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Your Top Marvel Heroes part 77

Written by Chris Mitchell on Tuesday, May 18 2010 and posted in Features
Now that we are in the Top 20, will there me more butthurt? Ask yourself this, should any of these characters have beaten the Hulk? {nomultithumb}

19. The Vision (242 point s - 4 first place slots)

vision.jpg"The old-school, "Even an Android can Cry", husband to Wanda version, not the pale imitation running around in YA now. I've long been a sucker for the "human robot" archetype, and Vizh is a big reason look, great power set, and the core of some great emotional stories and relationships. People always forget that he's one of the probably 4 or 5 most powerful Avengers ever, and that's a credit to just how much his writers have done with his personal drama over the years. While I know Marvel will never go back to the marriage days status quo between he and Wanda, that's still how I'll always think of them, b/c it was truly a great comic's pair."

"Even though the teenager is interesting for the love triangle with Iron Lad, Stature, and teen Vision, I still want the original back...please?"

"Is he back yet? The original one I mean....."

"One of the best power sets of any hero."

"Android who became human on the inside and developed his own personality from the brain patterns of Wonder Man. Great visual and power set. I truly wanted to see an exploration of his romantic life after he and Wanda were no longer a couple."

My favorite Avenger of all time. I think the first quote by the lawyer said it best. I want him back. Like now. No, like last year.

The robot villain Ultron is the creator of the Vision, a type of android he dubs a synthezoid, to use against Ultron's own creator, Dr. Hank Pym. The Avengers believe the Vision's body was created from that of the android original Human Torch (Jim Hammond), while the patterns of his synthetic brain were based on those of the then-deceased Wonder Man. The Avengers would later learn that the time lord Immortus harnessed the power of the Forever Crystal to split the original Human Torch into two separate entities: One body remained the original Torch while Ultron used the other to create the Vision.

Almost immediately, the Vision rebelled against his creator and joins the Avengers. He would later became romantically involved with the Scarlet Witch. The two eventually get married, and later appear to procreate twin children through Scarlet Witch's mutant hex powers.

Rogue US government agents, manipulated by the time traveling Immortus, abduct Vision and dismantle him. The Avengers recover the parts, and Dr. Pym rebuilds him as best as he can. However, the now-revivified Simon Williams disallows for his brain patterns to be used again to provide a matrix for Vision's emotions. Simon explains that the original process, done without his consent, had "ripped out his soul". Although Williams' own love for Wanda leads him to feel guilty, he justifies his actions by claiming Vision was never anything but a copy of him, a claim that a number of other Avengers, including the Wasp, accept. This, along with the damage to the Vision's synthetic skin when he was dismantled, results in the synthezoid's resurrection as a colorless and emotionless artificial human.

Meanwhile, the original Human Torch returns from his own demise, casting doubt onto Vision's identity. The Vision and the Scarlet Witch's children were then apparently revealed not to be their children at all, but rather fragments of the soul of the demon Mephisto, who had been broken apart by Franklin Richards shortly before the birth of the twins. The twins were then absorbed back into Mephisto, which temporarily drove Scarlet Witch to insanity. Although she recovered, she and Vision separated, each operating on a different Avengers team.

The Vision gradually regains his emotions by adopting new brain patterns from deceased scientist Alex Lipton, and also gains a new body that resembles his original. In addition, Simon Williams' brain patterns gradually reemerge and combine with Lipton's patterns, fully restoring the Vision's capacity for full emotion.

While recovering from a crippling injury, the Vision gives up his attempt to reconcile with his wife, Wanda. Remaining a member of the Avengers, he shortly becomes romantically involved with teammates Ms. Marvel and Mantis before attempting once again to reconcile with the Scarlet Witch. However, grief over the loss of the twins again drives her insane. She attempts to rewrite reality in order to recreate them, causing a series of catastrophic events that includes the Vision crashing an Avengers Quinjet into Avengers Mansion. Appearing out of the rubble, the Vision apologizes to his stunned teammates, telling them he can no longer control his body; he then melts and expels several spheres that form into five Ultrons. The Avengers destroy them, and an enraged She-Hulk rips apart the remains of Vision. The Avengers later believed that Ultron may have put a command in the Vision that would have been activated by the Avengers' Code White alert. It is still unknown whether Wanda's magic or Ultron's command was responsible. Yet, if Clint Barton lived through her reality altering powers then maybe, Vision, Scott Lang, Agatha Harkness, and Jack-of-Hearts did too.

