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Your Top Marvel Heroes part 62

Written by Chris Mitchell on Monday, May 10 2010 and posted in Features
Two X-folks and a Cosmic Norse Horse {nomultithumb}

67. Dani Moonstar (51 points)

danimoonstar.jpg"Native American princess with awesome, sword-wielding, ancient powers. Moonstar stories always involve her as a "wise" guide. She seems like a cool girl to hang out with but a scary one to cross."

"I scare people."

Danielle Moonstar was born in Colorado to members of the Cheyenne Nation. The first time Dani's powers manifested, she saw the image of her parents dying. She saw a huge bear standing over the bodies of a horse and an eagle; representing her mother came (from the horse clan) and her father (of the eagle clan). Shortly thereafter, her parents took a trip into the mountains and they disappeared, presumed to be dead.

Prior to her parents disappearance Dani was sent to live with some neighbors, but she did not have control over her mutant ability to create illusions based on primal fears or deepest desires resulting in much resentment toward her in the community. To escape the malice of her community she went to live with her Grandfather, Black Eagle, a recluse in the mountains.

Black Eagle was an old friend of Charles Xavier and contacted him to help his granddaughter upon learning of her mutant abilities. He told Dani of Xavier and his wish for her to go and study with him at his school. However, the news angered her. She did not wish to be being sent away with a "white", and accidentally lashed out with her power creating an image of her grandfather's death. Before Xavier could arrive, Black Eagle was killed by Donald Pierce's henchmen from the Hellfire Club.

In her ensuing quest for vengeance, Dani freed X'ian Coy Mahn from Pierce's imprisonment, and encountered Xavier and the other young mutants whom Pierce would threaten with his genocidal anti-mutant agenda. After Peirce was defeated Dani stayed with Xavier to honor her grandfather's wishes. At first she took the codename Psyche, but shortly thereafter became better known as Mirage, and she soon came to see the New Mutants as not only close friends but her family.

When the Demon Bear, who had claimed her parents came for her, Dani went out to face it. It mauled her severely, nearly killing her. She would have been paralyzed had it not been for the lifesaving powers of the Morlock's Healer. The New Mutants fought the Bear on a magical plane, defeating it and freeing Dani's parents from its clutches.

In one adventure, the New Mutants and the X-Man Storm were kidnapped by the Enchantress of Asgard at Loki's request. When Illyana Rasputin attempted to teleport them all away, the New Mutants found themselves scattered through Asgard. Dani found herself in a grassy plain where she spotted a fully white, winged horse that had been trapped by hunters and began to attempt to free it. While trying to set the winged horse free, an army began to charge at her. Unwilling to leave the horse helpless and not willing to run, Dani chose to fight back, which led her to using her telepathic abilities to draw forth the image that the oncoming warriors feared most, Hela Asgardian Goddess of Death. The enemies froze in fear and left immediately, without a backwards glance. Dani not recognizing who the image was, cared less and returned to the winged-horse and freed it. The horse instantly began to trust and bonded with Dani. The horse was one of the winged-steeds of the Valkyor who had chosen her to be a Valkyrie; one of the choosers of the slain. It is possible that Dani's moments of seeing her parents and grandfather's deaths may have indicated a previously existing mystical ability in this area. The New Mutants joined forces with the X-Men to defeat Loki. The steed, which Dani named Brightwind returned to Earth with her. Upon her connection with Brightwind Dani was very different though, in powers as well as responsibilities. Dani was no longer just a human mutant but a Valkyrie. This title gifted her with the ability to "see" death, or an aura of death around individuals who were to die soon. This gift also allowed Dani the ability to fight Death itself. On a couple of occasions, Dani attempted to fight Death to save the lives of those around her, though she was not always successful and learned that Death was a natural process of life not always to be feared.

Later, when Hela attempted to take over Asgard, Dani found herself trapped under the sway of Hela along with the rest of the Valkyor. She attempted to kill Odin, but the New Mutants combined with the Asgardians defeated Hela's forces, freeing the Valkyor and Dani. Dani then chose to remain behind in Asgard to help repair the damage she had done.

