt to free his prisoners. After being poisoned, by Scorpion, Cho and the Renegades fight Hulk to increase his anger so he will heal but no matter what Cho does and no matter how angry he gets him he never hurts him increasing Cho's trust. The Renegades continue to aid Hulk, even when he fights against Doctor Strange possessed by Zom. It was actually Cho who allowed Zom to enter his body and be knocked unconscious, but in the end Hulk was defeated and the Renegades disbanded. However Hercules and Cho remained together.

Cho and Hercules are now partners of sorts, and have spent their summer destroying S.H.I.E.L.D.. They are guided by Athena, who tells them to stick together and hopes Cho won't become evil. When Cho's puppy got hurt, he unleashed a virus taking down basically everything S.H.I.E.L.D. had under its control, thanks to help from a drugged Hercules who had been shot by Ares with bullets covered with the blood of the Hydra. Cho stopped the virus after Hercules pleaded with them, and S.H.I.E.L.D. blew their craft up, but luckily they escaped via teleporting.

During the Secret Invasion; Hercules and Cho, like many heroes, do what they can to fight against the Skrulls. Athena tells them that if they are able to kill the Gods of the Skrull they may have a chance of bringing them down. To do this, Hercules and Cho form a "God Squad" who set off to bring down the Skrull gods. During their assault they are attacked by Nightmare and freed from his powers by Kirby (who is later eaten by Atum after discovering the dog to be a Skrull). The God Squad fight Kly'Bn and his wife Sl'Gur't. They lose Atum; but kill the two gods, winning a blow for earth.

After trying to relax with Namora, Cho is taken by amazons who want him to translate an ancient item they want to use to change the world literally.

Cho, along with Hercules, met up with long time Avengers ally Jarvis. Meanwhile, the world was being attacked by a series of strange magical attacks called Chaos cascades. Scarlet Witch used her powers to take them to see Wasp. Cho and Wasp debate for a while on how to best handle the problems and during their talks, Pym downgrades Cho to the 8th smartest person. Scarlet Witch uses her powers once again and takes the group in the middle of danger summoning even more heroes.

75. Bishop (39 points)

bishop.jpg"Marvel has done a vast disservice and given a slap to the face of Bishop fans, me included, with the recent Bishop storylines, making him a downright murderer with no respect to his character development even if it‘s completely out of character as he's destroyed a planet and nearly killed his X-Men "family" in hopes of killing Hope with no remorse. Bishop was the very first black hero I came across as a little kid watching the X-Men animated series and I was excited to see a hero that actually looked like me who believed in justice and was a straight bad-ass. With these recent developments, I won't even go on further with how they destroyed and crapped on this character. Thanks a bunch, X-office! If you, whoever reads this, wants to see any recent Bishop appearances where he's treated with respect, watch him in Wolverine and the X-Men."

"If he comes back, he needs to have his Jheri curl's again. He is the only badass muthafucka who can pull it off."

You who Bishop reminds me off? Bullet Proof Vest from COPS. "It's Crime Fighting Time."

Am I the only one seeing this? Anyone?

Lucas Bishop was born in the future of the Marvel 616 universe, the canon universe of Marvel. The M over Bishops right eye, is a brand used in the future to mark mutants for quick physical identification. He was raised in a crumbling apocalyptic society that spawned as the ramifications of what was known as the Summer's Rebellion. According to a Man named Witness LeBeau (who also claims to be the last person to see the legendary X-Men alive), as a child Bishop and his sister Shard were taken away from LeBeau, by their grandmother. Their grandmother then raised them secretly inside mutant concentration camps in either Brooklyn or Nevada.

Bishop learned of the heroic legacy of Xavier and his X-Men from his grandmother. Her dying request was that Bishop protect Shard at all costs, and to live up to the X-Men of Legend. It wasn't long afterward that the Summer's Rebellion ended freeing the Mutants of their camps. Bishop and his sister Shard were still only children therefore they resorted to underhanded tactics such as thievery to survive in the cruel post rebellion society. They were eventually stumbled upon by a blind war veteran named Hancock. Hancock felt a deep sense of compassion towards the young mutants. He took them in and raised them, the best a blind man could.

The Exhumes were group of Mutants who were extremely anti-human. Bishop deeply admired the Exhumes. That was until they took his sister Hostage. But when the XSE rescued his sister he knew that was the group to admire and the one he would join. Although it wouldn't happen until he was fifteen the day the Exhumes murdered Hancock in cold blood. He and Shard both joined, making Shard the youngest of the XSE. He later rose through the ranks becoming a commanding officer.

While out on mission to destroy a nest of Vampire Mutants known as Emplates, Shard got seriously injured. Distraught Bishop had no where to turn except for the imprisoned Witness. He asked for Witness' help but Witness told him that he would only save Shard. Bishop would work for him for one year he agreed. Witness then transferred Shard's being into a holographic matrix saving her life. This agreement lead to Bishop leaving the XSE for an extended period of time. What all Bishop did for Witness and the nature of the missions are unknown.

