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Your Top Marvel Heroes OPC part 5

Written by Chris Mitchell on Thursday, May 20 2010 and posted in Features
A few more OPCers for ya. {nomultithumb}

Aurora aurora.jpg

Jeanne-Marie Beaubier and her twin brother were orphaned at a very early age. A relation was able to adopt the boy but couldn't afford two kids so Jeanne-Marie was shipped off to School for Girls where she raised. Shy and introverted, Jeanne-Marie didn't have many friends and decided to end it all in a suicide leap from the school's roof. Instead of falling she flew as her mutant powers kicked on in that instant. Believing this was a gift from God she told the school marms what happened and they did what every rational person would do when faced with a miracle - they beat her.

Her discipline was so severe that she developed a split personality to helper her cope. This dual persona was short lived as Jeanne-Marie didn't experience it for a number of years.

Once graduated and a teacher herself, she was about to be mugged when her wild side came back, using the powers she thought was a dream from her childhood. The mugging was witnessed by a government agent who eventually brought her to the attention of Canada's Department H. In time, she honed her powers and became AURORA of Alpha Flight. One unique thing she found out along the way was her twin brother who also had powers and was a fellow Alpha Flight member code named Northstar.

Adventures against (and with) the X-Men, Gilded Lily, Pink Pearl and other ensued all the while her dual personalities continued unchecked (in fact a third started manifesting).

The next many years would be tough for Aurora. Continuing as a member of Alpha Flight she began to suffer mentally, losing her personalities, getting them back, thinking her mother was an elf, losing her powers, getting them back, killing a villain (not really but she didn't know that), more split personalities, less personalities, heartbreak, becoming a mind-controlled agent, enters into a relationship with her boss, gets beaten regularly by the asshole, and just when she's about to get things on track she again opts for suicide but is stopped because her brainwashed brother is tricked into getting Aurora brainwashed too.

The X-Men get involved and send Aurora and her brother to S.H.I.E.L.D. where they both get removed the brainwash and Jeanne-Marie gets some mental help (about fuckin' time!).

Norman Osborn attempts to undue all her mental healing but Aurora pwns him.

Kasper Cole

kaspercole.jpgKevin "Kasper" Cole was the son of NYPD hero cop Jonathan Peyton "Black Jack" Cole and Ruth Cole, a New York Jew. When Kasper was still a teenager, Black Jack Cole was presumably framed for drug possession and sentenced to prison. Kasper believed this was the work of crooked police, setting up his father because he wouldn't follow them down their corrupt paths. He held this belief up until later in his life when Kasper found out his father was in fact the leader of the influential street gang The 66 Bridges. Nevertheless Kevin grew up to become a narcotics police officer working in the 74th precinct. There he earned the nickname Kasper due to his light-toned skin.

As a police officer Kasper wished to rise in ranks and sought out a promotion, he and the men under his command carried out unauthorized drug busts in the hopes to garner more attention to themselves, wanting to prove himself, he also took a confiscated Black Panther costume and wore it under his cloths while on the job in order to get an upper hand in law enforcement. These extra busts did bring in attention, but this attention was unwanted by Kasper's superior Sal Anthony, who was dirty and worked along side New York's street gangs. Wanting to hold on to selfish gain, Sal set up Kasper and his team, all of Kasper's unit were severally injured during the ambush and were subsequently hospitalized, but Kasper remained unscathed due to the bullet proof properties of the Black Panther costume. From further investigation into the incident Kasper was suspended because he wasn't wearing a police issued bulletproof vest. Kasper Cole donned the complete panther outfit and impersonated T'Challa while he sought out vengeance towards Sal Anthony.

As the Black Panther Kasper's life became manipulated by the likes of the DEA, the 66 bridges, and even T'Challa himself.

After the Falcon told Kasper that he needed to be more than a man in a cat suit to achieve his goals, Kasper decided to consume the same herb that T'Challa had consumed to gain his enhanced attributes. When Kasper took the poison made up of the special heart shaped herb, his physiology was enhanced his agility, speed, and reflexes were increased, and his senses had been sharpened to a superhuman level. Unfortunately, Kasper has yet to learn to cope with the overwhelming sensations his enhanced senses give him, which often leads him into fits of vomiting or crippling over-stimulation.

Taking the name White Tiger he became part of the super hero team known as The Crew, fighting along side Junta, Josiah X, and James Rhodes.

