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Your Top Marvel Heroes OPC part 2

Written by Chris Mitchell on Wednesday, May 19 2010 and posted in Features

More one pointers...


Ultimate Thor

Thor in the Ultimate universe is a member of the Ultimates. A dedicated anti-Military-Industrial-Complex guy, most people don't believe he is a god and just think he's a bit nutty. They find out otherwise when the armies of Asgard come to Earth to fight Loki. Thor was sent to Midgard by his father, Odin in hopes that he can save them from forces unknown.

In the course of his adventures, Thor is seen to swing from environmentalist, to insane delusional hero, to being a true god, complete with the return on his 616-canonical thees and thous. He fights and defeats alien invasions, soviet incursions, betrayal, his brother Loki, and even mutant terrorists. In the end, he is defeated by his own love of Valkyrie, a human he empowered with the might of the Asgardian gods. During the events of the Ultimatum story arc, he rescues her from the clutches of Hela, but only by taking her place in the land of the dead. Soon after Hela offered Thor a chance at escape: He can leave if he gives her a son.


deathcry.jpgThe Shi'ar Majestrix Lilandra Neramani dispatched the mysterious young warrior woman to protect the Avengers, which were targeted by the Kree Admiral Galen-Kor and his highly acclaimed Lunatik Legion. The Kree sought to take revenge on the Avengers for their interference in the Kree-Shi'ar War. This interference tipped the tide of battle in the Shi'ar's favor leading them to emerge victorious in war. The young warrior was stripped of her true name due to the nature of her assignment. She would come to be known only as Deathcry. Later the young Deathcry journeyed to Earth, where she became an honorary member of the Avengers, aiding the group in fending off the Kree attack.

During her time with the Avengers, Deathcry revealed that she was once held captive by the extraterrestrial Rigellians, and was forced to work in their slave pits. She has proven that she is a highly trained Shi'ar warrior, with vast knowledge of the ways of the Kree military. Feeling that her mission had come to an end, Deathcry asked the Olympian, Hercules for his assistance in helping her to return to the Shi'ar Empire.

Deathcry's whereabouts and exploits were unknown for many years until she reemerged in Kree space after the events of the Annihilation Wave. She was capture and charged with the murder of 7 Kree. The Kree Admiral Galen-Kor offered her an ultimatum in exchange for her release, she was assigned to a special mission, which was led by the Spartoi, Star-Lord. They were to destroy a Phalanx weapons plant based on a planet in Kree space. During the mission, Deathcry lost her life in a friendly fire accident. Deathcry became enraged with Captain Universe, when he killed her opponent in battle, causing her to fall into a dangerous berserker rage, and she lounged at the hero, who was inexperienced with his powers and she was presumably obliterated.

Human Fly

humanfly.jpgThe Human Fly is me. He's also you and millions of other people you've encouraged every day of your life since the day you were born. The Human Fly is a concept, an idea. The truly wondrous thing about him, though is that he's real! We said that on the cover, we said it on the title page, and folks, we meant it!

You may have read of his exploits, featured in newspapers and on TV from Montreal, Canada to Milano, Italy. You may have heard, with a sense of awe and wonderment, of a young Canadian who was hoisted to the top of DC-8 jet aircraft which proceeded to take off on a 200-MPH flight over the burning Mojave Desert...with the Human Fly still standing up top!!

You may have heard and dismissed it as impossible - but it happened pilgrims! The Human Fly is real!

It began some six years ago in a head-on car crash on a lonely road near Ashville, North Carolina. A young man driving the first car was seriously injured. His wife and children were killed instantly and he, on being rushed to a hospital, hung for days between life and death...fighting inwardly to survive summoning all his will in a fierce desire to live. Two weeks later this man, broken in body, was taken off the critical list. It was said that he would remain a cripple for the rest of his life.

In the months and years to come, this young man underwent countless operations, financed by the father of the driver of the second car. These operations replaced a substantial amount of his skeletal frame with steel, seeking to supplant scientifically what the body itself was no longer capable of recreating. Doctors still remained skeptical of his chances of ever walking again, though he had regained some power of movement. For this young man, such an existence was a living hell. It was more than he could accept...and he determined to prove his doctors wrong - or die trying.

The determination grew. He would strain to rise, to move from his bed. So aggressive did his actions become that doctors were forced to sedate or strap him down out of fear he would harm himself. Realizing that this was proving counterproductive, he calmed down, lulling his doctors into a sense of security that he had at last accepted his irreversible condition...

...while every night, under cover of darkness, the victim of an accident that would have left most others dead or paralyzed for life began to secretly exercise his unresponsive body...until it became responsive, until it became his body once again...and perhaps something more than it had been before.

Four years later, the man sat up in bed, then stood, then walked...to the amazement of his doctors who had long since given him up for lost.

It was then that this victim determined to supply the motivation, the hope to the disabled of the world that they could rise above their disabilities, they could triumph over infirmity, they could succeed...for, hadn't he?