Eventually, Dani returned to earth and unbeknownst to any of her friends she joined S.H.I.E.L.D. As a S.H.I.E.L.D. operative, she took on a mission to go undercover in the Mutant Liberation Front (MLF), using the code name Moonstar. Purposefully withholding information of her recent past, she would use her powers against her old team-mates, while serving as an informant for Cable. Dani was forced to take on a harder, darker persona, almost changing herself completely, including her mutant powers. Dani was able to refine her psychic abilities to the point were she focus he mental energies to create "Psychic Arrows." These same "arrows" once connected with there intended target would incapacitate them, by either knocking them unconscious, temporarily paralyzing or befuddle them and they would begin to make incoherent noise; completely taking the out of a fight. Not only did Dani take on a darker appearance in mind and body, but it also changed Brightwind. No longer bright at all, her pegasus was not white, but completely black and now call Darkwind. While apart of the MLF Dani struggled with her "undercover status" as it put her at odds with herself. An unfortunate side affect to her "deep cover" was that it brought her into many conflicts with old allies X-Force which was largely comprised of former New Mutants. Additionally she began to get to know the members of the MLF a lot better, resulting in a genuine friendship with the mutant named Forearm. Her job became more of a struggle as she began to feel guilt by her actions, and as Reignfire, the MLF's leader, began to suspect her loyalties.

After the MLF and X-Force battled Operation: Zero Tolerance, Dani left S.H.I.E.L.D. (and therefore the MLF too) to rejoin her friends in X-force.

Later, Dani joined the X-Men as an affiliate member, recruiting and teaching/training students at the Xavier Institute, even becoming a guardian for Elixir when his parents completely rejected him. She eventually took over the training of the New Mutant Squad.

Dani was one of the many Mutants whose powers were removed by the Decimation. Emma Frost made Dani leave the school along with all the other mutants who had been depowered.

She was working with the Government as part of The Initiative to train young people with super-powers, though sometimes her wishes run counter to her supervisors. She became the primary instructor for Trauma, who has similar emotion/fear-based powers that she had previously had.

It appears she has been fired by Henry Gyrich for teaching Trauma liberal, anti-militaristic beliefs.

In the wake of the Messiah Complex, there X-Men disbanded and Cyclops closed the Xavier Institute. Shortly After he seeks out six former students and recruits them as the last team of X-Men ever. Once gathered together at their headquarters he explains that their enemy is a new incarnation of the Brotherhood of Evil. He displays a hologram of the new Botherhood's members, including five of the original New Mutants; Cannonball, Karma, Magma, Sunspot and Danielle Moonstar. Cyclops explicitly stated that the new team's orders were to kill their predecessors. However, after the confrontation between old and new New Mutants, it was revealed that Donald Pierce had deceived the new team and sent them to destroy the original New Mutants. After his defeat, Cyclops asked Dani and Sunspot to help train the Young X-Men.

Some time after the X-Men had set up the Graymalkin Institute in San Francisco, thanks to a warning by Illyana, both Dani and Xian were discovered to have gone to a town in Colorado to seek out a possible mutant problem. When Illyana, Amara, Sam and Bobby investigate, they find out that the mutant is really Legion. Xian is found to be in a comatose state after having gone into Legion's mind, and Dani is found imprisoned in a local jail.

As one of the beings who previously tried to "fix" David Haller's mind, Dani becomes the target of Legion. When Sam and Bobby knock Legion away from Dani's cell, Sam leaves her inside, thinking that she was safer inside than exposed to Legion if she were free. Sam realizes his mistake when Legion uses another of his powers to manipulate the earth in Dani's cell in a second attempt to kill her. That attempt is stopped when Magma melts the earth golem Legion created. Furious at Sam, Dani punches him, then arms herself with various weapons in order to be useful when they bring the fight back to the insane mutant.

