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Your Top Marvel Heroes part 65

Written by Chris Mitchell on Tuesday, May 11 2010 and posted in Features
The infamous #56 entry... {nomultithumb}

58. Emma Frost (68 points - 2 first place votes)

emmafrost.jpg"Veronica Lodge on the X-Men team."

"Calling her a hero is really stretching the term, but that's part of what I like about her. I'm noticing with Marvel characters, I'm really drawn to the arrogant ones."

Remember that time she beat Jean on Top X-Folk?

Good times.

Emma was first encountered by the X-Men as the White Queen of Inner Circle of the prestigious Hellfire Club. She tried to forcibly recruit Kitty Pryde, and was opposed by the X-Men. Though initially triumphant, the X-Men eventually defeated her. She and the mutant students of hers, the Hellions, would encounter the X-Men many times, and almost always as enemies.

Her time with the Hellfire Club ended when it was attacked by a mad time traveler named Trevor Fitzroy. In the ensuing incident which also involved the X-Men, most of the Hellions were killed, and Emma was sent into a coma. Her body was kept at Xavier's till the time when an accident ultimately resulted in her revival.

With the circumstances of her incapacitation, and with closer ties to the Xavier Institute, she ceased to become openly antagonistic to Xavier and the X-Men. Together with Banshee, she presided over the education and training of a new batch of students, called Generation X.

The Academy and Generation X eventually ceased to be as a result of a plot hatched by Emma's own sister, Adrienne. Though the school closed, Emma did gain a measure of revenge by killing Adrienne.

After this, she went on to teach on the mutant-dominated island nation of Genosha. During the infamous Sentinel Genocide of the island's inhabitants, Emma managed to survive by virtue of her secondary mutation manifesting, allowing her to take on a near-invulnerable diamond form.

She found herself as one of the instructors at Xavier's, where she developed a close relationship with X-Men founding member Cyclops. This would evolve into a secretive telepathic affair between the two, helped along by an incident where Cyclops temporarily became possessed by Apocalypse. Jean's discovery of this would distance her own relationship with Cyclops, while Emma would only grow closer to the mutant leader. After Jean's death at the hands of Xorn/ Magneto, Emma began an open romantic relationship with Cyclops, becoming co-headmaster of the newly rebuilt Xavier Institute

After Norman Osborn was appointed as the USA's top cop, he immediately convened a group of supposedly like-minded individuals (later dubbed the Cabal) to consolidate his grip on power. Emma joined the group consisting of Norman, Namor, Victor Von Doom, Loki, and the Hood after being plagued with nightmares of the time when she was unable to help Kitty Pryde.

Following a series of pro- versus anti-mutant protests and riots instigated by Simon Trask in San Francisco, Emma was tasked by Norman Osborn to lead a civil peacekeeping group of X-Men, one sanctioned by himself. She was given a black costume and was given command over Wolverine's son Daken, Weapon Omega, Mimic, and the duo of Cloak and Dagger. Emma brought a final element to the team, Namor, with whom she had previously shared a romantic relationship with prior to her time with the X-Men. Though not an official member of her team, a person appearing to be none other than Prof. Xavier served as the team's spokesman and moral backup. Emma easily saw through the ploy (in the process claiming that she was an omega-level telepath) and the "professor" was revealed to be Mystique, who was working with Osborn only because they had injected explosive nanobots into her bloodstream.

Emma's first sortie with the team occurred when she arrested a group of mutant vandals led by her own formerly favorite student, Hellion. Even at that early stage, tensions already arose, particularly when Daken almost did a lethal attack to one of the other mutant rioters. Emma prevented any fatalities, and the prisoners were brought in.

While more tensions rose between the Avengers and the new X-Men team, enhanced by the aggression of Daken and Hawkeye, Emma put emphasis that she would only continue to be a party to this strategy of Osborn's if all the mutants were treated humanely. She insisted on touring the facility to see how the prisoners were being treated. She is then contacted, weakly, by Prof-X, and informs her that he and Hank are being kept prisoner there. He also tells her that the Omega Chair developed by the Dark Beast has horrible side effects, and that Osborn isn't telling her everything. Emma then discovers that the presence of Hank and Prof-X are being kept secret from her using hologram projectors. Remaining in diamond form for protection, and unable to speak telepathically, she verbally reassures the Professor that she believes him, and that she would make sure everything would be all right.