18. Mr. Fantastic (244 points - 3 first place slots)

mrfantastic.jpg"I love the super genius types and no one's a bigger brain than Reed. He's kind of an asshole about it sometimes."

"Smartest man alive and leader of the First Family of Marvel Comics. Read Fantastic Four Vol. 3 #60 by Mark Waid and Mike Wieringo if you doubt his greatness."

"Probably the best super smart scientist in the Marvel Universe, rivaled only by his arch nemesis Dr. Doom. While his powers are silly, they're second to his brilliant mind, his leadership and his dedication to his family."

"The most brilliant man in a universe surrounded by brilliant men and women. Even if he didn't have powers he'd still have saved mankind a hundred times over."

My least favorite of the Four. Sue should've beat him.

Reed Richards was born in Central City, California and the son of Nathaniel and Evelyn Richards. Reed's father was a brilliant scientific genius and Reed appears to have inherited that trait. Reed excelled in mathematics, physics, and mechanics and was enrolled in college by the age of 14. He went to multiple colleges including Massachusetts Institute of Technology, California Institute of Technology, Harvard University, Columbia University, and Empire State University. While attending EMU he met and became a roommate of Ben Grimm, the future Thing. They became great friends and Reed shares his dream of building a spaceship himself.

After EMU, Reed continued to go to school at Columbia University, and he rented an apartment from a woman whose niece was Sue Storm, the future Invisible Woman. Sue quickly fell in love with Reed. Also while attending Columbia University, Reed met Victor Von Doom, who would later be known as Doctor Doom. Doom loved that Reed could rival his intellect. Eventually Doom became jealous of Reed and began conducting reckless experiments that scarred his face.

Next up was Harvard, which is where Reed earned his PhD. in both physics and electrical engineering, at the young age of 22. After he was done with school he used his inheritance and government funding to finance his project. He began building his spaceship in Central City. Sue Storm would move to this same area and eventually found herself dating Reed again. Reed would ask Ben to pilot the ship for him. The government denied the flight into space so Reed, Sue, Ben, and Johnny decided to sneak onto the ship and they took the ship into outer space. Reed miscalculated and forgot the abnormality of the radiation from the cosmic radiation. The rays destroyed the ship and the crash-landed back on earth. Reed finds out he can stretch his body like elastic at will. Reed adopts the name Mr. Fantastic and convinces the 4 of them to use their powers for good.

Reed went on to create much of the equipment for the Fantastic Four. This equipment includes clothing that was made of unstable molecules, allowing the Four to use their powers without destroying the clothing and the Fantasticar. Reed was also determined to find a cure for Ben because he felt all the blame fell on him for causing Ben to become The Thing.

Eventually the Fantastic Four would become some of the Earth's greatest heroes saving the world countless times. They would battle their greatest enemy, Doctor Doom, many times as Doom blames Reed for causing his facial scars and turning him into Doctor Doom in the first place.

After a long time Reed and Sue finally married and had a son, Franklin Richards. Franklin was born with powers that were unimaginable, leading to him being considered one of the strongest beings ever. When Reed decided to shut down Franklin's mind so he could not use his powers to destroy the universe, Sue became enraged. She even filed for divorce, but they would reconcile soon afterward.

Reed was then placed on trial by an intergalactic court of the survivors of the planet devourer Galactus. They accused Reed of sparing Galactus' life, a criminal act in their minds. After an extensive trial, Reed was acquitted at the last moment by Eternity, who testified that Galactus is an essential part of the cosmos.

During the crisis with Onslaught, Onslaught wanted to take Franklin Richard's powers and add them to his own. The Fantastic Four and many Marvel heroes sacrificed themselves to defeat Onslaught. They all thought universe was destroyed until Franklin Richards pulled out the pocket universe he had created. Reed and the others lived their lives on a Counter Earth, unaware of their original pasts. Soon after, all reality was restored, but the Fantastic Four had lost their home. Reed would later become a member of the Illuminati and would not tell Sue about it.

