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Your Top Marvel Heroes part 74

Written by Chris Mitchell on Monday, May 17 2010 and posted in Features
This is it folks, the last three characters before the infamous Top 25 who are they? Find out here!!! {nomultithumb}

28. Iron Fist (203 points - 7 first place slots)

ironfist.jpg"I've long been a fan of Danny, dating back to Priest's (Owsley's) run on PM/IF. The ethical code, the playful friendship with Luke, the coolness of K'un L'un and all its trappings, the badassness of the kung fu mastery and the simple badassness of his powers ("Like unto a thing of iron" remains one of comics' coolest catchphrases), and even that ridiculously cheesy-to-the-point-of-gloriously-awesome costume, Iron Fist is just one cool mother. I miss Immortal IF already..."

"I was there from the start and loved the origin. He had to earn his powers, not come across them or be born with them. A great mix of martial arts mythos with super-heroes. Ad to this the nice guy personality... win. Nice guys can finish last and get the gal. I like that."

"For a character that had pretty much fallen into obscurity, Iron Fist made a huge comeback in the past decade under Fraction's guidance. Iron Fist shows that it's possible for a non-superhero type character to thrive in the Marvel U."

"You've read Immortal Iron Fist, haven't you? What, you haven't? Well, stops reading this, and run, don't walk to your nearest comic shop. Pick up the Brubaker/Fraction/Aja trades and treat yourself to one of the best comics of the last few years. And then forever live with the shame of not putting Danny on your list. "

"For a character that had pretty much fallen into obscurity, Iron Fist made a huge comeback in the past decade under Fraction's guidance. Iron Fist shows that it's possible for a non-superhero type character to thrive in the Marvel U."

"Before Keanu learned kung fu Danny Rand had long since mastered it. Danny started out as a cheesy cash in for the 70's kung fu craze but he developed into so much more. Thanks to John Byrne, Chris Claremont, Ed Brubaker and Matt Fraction Danny has grown in a very awesome very cool character."

Daniel Rand was the son of Wendell Rand-K'ai, who himself was the adopted son of the Lord Tu-An, ruler of the mystical city of K'un L'un. Wendell fled from K'un L'un instead of facing Shou-Lao himself much to the enjoyment of his adopted brother Nu-An who stole both rulership of K'un L'un and the woman Wendell loved, Shakirah. Wendell came to Earth and became a successful businessman, founding the Rand-Meachum Incorporated. He met and married a woman named Heather Duncan, and together they had a son they named Daniel.

When Wendell attempted to return to K'un L'un when the city reappeared with his wife and child, as it did only once every 10 years, his business partner, Harold Meachum, agreed to go with them on the expedition. Deep in thoughts of the hidden city, Danny slipped of the edge of a path. Being tied to his parents, they fell over the edge too. Wendell dangled from the ledge with only a safety rope keeping him from falling to his death. Wendell called out to Harold to help him up but rather than help him, Harold cut Wendell's safety line letting him fall to his death. He then professed his love to Heather but she was disgusted at the man. Heather decided she and Danny would rather die than to accept Harold's help so they vowed to find their own way down off the mountain. Fleeing from Meachum, Danny and his mother wandered in the snow. When Danny asked her about the city, she told him it was just a dream of his father's. She used to think it could actually exist but not anymore. She also made Danny promise her that he wouldn't hate his father for bringing them out here. They soon realized that wolves were on their trail.

Trying to escape the wolves, they came across a bridge in the middle of nowhere. Heather still refused to believe it could lead to the city. She hoped that the old bridge leading over a deep chasm. Seeing the wolves were still on their heels, Heather told Danny to run and turned back to the wolves, sacrificing herself. Daniel was found by denizens of K'un L'un, and brought into the city, where he was apprenticed to their ruler, Yu-Ti, who had secretly plotted the murder of the Rands.

