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Your Top Marvel Heroes OPC part 1

Written by Chris Mitchell on Wednesday, May 19 2010 and posted in Features
Welcome to the OPC ladies and gentleman. {nomultithumb}

What is the OPC you ask? Well, it's the One Point Club, a special club reserved for those who received only one point in all the lists received. That means they were in the 10th place slot on only one list. Some make a game out of it, some are here by fluke. Hawkeye was here once, and that was on a JLA list. And the fucker who did it didn't even know I hated Hawkeye. People found it amusing, I took there names down.

Also, once again I like to say that if a character you voted for in last place or in another position didn't appear on the list, please call it an honest mistake. I get a shitload of lists sent to me, and one or two may slip thru the cracks. And if that is the case, I am truly truly sorry. I try to keep all the lists sorted, but I am only human (and Canadian at that) so I am bound to make mistakes.

So, without further adieu lets get this started...


I kinda like this guy. Sue me.

Take it away Amoebas.

Marvel Comics declared that Sleepwalker was "Sandman done right". Yeah, riiiiiiiiiight.

'Cause they're waiting for me.
They're looking for me.
Every single night they're driving me insane.
Those men inside my brain.

The dream police, they live inside of my head.
The dream police, they come to me in my bed.
The dream police, they're coming to arrest me, oh no.

For Rick Sheriden this wasn't just a song - it was real the night the Sleepwalker entered his dreams looking for bad guys. An accident however left the Sleepwalker in Rick's head during the day and when Rick slept, the Sleepwalker would take his place.

Sleepwalker battled many a fantastic villain and teamed up from time to with the likes of Spider-Man, the Thing and the Avengers.

Sleepwalker was last seen as a Pro-Registration hero (trying to restore his image when he was pwned by Cobweb).

Sleepwalker was canceled after two years. Sandman is in it's 474th edition

Fat Cobra

fatcobra.jpgThe man who would become Fat Cobra was born on Peng Lai Island and had a very hard life despite being born in one of the seven capital cities of Heaven. His mother died during childbirth and his father, a pig farmer, couldn't possibly take care of such an immense baby, he needed eight women to nurse him every day. When he was only three months old he was left at the orphanage and his father disappeared but the orphanage also had trouble meeting the child's needs. When he was 2 years old it was decided that the child would be banished from Peng Lai Island and he was placed in a basket and set adrift from the Island.

As a boy he was taken in by a Peking Opera school where he received training in singing, dance, acrobatics and his first exposure to martial arts. As the most promising young opera singer in all of China he saw the world, slept with many beautiful women, drank beer halls dry and in 1924 first killed a man during a drunken argument. His career as an opera singer was finished but his hunger for violence had just begun. Under different assumed names he fought for both sides in during the Chinese Civil War with a natural skill in tactics and warfare both sides wishing to make him a general. Instead he bought his way back into Peng Lai and Iron-Crutch Khan's school of Kung Fu.

Iron-Crutch Khan was harder on him than the other students and refused to believe that the so called 'Fat Cobra' could possibly beat the serpent Xiang Yao and become the Cobra warrior. He did face the serpent but lost terribly washing up on the Chinese mainland beaten to a pulp, partially eaten, barely alive and exiled from Peng Lai Island again. In the 1930's Fat Cobra became the sidekick of renowned monster hunter Ulysses Bloodstone and then worked with Union Jack to battle Nazi's. Though he was invited to join the Kid Commandos alongside Bucky and Toro he chose to sit out the rest of the war. Finding his way to Hollywood he appeared in several films, played defensive end for the Giants before joining an underground fighting circuit.

After this his life became even weirder, he beat Volstagg and Hercules in an eating contest in Olympus, introduced Elvis to Kung Fu and fighting alongside Nick Fury against Russian werewolves on the moon. After all this combat experience he attempted to defeat Xiang Yao again but was ripped in half by the serpent and slowly recovered in a SHIELD medical facility where his legs and vertebrae slowly regenerated. Over the years the children he had produced from his numerous sexual conquests began searching him out to kill him for abandoning their mothers but he managed to kill them all. Every single child who came for him whether alone of in groups he defeated and in killing them became warrior enough to defeat Xiang Yao and become the Immortal Weapon of Peng Lai.

Most of these events are buried deep in his mind with little or no recollection of them, partially because of guilt, partially his many years fighting and partially because of the vast amounts of intoxicants he's consumed.

Corsair corsair.jpg

Corsair start as a test pilot for the National Aeronautical Space Administration, United States Air Force Major Christopher Summers was flying himself his wife Katherine Anne and their two young sons Scott and Alex in their private plane a rebuilt DeHaviland Mosquito down the Western American coast from Alaska when their plane was attacked by a starship from the alien Shi'ar Empire on an exploratory mission to Earth.