Despite her efforts, Sam still tries to get her to escape by commandeering a vehicle for her. Furious, Dani drives away. Cannonball, Magma and Sunspot then attempt to fight Legion while Illyana tries to salvage the situation from within Legion's own mind. One by one, Legion takes down the three mutants using the different abilities of his hostile personalities. When Legion finally shifts to a werewolf-like form to regenerate his wounds and finish off a helpless Cannonball, Dani returns in time to ram Legion with her vehicle and prevent Sam from being killed. Despite ramming Legion into a wall and stabbing him with her knife, the omega level mutant still gains the upper hand. Before he can kill Dani, Illyana succeeds in freeing Shan and David Haller's base personality from within Legion's mind, and ending the ordeal. Later, as the rest of the X-Men arrive for cleanup and recovery, Dani is seen to angrily spurn Sam's attempts at an apology.

During Utopia, Cyclops sends Dani to Las Vegas, there she approaches the Norse goddess of death, Hela for a 'boon'. Hela warns her that the price of the 'boon' is a heavy one, but Dani accepts, requesting "a ride home and a big ol' sword". It is presumed that Dani has asked for her Valkyrie powers back. During the battle against Norman Osborn's Dark Avengers on the new mutant haven, Utopia, the invulnerable God Ares arrives closely followed by Dani returning as a Valkyrie to stop him.

Dani easily overcomes Ares and brings him down to his knees. Ares states that he was not prepared to battle a Valkyrie. Danielle Moonstar alongside her fellow New Mutants (Illyana, Cannonball, Karma, etc.) pose ready to battle. Dani states that she is not just a Valkyrie but "was made to stop gods." With Ares badly wounded, and with the entire mutant populace ganging up on him, Osborn abandons his efforts, leaving the mutant island.

During Siege, Hela orders Moonstar to gather the souls of the Asgardians, who died will battling Norman Osborn and his army.

66. Beta Ray Bill (53 points - 2 first place slots)

betaraybill.jpg"You know what's great about comics? Beta Ray Bill. Look at him. No, really look at him. He's a goddamn horse-faced alien cyborg with the powers of a Norse god. Everyone wants to talk about the weirdness of Morrison or how their Ellis can be, none of that compares to Bill. He screams the potential for comics in concept. He is the heir apparent of Jack Kirby's myth meets science craziness (again brought to us by Walter Simonson).

And no spin-off/legacy/family character has ever had a better introduction in comics."

When Surtur destroyed the Burning Galaxy on his crusade to destroy Asgard, a race of beings called the Korbinites left their planet in a massive fleet. Before the journey, however, their scientists created a guardian who would travel with the fleet and protect them during their journey. Their first guardian, Alpha Ray, was riddled with problems. He was a mindless automaton, and deemed too unstable in both body and mind to be their protector. His body was put into stasis in a Meta-Orb and the Korbinite Bill was selected after various tests and challenges and was turned into a cyborg. When the Korbinite fleet neared the Milky Way Galaxy, it was detected by a S.H.I.E.L.D. satellite and Nick Fury asked Thor to investigate. When Thor arrived in the vicinity of the fleet, Bill's sentient ship, Skuttlebutt, detected him as a threat and opened fire. Thor boarded Skuttlebutt and he and Bill fought. During the fight, Thor lost his grip on Mjolnir for more than 60 seconds and was transformed into Donald Blake. Curious, Bill picked up the hammer and was deemed worthy, instantly giving him the powers of Thor and a costume of similar design.

Sensing this, Odin transported both Thor and Bill to Asgard, where Bill demanded he be allowed to keep the hammer because he had beaten Thor. However, Odin said that the contest was not fair because Thor had an artificial limitation, so he temporarily restored both of their powers and arranged for them to fight to the death in the realm of Skartheim, a lava-filled wasteland. After a long and grueling battle, both combatants succumbed to exhaustion and collapsed. However, Bill's race was naturally enhanced by warm climates and he awoke before Thor but refused to take his life, thus passing Odin's final test.

Odin then created a new hammer, Stormbreaker, imbuing it with all the powers of Mjolnir, but none of the limitations. Thor and Bill became friends and they, along with Sif, returned to save his people from the armies of Surtur.