After rigorously training for 10 years under martial arts master Lei Kung the Thunderer, Daniel passed many tests in order to earn the right to battle a fire-breathing dragon known as Shou-Lao the Undying. Daniel defeated this dragon by pressing his chest to the dragon's, cutting it off from the life energy it absorbed from its heart, which resided in a nearby brazier. This resulted in a dragon-shaped brand on his chest. He then plunged his hands into the brazier containing the dragon's heart, and gained the power of the Iron Fist.

Danny left K'un L'un after to avenge the murder of his parents, and became the costumed hero known as "Iron Fist" in the United States. He formed a friendship with Colleen Wing, became lovers with her friend Misty Knight, and formed a partnership with Luke Cage, aka Power Man, calling themselves Heroes for Hire. They rented themselves out as detectives and bodyguards, although more often than not, they aided people without money being involved. Eventually, Daniel took back control of his father's company again, becoming a millionaire in the process, although he let Joy Meachum, daughter of Harold Meachum, run it while he continued the life of a crime fighter.

Some time later, Iron Fist attempted to aid a child named Bobby Wright, who had the ability to transform into the powerful superhero known as Captain Hero, during his bout with cancer. Bobby was in great pain, and Danny tried to heal him with his chi. This went on for many days, until eventually, Danny collapsed into a deep sleep. Bobby woke up in pain, and, being unable to wake Iron Fist, transformed into his Captain Hero form, and beat Danny to death, before disintegrating in agony. As this had followed a very public argument with Cage, he was suspected in the death, and hunted for some time.

Later, Daniel Rand reappeared, seemingly in control of Rand-Meachum, attempting to buy the Savage Land. This brought him into conflict with Namor, the Sub-Mariner, whose company, Oracle, Inc., had interest in the Savage Land as well. Rand attacked Namor as Iron Fist, although it was revealed during the battle that Rand was actually the Super-Skrull impersonating him in order to utilize Rand-Meachum Inc.'s funds. The Super Skrull also revealed that the Iron Fist who had been killed was actually a doppelganger, and that he himself had been Captain Hero.

This spurred Namor, his cousin Namorita and Misty Knight to set off to find the real Daniel Rand, who they discovered had been kidnapped on a visit to K'un L'un and given cancer by a race known as the H'ylthri. They had replaced the real Iron Fist with a plant-matter clone. During his capture, he had managed to cure himself with his chi meditation, and thank to Namor and Doctor Strange, he was freed.

Upon his return to America, Iron Fist discovered that many of Earth's heroes had died at the hands of Onslaught. He attempted to revive the Heroes for Hire team, recruiting Hercules, the Black Knight and others to fight with him and Luke Cage, while being sponsored by Namor and Oracle, Inc. This didn't last long, however, as they rarely collected their fees, and when Namor decided to dissolve Oracle, the team disbanded.

When Matt Murdock was exposed as Daredevil and put in jail, Danny was hired to dress and act as Daredevil to create the illusion that he and Murdock were two separate people. Murdock broke out of prison, and confronted the false Daredevil. When realizing that it was his friend Iron Fist, Murdock asked Danny to remain as Daredevil so he had time to track down the murderer of his friend Foggy Nelson.

Danny, as Daredevil, joined Captain America's Secret Avengers, who were in opposition to the Super-Human Registration Act being enforced by Iron Man. He was later freed by Hulkling, who was impersonating Hank Pym, and he joined the final battle of the Civil War. After the surrender of Captain America, Iron Fist joined Luke Cage in the New Avengers, still opposing the Registration Act. On a mission to Japan to save Echo, who was kidnapped by The Hand, under the leadership of the assassin Elektra, Danny and the rest of the New Avengers discovered Elektra was in actuality a Skrull. The team lost their base of operations when Dr. Strange left the team, which prompted Rand to purchase an apartment for them to work out of.

