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Your Top Marvel Heroes OPC part 4

Written by Chris Mitchell on Thursday, May 20 2010 and posted in Features
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Black Tarantula

blacktarantula.jpg"The newest addition to my list of favorites and moving up all the time, the Daredevil: Blood of the Tarantula one-shot from a couple of years ago is what really put Carlos on my radar, and I've been following his heroic career with great interest since then. While the story of a former criminal who wants to reform isn't exactly new, I find the way Carlos has been handled over the course of his reformation to be very believable, and his want to be genuine. He's not the purest hero you'll ever meet, and I doubt he ever will be, but he's truly trying, and that's more than good enough for me to include him on this list."

The current Black Tarantula moves his base of operations from Argentina to New York, claiming that he wants to expand his operation. He comes into conflict with the local crime lord The Rose (Jacob Conover), and defeats the Rose's enforcer, Delilah, though he heals her severe injuries afterwards. The Black Tarantula hires Roughhouse and Bloodscream to do his dirty work and drives back the Rose, establishing control over a large part of New York City. When the Rose goes to Don Fortunato, a powerful crime lord ruling over New York City, for help, the Black Tarantula appears in person and offers Fortunato an alliance. Fortunato accepts, but the Black Tarantula has to prove his loyalty by defeating Spider-Man and bringing back his mask. Black Tarantula did as he was asked and defeated Spider-Man, but lets him live when he learns that Spider-Man was trying to rescue a small child.

Spider-Man takes on the identity of Ricochet during the "Identity Crisis" storyline to infiltrate the Rose's organization and find out more about Black Tarantula, fighting Bloodscream and Roughhouse with his former enemy Delilah (although she is taken out by Bloodscream, forcing Spider-Man to use all four of his new identities against his foes). During this time, he finds a photo of his wife Mary Jane Watson and two of her friends. Spider-Man discovers that Marina, one of her friends, was in fact the Black Tarantula's ex-wife, who had fled the country with their son, disliking the changes that Carlos underwent when he took on the mantle of the Black Tarantula and did not want the same fate for her son. Furthermore, Marina had a friend, who was Don Fortunato's cousin. They ask Don Fortunato for protection and the Black Tarantula attacked Don Fortunato's mansion. Inside the mansion, Black Tarantula defeats Fortunato's guards including Spider-Man again, but loses his wife when she confronts him and points out that he is scaring his own son. She reminds him what a burden the Black Tarantula title had been on him and Carlos relented. He leaves, but tells her that he would one day come back to take his son.

Black Tarantula is later seen in jail at Riker's Island and is taking drugs that suppress his superhuman powers. During a riot, Tarantula is attacked by the assassin Bullseye, who stabs him in the chest with a playing card. Black Tarantula is released early from prison due to a record of good behavior and prison overpopulation. Carlos goes to Matt Murdock for a job; Matt has him work with Dakota North, an investigator working for Nelson & Murdock. Carlos, who is dissatisfied with the job, longs for a more hands on approach to stop crime. Matt notices and takes Carlos with him to battle a Yakuza gang working in Hell's Kitchen. The leader of the Yakuza gang flees from the attack; Daredevil chases him but fails to catch him because he has the flu which is retarding with his abilities. Black Tarantula and Daredevil survey the scene and notice a large pile of money. Black Tarantula says that he would like to take the money but Daredevil stops him. Later, Black Tarantula takes on a gang whose leader was hired to kill an old woman. This leader is a vengeful former recruit of Black Tarantula who years before, Carlos had personally invited into his gang, naming him "Little Loco".

After Black Tarantula takes care of the gang, he kills Loco by choking him with the money he was paid for killing the women. Daredevil shows up at the scene, asking what Black Tarantula has done; Black Tarantula then tells him that he plans on taking the rest of the money from the hideout. Daredevil attempts to stop him but is knocked out with a single punch from Black Tarantula. Black Tarantula collects the money and gets ready to leave, but before he goes he kneels in front of Daredevil and heals the flu he's been afflicted with. Black Tarantula leaves the money he took from the gang in a church, with a note saying "Help people with this."

Carlos LaMuerto's story is focused upon again in April 2008, in a one-shot issue entitled Daredevil: Blood of the Tarantula, where he turns in desperation to Matt Murdock to help his new 'mission'.

