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Your Top Marvel Heroes Final

Written by Chris Mitchell on Friday, May 21 2010 and posted in Features
Here you go folks, this is what you have been waiting for. {nomultithumb}

3. The Mighty Thor (974 points - 36 first place slots)

themightythor.jpg"Big guy with a big hammer. Awesome."

"Wolverine wishes he has kicked as many asses as Thor has."

"Regal, and just plain cool"

"Third oldest comic I have 1st is a Fantastic 4 one # 76."

"Thor brings epic grandeur to the Marvel Universe. He incorporates so many aspects (fantasy/sword & sorcery, space, mythology) into the superhero genre. And most important of all--the Odinson kicks ass."

"Another great full-of-himself character that I never get tired of. And when the writing is great (Simonson, Jurgens), it's one of the best books out there."

"Thor was one of the first MU heroes I would regularly go out and buy as a kid. The Kirby stuff was amazing and the concept was an intriguing one for me. It helped get me deep into mythology. The later runs with the Eternals, intermixing the myths and Wagnor operas, the stunningly amazing Walt Simonson run and those whom followed, kept me enjoying the character."

"I loved his recent return but not so much now. I am still in love with the Walt Simonson stuff....awesome"

"Thank Odin he is back!"

"Not only is he a great character but he brings with him a great setting that is one of the best components of the Marvel Universe. And the new costume is starting to grow on me."

Thor is the son of Odin and Gaea, the oldest goddess of the Earth. Thor was raised in Asgard, and the goddess Frigga served as Thor's mother. Thor grew up with his step-brother Loki. Loki was always jealous of the favored Thor. Odin had Mjolnir, a mystical hammer enchanted by magic and made of Uru, created for Thor when he became a worthy warrior. Mjolnir was enchanted by Odin to see that only those who are worthy to lift it may lift it.

After years of training and accepting different quests to prove he was worthy to have the hammer, Thor still could not lift Mjolnir. Once his young friend Sif was kidnapped and Odin took some warriors with him to rescue her. Odin told Thor to remain in Asgard, but the young man could not stay in Asgard while his friend was in trouble. Thor went into the treasure room of Odin where the hammer was. Thor tried to lift the mighty hammer one more time and this time he was successful. After successfully lifting the hammer Thor became Asgard's greatest warrior. Thor spent several centuries fighting in battles, facing many adventures and doing countless heroic deeds. Thor's very first love was the goddess, Sif. Their relationship would eventually end, although they have renewed it in recent years. Thor journeyed to the Earth for the first time and promoted his worship among the Vikings. They called him Donner (Thunder) as they came to worship Thor along with the other Asgardians. Thor encouraged the Vikings to find victory and glory in their battles. Thor's followers killed the people of a Christian monastery and Thor eventually found out. Thor stopped all of his activity on Earth because of this and the worship of the Asgardian gods eventually died out.

Thor led a warrior's life in Asgard as he fought Frost Giants and other enemies of the realm. Thor eventually became arrogant and selfish. As an act of humility, Odin decided to create a human persona for Thor, Dr. Donald Blake, and removed all his powers and memories. As Blake, Thor was able to learn to be humble and to take care of the people around him. Blake later on became a successful physician and was later known to be a great surgeon. Blake eventually discovered what appeared to be an ordinary walking stick during an alien invasion. When Blake struck a boulder with the stick, it was transformed into Mjolnir and he became Thor once again. At first Thor had no memory about his Asgardian life. He would regain more and more knowledge of his past as months passed. Odin then later on revealed to him that Donald Blake was just his false identity and he told him what his reason was for doing it.

Thor maintained his identity as Donald Blake on earth and continued to practice medicine. Thor could revert back and forth between Dr. Blake and Thor by striking the stick/hammer against the ground. Thor began fighting evil and was one of the founding Avengers after Loki tricked the Hulk and other heroes to fight each other. Thor eventually gave up his identity as Donald Blake and later on had two other identities, Sigurd Jarlson and Eric Masterson. When Loki attempted to kill the woman who took care of Eric's son, Thor became angry and killed Loki. Thor was then exiled from Earth as his punishment and Eric Masterson was given Thor's power to continue his role. Eric was able to find Thor and he rescued him. Eric had proven himself to be a real hero and was given the mace "Thunderstrike."