Recently, Rand was asked by a Chinese company, Wai Go, to produce an electromagnetic train. Danny refused, and the head of the company, Xao, decided to try and buy Rand International so he could get his train. After investigating Wai Go, Danny discovered they were affiliated with HYDRA. He then came into contact with a previous wielder of the Iron Fist, Orson Randall, who had been on the run for many years after accidentally killing another Immortal Weapon and fleeing the City of K'un L'un with the Book of the Iron Fist. Orson had spent much of his life being hunted down by people such as the previous Bride of Nine Spiders and John Aman, The Prince of Orphans, both Immortal Weapons from other mystical cities much like K'un L'un. More recently he has been hunted by Rand's old foe, Davos, the Steel Serpent.

Randall taught Danny more advanced uses of the Iron Fist, and passed along the Book of the Iron Fist, outlining the history of various previous Iron Fists and many secret techniques. Meanwhile, Xao, the head of Wai Go, kidnapped Jeryn Hogarth's (A friend of Danny and the man who ran Rand International) mother, forcing Jeryn to build his electromagnetic trains. Xao is also revealed to be working with Davos to try and kill Orson. Soon after, Randall was killed in a battle with Steel Serpent, and Danny absorbed Orson's Chi by plunging his hands into his predecessor's heart. This greatly increased Danny's power and he was able to equal Davos, who having completed his mission, disappeared. Before he could try to help Jeryn, Danny was summoned to K'un L'un to participate in a Kung Fu tournament.

The Kung Fu tournament occurred every 88 years, and was held to determine which mystical City of Heaven would appear on earth every decade. Each City's Immortal Weapon was required to participate. During the tournament, Danny met his six mystical counterparts, and after losing in the first round of the tournament, he discovered a secret doorway between Earth and K'un L'un that allowed passage without the mystical connection every decade. This machine was created by Orson's father, and Danny was shown it by Orson's illegitimate daughter. After using the machine to escape to Earth, Danny managed to locate Ernst Erskine, Orson's biographer, to learn more about the previous Iron Fist. He also discovered a resistance movement of women warriors, led by Lei Kung and Orson's unnamed daughter, devoted to bringing down the corrupt Yu-Ti. At the same time, Hydra was attempting to breach the mystic barrier and destroy K'un L'un, led by Xao, using a magnetic train that Jeryn had been forced to build for him. In a final battle involving all 7 Immortal Weapons and Lei Kung's army against Xao and HYDRA, Iron Fist was able to destroy the train, defeat Xao, liberate K'un L'un from Nuan's corruption and lead the Immortal Weapons out into Earth to learn about the world.

During the tournament, Danny also discovered that the root of his family's fortune was the Randall fortune, which was rooted in the blood and oppression of all Seven Capital Cities of Heaven. So Danny decided to give all his money away, and turned Rand International into the world's largest and most deeply funded not-for-profit organization. Because of these changes and his mother's kidnapping by HYDRA, Jeryn decided he should move on, despite respecting what Danny was trying to do. Meanwhile, the five Immortal Weapons Danny brought to Earth ( Fat Cobra, Bride of Nine Spiders, Tiger's Beautiful Daughter, Dog Brother #1 and The Prince of Orphans) were investigating Xao's claim of an Eighth City.

Using his fortune, Danny has bought back the old Heroes For Hire building and started up the 'School of Thunder' dojo, a place in Harlem for kids to come and learn Kung Fu, among other things, such eating and tutoring. Danny has also started driving around in a van named "Orson's Race", helping out homeless people. Then one day, while studying the Book of the Iron Fist, Danny notices something. Every single Iron Fist, except Orson, has died at the age of 33. And right after that discovery, Luke, Colleen and Misty enter the room, wishing him a Happy Birthday. A Happy 33rd Birthday.

27. Black Bolt (204 points - 11 first place slots)

blackbolt.jpg"Silence is golden."

"Anyone named Blackagar Boltagon is full of win."

"His power. His design. Everything about this character is incredible."

A boy watches as his parents leave on a craft. His brother beside him goads the boy into speaking. And the moment he does utter his first syllable a sonic wave of destruction emits from him destroying the craft, killing his parents and leaves his brother utterly insane from the experience.