Though Thor was called back to Asgard before the Korbinites were safe from Surtur's minions, Sif stayed with Bill to continue fighting the demons and because she was curious about him. It was during this time that she learned from Skuttlebutt the extremely painful and difficult trials Bill had to undergo to become the guardian of his people and that he was the only survivor from many volunteers. When Surtur finally arrived at Asgard, Sif and Bill were called back by Odin, and they were placed in charge of leading the Asgardian army on Earth while Thor and Odin fought against Surtur's army in Asgard.

During the battle, Odin hurled Surtur and himself into a fissure in the ground, seemingly killing them both. Thor, unable to accept his father's death, refused to lead the Asgardians and asked Sif to lead them in his stead as he began a journey to find Odin's spirit. Sif asked Bill to stay in Asgard and help her lead the Asgardians during their recovery from the war with Surtur. During this time, Bill and Sif became very close, and a romantic relationship was hinted at but never realized before Bill eventually left to return to his people.

Bill disappeared from the comic scene for a while, until a mad scientist tried to poison the World Tree, Yggdrasil, in order to bring about Ragnarok early so that he could see the new life forms it would create. Because of this, the Asgardians began to weaken and die. Since there could only be one Thor when Ragnarok came about, the tree sent large spiders to bite and poison Bill.

To save his life, Odin and the Silver Surfer merged the Odinforce and the Power Cosmic into a new energy source, restoring Bill's power, along with a new costume and hammer. Bill went on to become a member of the Star Masters along with Silver Surfer, Quasar, and others. Eventually, Thor stopped the poisoning of Yggdrasil and restored the Asgardians. Stormbreaker was restored along with the rest of the Asgardians and Bill returned to his original costume.

As Ragnarok loomed over the Asgardians once more, Bill returned to Asgard and fought along side them. However, during the final battle, Thor transported Bill away and bade him to return to his people and keep the memory of Asgard alive. Bill reluctantly agreed and began to return home. However, on his way back, he discovered that Ashta, the World Devourer, whom he had thought was just a myth, was headed for New Korbin.

Hurrying back to his people's new home world, Bill attempted to stop Ashta and his minion. Stormbreaker eventually revealed to Bill that Ashta was actually Galactus and against both Galactus and his herald, Stardust, Bill could only delay the inevitable long enough for some of his people to flee. In the meantime, Koribin's high priests, jealous of Bill's status of savior with the people, unleashed a reprogrammed Alpha Ray in order to destroy Bill. Alpha Ray attacked Bill while fighting against Galactus, allowing Galactus to blast both of them. While Bill's struggle against Galactus was futile, he did manage to crack Galactus' armor.

Bill was left floating in space, unconscious as Galactus devoured New Korbin. Bill was awakened by Skuttlebutt to fight Stardust and protect his people's Meta-Orb. Stardust countered the attack by opening a portal to another dimension to banish Bill, unintentionally setting loose a powerful demon, Asteroth, in the process. Bill and Stardust were forced to work together to defeat Asteroth. Galactus took the lifeless body of Alpha Ray and gave it a portion of the Power Cosmic, and sent it to assist Stardust and Bill. Stardust opened a black hole behind Asteroth, but instead of sucking her in she redirected the force and started to pull them in. Alpha Ray arrived just in time to ram into Asteroth, sending both Asteroth and himself into the Black Hole.

Afterwards Bill returned to Asgard with the Meta-Orb containing the souls of his people. Bill arrived in ruined Asgard hoping that the Asgardians had returned and would be able to restore his people to life; but, the meta-orb had been corrupted by Asteroth and spawned a demonic version of Bill. Calling itself Omega Ray, the creature claimed to have feasted on the souls of the Korbinites. Enraged, Bill grabbed Omega Ray and called down an immense amount of lightning, killing them both.

However, a white-cloaked figure took the remaining souls of the Korbinites and told Bill that it wasn't his time to die. He awoke on Earth in the body of a human named Simon Walters. After wandering for a time, Bill came upon Spider Man fighting a villain. Slamming his fist on the ground, Bill was transformed into his Thor-like self, with Stormbreaker in hand, and helped Spider-Man defeat the villain. Bill then left to go and seek his new place in the universe.