When an alien known as Zius developed a cloaking device to save worlds from the hunger of Galactus, he set his sights on Sue, the only one who could penetrate the device. In order to protect her, Reed built a device to swap the power of Sue and Johnny. Johnny was taken by Galactus to see through these shields, and with the help of Quasar, was able to be rescued. When Reed activated the device to switch the powers back, the remaining Power Cosmic in Johnny overloaded it, and all four members lost their powers.

Their powers went across the city, temporarily inhabiting the bodies of civilians. The cosmic rays which gave them their power transformed them to be able to contain their powers, so anyone else who got them could not have them long. Reed developed gloves that would bring their powers back to them. He attempted to trick Ben by giving him a fake glove. Reed planned to take the powers of the Thing for himself, and cure Ben once and for all, believing the accident to have been his fault. Ben saw through this and fought with Reed long enough to take back his own power and burden.

Reed worked with Iron Man on the pro-registration side and was one of the higher ranking individuals. The choices he made during Civil War would cause a rift between him and Sue, especially the incident when he unleashed his clone Thor, killing Goliath. Sue and Johnny would leave Reed and join Captain America's group, the Secret Avengers. It was later revealed that one of the reasons Reed sided with the Super-Human Registration Act was because of his uncle. His uncle had picked a fight against the American Government and was imprisoned, ruining his career, reputation and ability to find work. He believed his Uncle was wrong for picking a fight that he could not win, which is similar to Reed not going against the Registration Act because it is impossible to win.

The other reason Richards joined the act was related to a mathematical equation he had been working on. In that equation he used theories to surmise that at the current path humanity was heading in, it would be a matter of time before they all destroyed themselves. He hid the knowledge from his family, and it wasn't until Johnny decided to visit with his brother in law in secret, that this information came to light. He enlisted the help of the Mad Thinker to check his work. The Mad Thinker theorized that the plan was flawed because he didn't include a person's decision, hence an improbable variable. The Mad Thinker's theory was proven when Sue made herself known. She had been there the whole time, and finally knew why Reed wanted the Registration Act to exist. Angry, she stormed off leaving Reed with the Mad Thinker.

After Civil War, Reed wrote a letter to Sue asking her to come back, and after receiving it, Sue returned to the Baxter building. In an effort to reconcile and fix the emotional strain their marriage had endured during the Civil War they decided to take a leave of absence. In their place, Storm and the Black Panther would take over.

He took Sue to one of the moons of Saturn to try and rekindle their love, as well as give her their first true honeymoon, since they never had one. While there Reed discovered a strange object and teleported back to Earth in order to gain information on it. Unbeknownst to him, the Frightful Four commandeered the ship with Sue still within and kidnapped her. They're only goal was to destroy the Fantastic Four.

As part of the Illuminati, Reed helped make the decision to send the Hulk into space forever. This plan backfired. Hulk became stronger than ever and returned to Earth to get his vengeance on Reed and the Illuminati.

With the help of Sue Storm and the new Fantastic Four, tried to stop the Hulk by creating a hologram of the Sentry to calm the Hulk down. The plan failed and led to the Fantastic Four's defeat and Reed's capture. When the Hulk built the Gladiatorial Stadium in New York, Reed was forced to fight Tony Stark to the death.

Prior to the events of the Secret Invasion, the Illuminati conveyed a meeting to investigate the corpse of a Skrull impersonating Elektra. It wasn't until Black Bolt voiced his opinion that things weren't looking good for them. Black Bolt then turned into a Skrull and attacked the Illuminati to retrieve the dead Skrull. After it was killed by Namor, the Illuminati separated, perhaps for the last time, because any one of them could also be a Skrull and therefore they could trust no one from now on. In his laboratory, Reed and Hank Pym were doing an autopsy together on the dead Skrull to find out why the Skrulls had become undetectable. When Reed finally found out, Hank shot him from behind and revealed himself to be a Skrull.

He was later being torture in a Skrull ship in orbit, and was later rescued by S.W.O.R.D agent Brand, who later used the information to find out a way to discovered who was a Skrull and who was not. He and agent Brand travel to Savage Land, where Richards fires an odd weapon, who reveals who were Skrulls among the heroes there.