Such is the curse of Blackagar Boltagon, known amongst his fellow Inhumans simply as Black Bolt.

Before Black Bolt was born he was exposed the mysterious Terrigen Mists. These vapors impart incredible powers and often physical changes to those that touch them. The science of the Inhumans determined that the fetus could manipulate electrons and his sonic the potential. His infant and early childhood was spent being raised from within a soundproof room. Once at an age that he could carry through with his vow to never speak he was able to join Inhuman society, which was good as he was born into Inhuman nobility and after the death of his parents he ascended to the Inhuman throne.

This did not sit well with the madness that dwelled within his brother Maximus. In time Maximus usurped the throne and Black Bolt and his close knit Royal Family were forced into exile. Soon after, Medusa, the woman Black Bolt was fond of, disappeared. She had suffered from amnesia and had made her way to New York City where she would battle the Fantastic Four. The battles made new around the world and Black Bolt brought the family rest of the Royal Family with him to New York where they hid themselves in the slums. Gorgon would eventually collect Medusa but not before Johnny Storm, the Human Torch, would meet Crystal and meet her family.

A battle would brew between the Fantastic Four and the Inhumans (who have reason to not trust any humans). During the fight though, a Seeker from the Inhuman's home (Attilan) would capture the Royal Family and return them to their secret city. The FF followed them. Once on the ground, Black Bolt turned the tables and was able to take back his crown from Maximus. Insane and vowing revenge, Maximus created an impenetrable barrier to surround the city. The FF having just earned Black Bolts respect, escaped just in time.

Completely isolated from the outside world, Black Bolt vowed to free the city and in time decided the only way was to use his voice to do so. He prepared the citizenry as best he could and spoke. Large portions of the city were razed but the barrier collapsed. He had freed the Inhumans.

Which wasn't exactly a good thing and the likes of the Hulk, Kang and others would now be able to ‘visit'.

Maximus would attempt numerous coups over the years both failures and successes. During one such success, he displayed his own power of mind control and exiled Black Bolt into the world without his memory hoping Black Bolt would cause untold chaos out among the humans. The plan didn't work and after a battle against Thor, he and the Inhumans became embroiled in the Skrull-Kree War.

Untold thousands of years ago, the alien Kree race had experimented with humanity and created the Inhumans. Deemed a failure the Kree abandoned them. In the present though, Maximus had allied himself with the Kree and it took the might of the Inhuman Royal Family and the Avengers to end Maximus's threat.

Black Bolt back on the throne was a wise and just ruler. With one exception. The Alpha Primitives were a slave like sub race of the Inhumans that were normally docile but again Maximus had devised a plan to destroy Attilan by feeding on the apathy the Inhumans had for the Primitives (something Black Bolt helped foster).

After attacks on Attilan from Ultron, Xemu, Blaastar, Graviton and others, coupled with a humanities worsening air quality, Black Bolt needed to move his city to a safer environment. None could be found until Reed Richards located a spot for them in the Blue area of the Earth's Moon. With great effort, the Inhumans left Earth and successfully relocated. He soon weds makes Medusa his people's Queen.

The two have a child that the Inhuman's Genetic Council announces must be terminated. Medusa and the Royal Family defy this and leave Attilan for a period of time.

A few years later, the Kree return. Ronan, the Kree Accuser, forces the Inhumans to aid them in an attack on their enemy, the Shi'ar. The Kree's plans backfire and Black Bolt turns the tables on them when he defeats Ronan in personal combat.

Quicksilver, Black Bolt's brother in law, in a misguided attempt to recreate mutant powers, steals the crystals that make the Terrigen Mists. In order to get them back, Black Bolt goes into a silent war with the USA. Some Inhumans are captured and tortured during this but eventually Black Bolt gets them back. However, Maximus again attempts to take the crown and after the war, the people are with him (for a while at least).