Eventually Bishop was reinstated as Chief Commanding Officer for the XSE team "Omega Squad" . Bishop and the Omega Squad captured and imprisoned a serial killer and also former XSE member at the ruins of the Xavier Institute for Higher Learning named Trevor Fitzroy. While on this mission he stumbles upon an old recording of Jean Grey laying claims that the X-Men were betrayed and destroyed from the inside. Bishop confronts Witness his former master with this evidence, when Witness gives only hidden and elusive responses Bishop begins to suspect Witness as more than just an witness to the destruction of the X-Men.

Using his a huge portion of life-force Trevor Fitzroy not only escapes his prison but breaks out 93 mutant criminals who were sentenced to life. This created a time portal in which Bishop and the Omega Squad trailed the Criminals through. This in turn lead to Bishops first encounter with the X-Men of legend, although he did not trust or believe them. They aided in capturing all of the criminals with the one exception of Fitzroy. He then battled the X-Men, but realized their help would be much needed to take down Fitzroy. After stopping Fitzroy, Charles Xavier offered him a spot on the X-Men, under Storm. Bishop joined and met Gambit and realized Gambit as possibly being a younger version of his Master Witness.

Bishop declared himself Xavier's personal body guard. A position in which he failed when Stryfe a clone of Cable critically wounded the good professor. This resulted in the Team believing Cable was the one responsible. Wolverine and Bishop teamed up to track him down. Once they did, and found out that Stryfe was the one responsible for the injury, they teamed with Cable and traveled to Cables "Graymalkin" Space Station to confront Stryfe.

Seeing his failure in the protection of Professor X, He tried to resign from the team. But Charles would not allow it. an he continued fight alongside the X-Men. even redeeming himself when he save many lives by defeating Sabretooth.

he traitor in the X-Men was eventually revealed to be Professor X in the form of Onslaught . Bishop's knowledge of the future was the only thing that stopped Onslaught from killing the X-Men, although it was not enough to prevent Onslaught from nearly destroying all of humanity. He made peace with Gambit who was not the traitor after all. On a mission in deep space to stop the Phalanx, Bishop became separated from the rest of the X-Men. Despite trickery and base manipulation by Deathbird. He entered into a romantic relationship with her. They had many adventures far out in space but when she turned on him and the X-Men, he seemingly killed her. Following this, Bishop spent some time in a distant possible future, detailed in the Bishop: The Last X-Man series, where he again faced Trevor Fitzroy. He was temporarily returned to the present by Apocalypse who needed him as one of The Twelve , before finally returning permanently during the Maximum Security crossover.

Along with Storm Bishop was a founding member of the team known as the X-treme X-Men. Without consent from Xavier or the rest of the original X-Team, They set out to find Destiny's Books of Truth. They did not get consent because they did not trust Xavier, and believed he did not want to use the books for the benefit of all Humanity.

Bishop soon went on to his own series, District X. District X was an off branch of the Federal Bureau of Investigation, set in the Mutant Slum towns of New York. Bishop was assigned the Task of handling Mutant Affairs. After House of M, Bishop still regularly visited the District even though most of it's denizens were murdered by the Scarlet Witch. He put most of his time back into the X-Men however. Saving Africa with Storm, and Helping Psylocke Defeat the Foursaken.

In Civil War Bishop sided with O*N*E* to help arrest the 198 and the X-Men. He and Scott Summers butted heads, which leads Bishop to state his fear of what the future may bring. Bishop headed the Micromax and Sabra teams with permission from Tony Stark. He lead them to the 198 and the X-Men, where he ordered them to stand down. General Demetrius Lazer eventually turned on Bishop by getting Cyclops to attack him. Bishop refused to fight Scott, and he simply Absorbed all of the energy he could handle, and when it came to be too much, he projected it into the sky destroying a ONE sentinel. He teamed with the X-Men to save 198 from an explosion. However this lead to his ultimately leaving the X-Men.