One morning Carlos was attacked his apartment by a group of Hand assassins. His fight is observed by Lady Bullseye and he is evaluated by his performance. Sometime after he defeated the assassins he was captured by Master Izo and brought to Matt Murdock's apartment. After some explanation the group separates and Master Izo and Black Tarantula are tracked by a Hand ninja. As they chase after him they are led to pictures of some of the greatest martial artists including Carlos himself, Wolverine, White Tiger, and Shang-Chi

While out patrolling Black Tarantula runs into the White Tiger being attacked by Hand ninja exactly like he was. After diving in to help her he is killed by the White Tiger and Resurrected by the Hand. Carlos then lead an attack against Daredevil at his home along with White Tiger, Lady Bullseye, and Lord Hirochi. They were fought off after Daredevil was joined by Master Izo and Iron Fist. Black Tarantula defeated Iron Fist but stopped the White Tiger from killing him giving the excuse that he did not want the competition.

Black Tarantula and White Tiger are then given the assignment to kill Foggy Nelson by Lady Bullseye who has been hired by the Owl. Black Tarantula instead saves Foggy's life and then battles White Tiger and attempts to cure her of the Hand's influence.

Black Tarantula is now running the Hand in North America and overseeing the construction of Shadowland while Matt and White Tiger are in Japan.


motormouth.jpgHarley is orphaned at age 11 and grows up as part of a gang that lives in the East End of London. They survive by foraging and stealing. Her incredibly foul language earns her the nick-name 'Motormouth'. When she is seventeen Harley is discovered by Laarson, an agent of Mys-Tech, the shadowy organization that featured in all of Marvel UK's 1990s titles. Harley is a candidate for his M.O.P.E.D (Mind Operated PErsonal Dematerialization) technology. This allows people to jump between alternate realities but will only operate on people with certain strands of DNA. The unit is disguised a pair of MOPED units as training shoes, which Harley finds and tries on. At the same time Laarson is being executed by Mys-Tech's Techno-Wizards and agents were sent to find the MOPED units. In order to save her and the units, Laarson's subordinates activate the technology and sent her to another universe.

While still on the run from Mys-Tech, Harley is sent to a future in which the world was covered in shopping malls. It was here she purchases a Soni-Muta 500 Unit, a microchip that allows her to mentally tune into any radio station she wanted. This would later give her sonic scream. Harley returns to her own universe and is captured and put to work by Mys-Tech. She escapes after a mission to Tokyo, Japan.

She has to make a random jump in order to escape and ends up on a planet named Tekron. Killpower, an agent of Mys-Tech is sent to find her. Unable to escape him, Harley reasons with the man instead. Mentally little more than a small child, Killpower becomes intrigued by Harley and joins her as her partner. Harley is then badly injured on Tekron when a stray bullet hit her in the throat. Killpower uses her Soni-Muta 500 and the MOPED technology to cure her. This not only gave her the aforementioned sonic scream, she could now travel between universes without the aid of technology. Both are then forced to flee from Mys-Tech's influence.

Motormouth and Killpower appeared in the Battletide mini-series. Death's Head is hired by Mys-Tech to retrieve Killpower; while the two fought, Motormouth and Tuck, Death's Head partner, went on a shopping spree on an alien planet. Motormouth and Killpower later plan an attack on Tyburn, a powerful Mys-Tech agent. Harley is able to steal their MOPED unit and neutralize the tracking devices Mys-Tech had implanted in the duo. Tyburn survives the attack.

Motormouth becomes an essential part of the Mys-Tech Wars mini-series. At first, she is just one of many superheroes attacking the main Mys-Tech complex, hoping to take down the Techno-Wizards, the heads of Mys-Tech.

The wizards fight back successfully, slaughtering most of the heroes. Death-Head kills them in return, unfortunately this endangers all of Earth. A fortunate fall from Killpower allows six heroes, Motormouth included, to break free of the melee and patch themselves into the required equipment so they can save the Earth from destruction. The others, such as Doctor Strange and Professor X, bring powerful forces to the mix...Motormouth ends up in a simply chair to fill out the required number of entities.

The earth is saved and time is reversed, undoing all the deaths that have occurred. Only the last six remember any of which had happened.

Both Motormouth and Killpower are recruited by the Time Guardian in the Dark Guard mini-series to help stop a war on the planet Eopia. The war had been caused by Tyburn and Mys-Tech agents have infiltrated both sides of the war. Motormouth is instrumental in stopping a powerful Mys-Tech agent called Collapser who had captured Killpower. Her extra-sensory vision allowed her to see micro fractures in his torso which in turn allowed Death's Head to smash him.