At some point in time, Black Bolt is captured by the Skrulls. A doppelganger replaces him and is killed in battle with the Hulk. Black Bolt is later rescued. Upon his release he looks at his kingdom and decides the Inhumans have long been victims. He decides to change this and leads his people into space to put the Kree in their place. He again defeats Ronan and by imperial decree proclaims himself the one true ruler of all Kree.

In battle with Vulcan who was ruled by Vulcan, Black Bolt seemingly died in a massive explosion. His future lies with the Fault created from the battle.

26. Invisible Woman (211 points - 6 first place slots)

invisiblewoman.jpg"Susan Richards, the First Lady of the Marvel Universe. We've seen her evolve over the decades from a wallflower to one of the most determined and powerful superhero characters in Marveldom while retaining her femininity and even becoming a mother... even as she watches her husband evolve into a giant dick."

"The heart and soul of the Fantastic Four, which in some ways is the heart and soul of the whole MU. She keeps the team together. She keeps the book grounded."

"Sue's the glue that holds the team together. Without her the team would have broken up long ago. She started off in typical 60's Marvel style as the "damsel in constant distress" but thanks to a lot of great writers she grew into her own. Now she's 2nd in command of the team and nobody is dumb enough to question why. Smart, sexy and an underrated powerhouse she is awesome."

"MILF (and that's the only time I'll ever write that word). The First Lady of the First Family. She might have looked like a damsel in distress on the cover of Fantastic Four #1, but this woman knows how to handle whatever craziness her husband, brother, kids or best friend drag her into."


The first of the FF to appear, and I am honestly shocked its her. I thought before this list would start she would at least come thirst, or even 2nd behind Thing or Johnny but no. How the hell did more people vote for Reed over Sue? Oh wells, thems the breaks I guess.

Sue Storm and her younger brother Johnny had a pretty normal and happy childhood until their mother died in a car accident. Their father, Dr. Franklin Storm who was a famous and talented surgeon, could not save her life. Unfortunately, Franklin was unable to cope with the loss. As a result he became an alcoholic and a gambler. He got into a scuffle with a loan shark and accidentally killed him, and was later charged with murder, sending him to jail. Sue visited him in jail but her father asked her not to visit anymore and to tell Johnny that he was dead. He felt ashamed of his actions and believed he was not worthy of his children.

At this point Sue was forced to become both mother and sister to Johnny, caring for her brother throughout most their childhood, causing Sue to mature far earlier than most children her age. Eventually, the Storm siblings moved in with their aunt who owned a boarding house, and it was there where she would meet the man who would shape her life.

Sue met and fell for Reed Richards ( Mr. Fantastic , a tenant of her aunt's boarding house. Richards was a genius and a brilliant scientist. He was attending Columbia University at the time of his first meeting with the 12 year old girl who would later become his teammate and wife.

Many years passed before Sue and Reed crossed paths again. In an attempt to become an actress the young Susan went to California to pursue acting and met up with Reed once again. Reed was taken by the woman Susan had become and shortly afterward they began dating.

Around the time that they were dating, Reed was trying to accomplish his lifelong dream of building a spaceship which he funded with his own money along with government grants. Tired of waiting for the appropriate moment, the government threatened to cut off funding for the project.

In an attempt to try out the ship which had taken him years to design and build, Reed, his best friend and test pilot Ben Grimm ( Thing , Sue and Johnny took an unauthorized trip and headed to outer space. They had all helped in it's design, so they would be the ones to take it up into space. Unfortunately, the ship did not have adequate shielding and they were all bombarded by cosmic rays. The ship was forced back into earths atmosphere and crashed-landed. The four discovered that the cosmic rays had mutated them and that they had all gained superhuman abilities. They decided to use their powers to fight evil and became the Fantastic Four.

During the start of the FF, Sue was the mother of the team. Reed was busy in his lab, Ben Grimm was depressed over his physical appearance and Johnny acted like a usual teenager---usually irresponsible and reckless. Her powers (mainly turning only herself invisible were useless on the battlefield, but her common sense usually saved the day. Soon after, her powers developed even further and she discovered that she could turn other objects invisible as well. She found that she could also protect other people with her force fields.