The Messiah Complex. turns out to be the event that caused the Future Bishop knows. The First Mutant Child is Born since M-Day. This results in Mr. Sinister and a team, tracking down anyone and anybody who knows of the future. This Manhunt leads to Bishop being the only target that is not found or eliminated. It is revealed the he is the one to betray the X-Men in an attempt to kill the child. The Marauders however stop him before any real damage is done. They take the child and escape. When the X-Men make it to the crime scene, Bishop lies telling them he attempted to rescue the child. Layla Miller and one of Multiple Man's copies discover that the child in question is responsible for the killing of millions during the Six Second War, in one of the multiple futures. They discover also that this is the future where Bishop is from and that he intends to kill the child. Layla kills the duplicate Madrox so that all of the information gathered is transferred back to Madrox Prime in the present time. Madrox then informs the X-Men of Bishop's Plan. They attempt to warn X-Force of Bishops betrayal only to find out that Bishop has already severed communication between the teams. After fighting through the Marauders on Muir Island. Bishop finds Cable attempting to escape with the baby. The do battle for the child, but both are ambushed by Predator X. Bishop's right arm is then brutally ripped from his body by Predator X. He cauterizes the gaping wound on Sunfire who is unconscious. He survives the wound, and as Cable is teleporting he attempts to shoot him, however he hits Xavier with the shot. Bishop escaped the X-Men after killing Xavier and begins time jumping trying to find the Mutant Messiah. He is able to Time Travel using and Arm crafted by Forge. He eventually finds Cable and the child, He shoots Cable twice, but before he is able to kill the child he is interfered with by a Local Gang. Cable and the child escape.

I could go on, but I will piss off Greg.

74. Speedball (40 points)

speedball.jpg"The way this guy was treated its almost as if JQ gave his fate to Didio to control"

Robbie Baldwin is the son of Justin Baldwin, District Attorney of Springdale, Connecticut, and Maddy Naylor-Baldwin, a popular actress. His parents held very opposite views and often argued in front of Robbie, a fact made more poignant as their arguments often had to do with what Robbie should be doing with his life and future career.

As a high school student, Robbie was interning at the Hammond Research Laboratory in Connecticut. There, Doctor Benson and two colleagues began the final stages of their attempts to tap an extra-dimensional energy source, but the researchers did not construct adequate safeguards and the energies began to overload Hammond Labs' equipment. Part of the energies fed back into the generator, shorting out the entire system. Unfortunately, Robbie had sneaked into the lab where the experiment was taking place, curious as to what all the hush-hush preparations had been for. Robbie was bombarded by energy from the dimension but survived, finding himself surrounded by weird energy bubbles, clad in an odd costume, and having a hollow and resonant voice. Panicking, Robbie sought to escape to the roof of the lab building where he encountered four masked gunmen. During the ensuing battle, Robbie discovered that his body now generated a kinetic energy field that protected him from any impact and made him a bouncing dynamo of kinetic energy.

Shortly afterward, Robbie's parents were accosted by Johnny Roarke, a criminal Justin Baldwin had put away, and Robbie used his powers to defeat him. The media leaped to the story, reporting the appearance of a new hero, whom they dubbed "the Masked Marvel." Robbie continued to use his powers to fight crime, and the Masked Marvel enjoyed a great deal of popularity from the townspeople, although his parents held very diametrical and vocal views about the costumed vigilante. Baldwin was forced to keep his power under control, avoiding any potential contact that might trigger his powers. He also spent much of his time trying capture Dr. Benson's cat, Niels, who was similarly caught in the energy experiment and gained Speedball-like powers, and using him to help understand his powers.

During a trip to New York City, Robbie ended up helping Spider-Man and Daredevil stop the Purifiers of the High Evolutionary, but mostly Robbie fought criminals in Springdale, such as the Sticker, Leaper Logan, the Bug-Eyed Voice, and the Feathered Felon. Robbie hoped to become a big-time superhero, and even joined a tryout for the premier hero team Avengers, only to be rejected.

During a shopping trip to New York City with his mother he saw a battle breaking out involving Terrax, former herald of Galactus. Joining the fray along with the other heroes that would subsequently become the founding members of the New Warriors, Robbie agreed to join the team as well after Terrax was defeated.

Despite the long distance he often had to travel, Robbie stayed with the New Warriors for a long tenure, quickly becoming an annoying but lovable kid brother to the older Warriors and continuing to grow in the development of his powers. Shortly after joining the team, he asked his teammates to join him in investigating the long absence of his mother, who had joined a fanatical ecological watchdog group, Project: Earth. The Warriors discovered the group wanted to kill Baldwin's mother, as her celebrity would serve to make her a martyr to their cause. Robbie helped save his mother and defeat Project: Earth, and in so doing he revealed his secret identity to her. Although shaken, she supported her son's lifestyle as a superhero. For a brief time Robbie Baldwin was an intern with the construction firm Damage Control.

Speedball had battled numerous villains with the New Warriors, including Terrax, the Sphinx, the Puppet Master, Gideon, Force of Nature, Psionex, and the Folding Circle. At one point, the cosmic villain Magus created evil doppelgangers of Earth's heroes, and Robbie's duplicate used its powers to virtually destroy the town of Springdale. It also confronted Robbie's parents, and Robbie was forced to kill his duplicate. This led to his father discovering his secret identity, and Justin Baldwin denounced his son because of what he saw as vigilantism.