Maria Hill mariahill.jpg

Maria Hill was elected into the Directorate position by the President after Nick Fury went AWOL at the end of Secret War. Though there were others more suited for the position, Maria was chosen for not being a "Fury Loyalist" (Which was seen as highly unfavorable).

She has very little respect in the Super-human community for many reasons, such as trying to prohibit the Avengers reforming, and blackmailing Wonder Man to work for S.H.I.E.L.D... She is adamantly in support of the Super-human Registration Act, nearly forcing Captain America into the Resistance after attacking him (Since he would not sign the act). Maria's allegiances lie more towards the United States, than to the international community as S.H.I.E.L.D. is supposed to.

As the 50 State Initiative was set in motion, Maria passed the mantle of leadership to Tony Stark, realizing she was not the right person for the job.

During Dark Reign, when S.H.I.E.L.D was turned into H.A.M.M.E.R, Hill was fired by Norman Osborn and Maria began to work more closely with Tony. During Siege she blew shit up from the back of a truck.


prowler.jpgHobie Brown was a window washer, but he felt as though he won't live up to anything special. His wife Mindy tried to convince him that he should give his ideas to his boss, but at first Hobie didn't what difference it would make. But he eventually brought his invention ideas up to his boss, who simply laughed at him in his face and told him to get back to work. Hobie quit his job as the window washer and then went to try and invent a suit so that he could become a superhero. But he later decided to use his suit to steal stuff instead, having his alter ego Hobie Brown come with the stuff to portray himself as a hero.

But in his first act of crime, he got caught by Spider-man, who then battled the Prowler. Prowler managed to get away with help from his sleeping gas. But during their next encounter, Spider-Man managed to unmask him to realize he was no older then himself. So he told Hobie not to throw his life away and he didn't bring him into the police.

Later on, Hobie dressed up as Spider-man as a favor for Pete, showing up at his house in front of Peter and others.

But after this, Hobie put his suit on once more to try and bring Spider-Man to justice as he believed he killed Captain George Stacy and had used him in dressing him up as Spider-Man. But as he fought Spider-Man, Prowler endangered his own life and Spider-Man had to save him and later take to the hospital to get taken care of.

Prowler later appears in comic to try as he tried to prove his wife Mindy innocent of book deal fraud. He and Spider-man then teamed up and went after the Black Fox, to try and get back the chalice he had stolen, which had information which could clear Mindy's name. He later got a job as construction worker.

Hobie was one of the many individuals hunted down for refusing to register with the Super-Human Registration Act during the Civil War. After being released by Carol Danvers, he went to the funeral of Stilt-Man, but was escorted out by Spider-Man and Puma before he makes a fool out of himself. The funeral was later bombed by the Punisher.

In the series that stared the Prowler, it showed his crime fighting career and his criminal called Nightcreeper, who had a similar suit as Prowler. When Prowler found out on the news that someone was making crimes posing as the Prowler, he went to stop the criminal. He then encountered Nightcreeper and the two battled.

But as they did, Prowler then realized that Nightcreeper wasn't killing people and that Nightcrawler could help him find the murderer. As he went back home that day though, Mindy was devastated to learn that he had been going out as the Prowler behind her back and left away crying. When Hobie went back to the company he worked for the next day, he encountered the man tried to take over the company, who he didn't know at the time was the Vulture.

He later meets up with Nightcreeper that night and they both fought a gang in an alleyway. But a Prowler noticed that innocent civilians were getting caught in the crossfire, he took Nightcreeper and dragged him out of there. Nightcreeper was angry at this and ran away from Prowler.

After a training session with his older brother Abe Brown, he then went and tracked down the Nightcreeper and told him to turn himself in. But later that day, as he was discussing Mindy's new job opportunity in California for her, he found out that Nightcreeper had been knocked out of the sky by the Vulture.

So Hobie went and tracked the Vulture as Prowler, but he also got knocked out of the sky. Later on, Prowler with help from his newly developed pneumatic laser bugging system, he listened in on a conversation and found out Vulture's secret identity. He later confronted him where they got into a battle once more. Vulture eventually escaped though as the still injured Nightcreeper came on the scene. And also Mindy left Hobie to go to California, Hobie stayed in New York feeling that he couldn't leave being the superhero Prowler.


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