He knew the world, knew that if you wanted to reach people with a message you had to do it flamboyantly, colorfully. He remembered tales of the daredevils of the Depression Era, the 1930's when flagpole-sitting or a walk up the side of a skyscraper or the exploits of a super escape-artist would excite the imagination of millions...give hope to those without hope...raise them above the crushing problems of everyday life for one brief shinning moment so that they would see, for themselves, that anything is possible if you just dare too try! He knew that he had been spared a living death for just that purpose.

The Human Fly was born!

The stunts began. He walked atop high-flying jets going at speeds man had never before dared unprotected. He spoke of fighting man-eating sharks, of death-defying races. He kept his identity secret because he wanted to be identified as 'every-man'...not as a lone glory-seeking, self-serving individual. Money raised by his stunts was all turned back into charity, into research so that cures might be found for disabled people the world over.

His stunts were spectacular, but so was the coverage in papers all over this continent and Europe. His analysis had been correct. Color demanded attention - and got it! Drama hooked the media and, though they concerned themselves with the spectacle, the flamboyance...the message, the reason behind the Fly's exploits came through.

And people reading of him from hospital beds, or wheelchairs, or in Braille - or even normal people suffering a sense of helplessness in a world grown too big, too impersonal for them - began to sit up, to open their eyes, to take notice...to find hope.

He became the "space-age Daredevil", the living bionic man, compared to Captain America or Spider-Man in media presentations throughout the world.

"I've never been terrified or scared in my life", said the Human Fly. "And I'm not fighting to walk to the bank with millions of dollars for myself. I'd like to make millions for the kids!"

Comics, as we all know them, have been pressing that kind of glorious altruism for decades, and no one but wide-eyed kids or adults who regretted leaving childhood goals in the face of the harsher realities of life would agree with them. Until the Human Fly.

"I've got 50,000,000 kids out there depending on me I've got a lot of people to support...youngsters in hospitals struggling against cancer, polio, cerebral palsy or whatever. I've got a lot of people to support."

"And this is my way of doing it!"

And we couldn't agree with the Fly more.


maverick.jpgChristoph Nord was born in East Germany. He is a mutant, a soldier, and an idealist. Christoph fought against the communist regime during the height of the Cold War, joining the West German Underground, and working with a black ops team called Cell Six.

While in Venice trying to stop an assassination, Christoph had a run in with the Confessor. Nord was still young, and was defeated. He fell many stories from the chapel roof where they battled. As Christoph's powers had not yet emerged, he had to spend six months in the hospital after the battle. While in the hospital, he met a woman named Ginetta Nord (then Ginetta Barsalini), whom he fell in love with. The two were married a year later in Sicily.

After three years of married life, Maverick's team, Cell Six, was ambushed by Soviet troops. Everyone died, except for Christoph, it was then that he finally saw his wife for what she truly was... KGB. Knowing that her cover was blown, Ginetta tried to attack Christoph with a kitchen knife. He fired twice and Ginetta fell. Just before she died, she told him that their unborn child died with her.

Having lost everything, Christoph became the perfect soldier, cunning and deadly. His exploits caught the attention of the CIA, who offered him a spot in the clandestine Team X, along with. He agreed, moved to America, and changed his name to David North. As a part of Team X, he was one of several mutant operatives, including John Wraith ( Kestrel), Logan ( Wolverine), and Victor Creed (Sabretooth), that the CIA and Weapon X used for experiments, and sent on sub-black ops missions. Each member unknowingly received false memory implants after their missions were completed, and North received an aging suppressant culled from Logan's mutant healing factor.

On a mission in East Germany, both Creed and Logan were badly injured by shrapnel. Rather than following his orders and leaving them behind, North dragged them across the countryside. Reaching the border, he was cornered by Andreas Nord, his brother-turned-soviet-assassin, who offered to let him live if he gave up Logan and Creed. North saved his teammates the only way he could; by killing his own brother (as well as the rest of the men with him). North took a few hits as well, but wasn't permanently injured. Because of this incident, Logan holds North in very high regard.

During a mission to retrieve a device called the Carbonadium Synthesizer, the team was attacked and defeated by Omega Red. Although Wolverine had retrieved the synthesizer, he decided that it could not be trusted in the hands of their superiors, and decided to give it to North to stash somewhere. Because of this item, North and Logan had many run-ins with Omega Red, who never gave up trying to get it back.

In the early 1970s, The CIA officially disbanded Team X. However, the team's agents were captured by Weapon X to be used as test subjects. When Wolverine awoke after having adamantium bonded to his skeleton, he went on a murderous rampage which allowed North and the others to escape. Around this time, North inexplicably lost his powers. Undaunted, North continued to work in espionage as a mercenary, now using the alias Maverick.

Maverick was one of many mutants to contract the Legacy Virus, which almost cost him his life. While hiding out, waiting to die, Maverick was approached by Elena Ivanova, who wanted his help in tracking down Sabretooth, who had killed her mother. Unfortunately, Elena had inadvertently led Omega Red right to Maverick. Red wanted to capture Maverick and get the Carbonadium Synthesizer back for his own uses. The two managed to escape with the help of Kestrel, one of Maverick's former teammates.