Sue eventually married Reed after a brief courtship. Around the time of the courtship, the derelict Prince of Atlantis, Namor, regained his memories after a chance encounter with the Human Torch. Johnny recognized the homeless man as Namor and dropped him into a body of water where Namor regained his memories and remembered who he was. Namor immediately returned to Atlantis and found it destroyed. Believing the surface-dwellers were the cause of Atlantis' destruction he went on a rampage. He stopped only when he saw Susan and marveled at how lovely she was. This created an attraction between the two, which ended up causing Susan to have to make a difficult decision. She had to decide whether to marry Reed or attempt to have a life with Namor. This made her very distraught, but in the end she chose to marry Reed, wanting to be a wife more than a Queen. Even though she had rejected him, Namor has harbored a love and strong attraction for the lovely surface-dweller ever since. Since then Susan has always viewed Namor as a close friend, although she too holds an attraction for him.

Shortly, after marrying Reed, Sue became pregnant with Franklin and took a maternity leave from the team, where Crystal, the then Inhuman girlfriend of the Human Torch, took Sue's place. Sue's pregnancy was riddled with difficulty from the beginning. Due to her exposure to cosmic rays, Sue's body was unable to handle the pregnancy properly which put the lives of both mother and child in danger.

To save both her and her unborn child, the Fantastic Four entered the Negative Zone to obtain the Cosmic Control Rod of Annihilus. After a long and strenuous battle against the ruler of the Negative Zone, the Fantastic Four made it back to earth where they used the Cosmic Control Rod to facilitate Sue giving birth. Sue's and Reed's son was born and was named after Sue's father, who had saved both her life and the teams life on two separate occasions in their superhero career. In Reed's memory, their first child was named Franklin Benjamin Richards.

Franklin also manifested strong powers at an early age. Eventually, Annihilus captured Franklin Richards, at which point Franklin's powers increased greatly. Reed had to restrain Franklin's superhuman powers, fearing that his son's awesome powers might cause mass destruction. Reed shut down Franklin's mind which infuriated Sue. Feeling that Reed didn't view her as his equal, she took Franklin and left him. Sue was on a second hiatus because of this, and Medusa took her place on the team. Sue soon returned after Namor helped the team with a plan to reconcile Reed and Sue. The Atlantean Ruler only wanting Sue's happiness because of his love for her. The plan worked and Sue came back to the team, and back to Reed.

Sue and Reed went to The Negative Zone for a holiday and while there conceived another child. Sue then convinced Reed to move to Connecticut and they both used a second last name, the Benjamin's. Sue's second pregnancy was even more difficult than the first. It was soon discovered that her blood cells were giving off a radiation that was greatly weakening both mother and child. Admitting that he did not know enough about the field so as to save his wife and daughter, Reed sought the help of some of the best minds and doctors in the world, including Morbius and Bruce Banner. When none could help Sue, Reed swallowed his pride and asked for help from Doctor Octopus due to his exceptional research in the field. Alas, it was not meant to be, Sue eventually lost the child causing a great emotional strain on her.

After the whole Onslaught event, the FF returned to their original universe and met Valeria von Doom who was Doctor Doom's daughter from the future, Sue being her mother. Valeria was the key to defeating Abraxas, whom Reed then banished, but this caused a big problem: Valeria returned to present Sue's womb. Everyone then learned that Franklin sent his sister (the second child whom everyone thought Sue had lost at childbirth to "someplace else" in order to save her from the fate that awaited her at birth. Sue once again suffered from an extremely difficult pregnancy, her cells giving off radiation which greatly weakened her.