Over the next several days, she then took her team of X-Men around San Francisco, not only stopping Trask and his human-conversion bio-sentinels, but also clearing up the residual riots and rounding up the remaining mutants from the streets. Her motives come into greater doubt when she and Namor stand idly by when they witness the Dark Beast using his Omega Machine to torture and power drain the captives, while Cloak and Dagger can barely look on.

However, Emma's true motivations and interests behind her recent actions are revealed when, after another session draining Henry McCoy with the machine, Dark Beast and Weapon Omega discover that all the mutant captives had disappeared. They discover that Mindee Cuckoo had allowed herself to get arrested just so she could lead the rest of the X-Men there. Teleporting in and out via Magik's portals, X-Force had freed the prisoners. After raising the alarm, Emma leads Osborn's X-Men to stop X-Force, then surprises everyone by betraying her own team. Daken and Mimic are taken down in the process, and Emma takes Cloak, Dagger and Namor with her and X-Force to rejoin the rest of the mutants.

Emma then rejoins Cyclops with the rest of the mutant community and their sympathizers on a mobile island/vessel, reminiscent of Magneto's Asteroid M, which had been dubbed Utopia. It is thus confirmed that her agreement to side with Osborn was entirely part of Cyclops' master plan.

When Osborn retaliates and sends his Avengers to fight the X-Men, Emma is tasked to remove the Sentry from play, since it seems that Osborn had influenced the Void side of Bob's personality to gain dominance. She goes to Xavier, who aids her in accessing a special "white room" Emma and other telepaths set up in Bob's head for this kind of emergency. She pulls Bob into that room, giving his benign persona control of the Sentry. However, the Void, angered at the intrusion, assaults her. Bob then leaves the planet to prevent doing further harm, but the Void, angered, channels itself free and pursues Bob into space. The pain causes Emma to reflexively shift to diamond form. Xavier notices that a tiny sliver of the Void remained trapped inside Emma as a result, and warned her not to shift back into her organic form, perhaps surmising that the Void wouldn't be able to overcome Bob in his Sentry form if he wasn't whole.

After Osborn retreated, leaving the mutants to build their utopia, Emma continued to support Cyclops, though she wad seemingly trapped in her diamond form until the Void essence could be safely removed. Therefore, Xavier telepathically linked Emma and Cyclops' minds. Cyclops found himself in a vast white room inside Emma's mind. Many representations of Emma were present, and Emma's main consciousness approached him. Just as they began to discuss how to extract the Void, all the other Emma personalities attacked Cyclops, while the main Emma is pulled into the empty whiteness. The Emma's chanted about how 'feelings mean pain' and that they didn't want any more pain. Cyclops realized that none of them were actually any part of Emma, so he destroyed them. Meanwhile, Emma was falling down the vast whiteness of her mind, until she was attacked by a giant black mass. She flew away from it towards Cyclops' thoughts until she was able to reach him through a hole he had blasted through the whiteness. Once rescued Emma saw something over Cyclops' shoulder, and was abruptly ejected from her mind and into the real world. She was no longer in her diamond form. She rushed forward and grabbed at Cyclops' unconscious body, claiming that The Void was now inhabiting him.

Selene recently resurrected Emma's Hellions who were sent to attack her. They caught her unawares, and taunted her. Confronted by her past failures, Emma crumpled and was unable to fight back. She was protected by Cyclops & Domino long enough for the Vanisher to appear and teleport Emma to safety.

Other recently resurrected mutants were sent to attack the X-Men to prevent them from interfering with Selene's plans to sacrifice the souls of the resurrected mutants on Genosha. However, the Hellions were sent to kill Emma as a punishment for thwarting Selene's plans during their time in the Hellfire Club together.

57. Gambit (69 points - 1 first place slot)

gambit.jpg"Love the Ragin' Cajun."

