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Your Top Marvel Heroes part 63

Written by Chris Mitchell on Monday, May 10 2010 and posted in Features
Another interesting batch of heroes. {nomultithumb}

64. Adam Warlock (55 points)

adamwarlock.jpg"The journey and personal growth Adam takes in the hands of starling is, to this day, one of my comics top experiences and most re-read trades. Plus he knows what it is to be God."

I have always liked him, from his appearance in FF to Infinity Gauntlet, to the current Guardians of the Galaxy book. I am a fantasy guy, but I love cosmic comics. And he mixes both wizardry and space stuff nicely. I cannot wait to see what they got planned for him, they being DnA. Oh, I have to say this BUY THE THANOS INIATIVE!!

Now I give you Amoebas!!

A group of sinister scientists worked together to create an artificial man. This creature which they made as super human as they could would be their golden ticket to fame and power. Their efforts were greater than they imagined for when the being emerged from his incubation cocoon, it saw the evil in the them and destroyed the scientists lab and base. Afterward it took to flight and left Earth.

Alone and self-separated from the planet of his birth, the creature returns to his gestation cocoon The Watcher however decides to send him back to Earth. There he emerges, takes the name Him and after a random encounter with the goddess Sif, decides she shall be his mate. This led to a battle against Thor who only beat Him by going into a warriors rage. Escaping back into space, Him returns to his cocoon state to heal.

Years later, he emerges once more and this time he is with the High Evolutionary. He is given a real name and henceforth is known as Adam Warlock. Unsure what to do with his existence, the High Evolutionary convinces him to become a protector of a planet called Counter-Earth (an almost exact duplicate of Earth on the other side of the sun. He's given clothes to wear in addition to a mystical gem he attaches to his forehead (the Soul Gem). Warlock spends the next many months fighting off the schemes of the evil Man Beast.

Eventually, Warlock loses and is executed. Once again his body is enveloped by a cocoon and he emerges resurrected and at long last defeats the Man-Beast. Free to pursue his own life he takes off for space.

While wandering he encounters the Universal Church of Truth and quickly realizes their evil intents. Opposing them, Warlock is joined by two that would be long time allies (and more). Pip the Troll and Gamora the assassin. Together they (with Thanos) discover that the Church is led by a future version of Warlock himself (the Magus). To end the threat, Warlock defies his future by ensuring he won't live long enough to become Magus by killing a timeline not far into Warlock's future. Magus is defeated because his future existence never happens, but this leaves Warlock with only months to live.

Warlock's erstwhile ally Thanos later makes a play at universal power. Warlock stands to defy him but at last he meets his end at the hand of Thanos. Warlock's essence is absorbed into his own soul gem and Warlock dies.

Only to be temporarily released shortly after to end Thanos's threat by turning him to stone. Warlock's soul returns to his gem and he finds contentment at long last.

Years later, Thanos returns and through an accident, Warlock is released from the soul gem. Warlock's mew mission is the same as his last - stop Thanos who now controls the Soul Gem and other mystical gems as well. In time Thanos is again defeated and Warlock is in possession of the Gems. To appease the universal embodiment of justice, Warlock gives one gem each to his closest allies (and Thanos for some reason). In a mistaken attempt to control his emotions, Warlock accidentally creates the Magus (who is later defeated.

After the events of the Annihilation, Warlock becomes a member of the Guardians of the Galaxy. During an adventure he is forced to play with timelines and the Magus emerges as Warlock. To stop the Magus, Warlock begs his ally Star-Lord to kill him. Star-Lord does and Warlock is (again) dead, never to live again.

Until the next time he comes back.

63. Moon Knight (57 points - 1 first place slot)

moonknight.png"Marc Spector is the frigging man. All three personalities. He flies around thwarting crime in a ship shaped like THE MOON."

"Another character like Nova for me. He was like a ghost turned Batman with a good deal of the spirit mixed in. In his first series and those after, it was like he kept biting off more than he could chew, but still managed to beat it and win the fight."

Rebelling against his rabbi father, Marc Spector was a heavyweight boxer, a U.S. Marine, and a CIA agent. Frustrated with the politics of the agency, Marc went on to become a mercenary. In Africa, he met a French mercenary, Jean-Paul " Frenchie" DuChamp, who would become one of Marc's closest friends. Frenchie later became Marc's pilot. While working for terrorist, Raoul Bushman, Marc began to question his choices. In Sudan they stumbled across an archaeologist Dr. Peter Alraune's excavation of an Egyptian Pharaoh's tomb. There, Bushman killed the Archaeologist.