Robbie's parents got divorced, and Robbie chose to live with his mom in New York. This allowed him to develop deeper relationships with his teammates, notably Nova, Rage, and, perhaps more reluctantly, his neighbor Carlton LaFroyge (who used the knowledge of Robbie's identity to force his way onto the team as Hindsight).

When Timeslip joined the Warriors, telling of her visions of Speedball's death, she and Robbie nevertheless developed the beginnings of a romantic friendship while seeking the truth behind these visions. At the same time, despite Speedball's ever-increasing control over his powers, Robbie began experiencing severe spikes in his power levels that wreaked havoc over his immediate area. The Warriors were confronted by the Sphinx, who claimed the presence of Speedball was creating chaos with time itself. They were also confronted with the evil techno-organic being Advent. The Sphinx succeeded in killing Speedball before escaping, and Advent left for the future. Timeslip, holding Speedball when he died, received memories from him in his dying moments-- memories of a citizen from the future named Darrion Grobe.

Grobe, the son of the man who would become Advent, hoped to undo the meddling his father had done by traveling through the kinetic dimension to the past. He used futuristic technology to become a duplicate Robbie Baldwin/Speedball, replacing Speedball when he was trapped in the kinetic dimension by the Sphinx several months before. Timeslip used her knowledge and powers to transport the New Warriors to the future. There, a holographic persona of Darrion helped the Warriors to undo all of Advent's manipulations. Ultimately, the team had to enter the kinetic dimension to escape the future before it became re-made, and they brought back the true Speedball while returning home.

Robbie has always been a New Warrior at heart. Even when the team seemed to be on a long hiatus, he and Nova helped re-form the Warriors to defeat Blastaar, adding new members Aegis and Bolt. Robbie and Nova even tried to pitch the New Warriors as an animated series, but they were forced to flee when they saw the producers' unique take on the team. Nevertheless, Speedball returned when the New Warriors were led by Night Thrasher into a unique re-branding as a reality-TV show.

Robbie's bouncy personality seemed a perfect fit despite the contentions of other teammates, and the team hit the road to become heroes for the common man throughout small-town America.

Recently the New Warriors encountered Nitro, Speedfreek, Cobalt Man, and Coldheart in a small town called Stamford. During the battle that followed Nitro used his power and caused a massive explosion killing Night Thrasher, Namorita and Microbe of the New Warriors, His colleagues Speedfreek, Cobalt Man, and Coldheart, and around six hundred people of which sixty were children. This was the ignition to the Civil War and the Super-Human Registration Act.

Speedball was seemingly killed during this explosion and was later ridiculed by TV talk show hosts.

Speedball was found on a field about 500 miles from the explosion. He survived thanks to his powers but since he was absorbing so much energy his powers has completely burned out.

After recovering from coma remarkably fast he is arrested by SHIELD and put in The Negative Zone prison in a cell with Coldblood, Typeface, and an unspecified Non-human fighter wrapped up like a mummy. He is used as scapegoat for the Stamford incident.

After discovering that his powers has evolved and now is pain-induced he agrees to join the Thunderbolts to redeem himself using the name Penance. He has a special suit of armor made that has 612 internal spikes of which 60 are larger to remind him of the lives he feels responsible for. Norman Osborn has stated that he is worried about his sanity and after fighting his old friend Nova he told him not to let them turn him into something he is not.

He later met Squirrel Girl who has feelings for him and told him, "You just don't get it, do you? This self-punishment thing? It's too deep for you!" he said his cat Niels has become "P-Cat, the Penitent Puss" and after a battling and defeating Americop with Bullseye, Norman sends a memo saying he is making progress.

After a lot of careful planning on Penance's part, he stole the Thunderbolts ship to travel to Latveria to confront Nitro for what he did. Once he was there he also was forced to confront Doctor Doom. He was forced to fight doom to gain entry into the dungeons where Nitro was being held. Penance won the fight between him and Doom, for if Doom didn't stop he would bypass the nuclear fail safes and lose the containment core. Doom then told him that asylum would be given to him within his country if he should need it. after reaching the dungeon he faces off with Nitro and defeats him and takes him back to the thunderbolts ship that he stole. When Nitro wakes up, Penance explains how his costume works, and he forces Nitro to wear it, as a way to torture him. According to Penance the entire costume was never designed for him, it was in the end designed for Nitro and to remind him of what he had done. After being beaten to the point of death, Robbie removed the spike closest to the heart and left the ship to go back to the Thunderbolts, while he got of and was picked up by Wolverine. In the end of the comic he gives the spike from the heart to wolverine and tells him he can keep it he doesn't need it anymore.

It was later revealed that Penance has regained his old Speedball powers when he tries to throw a can and shoots it and makes it. He also uses his old Speedball powers to defeat Moonstone when she tries to attack Doc Samson. And in the upcoming Avengers Academy title, Speedball is back to being Speedball.



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