The mutant who would become Gambit was abandoned at birth, by his birth father due to his unusual red-on-black eyes (they believed their child was the devil). He was stolen from a New Orleans orphanage by the Thieves Guild and given to Antiquary, a 'collector' of children, who considered Remy a perfect work of art. There he was given the name Remy and the title Le Diable Blanc (The White Devil), because of an old Guild Prophecy that spoke of a white devil. However, Jean-Luc LeBeau greatly disliked the idea of the child being in Antiquiry's care and arranged for Remy to grow up being watched by a gang of street thieves known as Fagan's Mob instead.

At age eight, Remy met and befriended a young girl named Belladonna. A few days later, he was taken in and adopted by the leader of the Thieves Guild, Jean-Luc himself, after a failed pickpocket attempt which had been secretly arranged by Jean , which was a set-up to then meet with the young mutant.

His powers manifested in his teenage years, however he kept it secret from those around him. When Remy was 15, he went along with his best friend Etienne Marceaux on the Thieves Guilds ritual initiation called the Tithing. They were ordered to steal from an immortal mutant known as Candra, but was subdued. Candra then recognized Remy from a battle she fought with him in her past, that being Remy's future (he travels to the 19th century during his tenure with the X-men). She sold the two boys to a mutant gangster and child slave trader named Pig. Pig planned on selling the boys to HYDRA as boy soldiers. Remy escaped his holding pen and tried to escape, but when Pig caught up with the boys Remy picked up a playing card, charged it and threw it in Pig's face, thus discovering his new signature move. They then both jumped off a cliff into the sea. Remy was rescued by the Guild but Etienne drowned.

The Thieves Guild was at war with the Assassin's Guild, but Remy was meant to be the one to unite the two guilds through an arranged marriage to the head of the Assassin's Guild's granddaughter, Belladonna, whom he had befriended as a child years before. On his wedding day, Remy was challenged to a duel by Belladonna's brother, Julien. When Remy killed him in self-defense, he was banished to ease the tension between the Guilds.

He then traveled the world and lived as a professional thief. He also befriended the Marauder known as Scalphunter. As Gambit's power grew out of control, it was Scalphunter who directed Gambit to Mr. Sinister for help in controlling his mutant power. Sinister removed some brain tissue in order to reduce Remy's power level. In return, Remy owed Sinister, and so he became one of his henchmen. He also had to put together a team of mutants that would become the Marauders. What Remy did not realize was that their goal was to kill all of the Morlocks, (see Mutant Massacre) underground living mutants, because Mr. Sinister had discovered that they were created by someone using his own genetic works. Remy tried to put a stop to this plan and was almost killed by the mutant Sabretooth, but managed to survive and rescue the Morlock child who would one day become Marrow.

Later, Remy met a de-aged Storm from the mutant team, the X-Men. As a result of her transformation into a child, Storm had amnesia. Gambit helped free her from the psionic entity, the Shadow King and the Orphan Maker. The two formed a partnership as thieves and Gambit looked after her as they worked their way along the Gulf of Mexico, robbing people as they went. When Storm was returned to her true self, she lobbied for Remy to be admitted into the X-Men. Looking to make up for his part in the Mutant Massacre years ago, he accepted and joined the X-men. Soon after, he became fond of and started to flirt with Rogue, another X-man. Gambit aided several X-teams in battling the Genoshans. Wolverine held doubts about the new Cajun teammate, which lead to a Danger Room confrontation that resulted in Gambit's victory after having distracted Wolverine with a doppelganger of Lady Deathstrike. The X-Men were later taken to the Shi'ar galaxy by Lila Cheney to help the Starjammers battle the Imperial Guard and War-Skrulls. Upon their return to Earth, they battled the Shadow King. The X-Men would later fight Magneto and his Acolytes, and several other threats including Mojo, the Hand, Omega Red, the Ghost Rider Dan Ketch and the Brood Queen. He also witnessed the supposed death of his ex-lover Belladonna.