During the Secret Invasion it is revealed that a clone of Reed Richards is possibly the reason the Skrulls know how go undetected. Reed is first shown in a room meeting with the other members of the Illuminati. The members are discussing there escape from a Skrull ship, as well as if they could be hiding undetected. Once they find their powers seem to be failing, tempers begin to flair and it is revealed that the Charles Xavier in the room is a Super-Skrull and the rest of the illuminati are just clones. The clone of Reed Richards is viewed by one of the Skrull scientists, by the name of Dro'ge, as having the key in his mind for what they wish to acquire. A second clone is subjected to physical and mental torture, which fails. A third clone is then placed into a recreation of his bedroom. The Skrulls then manipulate this Reed by looking like his loved ones, and manage to get him to write down some kind of equation that is hinted at being the answer to how they remain undetected.

I could go one, but that would make me talk about Millar's run on the title and I just really do not want too.

17. Nightcrawler (247 points - 5 first place slots)

nightcrawler.jpg"This fuzzy blue elf is one of the most fascinating characters in the Marvel Universe. Whereas most mutants develop powers at puberty, Kurt Wagner was born with blue skin, a tail and a demonic appearance. Instead of being tortured and an outcast, he embraced his odd situation and became the Nightcrawler, circus star. Another great aspect of Kurt is his faith. While few characters are open about their faith, Kurt has maintained a balance of confidence and understanding in his spirituality (whereas most characters in his situation would shun their faith). And most important of all, Kurt has fun. Kurt provides an outlet for fun in the many adventures of the X-Men."

"I loved his look and powers from the very start, this dark elf that could chase Spidey up a wall. The later embellishments of being religious was terrific as it gave a very different flavor. His friendship with Wolverine was great in showing what a charming friendly guy he is. Hard not to like him."

"Pretty much, of all the MU, he is the one that I find myself so identifiable to. He's me (and at times the "me" I stride to be more like). Between his appearance and power set, there are so many cool images that can be done for him. He is the morality (and used to be the humor) for the X-Men which in itself is a full time job. In his time with the X-Men he as been a mechanic, pilot, leader, comedy relief, heart/soul, and the playboy. His even temper and positive outlook makes him a believable hero and not your cheesy cookie-cutter hero (that sports a cape or shield)."

"The heart and soul of the X-Men during its best days. He's a great, fun, swashbuckling character that is the perfect mix of mirth, tragedy and responsibility."

"My favorite X-Man. A swashbuckling, fun-loving, religious, acrobat, stuck in the body that looks like a demon. One of the best team leaders in the Marvel U. I'd love to see him have a stint on the Avengers."

A mutant who embraces the fact he is different. I wanted him in the Top 10, and I am pissed he isn't.

Now I know how rdrs feels when it comes to Hulk.

Damn you. DAMN YOU, ALL!!

Kurt Wagner is the product of a love affair between two mutants, both with origins that have never fully been explained. His mother was the terrorist Mystique, at the time wife of Baron Christian Wagner, who was for a long time believed to be the father of Nightcrawler. His father is the Neyaphem warlord, Azazel, who had a great master plan to impregnate earth women with his children so he could escape the brimstone dimension.

When Nightcrawler was born, the townsfolk were horrified by Mystiques son's demonic appearance and so she threw him into a river, shape-shifted into another form and then claimed that she had killed the son and the mother. Azazel however would not allow his son to die and so he saved him and gave him to one of his other lovers, and servant, Margali Szardos to raise. Margali however tells a different tale to hide the truth, she says that he was discovered by her when she was walking by his house. She discovered his father, Eric Wagner, had died of a heart attack outside and found his mother lying next to him dead.

Margali took him in and raised him along with her real children Stefan and Jimaine (later known as Amanda Sefton) at the Bavarian circus where she worked as a fortuneteller to hide the truth about her sorcery. Kurt had amazing agility and soon his mutant abilities would manifest. Because of these gifts he did acrobat shows for the circus audience, people assumed it was a man in a costume.

When a millionaire circus owner from Texas approached them to try and get them to join his circus, he planned to move the circus to America and demanded that Kurt be in the freak show. Kurt was appalled at this and so he quit the circus and headed to Winzeldorf, Germany. He arrives there to find that his brother Stefan went insane and had been murdering children and so he battles him, hoping to stop the atrocity. Kurt accidentally kills Stefan by breaking his neck (as children Stefan had made Kurt swear to kill him if ever he took an innocent life) and the villagers thought Kurt was the demon that killed the children.