Recently, Bill found himself drawn to the Royal Ontario Museum in Toronto by a series of strange visions. Arriving there, Bill was astonished to see the Wrecking Crew open up a portal to the Realm of the Great Beasts, acquiring the power of Tanaraq and unleashing a horde of Surtur demons onto Earth. Transforming back into his true form, Bill joined forces with the Canadian super-hero team Omega Flight to fight the villains. In the end, Bill sacrificed himself to save the planet, luring the demons back into the Realm using Shaman's medicine bag, which contained the essence of Tanaraq drained from the Wrecking Crew. With the portal destroyed behind him, Bill is now trapped in the Realm of the Great Beasts and fights an unending battle against the merciless Surtur hordes, imprisoned but unconcerned with his eventual fate.

By some unknown means, however, Bill was drawn from the Realm of the Great Beasts by the malevolent Skrulls, who captured and tortured him in order to replicate his powers for their Super-Skrull warriors. During this period, Stormbreaker was taken from him to be used by one of the most powerful "Godkiller" Super-Skrulls, before the weakened Bill was cast down to Earth to the location of the restored Asgard, bringing with him a warning of the ensuing Skrull invasion and their ultimatum to leave Earth or be destroyed. Granted Thor's hammer Mjolnir, Bill and Baldur led the defense of Asgard against the "Godkiller" Super-Skrulls while Thor remained in his human avatar of Donald Blake to assist the residents of neighboring Broxton. Weakened in the fight with the leader of the Skrull attack force, Bill eventually gave the hammer back to Blake, who has Thor, defeated the Skrull and restored Stormbreaker to him, with their combined powers able to destroy the Skrulls once and for all. After the battle, Thor departed to New York to assist the other heroes in defeating the primary Skrull army, while Bill left for the stars, hoping to take his revenge upon the surviving Skrulls for his ordeal.

Following his departure from Earth, Bill found himself aiding a group of breakaway "Godkiller" Super-Skrulls, who had survived the battle for Asgard and abandoned their previously militaristic ways. Pursued by a band of Skrull warriors loyal to the jihadist mission of Queen Verenake, these refugees sought out Bill, as they had become inspired by his valiant defense of Asgard and saw him as a figure worthy of becoming their new god. Somewhat shaken by their obedience and devotion and still grieved from the loss of his people at the hands of Galactus, but aware that the hearts of the Skrull refugees were in the right place, Bill ultimately declined their worship, simply telling them to "make good." After defeating their pursuers and sparing the life of the Super-Skrull sent to kill them, Bill returned to Earth with Skuttlebutt, hoping to find his own measure of peace.
Despite the best efforts of his friend Thor and plenty of challenges to face on Earth, Bill could not be content, knowing that Galactus was roaming throughout the universe, consuming entire worlds and species just as he did with the Korbinites. Ignoring Thor's pleas to abandon his quest of vengeance, Bill traveled to the rebuilt Peak space station and obtained data on the World Devourer's location from Agent Brand, along with the position of the Voidian Bill had fought in "Green of Eden" and his temple of weaponry. Defeating the interstellar menace and seizing his terrible weapons for his own, Bill traveled to an alien colony world of the I'Than being evacuated before Galactus arrived, confronting his old foe Stardust again as he bought the refugees time to escape.

When the Devourer himself arrived to consume the world and its energies, Bill unleashed the Voidian's arsenal, destroying the planet and denying Galactus his meal. Standing before the beaten Stardust, Bill told him that since he could not destroy Galactus in an outright battle, he would instead starve the entity, destroying any world that he could save from Galactus and his Heralds rather than let him feed. Casting Stardust into the shattered ruins of the planet, Bill next encountered the Silver Surfer, who asked him to end his quest. But Bill had changed and refused.

This lead Galactus to the aliens main world I'Than Prime. The residents chose to stay and fight but Bill urged them to evacuate. They refused and this evacuation was forced by Bill, who infected them with a virus and offered the cure to them if they did as he told them. Bill then destroyed the planet so Galactus could not consume it.