Some time later, Remy was given a mock trial by the mutant Magneto for his crimes, mainly for the gathering of the Marauders. During the trial, Rogue was forced to kiss Gambit, which her mutant power of absorbing powers and memories caused her to discover Remy's role in the Mutant Massacre. Distraught, Rogue left him to die in the Antarctic wastes as the X-men departed. He would have perished had he not agreed to share his body for a time with a strange psionic energy of a dead mutant name Mary Purcell that kept him alive until he reached the Savage Land and struck a deal with the mysterious New Sun. Remy did different errands for the New Sun, such as stealing artifacts, in return for passage back to America. When Gambit tried to steal the Crimson Gem of Cyttorak, he encountered the X-Men and agreed to return to the team. Mary, the wraith connected to Gambit did not like his decision and threatened him and the X-Men if he didn't stay with her forever. The team soon found out about Mary. Remy and the wraith went back to her home town where she tried to coerce Remy into merging together to become a new hybrid life form. With the help of Rogue, Gambit was able to rid himself of the mutant wraith that had bonded with him. Eventually Remy was re-accepted by the X-men and Rogue, but Gambit still harbors some resentment towards them for their callous condemnation.

Soon after, Gambit was forced to have his surgery undone by Sinister after he became stranded over 100 years in the past. It was with his full potential being realized that Gambit was able to return to the present under his own power, now having the ability to traverse time and space by changing himself into a entity consisting of pure energy and merging with the kinetic flow of the time-stream. Soon after, Gambit was the patriarch of the Thieves Guild in his father's stead. Gambit also unified the two Guilds into one, the Unified Guild, for which he served as patriarch. Around this time the New Sun had organized an assassination game, utilizing super-powered mercenaries to kill Gambit. Gambit found out that the New Sun, not "New Son" as he had previously thought, was an alternate version of himself from another reality who's powers had reached their full potential and had destroyed his own world by burning it as though he were a star. The New Sun traveled to several different realities to kill each version of himself before they made the same mistake he had. Gambit burned out the majority of his natural potential to defeat the New Sun, returning Gambit to his normal level of power.

Gambit was later framed by Sebastian Shaw for the murder of Australian crime lord, Viceroy. Along with former Triad member Red Lotus, Rogue, and her X-Treme X-Men, Gambit was able to clear his name. An alien race tried to invade Earth lead by the inter-dimensional warlord Khan, and used Gambit as a power source to open a portal to allow their entire fleet to pass through to Earth. Khan wanted to assemble the Madripoor set, a group of seven gems. Vargas decided to use this particular opportunity to kill Rogue and Gambit but when Vargas tried to kill Gambit, they were both impaled on his broadsword. Remy and Rogue both found themselves de-powered and decided to live a normal life outside of the X-Men.

Unable to live a normal life for too long, the two were pulled back into the world of the X-Men, to battle Elias Bogan. Remy's powers were jump started by the mutant Sage.

70 years from now in Bishop's future, Gambit goes by the name, Witness, because he is supposed to be the only one to know the identity of the person who betrayed the X-Men, leading to a world where mutants are hunted down and killed. When Bishop traveled to the present time-line, he tried to kill Gambit, but he realized that he was the same old man from his time line, henceforth, he had to be the traitor. During the onslaught story arc it was revealed that it was actually Xavier who was the traitor.

Unused to dealing with his mutant power after having lost it, Gambit was accidentally blinded by one of his own cards shortly afterwards. Rogue then began to distance herself from Gambit when he started lashing out at her. Even though he was blind, he gained the ability to read his playing cards like they were tarot cards, predicting an attack by the Brotherhood. Rogue later asked Sage to heal Remy's vision, which he did.

Mystique was never around for her foster daughter's decision towards a lover. So she infiltrated the school and joined Gambit's squad in an attempt to separate Gambit and Rogue. Mystique even offered Remy the chance to sleep with her after transforming into Rogue. It is still unknown as to what exactly happened.

In Apocalypse's recent plan for mutant survival, Remy joined his side as a double-agent and became one of the Horsemen. After Apocalypse's defeat, Gambit was left insane by the brainwashing, and after a failed attempt to abduct Polaris - in which Gambit attacked Rogue - Sunfire took Gambit with him to a temple in Japan where Mr. Sinister surprised them. He is currently working with Mr. Sinister alongside Sunfire, another former Horseman.