Professor X comes in time to save Kurt from being killed and offered him to join the X-Men. He tried to tell Margali about her son but she was not at the circus at the time. Kurt becomes a valued member of the X-Men and has gone on many missions since he joined. Professor X originally gave Nightcrawler an image inducer to hide his appearance in public, but after being accused of being ashamed of his appearance by Wolverine, Nightcrawler threw the image inducer away. During the period when he still used the image inducer, Nightcrawler met an air-stewardess, Amanda Sefton, and often double-dated her and her friend Betsy along with Colossus.

When fighting Juggernaut and Black Tom Cassidy in Ireland, Nightcrawler was knocked into some shadows by Juggernaut. When he was woken up by the leprechauns that lived in the castle, Nightcrawler found out that his body turned invisible when he was in deep shadows (his eyes, however, did not turn invisible).

Months later, shortly after the Dark Phoenix Saga, Nightcrawler received a crystal figurine of himself on his twenty-first birthday. When he touched it, it exploded into black smoke, and Nightcrawler appeared to be dead. However, his soul had merely been spirited away to a pocket dimension, within which was a replica of Dante's Hell. In the ninth circle of punishment, Nightcrawler met with Margali Szardos, who he convinced that he had not purposely killed her son. Jimaine then revealed herself to have been the person who had sent Kurt the crystal statue, so that he could make amends with his foster mother. Jimaine also was revealed to be Amanda Sefton, who had begun dating Kurt so that she could find out whether he hated Stefan and killed him for it. Relieved to know this, Nightcrawler started dating Amanda regularly, more than he had been before.

When Kitty Pryde joined the X-Men, she was originally put off by Nightcrawler's appearance and avoided talking to him. However, after an encounter with the Morlock Caliban, Kitty realized how childish she was being and what the result would be if she treated Nightcrawler differently from the rest of the X-Men because of his appearance.

Nightcrawler and his fellow X-Men were forced to rush to Washington at one point because of an assassination attempt on Senator Robert Kelly's life, which if executed would set in motion the Days of Future Past storyline. During the fight with the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants, Nightcrawler met Mystique, and was shocked at how similar their appearances were. When he questioned Mystique, she merely told him to ask his foster mother, Margali Szardos. Before Nightcrawler could question Mystique further, she disappeared. Nightcrawler wouldn't find out the mystery connecting Mystique and him for many years.

When fighting Dracula, the extent of Nightcrawler's religious faith became apparent when he used two stakes to fend off Dracula. Wolverine had previously tried this, but upon hearing Dracula taunt Wolverine and say that it would only work for those who believed, Nightcrawler used this knowledge to his advantage.

Years later, the X-Men were fighting Nimrod, the supreme Sentinel. Nightcrawler decided to try injuring Nimrod by teleporting part of it away with him. Unfortunately, this trick had been tried on Nimrod before, so Nimrod simply fired an energy signature disruption at Nightcrawler, causing Kurt to disintegrate. No one even knew if he had survived.

Nightcrawler had survived, and had teleported to the New York harbors. While there, he was almost killed by a mob, as his teleportation powers had been damaged, and he could now only teleport a few times a day without seriously straining himself.

Due to his teleporting "disability", Nightcrawler was easily beaten by Riptide during the Mutant Massacre, despite a warning from Wolverine. As a result he wound up mortally wounded and left in a coma on Muir Island for several weeks. When he finally awoke, the X-Men were thought to be dead. Kurt then stayed at Muir Island to recuperate for the following few weeks.

He also worked out the new limits of his powers: that he could only teleport once a day or else he risked seriously injuring himself. Around this time, Nightcrawler joined the team Excalibur, fighting alongside Shadowcat, Captain Britain, Meggan, Lockheed and Rachel Summers.