Marc, feeling guilt, attempted to help, Alraune's daughter, Marlene Alraune escape. Annoyed with his betrayal, Bushman beat Spector and left him in the desert to die.

Barely conscious, Spector managed to return to the ancient tomb. Marlene was there with her father's men and brought Marc to rest near a statue of the moon god, Khonshu. Weak from his fight with Bushman and the elements of the desert, Spector died.

As Marlene cried over his body, Spector suddenly came back to life. It was his belief that Khonshu had brought him back from the dead in order to be the moon's knight of vengeance. Spector removed a cloak from the statue of Khonshu and confronted Bushman again, and this time, he came out victorious, thus Moon Knight was born.

Returning to the states with Marlene and Frenchie, the trio decided to fight a war against evil. Spector used his fortune from
his mercenary days to create some aliases to infiltrate different aspects of society. One persona was that of Steven Grant, a New York millionaire. In the guise of Grant, Spector was able to make high profile contacts. Spector also created the persona of Jake Lockley, a New York cab driver. Through Lockley, he was able to make several contacts "on the streets." It appeared as the act of juggling the different persona's put a strain on Spector's mental health.

When Moon Knight was just starting his heroism in New York City, a group of aristocrats called The Committee hired Marc to capture and retrieve Jack Russell, the Werewolf By Night. They were going to use Jack as a weapon to fulfill their desire to rule. Moon Knight did the right thing and let Jack escaped and later defeated the Committee. He would later joined the superhero team, the Defenders to defeat the Life Model Decoys of a villain group, Zodiac. Afterwards, Moon Knight encountered villains that would become part of his own rogue gallery such as Morpheus and Black Spectre to name a few. And also at the same time team-up with other heroes such as Spider-Man.

When the Avengers West Coast got trapped in ancient Egypt, Khonshu warned Moon Knight about the danger the team faced and he was able return the Avengers to the present. Moon Knight then joined the Avengers West Coast. He also became possessed by Khonshu which gave the powers based on the moon. This in turn alienated his friends Frenchie and Marlene. Moon Knight even had a relationship with Tigra that last until he resigned. Moon Knight, Tigra and Mockingbird formed a splinter group of Avengers when it was discovered that Mockingbird allowed the Phantom Rider to be killed. When the team looked for help from Hellstorm for the Phantom Rider's haunting of Mockingbird, it was discovered that Khonshu is inside Moon Knight's mind. Hellstorm was able to convince the god to leave Moon Knight's mind. Things didn't goes so well after when Marc launched a premeditated attack against Doctor Doom, the Avengers scolded him for his actions. Eventually Marc found out that it was Khonshu, not him, who wanted to join the Avengers West Coast. With that in mind, Moon Knight denied to be in the active roster and burned his Avenger Identicard.

When the Magus, the evil incarnation of Adam Warlock plan to gain absolute power, he created evil doppelgangers of both heroes and villains on earth. Moon Knight had to face his own evil self, manifested as Moonshade which he defeated. After the War, the Goddess, the good incarnation of Adam Warlock recruited many heroes who are very spiritual, religious have had near-death experiences. Because of Moon Knight's close affiliation with the moon god and his first resurrection to serve as the avatar of vengeance, the Goddess recruited Moon Knight to defend her as she purges the evil in the universe. Moon Knight was returned to normal when the Goddess was defeated by the combined efforts of Adam Warlock, Thanos and Professor X.

After Moon Knight seemingly died again, through the will of Khonshu he was brought back to life once again to thwart the plans of his three greatest nemesis, Black Spectre, Raoul Bushman and Morpheus. All three under the worship of Set, God of Darkness and Chaos. Marc questioning if his death was real or not started experiencing dreams of the future in which Marc concludes that it is either Morpheus or Khonshu speaking to him once again. With the knowledge that he is the white light of Khonshu, he sets out to thwart their plans, receiving help from Stained Glass Scarlet as well. The two are able to defeat the trio and stop their plans of attacking the U.N. building that held a meeting at the time. Moon Knight went back to his crime-fighting once again.