While seeking treatment at a clinic that offered to help mutants suffering from the Legacy Virus, Maverick rescued Bolt from the Friends of Humanity, who were attempting to bomb the clinic. Maverick helped Chris and his family find a new home and take on new identities. Unfortunately that didn't work out, and Maverick ended up saving Chris's life quite a few more times.

While hiding out with Elena Ivanova, Maverick's virus finally gets to him, causing his heart to stop. He is dead for almost a minute, until Elena finally manages to bring him back with her psionic powers. Maverick wakes up with a an explosive blast of energy. Over the next few minutes, they discover that the Legacy Virus has gone into remission, and his powers have come back. Not only are his powers back, they are more powerful than ever, and have mutated in new ways. The kinetic energy his body absorbed could now be released as beams of concussive force or heat, or used to increase his physical strength up to tenfold. When the virus went into remission, it also destroyed all of Weapon X's artificial memory implants.

Elena finally managed to track down Sabretooth, and snuck out of the hotel where the two were staying while Maverick was out getting into a bar fight with Blob.

When the Weapon X program was revived, two of the first people on their list to recruit were Maverick and Kestrel, his old teammate. Sabretooth was sent to recruit them both. When neither accepted the offer, he killed Wraith and brutally mauled Maverick. Near death, Maverick was taken to Weapon X headquarters, where he was healed and then upgraded with explicit intent of assassinating Wolverine. All odor from his body was removed, he was given a Vibranium suit which silenced all of his movement, his healing factor was greatly enhanced, and he gained the ability to shoot a corrosive chemical designed to hinder an enemy's healing factor from his fingertips. From this point on he became known as Agent Zero.

Agent Zero's first mission was to kill Wolverine. He was given his Anti-Metal firing rifle, and perched on a roof to wait for his shot. When the opportunity arose, he missed, and tried to say that it was an accident. The Director didn't believe him, and Zero received a powerful electric shock. After Sabretooth escaped from the program, The Director once again showed his control over Zero by giving him an even more powerful shock when Zero was about to kill Creed.

After Maverick's supposed death at the hands of Sabretooth, Bolt went to the mutant Cable to learn how to fight. He trained in armed and hand-to-hand combat, and took on Maverick's namesake in order to get revenge for him. Bolt got a costume just like Maverick's, and even started acting and sounding like him. While infiltrating the terrorist group Gene Nation, Bolt was sent to aid in the bombing of Grand Central Station. Agent Zero arrived to stop the bomber, and believed that it was Bolt(who was still dressed as Maverick). "Maverick" began drawing his gun, and Zero shot him, only to realize that "Maverick" had been trying to shoot the bomber. Zero went to remove the mask, realizing to his horror that it was his old friend Chris.

Bolt never knew who Agent Zero was, and died believing that Maverick was long gone. Agent Zero held Gene Nation, especially Marrow, personally responsible for the boy's death. He went on a rampage, killing pretty much every member of the Gene Nation before going after Marrow herself.

Once again using the alias "Maverick", he lost his powers during M-Day. He reunited with Wolverine, who wants information about the Carbonium Synthesizer, but they were attacked by Omega Red.


Born in Brooklyn, New York, Anya was a normal girl until one night when she went out to a bridge to fight a boy from school. But when she arrived, a fight broke out between a group named the "Sisterhood of The Wasps", and a group called "The Spider Society". The fight left her severely injured, but Miguel (the sorcerer of the Spider Society) transferred some of his power to her, saving her life.

She received a spider-shaped tattoo from the energy transfer, Which gave her enhanced strength and agility, as well as the ability to form and exoskeleton around her. Miguel and Araña (known as The Hunter at this time) teamed up many times for the Spider Society, and preventing the Sisterhood of Wasps from summoning their chosen warrior. Araña recently learned that Hunters (of The Spider Society) don't have an exoskeleton like she has. In yet another battle against the Sisterhood of The Wasps, the Wasps were once again trying to summon their Hunter. The Sisterhood was unsuccessful, but Miguel did not survive the battle despite Spider-Man's help. Araña transferred her power to Nina Smith, another Spider Society member, after the death of Miguel. Although she isn't a Hunter anymore, she still has many of her superhuman abilities.

Araña chose to register with the government after an encounter with Wonder Man and Ms. Marvel. She has since then been doing a lot of work with Ms. Marvel. She is being held hostage by the Puppet Master along with Stature, Dusk, Tigra and Silverclaw. When she was ordered to kill Ms. Marvel, Anya resisted the mind control long enough to be restrained by Machine Man and Sleepwalker, because she see Carol as a mother-figure.

When an alien kidnapped Ms. Marvel, Araña came after her, but she was being stopped by Agent Sum. When they get to Monster Isle, where Carol was sent, Anya and Agent Sum confronted the Brood. During the battle with the aliens, Ms. Marvel appeared to them as Binary and defeated the Brood. Anya went back home and apologize to her father.

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