Nightcrawler is given an assignment by Storm to investigate a mysterious murder of 13 children at Metro-General Hospital. The problem was all the kids were killed in a locked room. Nightcrawler meets the only survivor who doesn't want to talk to Kurt because of his demonic looks. Kurt then finds burnt hooves marks on the roof of the hospital. Kurt follows the marks roof to roof until they stop at a high rise. There is a party going on and the one throwing it is Dr. Childs. But the spying is cut short by yelling in the streets. Another doctor says Dr. Childs is the one who killed the kids. He can't say anything else cause he spontaneously burst into flames.

Kurt jumps from a building and then teleports the man into the lake. To Kurt's surprise he is still burning and now Kurt is burning. The man pushes Kurt away and burns. Kurt calls Storm and tells her what happened. She asks him was it meta or mystical, and tells him he should contact Stephan Strange if it is mystical. Kurt goes to Limbo to talk to Amanda Sefton. She tells him that the boy who survived could be a magician and not know it. He tied knots into a string and doesn't know why. Kurt goes back with his image inducer and talks to the kid. The kid tells Kurt he started feeling hot and sick and then he started tying knots into his string and it went away. He then says Dr. Childs came in and asked him questions. The Dr. Childs came in and told Kurt the interview was over. Kurt yells back and says your not the legal guardian. But Dr. Childs shows a woman and says this is his legal guardian. The boy says no its not. Kurt walks away with the woman's hands on the boy. He turns around to see a demon holding the boy.

Kurt talks to the boy again to be interrupted by the nurse who tells him that Dr. Childs was being attacked by the boy's legal guardian. Kurt teleports down and Dr. Childs screams that he can't cross the circle. Kurt teleports and grabs the woman and teleports her into a church. Here a gas comes out of her and she faints. They go to limbo and figure out she was possessed by thirteen demons. She says how she was in a shelter and Dr. Childs came and got her out. But the demons inside her wanted out and they attacked Dr. Childs, that's when he put them in a circle to hold them inside her. They figure out that the boy has been keeping the fourteenth demon inside himself. Dr. Childs visit the boy and tells him their going somewhere private where they can continue his treatments.

Kurt goes back to the hospital to get Seth. But Dr. Childs already took Seth. Dr. Childs and the boy goes in a room filled with 13 demons in a circle. Dr. Childs goes up to one of the people and says reveal yourself, it was Kurt using his image inducer. Dr. Child's cuts the rope Seth used to keep the demon inside himself, he starts to fell hot and something is coming out of his chest. Kitty comes in and makes the boy intangible and the demon comes smoothly out. The demon kills the people at the party and Amanda comes in and sends the demons back to hell.

Nightcrawler, Storm, Wolverine and the Nurse who Kurt meets in the Hospital and who he goes out with. They are in the subway when a train goes straight by to fast. Kurt teleports them on the train while the Nurse jumps on Kurt. She checks the conductor to see whets wrong. Wolverine makes sure the passengers sit down. Storm short circuits the wires. Kurt then sees a person out on the railroads. He teleports there and the man tries to kill him with a mining tool only to have him pass right by Kurt and disappear. Storm and Logan leaves the city with Kurt with his girlfriend. The city wants to talk with someone who have been at the incident. The mayor tells him bout the disturbances and asks him to go in the subway and check it out. Nightcrawler is then in the middle of a group of ghosts.

Kurt touches one of the ghost and sees the whole history of the ghost. He see him working in the mines where that subway is. The ghost attacked Kurt so he fought back. Kurt then stopped asking the ghost do they need help. The lead him to a tool that was left there by someone. He takes it to Beast with no results. Then he takes it to Amanda who tells him how old it is. Kurt goes to the mayor's speech and have him pat tribute to the workers who died in the mines, the ghosts are there and start vanishing.

Kurt is having dreams about his life and his history. He travels with his girlfriend and Logan to his circus. It's still there but it is engulfed by flames. Amanda's mom comes to limbo to see her tied up and bruised by a demon. Kurt comes to the circus and helps everyone. He remembers someone who is there a person who drugged him and put him in a cage. Amanda's mom then captures the demon and asks him questions of why is he here. Nightcrawler looks outside and sees three demons and a big group of zombies. Nightcrawler and Logan fights the demons and zombies. just in time Amanda comes in and destroys all the demons and zombies. The man who drugged Kurt coughs up a group of flies and they possess Logan. Kurt and Logan fights until the demon comes out of Logan and Kurt kills him.