Thor then took up his new identity as Jake Olson. He had no memories about Olson and had a hard time as him. Odin later on separated Thor and Olson and Olson was allowed to return to his daily life. Odin fell during a battle with Surtur and Thor was next in line to rule Asgard. At first he wouldn't accept his duty but later on did. Thor also found out that he inherited the Odinforce from his father. Thor wanted to restore the place of the Asgardian gods on Earth as gods to be worshiped. Thor then merged Earth with Asgard to try to accomplish his mission. Thor's activity on Earth resulted in the establishment of the "Church of Thor". The people of Earth became wary of Thor and they assaulted Asgard. Thor then on focused on conquering Earth and bringing order to the people. Thor ruled for almost 200 years. Thor also married Enchantress and had a son, Magni, during his reign over Earth. Thor finally realized the wrongs that he had done and traveled back in time with the help of a machine created by Zarrko to fix what he has done.

Thor is once again faced with another threat of Ragnarok. Loki and Surtur joined each other in order to end Asgard. In an epic battle against Loki and Surtur , Ragnarok, the end of Asgard, came about. It was revealed to Thor that there existed a set of cosmic beings that constantly monitored the Norse gods. They fed off the Ragnarok cycle and were dependent on the Norse gods to kill each other and complete this cycle. These beings were only named as " Those Who Sit Above In Shadow ". When Thor possessed the powers of the runes he was met with a choice. To either become one of those who sit above or permanently end the cycle of Ragnarok, namely their constant death and rebirth. He found out that they had manipulated Asgard into repeating the cycle of Ragnarok. Thor sought them out and he chose the latter and sacrificed his own life along with his new found power in order to free the Asgardian gods, along with all the other beings that belonged to the Norse mythology from this cycle. Odin 's plan for Thor from since he was born had been accomplished and it left Thor and the rest of the Asgardians in a long and deep sleep.

Mjolnir was found on the ground and nobody could pick it up. Donald Blake came along and was able to lift Thor's hammer. Blake was then transported to the void where Thor had been resting all this time. Blake convinced Thor that he had ended the Ragnarok and that the world needed him. He told Thor that he was now free and that the future was his to write. Creatures in the shadows of the void started to rise as they did not want Thor to leave the void and return to the world. Thor was then surrounded by a horde of creatures and they fought. Thor then saw Mjolnir and picked it up. The God of Thunder was back and he decided that he wanted to live, breathe and fight again. He was then transported to Earth in the form of Donald Blake. He found a stick on the floor which he used to aid him in walking. Blake went to a motel and rented a room there. He went to his room and struck the stick on the ground. There was a big bolt of lighting and Blake was transformed into Thor.

Blake later on found out that he was in Oklahoma. He went to a large, open field and transformed into Thor. Where there is Thor, there is Asgard and there was a big storm. After the storm settled, Thor was seen looking at his true home, Asgard. Thor went in Asgard and walked around. Moments later, police arrived and told Thor that the place where he built Asgard was a private property and he needed a permit. Thor then used his power to lift Asgard off the ground and Asgard was now floating above the ground. The policemen were shocked and then drove away. Thor reflected on how Asgard and his return meant nothing if he didn't have his people with him. The owner of the land where Asgard was built came to Thor and told Thor that he could have the land if he bought it. Thor gave the farmer enough gold to fill his truck and the farmer left. Thor then went off in a mission to return and find all the missing Asgardians.

Thor then arrived in the city of Orleans. Thor was then confronted by Iron Man who wanted to discuss something. Stark tells Thor that even though he owns the land, he can't just build Asgard. He had to either work for the U.S. government or be against it. Thor knew about the clone Stark made of him and Thor was angry. Thor and Iron Man fought and Thor easily destroyed Iron Man's armor. Stark asks Thor if he has "been working out" but Thor replies that he hasn't and is simply isn't holding his power back anymore. Thor then warned Stark that any person who comes in the way of him or Asgard will learn what the meaning of true power is. Thor walked away and found a man on the street. Thor sensed that the man was a friend of his and Thor transformed the man to his true form. The man was no other than Heimdall.

Donald Blake was called to assist is Africa to help the injured. While in Africa, two tribes were fighting and Blake was attacked. Blake was caught in the middle of the fight and Blake then struck his stick on the floor and transformed into Thor. Thor stopped the attack of the terrorists. Three men were also attacked by the terrorists and Thor could also sense that the three men were Asgardians. Thor transformed them back to their true form and they ended up being the Warriors Three, Fandral, Volstagg and Hogun. To make sure that the terrorists wouldn't attack again, Thor created a large chasm on the group to separate the two tribes. Thor then returned to Asgard along with the Warriors Three. Thor asked Heimdall if he could aid him in his quest to restore Asgard because Heimdall could see all. Heimdall accepted and decided to help Thor out.