In a final battle with Bushman, Moon Knight seemingly went over the edge. He used one of his crescent darts and carved off Bushman's face, giving him a true death's head. Both of his legs were also broke in this confrontation. Unable to continue his career as Moon Knight, Marc began taking more and more painkillers. His manner had gotten to the point that he alienated those around him. Frenchie decided there was nothing more he could do. In an argument with Marlene, Marc struck her in anger. Appalled by this, Marlene left.

Knowing that he is weak, the Committee hired the Taskmaster to take out Moon Knight. Taskmaster tortured Marc but he was defended by his butler and one of his friends. This gave Marc the strength to defeat Taskmaster. Marc then begun to rebuild himself and his life. He finally got himself out of his wheelchair and has begun physical therapy with the help of Frenchie's boyfriend. Frenchie no longer will fly for Marc but one of Gina's sons. (Gina was one of Marc's contacts at the diner Jake would go to). Being a true agent for vengeance, Moon Knight has taken his fight back to the streets and seems to be making up for lost time. His sanity is even more in question as he constantly "sees" and "hears" Khonshu talk to him and give him foul suggestions. Khonshu has also taken the guise of the deceased Bushman.

The Committee hired the Profile to take advantage of his unusual talents to take down Moon Knight, but his planned failed and he became an informant for Moon Knight himself. Moon Knight later investigate a string of murder which was perpetrated by his former sidekick, Midnight. Seeing that he had no choice, he was force to kill him. And during the Civil War, Moon Knight chose neither side because as what he had said to Captain America, the war is just like a game of "capture the flag". Captain America reiterated that he wanted Moon Knight not to join the fight because of his "methods" of bringing justice and Iron Man, seeing his history of psychotic tendencies, decide that arresting him will just make his condition even worse. When the Super-Human Registration Act became a law, Moon Knight felt that he didn't want the law to disrupt his work, so Marc tried to register. But Iron Man doesn't want to him to register, because of his psychological instability. So he assign a psychiatrist to flunk Marc for his psychiatric exam. The psychiatrist talked to Marc's other personalities but he begins to turn them all down, even threatening Marc for future imprisonment. Marc then demoralized the psychiatrist by seemingly getting possessed by his God, Khonshu, and speaks to him for his antisocial tendencies, as told by The Profile to him earlier. Not only that the psychiatrist approved Marc registration, but also bowed down before him and start worshiping him. After he leave, Marc came to see The Profile and they talked about the psychiatrist's encounter with Marc's different personalities was just part of an act to approve his registration.

Now that he is a registered hero, Moon Knight could continue to stalk the nights and bring justice to the thugs and gangs running around the city. Though not known to Marc the Black Spectre returned who is back out of jail and looking for revenge against Marc. Knowing that Iron Man is on his heels, Carson Knowles decided to turn to his life of crime again and frame Moon Knight of murderer by killing his victims and carving a crescent moon on the victims head, who at the time was Moon Knight's calling card. Once Moon Knight was caught by SHIELD Iron Man revoked his ID and is no longer apart of the Initiative. Looking to still bring justice on Knowles he found out that he was going to release a stream of nanobots into a big parade in which to control the city. Moon Knight thwarted his plan and ended up throwing him off the roof of a building, seemingly killing Knowles. Outed by the government and SHIELD searching for him, Specter moves underground.

With a warrant for his arrest the C.S.A. call in for the Thunderbolts to come and hunt down Moon Knight as a fugitive of law. Iron Man strongly opposes the idea but is overruled on the matter. Moon Knight continues to lie low only to resurface in a black uniform and fight threats that need a beating. S.H.I.E.L.D. also interrogates several of his friends and contacts, although nothing comes out of them. Now is the time for the Thunderbolts to strike. Several weeks later after having a run-in with the Thunderbolts, Moon Knight pleads with Khonshu for forgiveness for losing his faith at him, but the Lunar god will not have it and says that he has worshipers that actually follow him. Marc returned into his costume to help Frenchie, who was attacked by a gang and left his boyfriend injured. But little did he knew that the attack was used to set-up Moon Knight to be captured by the Thunderbolts. Moon Knight was then ambushed by Venom. He was captured by the reformed villain team, but he got away when SHIELD came. Frenchie agreed to help Moon Knight while the Thunderbolts release Bullseye to kill him. Moon Knight and Bullseye fought all throughout New York and the fight leads them to a warehouse, which was secretly planted with many explosives. Moon Knight sets it off and the warehouse explodes with Bullseye almost getting killed and Moon Knight escaping in a secret passage. Later a press conference Norman Osborn tells the reporters about the Thunderbolts's success in eliminating Moon Knight, while Iron Man condemns his team on the death of the vigilante. Moon Knight is later seen alive and have faked his own death, but has killed the Marc Spector persona and now the Jake Lockley is now in control. Moon Knight has been hired by a millionaire to look for his daughter who has been kidnapped by corrupt cops. Little did Moon Knight know that the Punisher is also in the trail of the corrupt cops and is now out to bring them justice through what he knows best, punishment.