Kurt becomes extremely happy with his new home and family the X-Men. Eventually he would battle Margali who blamed him for her son's death. She cursed him into a pocket dimension and kept him trapped there. The X-Men along with Doctor Strange helped free Kurt and he explains to Margali about what really happened with her son, they reconcile right after. Kurt began to have self-doubt in himself when the Beyonder left him behind during one of the X-Men's missions. He spent days thinking about why the Beyonder left him, he eventually saves a girl from Arcade and in the process regains his confidence.

Eventually he and Kitty Pryde left the X-Men and went to the United Kingdom. After working together so well they decided to create Excalibur. They stay in the UK and goes on adventures with the Excalibur for a while. Kitty and Kurt were working in the UK because the X-Men supposedly died in a battle, and the two became angry at them for not telling them it was fake.

While with Excalibur Nightcrawler had deep feelings for Meggan. Nightcrawler looked out for Meggan and did not like the way Brian was treating her. He normally made smart remarks and tried to comfort Meggan with no result. Here Nightcrawler had a hard time teleporting where it would hurt him to do it.

They eventually returned to the X-Men when Excalibur disbanded. Later Kurt wanted to become a priest and became co-leader with Angel. He never achieves priesthood but soon discovers who his real parents, one of which is Mystique. His father turns out to be Azazel, the leader of an all mutant crew that resemble demons, called Neyaphem. Azazel has had many children with many different women but never stayed or cared for them. When Nightcrawler learns that he was his father he not only flat out rejects him, but also helped defeat him.

Kurt becomes a leader of the Uncanny team for a period of time leading Wolverine, Psylocke, Marvel Girl, Cannonball, and Bishop. After a few missions with the Uncanny team, Kurt helps Storm liberate a part of Africa that was under oppression by Storm's uncle. When Professor re-emerge after M-Day and had lost his powers, he reveals to the team about Vulcan. Xavier then takes a team of X-Men, including Kurt, to go into space and after Vulcan.

Kurt was one of the X-Men that returned home from space, along with a newly re-powered Xavier, Warpath, Darwin and the new member Hepzibah. Unlike the others, during the Extremists arc, Nightcrawler followed Xavier and attempted to help him on his adventure to find Magneto.

During the Messiah Complex, Nightcrawler took out Exodus when the X-Men first attacked the Marauders, by teleporting him outside and slamming his face into the snowy floor. He was then gravely injured by Scalphunter, who shot him. Nightcrawler was out of action until New X-Men #46, where he teleported all the injured out of the Med Lab, but was then teleported with the others to Muir Island, and took part in the final battle.

After the X-Men were "disbanded", Nightcrawler, Colossus and Wolverine go to Europe. While there, Wolverine messes with Nightcrawler's image inducer, making him appear as if he's Angelina Jolie. After a visit to Russia, and the three are traveling back through Europe by train. Suddenly they're ambushed by Red Room robots. Wolverine begins to fight, and Nightcrawler teleports Colossus outside. Nightcrawler is then shot by one of the robots and begins to fall. Wolverine then jumps to catch him, and puts himself underneath Nightcrawler, so when they hit land he'll take most of the force. Wolverine is in a room connected to a machine that will shock him whenever the person feels like to. Until Rasputin tells him what the man wants. Rasputin says no. The man then brings in Nightcrawler, who has a neck holder that will shock him if he tries to teleport. He does teleports right on top of Wolverine, who is then cut loose by the electricity that shocked Kurt.

n Second Coming when Hope and Cable return to the present, Cyclops dispatches a team to retrieve them and return them to safety. Nightcrawler is part of this and on the way, the group runs into enemy forces whom they end up neutralizing. Before any real interrogation starts, X-23 brutally executes one of the soldiers, causing the secret of X-Force to be revealed. Kurt threatens to quit in disgust but Colossus convinces him otherwise, and he reluctantly stays.

Later on during the confrontation between Bastion and a multi-powered Rogue, Bastion ends up gravely injuring Rogue and moves in to kill Hope Summers when Nightcrawler teleports in between them and is subsequently impaled on Bastion's arm. Praying to God for "One last jump," Nightcrawler successfully teleports to Utopia with Hope and tells her that he believes in her, before passing away. He died like a true hero.


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