A mailbox was put in front of Asgard and Thor opened it and found that he had mail. Thor read the letter which invited them to a town meeting. Thor traveled to the desert and found an underground prison cell there. Thor was shocked as in the prison he found the Destroyer. Thor battled the Destroyer and eventually defeated it. A woman was then transformed to her Asgardian form. Thor thought that the woman was his lady Sif. The woman was actually Loki, Thor's brother, in a female form. Thor decided to give Loki a second chance as long as she doesn't scheme for evil anymore.

Thor and the Asgardians attended the town meeting that they were invited to attend. They discussed the rules to the Asgardians. Elsewhere, Kelda was seen on the streets and she talked to a man named Bill Junior. Blake then struck his stick and transformed back to Thor. Thor went above the atmosphere as part of his quest to find and restore Sif along with the rest of the Asgardians. Around the world there were thunderstorms and people were returned to their Asgardian form. All Asgardians were restored and Thor was overwhelmed and knocked out cold. Thor came crashing from the sky as he was out cold and he landed back on Earth.

Thor was found on the ground by his fellow Asgardians. They brought him back to Asgard and Thor told them that he needed to undergo his Odinsleep. He was required to go in to the Odinsleep as the Odin Force of his father was passed down to him before his death. Thor underwent the sleep and he was sent to different world. Thor saw the ravens of his father there. They told him about how Odin sacrificed his life to save his son and the rest of Asgard. Thor went on in the new world and found Odin fighting Surtur. Thor then came to aid Odin but before he could get there, Odin had already slain Surtur. Thor asked Odin about the Odinsleep but Odin said that it is now called the Thorsleep as Thor has the power and he is the ruler of Asgard. Odin and Thor continued to talk and Odin told Thor about a story. He told Thor about Him being born and him being trained by his father, Bor. He fought alongside his father against the Frost Giants. Bor was trapped as a powerful sorcerer was waiting for him and the sorcerer transformed Bor into snow. Bor was gone and Odin was the new ruler of Asgard. Odin then had a son who was destined to rule Asgard one day, Thor.

Odin also told Thor about the son of a frost giant. The young boy wanted to take revenge and tried attacking Odin. He was stopped and Odin decided to raise the boy his own son. The boy ended up being Thor's half-brother, Loki. Odin advised Thor to leave as Surtur was coming back. Surtur's spirit struggled everyday to win freedom and return to the land of the living. But Odin was always there waiting for Surtur, ready to stop him. Everyday Odin would slay Surtur and Odin would end up dying because of his wounds and each day they begin again. They were cursed to fight each other for eternity and die and be reborn forever. Thor wanted to rescue Odin but Odin said that he could not for if Odin were to leave, Surtur's spirit would be set free. Surtur arrived and Thor and Odin stood together to fight him. Odin and Thor defeated Surtur and Thor departed and awoke from this Thorsleep.

Loki found Balder the Brave in Asgard and talked to him. Loki wasn't trusted by Balder or any of the other Asgardians. Loki brought Balder to a room where there was a large door. To open the door you needed a special ring which Loki gave to Balder. Balder entered and found himself home, in the snow. Volstagg talked to Heimdall and asked him about the Avengers. Volstagg was considering joining the Avengers as he might do well in this world. A man then interrupted as he was looking for Kelda. The man was Bill who met Kelda on the streets. Bill brought a bouquet of flowers to give to Kelda. Elsewhere, frost giants attacked a young boy and just as the young boy was about to be slaughtered, Balder saves him and fights the giants. Loki then arrives to help Balder and the two Asgardians slaughter the frost giants. Loki tried to gain the trust of Balder and she revealed a secret long kept secret from Balder. Odin was actually the father of Balder and he was a prince of Asgard also entitled to rule just as Thor rules Asgard.

Balder did not believe what Loki said and Loki told him about what happened. Odin slept with the woman Frigga and they bore a son. Odin decided to keep it a secret as Odin was troubled about it. For many nights Odin rode away in the darkness. He faced many obstacles without any fear of them. Odin reached a death chamber in a circle of stones that bound the spirit of a female prophet. She had been waiting for Odin to arrive and for Odin to free her, he must spill his blood on the stones. Odin freed her and she rewarded his son with the prophecy of his life, death and rebirth. Balder still did not believe the story of Loki and he thought it was all a lie. Loki told Balder to ask Thor himself if it was all true. Thor admitted that it was true and that they tried to keep it a secret from Balder. There was a ceremony later on to crown Balder as the prince of Asgard.