Moon Knight then goes to fight off the Zapata Brothers (who were brought in by Alcantara after Jake killed his henchmen and took his condemned daughter) only to make a deal with them to take down Alcantara. Moon Knight then proceeds to a full on assault on Alcantara when he finds everyone is murdered except Alcantara himself until Toltec finds them and Moon Knight walks away as Toltec kills Alcantara. Moon Knight (having taken Alcantara's money and bought himself a condo) has seen on tv what Norman Osborn has become and vows to go back to the U.S. and bring him down.

Moon Knight has returned to New York to exact his revenge to Norman Osborn and did so by stopping a bank heist but without killing the bank robbers, much to the surprise of the police. Khonshu is still convincing him to become the ruthless vigilante he was before, but Moon Knight plans for his redemption and become a hero once again. News of Moon Knight's return circulated the city, with Norman Osborn denouncing him as a renegade and a menace and he promised the public that Moon Knight will be dealt with. Sentry appeared before Moon Knight and reminded him that he can never run from his past and that he will be tested for to prove himself as a hero, to which he replied that he will also be tested as well. Jake called on to the Tinkerer to fix and upgrade his gadgets and also took time to visit Marlene, Frenchie and his partner. Moon Knight paid a visit to his criminal contact, the Profile and told him about the Slug and some stolen diamonds that he have. Moon Knight confronted the Slug and his henchmen for the diamonds, while Khonshu urges him to kill the villain but he was squashed in the floor. Meanwhile, Norman Osborn has delegated the Hood on stopping Moon Knight. The Hood then the Profile to track down and profile Moon Knight. When he did so, he told the two members of the Cabal that he cannot read his mind but he was still clinging on his Marc Spector personality. The Profile thought of a plan to take down Moon Knight and it involves the grave of his late nemesis, Raoul Bushman. Later, Moon Knight goes out and saved Marlene from burglars inside a museum where she is working. After sleeping with Marlene in her apartment, Jake goes home and sees the news coverage about the jailbreak in Ravencroft. Jake suits up as Moon Knight and tells his butler to call his pilot for the Mooncopter, but he cannot reach him and Moon Knight decides to use his other vehicle, Angelwing. When the hanger doors were opening, Moon Knight was surprised to see his old partner, Frenchie, dressed in a aviator suit and walking on a cane. Reunited with his friend, Frenchie flies the Mooncopter and drops Moon Knight inside the melee of the escaped convicts. In the middle of the chaos, Khonshu is still persuading Moon Knight to kill for him, but to no avail. As Moon Knight was beating everyone in his path, he paused for a moment when he notice Bushman at the corner of the street, which made him visibly worried. When Moon Knight called Frenchie to come back, he told him he can't because of an enormous flock of birds blanketing the sky, which was summoned by the Scarecrow. Frenchie then shoots a large net from the Mooncopter to catch the flock, neutralizing it. Moon Knight then catches Scarecrow, but he then argues to him that Moon Knight should confront his old nemesis, Bushman. Moon Knight goes to his contact, Crawley, for any word from the street, but they were suddenly attacked by Bushman. After taunting him, Bushman fires a RPG to Moon Knight but it hits a corner of building, threatening it to collapse. Moon Knight rushed in to hold the building and Bushman left him to be beaten by his army of convicts from Ravencroft. After beating the convicts with only his underwear and mask on, Moon Knight carves his symbol on all that he defeated on their strait jacket. Spider-Man then swings by and he tried to convince Moon Knight to stop his heroics before he return back to his murderous ways, to which Moon Knight argued that his heroism doesn't fare better because Norman Osborn is still in power. Moon Knight got a tip from Crawley goes in search for Bushman in one of Oscorp's warehouses. Moon Knight then infiltrates the warehouse and begins searching for Bushman to no avail, until he surprises Marc. After a much drawn out, grueling fight between Marc has Raoul pinned down and mounts him with his crescent dart in his hand as if to cut off Bushman's face again. Though Bushman begs Marc not to take his face again, causing much hesitation for the hero before stopping his act. Marc left and let the authorities take care of him. Meanwhile, now that Marc has prevailed, The Profile left to the cavern of Khonshu, for reasons unknown.