Motormouth and Killpower then guest-starred in an issue of Incredible Hulk, illustrated by her co-creator Gary Frank. The Hulk literally falls onto their dinner table. This is after the Hulk fights the villain Madman. Killpower and Hulk briefly fight. The Hulk proves himself more than a match for her obscene language. The trio then team up to rescue Prince Charles from Madman, who had taken him up the side of Big Ben. Though he is dropped off the side, Charles escapes injury. In the ensuing battle, Harley accidentally brings down London Bridge and Madman escapes.

Motormouth and Killpower came under the attention of Nigel Orpington-Smythe, leader of the R.C.X. a villainous group from the comic book Excalibur. Security footage stills of the two, plus other Marvel UK heroes were shown to Captain Britain as an example of the lawless vigilantism that Smythe sought to control. R.C.X was neutralized before they became a threat to Harley.

Issue #12, the last of the series, features Motormouth visiting a homeless encampment on the South Side of the River Thames in London, England. It's revealed she used to live here; though she did not enjoy it. The two heroes, along with Death's Head, defeat and kill a murderous A.I.M. construct that had taken on the mannerisms of the local homeless population. The second part of the issue features the two battling fanatical, naive worshippers of a lost alien being. In defeating the being, Killpower becomes the world's new god.

Gauntlet gauntlet.jpg

It all begins when two unknown aliens were in a battle. The two both died when entering the Earth's atmosphere. This caused a big crash site in the Earth's surface. The US government had tracked it and wanted to go see what had happened. They sent a man named Joseph to go explore and secure the site. When he arrived they were being attacked by HYDRA soldiers. This forced them to use the right Gauntlet of the alien to defeat them. After celebrating the victory Joseph found something strange. He couldn't get the Gauntlet off. He then walked off carrying the other gauntlet that was not on him and there was an attached sword to the gauntlet. The other gauntlet that was not on Joseph's right arm ended up to a girl named Southpaw. The other alien weapon went to a girl named Armory. Iron Man Recruited Joseph into the Initiative as a training coach for the superhero training camp. He knew there was something behind this job he didn't know of but, he took the job anyway. Joseph motivates all of his superheroes in many different ways. He is very strict and will not give anyone a break. He lives with his wife and child on base. His wife usually tells him to give the guys a hard time. If anyone gets hurt he takes as it's his fault and only his fault. He often uses the name New Warrior as a insult or as something negative. Later, Joseph was almost killed and a NW was put on his chest with his own blood. He later awakes and says it was the villain the Ghost. But, it was revealed later that it was actually Slapstick but, Joseph did not know this. While Joseph was hurt Taskmaster became the new drill sergeant. While in the hospital.

The Initiative made a clone of MVP who had died earlier and gave him the Tactigon. The alien weapon did bond to him and it was working. Until the clone had remembered how he died and he was now seeking revenge on the ones who he thought killed him. Renamed himself to KIA, he had tried to kill Joseph but he was gone. Now the Gauntlet has been taking control of his body and made him require the aliens sword.

Gauntlet no longer serves with the Initiative and is currently a member of the Avengers Resistance. Well, that is till the Heroic Age and in there I have no clue where he is.

Zack Overkill

zackoverkill.jpgZack Overkill and his twin brother Xander were super-powered mercenaries. They committed crimes for the money, not concerning themselves with any innocent deaths. When Xander was killed, Zack testified against his boss and entered the Witness Protection plan. As part of his parole, Zack must take drugs that suppresses his super powers. Working as a mail clerk in an office, Zack is bored out of his mind.

When news of a freak tornado hit downtown, Zack knew things weren't as they seemed. Going to the scene, he recognized the signs of a battle that had been covered up with the explanation of a storm. He couldn't give in to the feeling of slipping away into a weak individual living a lie. He decided to take drugs to cope with his mundane life. A dealer had a drug that would hide the effects of drugs when tested. Zack decided to float through life and laugh at the idiots.

Laughing to himself on his way to his car one day, a woman on her cell phone assumed he was laughing at her and her conversation. She told him off saying he was a loser that thought he was better than everyone. Zack was pissed since she didn't even know who he was. To his amazement, he tore off the door to his car. His powers were back. It seemed the drug he was taking to cover his use was having a reaction with those the government made him take.

Zack decided to put on a mask and just roam the night. Coming across a woman getting attacked in an alley, he decided to do something about it. He didn't care one way or the other for the woman but enjoyed the rush of excitement after taking part in a violent act in putting the guys down. Zack felt stronger. He always shared power with his brother. Now it felt like he had inherited his dead brother's power and had become stronger than ever.

With this, the scientist responsible for performing the tests on Zack and Xander receives an alarm that "Project Overkill" has moved back to active status.


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