Bill continued to destroy planets in Galactus' path and continued to starve Galactus. But he soon found he was unworthy of lifting Stormbreaker for the despicable act of giving the planet's populace a deadly disease. He donned the weapons of Voidian for a final assault on Galactus. But when he arrived, he found the infected aliens about to do the job for him. In a last minute change of heart, Bill defended Galactus from his attackers.

Bill explained to Galactus that his people would not wish their legacy to be so stained with blood. Having fed, Galactus took the spirit of a Korbinite that still lingered in the universe and created a new body for it. Bill now had a female of his race to repopulate their species. Bill and his new mate, Ti Asha Ra, were finally at peace.

65. Havok (54 points)

havok.jpg"Being a younger brother myself, I could always relate to Alex having to live up to the expectations set--intentionally or not--by his older sibling. And while he has tirelessly tried to meet those expectations, Alex has done something I like to think I myself have done as well--carved out his own place in life, and in turn the hero community, and it's one he should be very proud of."

The younger son of Christopher and Katherine Summers, and younger brother to Scott. Christopher was a test pilot for the air force, and was flying a private plane with his family on board when the plane was attacked by a spaceship from the Shi'ar Empire. There was only one parachute, so Katherine strapped it to Alex and Scott, before pushing them out of the plane.

Both boys survived the crash, but Scott suffered a serious head injury upon landing. Taken into care with the belief that their parents dead, Scott and Alex were separated. Alex was adopted by the Blanding family who had recently lost their son. Todd Blanding had been killed in a car crash. His new parents tried to make Alex the same as Todd, and Alex tried his hardest to please them. When the boy who caused Todd's death attacked Alex, Alex's mutant powers surfaced. However, raging out of control, his plasma blasts accidentally incinerated the boy. No-one was aware that Mr. Sinister had been monitoring Alex ever since he had been adopted. He then placed genetic locks on Alex to stop the him from developing his mutant powers again. As a side effect of the blocks, Alex also forgot what had happened and how he had killed a boy.

Alex remained unaware of his mutant powers until he graduated from college. Unknown to Alex, his professor of archeology named Ahmet Abdol was also a mutant. professor Abdol had discovered a psychic link between himself and Alex. While both of them had the latent mutant power to absorb and transform cosmic radiation, Abdol's ability to exercise the power was jammed in an unknown manner by Alex' body. Abdol called himself The Living Pharaoh and kidnapped his student, taking Alex to his laboratory. Abdol found a way to screen the ambient cosmic radiation from Alex' body, permitting the Living Pharaoh to attain his latent potential. The bombardment of energies transformed Abdol into the Living Monolith, a gigantic mutant with vast cosmic power. Alex's mutant powers resurfaced under the strain of Abdol's technology. The activation of his mutant powers signaled to Professor Charles Xavier. The Monolith was defeated while in combat with the X-Men and Alex was reunited with his older brother; the X-Men's field leader, Cyclops.

Although he had finally been reunited with his long-lost brother, Alex was still incapable of controlling the shock waves his body emanated. Therefore, he chose to remain in the Egyptian desert rather than accompany the X-Men back to their headquarters in upstate New York. However, Alex was soon captured by a mutant-hunting robotic Sentinel and taken to the headquarters of Larry Trask. Trask gave Summers the codename Havok and a costume with a display on the chest which monitored the build-up of cosmic energy within him. When the X-Men finally freed Trask's captive mutants, Havok finally accompanied his brother and his teammates back to civilization where the X-Men began training Alex to help him keep his energy in check. Eventually, Havok gained enough mastery over his power that he would release it only when he wished to do so, and could wield his power skillfully enough to become a formidable opponent in battle.

While with the X-Men, Havok fell in love with Lorna Dane, the mutant known as Polaris. They both served for a time in the X-Men helping to repel the invasion by the alien Z'nors. Neither Havok nor Polaris wished to lead a life as an adventurer, but they discovered that they had a mutual interest in geophysics. Hence, Havok and Polaris began their graduate studies in geophysics in the American West. Shortly after the X-Men's disastrous mission to Krakoa, Havok and Polaris felt that they were no longer needed in the X-Men and left to return to school in order to complete their degrees.