Moon Knight finds that someone has forcibly enter a hospital. When he got there, he saw Deadpool about to kill a bed-ridden patient. Moon Knight stops him and they go into a brief scuffle until Deadpool gets thrown through a window and escape. Moon Knight then finds out that the person he just rescued was a Ukrainian crime boss dying from cancer, that made him question himself about being a hero. Deadpool then met up with his employer, a mother whose son was kidnapped by the crime boss' henchmen. Moon Knight goes to see Deadpool and after they talked, Moon Knight goes to a warehouse to rescue the employer's son. Moon Knight saves the boy and left the henchmen for the police but soon Deadpool picked where they left off in their fight. They fought in a carnival's hall of mirrors where the duel ended into a sword fight and Moon Knight left as the winner. When Jake was having nightmares in his sleep, he suddenly woke up rushed to get into the hospital but he was too late to save the crime boss from Deadpool's employer who killed him with an injection of potassium chloride, stopping the patient's heart.

Its going to be interesting to see what Brubaker has planned for him on Secret Avengers.

62. Medusa (59 points)

medusa.jpg"Big hair is hot!"

"She kinda turned into a bitch lately, but I will always be a fan."

Medusalith Amaquelin was born to Quelin and Ambur, who were both members of the Inhumans. Quelin was the brother of Rynda, the wife of King Agon. Because of that family connection, Medusalith was considered a member of Attilan's Royal Family. Her parents had elected to expose her to the Terrigen Mists when she was young, which gave her a long, thick head of red hair which she could use like an appurtenance. Because of this she became widely known by her shortened name "Medusa," after the woman in Greek mythology who had actual snakes for hair.

During her adolescent years, Medusa began to visit her cousin Black Bolt, who at a young age was quarantined by necessity since the power of his voice could cause catastrophic damage. Because of this, Black Bolt could never vocalize his thoughts. Medusa learned to communicate with him in a special sign language, and due to these regular visits, Medusa had fallen in love with Black Bolt by the time he had been let out of his cell at the age of eighteen.

When the Kree refugees came to Attilan for refuge, their true purpose was to kill Medusa and the rest of the Inhuman Royal Family. Medusa was seen along with Gorgon, Black Bolt, Ahura and Karnak in a garden since the Inhuman Royal Family renounced their claim of power. Before they can shoot Black Bolt senses them and sends a bolt of energy towards their way. Medusa uses her hair to protect Ahura and herself and tells Ahura he will not help because he will be in the line of danger. Medusa sees her husband captured and attacks the soldiers, she is hit behind and knocked out. Medusa is then held knife point by a Kree soldier while he tells Black Bolt to give up. She awakes and buts his arm off with her hair. She then announces that her and the Royal Family will become the protectors of Attilan once again. She with the rest are teleported outside of Attilan to see Kree tents. She asks the Kree soldier what is this and that's when a group of Kree soldiers come. She attacks them until their boss comes and tells them the situation. She then goes to the Genetics council to hear the decision. Medusa is teleported to the mists to attack the Kree. She is told by Karnak which spots to hit an energy based creature on, but she and Karnak are easily knocked out.

When mutiny spread across the Alpha Primitive workers, Medusa battled their leaders, the Trikon. During the battle, her sled crashed to the ground, and she lost her memories, until the Wizard found her. He was creating an evil version of the Fantastic Four called the Frightful Four. The Wizard needed a woman to join his Frightful Four. Medusa agreed and the evil foursome tried many times to defeat the Fantastic Four. They were unsuccessful, but their exploits brought attention to her Inhuman family. Gorgon came along and tried to capture her along with the Human Torch. A fight between Medusa and the Human Torch awakened the imprisoned Dragon Man. He protected Medusa against Gorgon and the Fantastic Four as he was confused by her and originally thought she was Sue Storm, until the actual Invisible Girl came along to help stop Dragon Man and Gorgon. The four were distracted and Gorgon had enough time to capture Medusa and bring her back.