The Shi'ar pursued Summers' craft to prevent Summers from making their presence on Earth known to the general public. The Shi'ar craft fired on Summers' plane which was made of wood causing it to burst into flame. Unable to find more than one usable parachute in time Katherine Anne put it on her eldest son Scott, told him to hold onto Alex and pushed them both out the plane door hoping to save them both. Scott and Alex thus escaped the Shi'ar.

Christopher and his wife were teleported aboard the Shi'ar starship and taken to the Shi'ar Imperial Throneworld of Chandilar. There Christopher was separated from his wife and imprisoned. He soon broke free and discovered the mad Shi'ar Emperor D'Ken attempting to rape Katherine Anne. D'Ken responded to the interruption by murdering Summers' wife before his eyes, and then ordered Summers to be sent to the Slave Pits of Alsibar where criminals and political prisoners were incarcerated. Unknown to Christopher his wife had been pregnant with their third son, whom D'Ken would have taken from her womb and raised as a slave.

Christopher was taken to the Spice Mines to begin his sentence, while there he used his military training to stay disciplined and focused. Watching the guards and studying them, gathering knowledge he would use for his eventual escape. Chris took advantage of the discipline of another inmate, Hepzibah, to take out a few of the guards and attempt his escape. He was aided by two other inmates, Ch'od and Raza, and together they escaped in a stolen vessel, christened the Starjammer.

Taking the name for themselves, Christopher and his new allies decided to strike back against the empire that had abused and taken advantage of them. Taking advantage of his military training, and modeling himself after the pirate tales he had enjoyed in his youth, Christopher led the newly formed Starjammers on pirate runs against the Shi'ar Empire, causing numerous problems. Now Corsair, he led the Starjammers for a number of years becoming renowned criminals throughout the Shi'ar space.

Corsair was eventually reunited with his son Cyclops when the X-Men ventured into space to repair the M'Kraan Crystal when D'Ken attempted to use it.

He was eventually killed by his third son when he tried to talk him out of a violent path.


micromax.jpgShortly after discovering his mutant powers, Radio 1 D.J. Scott Wright was recruited by U.K. national security agency F.I.6, who codenamed him Micromax. After the agency's Esper Division sensed a sinister presence behind druidic artifact thefts, Micromax was assigned stakeout duty within the premises where robberies were predicted. When Excalibur's Phoenix (Rachel Summers) stumbled into one of the stakeouts, Micromax assumed she was the robber, missing the real thief, an invisible minion of the mage Necrom, whom Phoenix was battling. His interference allowed the real culprit to escape.

During a subsequent stake-out, Micromax clashed with Phoenix's teammate Nightcrawler and his Technet allies, who were assisting Dai Thomas' Inter-Regional Police Taskforce. Four days later, on a Birmingham stake-out, Micromax was knocked out by the robber, whom Nightcrawler's team finally apprehended. When F.I.6's Espers pinpointed the artifact thief's controller, Micromax was disheartened to learn he was being held in reserve while others made the arrest; however, the target, Necrom, easily slaughtered the agents present. Micromax tried to save his superior, Brigadier Blott, but Necrom held him with a force field while the mage absorbed Blott's life-force. When Necrom attempted to drain Wright too, Micromax rapidly shrank, passing out from the strain. Mistakenly believing Micromax dead, Necrom departed. Awakening, Micromax learned Necrom was moving to attack Excalibur, and then aided the team and their allies in defeating the villain.

Later representing the U.K. at the first Pan-European Conference on Super Human Affairs, Micromax was hypnotized by the Nazi Brain Drain to slay the British Prime Minister, but was stopped by Alpha Flight's Aurora before he could do so. Meanwhile, F.I.6 was dissolved, it surviving members absorbed into rival agency R.C.X.; Micromax turned them down, preferring to concentrate on his show business career. Not accepting his refusal, R.C.X. kidnapped Micromax, placing him in stasis alongside similarly kidnapped Excalibur members. Freed by Nightcrawler, he assisted Excalibur in forcing a change of R.C.X.'s leaders. Soon after, Micromax joined Excalibur, accompanying them into Shi'ar space to rescue their teammate Cerise. His membership was brief; offered a Security Chief post by the Brand Corporation, Micromax moved to New Jersey. After Brand fired him, he attended the Otherworld wedding of Brain Braddock (Captain Britain) and Meggan. During the invasion and subsequent occupation of Earth by the interchronal conqueror Kang and his forces, Wright defended the planet against the invaders in Europe, alongside the Avengers and other superhuman. Wright has amply demonstrated his willingness to comply with authorities and his dedication to serve humanity's best interests and was recently recruited into Bishop's squad hunting renegade mutants.


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