Their plans to lead quiet lives did not last long. While researching in the desert, Havok and Polaris found themselves hunted by the Marauders. Polaris fell under the mental control of Malice, who became trapped within Polaris' body. The evil Polaris, took command of the Marauders.

Separated from the love of his life, Havok found the X-Men. They had begun operating out of a deserted outback headquarters base in Australia, the formerly belonged to the Reavers. There, they could monitor the world's news broadcasts and emergency services' frequencies via the Reavers' abandoned technology, while the silent aboriginal mutant known as Gateway would teleport them around the world. On one occasion, the X-Men were sent to San Francisco to rescue a woman who was being hunted by the Marauders. The X-Men saved Madelyne Pryor from the Marauders, while Havok was forced to battle Polaris. During the fight, Malice temporarily lost her control over Polaris. Seeing that she was being controlled by a malicious psychic entity, Havok summoned up the strength to attack her and scare her away.

The confusion of fighting his girlfriend and seeing her possessed weighted on Havok's mind. He was also angry at Cyclops for abandoning Madelyne and their baby son. As her brother-in-law, Havok began to spend a lot of time with Madelyne. She joined the X-Men in a passive role, where she would monitor the emergency broadcasts from around the world, and hoped to find sign of her missing baby. However, Madelyne made a deal with a demon called N'Astirh. She began to develop powers and she slowly became corrupted. Although he knew it was wrong, Havok entered into a sexual relationship with brother's wife at her instigation. During the Inferno Madelyne became the Goblin Queen and Havok agreed to be her consort, the Goblin Prince. Thanks to the combined efforts of X-Factor and the X-Men, Marvel Girl managed to defeat her clone and order was restored after the Inferno.

After Polaris was freed from Malice, she called the X-Men for help. However, before they could reach her, she was captured by Zaladane. With the X-Men facing attack from the Reavers, their resident telepath Psylocke used her powers to force any resistant X-Men to walk through the Siege Perilous rather than die at the hands of the Reavers.

What exactly happened to the mutants who traveled through the Siege Perilous is unclear. However those X-Men who braved it survived albeit altered in some ways. Havok re-emerged in Genosha, an island nation which turned any mutant citizens into mutate slaves. Without any memories of his true identity of life with the X-Men, Havok began a new life. He offered his powers and skills to the government, so instead of being transformed into a mutate he became a mutant Magistrate. As Magistrate Summers, he had to work harder than the human Magistrates, and entered into a controversial mutant-human relationship with Magistrate Tam.

Magistrate Summers led a team of Genoshans to Xavier's School for the Gifted, where they ambushed a group of New Mutants. Boom-Boom was about to blast him from behind with one of her time-bombs, but Storm recognized Havok's plasma signature and used a gust of wind to blow the bomb away. Unfortunately this meant that Boom-Boom, Rictor, Warlock, Wolfsbane and the De-aged Storm were kidnapped, stripped of their powers & clothes and imprisoned in Genosha. This lead to Cable & the New Mutants, X-Factor and the X-Men joining forces and invading Genosha on a rescue mission.

As they made their way across the Genoshan shores on foot, the mutant teams soon came under attack. Almost immediately they recognized Havok, even though he didn't recognize them. Cyclops singled his brother out, and Magistrate Summers was surprised that his mutant powers had no effect on Cyclops. Since they couldn't attack each other with their powers, Cyclops and Magistrate Summer resorted to a physical brawl, which Cyclops won.

Although the Magistrates retreated, Magistrate Summers was wary that he would be accused of siding with the mutants. Therefore he strived to be more alert and loyal to Genosha than any of the others. He even gave away Wolverine and Psylocke's true identities when they were disguised as Magistrates. However, as Cameron Hodge's X-Tinction Agenda was unraveled, Magistrate Summers began to question the validity of the government he was fighting for. When he fought Cyclops for a second time, Cyclops grappled him and forced him to recall the memories f falling from the place as children. With Havok's memories were restored and he began to fight alongside his fellow X-Men to depose Cameron Hodge. When they were successful, he declined the chance to return to the United States, and remained in Genosha to rebuild a new society.