Recently, Gambit attacked Cable on his island nation of Providence to get to the data stored in the computers there. He and Sunfire mortally wounded Cable, but were unable to get the information they wanted when Cable sacrificed himself to destroy the mainframe.

Gambit had reemerged with the Marauders after being confronted by Sinister. Sinister assigned Gambit to work with Sunfire and attack the Island of Providence where the y have encountered Cable. After having a short conversation filled with insults and threats, Gambit and Sunfire started attacking Cable . Nathan then was forced to use a self-destruction weapon which caused the entire Island of Providence to be damaged and destroyed. After the encounter, Gambit returned to Sinister's headquarters and they there conversed about their next step for their plan. Gambit reprimanded Mystique for shooting Rogue, since Remy still believes that Rogue needs to survive for the betterment of their plans. Though, it was given controversy that he said that for his love for Rogue. Despite his loyalty to Sinister's orders, his heart as an X-Man still remains. When Scalphunter is about to slay Cannonball, Gambit surfaced to stop his attempt. He saved his former co-Xavier resident from death. Thus, Gambit's decisions seems to be more difficult to understand, and his loyalty with Sinister and the Marauders seems to be more speculated as he destroyed Destiny's diaries which the Marauders have attempted to have for their further plans. But with the diary destroyed, their plans were difficult to view in possibility.

The X-Men then assaulted Sinister's Antarctic Base. Wolverine then saw Gambit and personally targeted him for a reason. Wolverine then tortured Gambit to state revelations about the Mutant Baby. Gambit then revealed that Cable had the baby before Sinister. Thus, Sinister's plans on the baby have not been brought possible. Bishop then attempted to kill the baby, which was later revealed because of the future that he wants to avoid due to the baby. Gambit then stopped Lucas from his attempt and exerted effort on bringing down the ceiling for Bishop to be harmed. Gambit still wonders on Bishop's real reasons for his attempt. Realizing that the X-men would soon appear, Gambit together with his team mates in the Marauders have stepped out of the scene with the Messiah Baby. The X-men then made their next step for the baby mutant as they locate Gambit using the Cerebro. Unknowingly, it was a part of Gambit's plan for the X-Men to locate him. The X-Men have discovered that the Marauder's headquarters was in Muir Island where Gambit delivers the baby mutant to Sinister who was actually Mystique cloaking her real appearance with a Sinister disguise. Meanwhile, the real Sinister was murdered. Mystique and Gambit were revealed to have their own plans for the baby which opposed Sinister's. It was revealed that Sinister was killed by Rogue's powers that have intensified too much being enough to kill Essex. It was revealed that Mystique is only doing the plan because of Irene Adler's precognition about the event where she must let Rogue touch the baby to save her. Mystique used the baby to touch Rogue and save her. Gambit realized that Rogue was not the kind of mutant who would dare to use an innocent life to save hers. The baby was however not harmed by Rogue's powers and instead cured her for a while from those personalities that she absorbed before and still consumed her entire being. Gambit then delivers the baby to Professor X and stated that he would rather be with Rogue than with the baby. Meanwhile, Rogue was still shocked by the encounter and told Gambit not to follow her as she ponders her new future.

56. Nick Fury (69 points - 2 first place slots)

nickfury.jpg"Ok, this surprises even me in putting him here. But the more I think about it. The more this character has grown on me. I believe it was the "Recoil." moment in Secret Warriors that made me a fan of the character. I really need to get hooked up with more trades of him."



Didn't get the Top 50.

Wow you people are idiots.

