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Your Top Marvel Heroes OPC part 3

Written by Chris Mitchell on Wednesday, May 19 2010 and posted in Features
The last batch for today...


Black Goliath

blackgoliath.jpgBill Foster takes a job as a lab assistant to Dr. Henry Pym (who is the size changing Avenger called Goliath). Pym is stuck at 10 feet tall and Foster background in bio-chemistry is instrumental in curing Pym.

Years later, Foster decides to use Pym Particles to make himself a Goliath and fight for justice. For marketing reasons he calls himself BLACK GOLIATH. His first foray teams him up with Power Man and after getting a hang of it in a solo career he's invited to join the LA based Champions (who break soon after).

Foster goes to work at Project Pegasus because he's looking for a cure of his own (he caught radiation poisoning from a bad guy named Atom Smasher. The Project is attacked and he goes into action with a new costume. Ben Grimm, the Thing, is with him and suggests a name change as well (because Goliath is a bad guy's name) so Bill Foster becomes GIANT-MAN. He's later cured by a Spider-Woman blood transfusion. Bill becomes good friends with Ben and the two team up often.
After another quick bout with cancer, he losses his powers only to get them back again. Hank Pym meanwhile starts calling himself Giant-Man again so Foster goes back to Goliath (after Erik Josten quits being Goliath and becomes Atlas).

Bill Foster was murdered by Tony Stark and Reed Richard's clone of the Thunder God Thor. They have yet to answer for their crimes.

Bill Foster next appears (well a bone of his at least) as a prop for Norman Osborn.

Captain Universe captainuniverse.jpg

There has been many Captain Universes in the Marvel U, but someone specifically voted for this version. Why should I have all the fun writing this up, I will let him explain:

"Yeah, that's right. I was a superhero. I even got to team up with the X-Men. You see, some poor guy developed the mutant power to turn other people into monsters with a touch. He wasn't a bad guy or anything, he just couldn't control it. I saw it all happen on the bus, but before I knew what was happening, I was transformed into Captain Universe. I spent the next couple of hours getting attacked by Gambit (jackass) and helping the X-Men rescue a mall full of scared shoppers from a bunch of rampaging monsters that included Rogue.

Finally, I was able to get the guy to calm down and use his powers to turn everyone back to normal. Then, as suddenly as I received it, I lost the Uni-Power, leaving me with a ton of questions. Where did the power come from? Will it ever come back? And most importantly, does Disney own my ass now? No, seriously, in case you're wondering, I got a copy of the personalized comic "X-Men and Captain Universe" one year for Christmas. It's a Marvel comic, so it counts, dammit."

Devil Dinosaur

devildino.jpgAlone and cornered by some savage sub-humans, a dinosaur akin to a T-Rex is engulfed in hunting flames. At the last instant, the giant reptile is saved by a tiny sub-human who calls himself Moon Boy. Because of the fire. The massive raptor's leathery hide changes from green to a vibrant red. Also at this time, the mutant gene within him gives him superior lizard intelligence.

The two form a bond that would at long last give Moon Boy a friend and DEVIL DINOSAUR a snack, ugh - a friend too. Together this duo would have adventures in Earth's distant past.

Until it's discovered that it's not Earth's past - it's actually some alien world in another dimension. Devil Dinosaur and Moon Boy would end up having a revolving door teleport to and from their home and Earth on a semi regular basis.

The first time actually saw Godzilla visit their home. The next was a gang of kids (and lobsters) with fantastic powers. These Fallen Angels would recruit Devil Dinosaur and Moon Boy to their team back on Earth. After Devil accidentally squished a lobster, they went home.

Various adventures ensued with people from Earth visiting their other-dimensional world. That is until the Hulk was sent back to Earth's early days and met the duo (because they really lived in Earth's past and not an alien world).

Another accidental teleport happens and Devil Dinosaur and Moon Boy are brought from their other-dimensional world (yeah - it switched back) and the two were no on Earth seemingly for good.

Eventually moving to the Savage Land, the two were separated and Devil Dinosaur became sad (but not before this male dinosaur laid a nest full of eggs by himself? WTF?). Stegron tricks Devil Dinosaur into a rampage or two and later he is reunited with Moon Boy (where they help Ka-Zar out a bunch). The two retire to the Savage Land.

Until they are somehow brought back to their original home and team up with the Pet Avengers.

Will Devil Dinosaur ever figure out if his home is an alien world or Earth's past and will he get frequent flier miles for all the hopping he's done. Wait and see.

El Aguila elaguila.jpg

Alejandro Montoya developed the mutant ability to discharge bursts of electricity through metal conductors; such as his steel sword. He started fighting criminals in New York City and any money he got from criminals like drug dealers was donated to the poor. His exploits brought him into conflict with police as well as those famed Heroes for Hire, Power Man (Cage, Luke) and Iron Fist. He was wanted for many years because of his activities outside the law.

Montoya is a mutant who was born in Madrid, Spain. It is not known when or where Montoya undertook the art of fencing or if he adopted the identity of El Águila (The Eagle) before coming to America.

He is depowered after the events of M-Day.

Over in the Zombie-verse though, he had better exploits. Deadpool would be trapped in a universe overrun by zombies when he tries to return the decapitated, zombie head of Deadpool to that dimension. Several AIM soldiers pursue Deadpool into that dimension because they want the zombie head as a weapon. A hot scientist named Professor Veronica persuades the merc with a mouth to capture a super that has been infected by the zombie virus so they can test their new serum. Deadpool and his decapitated buddy made some alterations on his costume and met with a zombie infected El Aguila, Absorbing Man, Armadillo and Cypher outside. Deadpool lures the Cypher zombie to an isolated area where he is captured for the scientist. Deadpool is unaware that Absorbing Man followed them and learned the whereabouts of their hidden passageway to the surface.

The next day, Deadpool is being escorted by Dr. Betty, Professor Veronica and company to the surface when they are confronted by El Aguila, Armadillo and Absorbing Man. The AIM soldiers that followed Deadpool to this universe want to finish their mission and retrieve the zombie head. They confront Deadpool and his group but they are attacked by the El Aguila zombie and company. The AIM soldiers flee so Armadillo and El Aguila chase after their meal. Some of the AIM soldiers think their safe when El Aguila electrocutes one soldier and starts eating his arm. The rest of the AIM soldiers fire away and El Aguila zombie is shredded in a hail of gunfire.

Dominic Fortune

dominicfortune.jpgDuvid Fortunov grew up in the hard streets of New York City in the 1910's and roaring twenties. A good egg, he ratted out a bad guy and had to hightail it outta there. He wound up in LA and changed his name to Dominic Fortune. In the 30's he became a mercenary, body guard and adventurer.

Foiling plots by American Nazi's, Communists and the occasional slimeball, Fortune made a name for himself as a man of action. In time he went to work for a riverboat casino and fell in love with a woman called Sabbath Raven. Adventures with Nazi comic book creators, zombies and Baron Strucker took place before World War broke out. Fortune worked on both sides of the ocean keeping America safe but he lost track of his Lady Raven and would spend the post war years looking for her.

While never forgetting his one true love, he settled down with another woman and raised a family in the 1960's. Adventuring was replaced with a job at a car dealership.

Decades later, after his wife died he left his retirement home to again look for Sabbath. This lead the elder into team-ups with Iron Man and later Spider-Man. Fortune's son briefly took over the Dominic Fortune role before he was killed by Simon Steele (an old foe of his from way back). Vowing vengeance, Fortune eventually beat Steele (and discovered that Steele had married Sabbath decades ago).

Fortune and Sabbath were reunited and are assumed to be living together playing bingo and drinking Ensure.


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