A few months later, Havok was convinced to return to America by Val Cooper, who wanted to establish a new X-Factor; a mutant team with government backing. He was accompanied by Wolfsbane (who had also remained in Genosha), and they joined Multiple Man, Quicksilver, Strong Guy and Polaris.

Havok and Polaris struggled to understand their relationship, as they were no longer a couple but still attracted to each other. Yet they had both been manipulated and forced to fight against their friends. Havok also had to cope with Wolfsbane's increasing aggressive sexual attraction to him. it transpired that when she underwent the mutate procedure in Genosha, she had been mentally bonded to Havok as his intended servant. However, while trapped in her transitional human-lupine form she grew more ferocious and animalistic in nature and as a side effect of the bonding she developed unrequited feelings for him.

Despite the awkward feelings, Havok and Polaris gradually entered into a relationship again. On a secluded and romantic getaway, they came under attack from Mr. Sinister, his Nasty Boys and Malice. When Malice tried to take possession of Polaris, Havok tried to take Malice into his body instead. While caught between Polaris & Havok, Malice was trapped without a body to inhabit and killed by Mr. Sinister.

Havok continued to serve with X-Factor until he felt that there were too many people in his life that had been controlling him. He was also deeply affected by the apparent death of Multiple Man, who had contracted the Legacy Virus while trying to perform CPR on a dying Genoshan mutate. Disillusioned with both the X-Men and X-Factor (and once again having problems controlling his powers), Havok associated himself with the Dark Beast. Together they founded a team of mutant terrorists known simply as the Brotherhood.

During his time as leader of the Brotherhood, Alex came to blows with former allies and friends alike. Temporarily captured by X-Factor, Havok freed himself and coldly attacked both Random and Polaris. During another attack orchestrated by Havok, he again came to blows with his Cyclops. During the battle, Havok and Cyclops fell from a plane with Havok apparently leaving his brother to fall to his death. Cyclops however was saved by a teammate.

However, Havok didn't truly become a terrorist. His fall from grace was merely a ruse to allow him to get closer to the Dark Beast so he could stop that mutants sinister plans. Following the defeat of the Dark Beast, Havok reconvened new and old members of X-Factor including his estranged lover, Polaris, in a bid to relaunch the team without the government. Havok announced a plan to take the team mainstream. Rather than fighting the good fight in the shadows and only entering the spotlight to be blamed for some manner of catastrophe, the new X-Factor would be pro-active and high profile with members going after the type of enemies that typically battle the Avengers and Fantastic Four. Public victories would hopefully gain the good will of the public that had long distrusted the burgeoning mutant population.

The plan was received skeptically by the others. Whether such a plan would have worked is unknown, as Greystone (a previous ally of Havok's from the Brotherhood) set in motion a plan that was meant to lead to Havok's death. Greystone was suffering from an increasing madness, his mind fixated on building a machine capable of returning him to a future from which he had come from. However, the time machine he'd created was in reality a giant bomb. As Havok fought with Greystone to stop him from activating the time machine, the machine broke. Seemingly both men were killed as Polaris and the rest of X-Factor looked on in horror.

While Havok's body may have been destroyed his soul was sent into a nexus between realities where it connected with the body of an alternate for himself. On Earth-1298, Havok had died, but his empty soulless body was filled with the consciousness of Havok from Earth-616. Havok woke up to a world where he was the leader of the mutant hero team, the Six. The Mutant X universe was a twisted up version of the world he knew. Although he worked closely with many counterparts of the X-Men he had previously known, they were all darker and distorted. Leading the Six, Havok had many adventures. In his last, Havok learned his body was a nexus point for all of the Alex Summers from across all realities. Havok was killed shortly after learning this, saving the world. A the same time his mind and body returning to the same multidimensional ether from which he had entered the Mutant X universe. Havok was restored to his own unconscious body back on Earth-616.

I could go on but there is so so so much, currently he is running around in the cosmos as the leader of the Starjammers.

Seriously, he needs to come back to Earth. Stat.


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