Born and raised in the area of New York City known as Hell's Kitchen around 1920, Nicholas Joseph "Nick" Fury is a World War II veteran, having led the famous Howling Commandos, a highly trained first-strike squad, as a sergeant in the United States Army's G-2, or Intelligence, Section. When he was injured by a grenade during the Second World War, his life commenced to be extended by annual injections of the Infinity Formula. This was also the cause of the injury to his eye that he took to covering with a cosmetic black eye-patch, which became one of his trademarks, after he lost its vision. When he was still in the CIA, he recruited Richard Parker and Mary Parker to rescue Agent Ten. Nick also became the superhero liaison for the superhero family called the Fantastic Four. He was then recruited by Anthony Stark, who is secretly the Invincible Iron Man, to be the next director of S.H.I.E.L.D. Under his command, S.H.I.E.L.D. became the primary organization in dealings with superhuman activities and forged an alliance with the superhero team known as the Avengers. At one time, Nick had to disband S.H.I.E.L.D. because it was being manipulated by free-thinking Life Model Decoys , android duplicates of him intended to take his place in situations where he risked assassination, which were not supposed to possess more than a rudimentary intelligence that enabled them to follow commands. But when he manipulated the heroes during the Secret War and the consequent memory erasure, he was forced into hiding. Even more enigmatic than before, he earned the distrust of all his former allies. Yet he continues to be one of the most important figures in the Marvel Universe, pulling many strings from behind the scenes and keeping in touch with only those who he trusts most--or whose obedience he feels that he can use to his advantage.

At the beginning of the Secret Invasion, Nick Fury had been AWOL from S.H.I.E.L.D. for years because he knew of an oncoming threat. It has been revealed that one of the Skrull Empire's main goals is to capture Nick Fury. The Skrulls soon sent in an impostor of Contessa Valentina Allegro de Fontaine only to be killed by Nick Fury. Fury then escaped to safe house and warned current S.H.I.E.L.D. deputy director Maria Hill about an oncoming threat and to trust no one. Nick Fury then used his friend, Daisy Johnson, to gather a team of super humans that ranged in powers so they could be trained for the oncoming invasion. Training hard for several months, the invasion of the Skrulls ignited and Nick Fury sent in his team to save several Initiative heroes and bring them back to his safe house to regroup. During this time Nick Fury used Deadpool to gain valuable information on the Skrull Queen but the information was captured unknowingly by Norman Osborn. They later joined up with the rest of the heroes in Central Park for the last stand against the Skrulls. When his old friends Dum-Dum Dugan and Contessa Valentina DeFontaine come out of the Skrull ship with the rest of the captured heroes Nick just teleports away without saying a word.

During an infiltration and elimination of a covert S.H.I.E.L.D. base in Chicago, Fury discovers that S.H.I.E.L.D. is, and always has been, secretly controlled by HYDRA. A distraught Fury now plans to use his Secret Warriors to combat the renewed HYDRA threat, spearheaded by his old nemesis, Baron Strucker. He also hires the new Howling Commandos, a private military company formed by 1200 former S.H.I.E.L.D. agents who refused to join Norman Osborn's H.A.M.M.E.R., to employ them in his fight against HYDRA and Osborn. Also, he has a number of inside men to assist in his raids, including Natasha Romanova posing as Yelena Belova who is in command of the Thunderbolts. Eventually, he and his men commandeer decommissioned Helicarriers, as well as forcing the H.A.M.M.E.R. agents at the dock to follow him. Natasha brings Songbird to Fury, but she is followed and the three are captured by the Thunderbolts. Osborn then shoots Fury in the head. However, it was not the real Fury who was shot, but a Life Model Decoy in his image, which the Fixer reveals to Songbird and Black Widow later after they escape the Thunderbolts.

On a solo mission soon after, Fury teams with Norman Osborn to interrogate a lower-level H.A.M.M.E.R. agent. The conversation (and materials obtained afterwards) reveal there may be an organization much like HYDRA, installed in the upper levels of world governments, called "Leviathan." This organization appears to have been founded by the Soviet government for reasons as yet unclear. Fury later introduces Daisy Johnson to prominent members of the Howling Commandos including Alexander Pierce, leader of the second caterpillar team, and Mikel, Fury's son and leader of the "gray" team.

Fury and the Secret Warriors are later summoned by Captain America to his hideout along with the New and Young Avengers, when Rogers, seeking to aid his long-time comrade Thor in his plight during the Siege of Asgard launched by Norman Osborn, gathered all his allies to strike back against Osborn and rescue Thor whilst simultaneously ending Osborn's Dark Reign. Fury insists on Phobos remaining behind due an unwillingness for him to battle his father Ares and his youth, and later opens a wormhole aboard the Helicarrier which brings the combined forces of the three teams to Oklahoma


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