She stopped fighting against the Inhumans, and joined them in a fight against the Fantastic Four, who came to save the Human Torch. The Human Torch had fallen in love with Medusa's sister, Crystal. But when Crystal announced that Triton had been captured by the Seeker, Medusa teleported her family to Attilan. They arrived, as Maximus and Medusa both knew Black Bolt could not use his voice. Maximus then tried to claim Medusa has his bride, but Black Bolt ran to steal back the Inhuman crown, reclaiming himself as the leader of the Inhumans, with Medusa by his side.

When the Fantastic Four arrived, the Human Torch was reunited with Crystal and Maximus fired his atmo-gun. When his machine didn't work, Medusa realized that the Inhumans and humans were all the same and it angered Maximus. He reversed his machine and it created a Negative Zone around Attilan that trapped them, while the Fantastic Four escaped just in time. Black Bolt realized he had no other choice but to use his voice, to destroy the Negative Zone around Attilan. Black Bolt had revealed his secret in the end: he could use his voice.

Medusa talks to Marista, about how he wish she can hear Black Bolt speak. Medusa goes on to tell her everyday Black Bolt goes to meditate to make sure he wont say a word that will kill all them. Marista ask if Medusa is afraid he will loose his grip. Medusa says no, but she is afraid how Black Bolt can so easily close everything out including herself. The Council of Elders and Black Bolt, later sent Medusa and the royal family to study human society, where Medusa was led into conflict with Spider-Man. Medusa was then captured by Maximus, who stole the Inhuman crown once again and imprisoned Black Bolt. Black Bolt used his powerful voice once again and freed the people of Attilan. She then tried to restore Black Bolt's voice under the Enchantress' influence to join the Lady Liberators. When Susan Richards left the Fantastic Four, Medusa took her place. After several months of service, Medusa convinced Sue to join the Fantastic Four once again, allowing Medusa to return to Attilan.

Medusa asks Arvak if any humans plague their borders. He tells her they are safe another night. She then by Black Bolt gives the order for the Inhumans to sleep. Not long comes a ship which attacks the Inhumans. Her and Black Bolt goes to see who it is. They find out it is the Kree. Medusa wonders how do they defeated there best warriors so quickly. Black Bolt sends an order to her and she knows what she must do. A beetle droid comes and dismantles the ship Medusa was on. She falls but her hair cushions her fall. The machines neutralize her powers and wrap there legs in her hair so it wont grow. She then faints, thanking the gods that Luna and Crystal are not in Attilan that night. Medusa with Gorgon and Black Bolt goes to Sparto's planet to assassinate Lilandra. But unknown to them Karnak and Triton are part of the Imperial Guard.

The Royal Family had their troubles with Maximus, but Medusa remained the interpreter for Black Bolt. After Attilan was moved to the Blue Area of the Moon, she and Black Bolt were married and Medusa was made queen. When Medusa became pregnant, Attilan's Genetics Council argued that mating should be banned, due to the unsteadiness of Maximus and ordered the pregnancy terminated. Medusa fled to Earth and lived in the desert until the child was born. Medusa returned to Attilan and turned her son over the Genetics Council, in which they smuggled to Earth for testing. Medusa found out and went after her child. When this exposed a grab for power, both the Genetics Council and the Royal Family gave up leadership, though the Royal Family resumed leadership. Medusa has led an effort to bring the Inhumans and humans together, beginning with the learning of each others cultures.

After the Inhuman Royal Family moves Attilan to Hala to begin their rule over the Kree Empire, something they were made to do, war breaks out between them and the Shi'ar Empire, led by the unstable Vulcan. When Black Bolt attempts to end the war with the Terrigen Bomb, it creates a massive fissure in space and time known as the Fault. It also takes Black Bolt and Vulcan's lives. Having won the war, Medusa becomes queen of the Kree and the Shi'ar.

With the grief of losing her husband, Medusa takes the role of leader very seriously, acting as a queen must. She realizes there is still some tension between the Inhumans and the Kree, especially with the loss of Black Bolt. She proves on several occasions that the Kree need the Inhumans by saving them from Devos the Devastator, a rogue Destructoid and a revolt of the Alpha Primitives. The other Inhumans soon find that it is Maximus behind these plots but when they catch him, Medusa releases him, claiming to have put Maximus up to it. Much to the disagreement of the others, specifically Gorgon, Crystal and Ronan, she has been trying to force a positive relationship with the Kree. Medusa plans to have nothing get in her way of ruling the Empire.


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