To make matters worse, Sue went into labor when Anti-alien/Inhuman hysteria was rampant against the Inhumans who had returned to Earth and came to the Baxter Building. The building was infiltrated and she was forced to help protect her friends while also dealing with the immense stress and pain of going into labor. In an effort to his save his sister's life, Johnny Storm sought out the help of the only other super-genius they knew (Reed was being helped captive by the Hidden Ones at this time. , Victor Von Doom, a.k.a. Doctor Doom. After some convincing, Doom agreed to help in exchange for the right to name the child. Sue was reluctant but eventually accepted knowing her and her daughter's life was in danger. Using magic and science Doom helped Sue give birth to a baby girl. Doom named her Valeria, after his first love. In time the team would learn that Doom used Valeria as his magical familiar, and he carried out a devastating attack against the team.

During the encounter, Franklin was kidnapped by demons and Valeria kidnapped by Doom, which was obviously hard on Sue. To add to the injury, Doom captured the team and, using his magic, forced them to live painful versions of their teammates powers. Sue gained Johnny's powers. In time, Reed with the help of Dr. Strange, saved the team and they then saved Valeria and Franklin from Doom's grasp, vanquishing the super villain in the process.

Reed claimed Latveria in hopes of helping the Latverians become more independent, while also uncovering the truth about their former ruler. The people of Latveria eventually warm up to the group, although Sue along with the rest of the team, are a bit unnerved with Reed's actions. Doom returned shortly after however, but was in trouble again. He possessed Sue and Ben Grimm. Reed then killed Grimm hoping to get rid of Doom, while also being complacent to Ben's request. Ben had managed to break through Doom's control long enough to ask Reed to kill him. Afterwards Sue was distraught and left Reed. Reed avoided criminal charges by giving most of his money and inventions away. Reed wanted to make things right and convinced Johnny and Sue to go to the Heaven where Grimm was and resurrected him. As a gift for all the work they had done for humanity, they were blessed with meeting the "One Above All" during that trip into Heaven.

Now the FF had a bad reputation and so went on living normal lives. Reed revealed that he wanted to become a working class citizen to see what if felt like to live a real normal life. Eventually though, they went back to being the Fantastic Four. Johnny took the job of being business manager for FF Inc. so Sue could show him responsibility.

In the Civil War, Reed supported the Superhuman Registration Act, while Sue joined him with reluctance. Sue's views differed from Reeds, but she was willing to stand by her husband while worrying over Johnny, who had been injured in a vicious attack prior to the start of the war. During one of the longer and most meaningful battles in the Civil War, against Captain America's Secret Avengers, Sue as well as the other heroes see a clone of Thor join the battle. This "clone Thor", called Clor by fans, killed Bill Foster and was ready to make quick work of the other heroes.

Susan realizing how deadly and corrupted the Pro-Registration side has become, while also wanting to save her friends, gets in between Clor and the Secret Avengers while Clor performs one of his devastating lightning attacks. Sue quickly creates one of her nearly impenetrable Force-Fields at the last minute and saves the life of Captain America and the other heroes. She tells them all to leave. Reed tries desperately to explain to her that he had nothing to do with Clor, but Sue tells him not to speak and leaves. Shortly afterward, Johnny is released from the hospital and both he and Sue leave to join the Secret Avengers. Before leaving, she left Reed a note to explain her actions and begs him to spend time with his children whom he's neglected since the start of the struggle.

Towards the end of the Civil War, in the ending battle, Sue decides to protect the innocent civilians while the other heroes fight. It was around this time that the Taskmaster noticed Sue (The Pro-registrants had hired the help of criminals to bring in the resistance and was ready to shoot her when Reed intervened and took a bullet for his wife. In anger and disgust, Sue manipulates her field into an offensive weapon and flattens the Taskmaster for harming her husband. Later on, Sue accepts amnesty and helps in the reconstruction of the New York Street where the battle took place. Later on, after receiving a letter from Reed, she returns home.

At this time both Sue and Reed decide to pick up the pieces of their marriage. They take a break from the Fantastic Four. Storm fills in for Sue with her husband King T'Challa aka Black Panther for Reed.


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