In the courtyard of Asgard, there was a blood duel between two Asgardians. One Asgardian was stabbed and was killed. The Asgardian who killed him did not understand what happened as they were supposed to be immortal. Balder explained that while Asgard was on Midgard, they were more vulnerable and mortal. A year after the death of Steve Rogers, Thor went to visit his grave. Thor summoned the spirit of Steve and talked to him. Thor offered to avenge Steve but Steve declined as he didn't want more chaos to happen. "Everybody talks about the death of Captain America, but nobody does anything about it". Thor then shuts off all of the world's communication. It was as if Thor and the whole world offered Captain America a minute of silence to honor him.

Loki went over to Hela to ask a favor. She wanted to be transformed back to her true male form as she was on a mission. Hela then transformed her into the true man Loki was. Loki revealed that the body he was using was the body of Sif. Loki was sent back in time to the time when Asgardians were fighting the frost giants. Loki was attacked and slayed a frost giant. Their leader sensed their blood flowing through Loki's veins and knew he was one of them. Bor was seen chasing a frost giant and there was a powerful sorcerer. The powerful sorcerer that killed Bor was none other than Loki. He bid Bor farewell and transformed him into snow. Loki then influenced himself as a child to take revenge on his true father and to be tough. Loki's father was killed by the hands of Odin and young Loki appeared at the scene. He attacked Odin but was stopped and Odin took the young Loki to be his own son. After they left, the current Loki arrived and took satisfaction in striking his father with a sword. Loki returned to Hela and asked to be transformed back to her form in the body of Sif.

As part of Loki's plan to control Asgard, she summoned back the first king of Asgard and the father of Odin, Bor. Bor, being confused about his new surroundings and angered by the death of Odin, set a rampage around the city. Thor went to try and stop Bor from causing more damage to the city. They ended up fighting and Thor thought that he needed help. Thor then called "Avengers Assemble" and the Dark Avengers arrived to the fight. As Thor and Bor were causing a lot of destruction, the Dark Avengers tried to stop both of the Asgardians. They ended up being defeated by Thor and Bor. Loki then brought news to Balder about the fight of Thor and their grandfather, Bor. Balder told Loki to send them to the fight in order to stop them from killing each other. The two Asgardians continued their fight each other and Thor, not knowing Bor was his grandfather, killed Bor. Just as Thor killed Bor, Loki and Balder arrived but were too late. Thor later on found out that he had killed his grandfather and the first king of Asgard. The punishment for killing any member of the Royal Family is banishment from Asgard forever. Balder then had to banish Thor from Asgard for killing Bor. With Thor gone, Loki now plans on moving Asgard from its current location to the country ruled by Doctor Doom, Latveria.

With Thor now banned from Asgard, he sits by a fire in the middle of the plains. He reflects on how bad the situation actually is. Not only is he banished from Asgard, but Mjolnir is also damaged. He talks to Blake about how it has never been destroyed by anything harder than itself. Blake begins to worry that he may be stuck in the void forever. Thor hit his hammer on the ground in order to check if he can still change back to Blake. Blake keeps the shards of Mjolnir so he can try to fix it's damage. Meanwhile, Loki and Balder meet up with Dr. Doom in his castle in Latveria. The two Asgardians are fed by Doom's slaves and Balder starts to question him on why his slaves look malnourished. They then discuss on moving the inhabitants of Asgard to Latveria. Back in Asgard, the Warrior's Three discuss what they are supposed to do now that Thor's gone. Hogun and Fandral try talking to a drunk Volstagg about their plan to go to follow Thor into exile. Kelda then appears to William in a bar somewhere in Oklahoma. She tells him that she will be moving away with the other Asgardians and she says goodbye to him. Loki then appears in front of Donald Blake and tells him the truth about the body he currently inhabits. Blake is told that he must find Sif in her last moments and say his goodbye. As the Asgardians start moving to Latveria through the magic of Loki, Kelda is about to enter the portal when William comes and tells her that he loves her before she goes in.

Jane Foster had a patient who was an old lady about to die. The old lady mentioned that she wasn't alone in her body and that she's there. Jane realized that Sif was probably inside the old lady. She contacted Donald Blake as soon as she could. Blake knew that if he couldn't save the old lady, Sif would die as well unless he could get to her in time. He struck his stick and transformed into Thor, however, he got thrown unconscious as Mjolnir was still damaged from his fight against Bor. He had to hurry to Sif as he already wasted valuable time. He collected the shards of Mjolnir and flew off to her aid.

Meanwhile, Dr. Strange felt an immense power coming his way. It was Thor. He asked Strange if he could help him and fix Mjolnir as it was made from powerful magic and it should be repaired with powerful magic. Strange told Thor that his magic alone couldn't fix Mjolnir and that he would need the magic of the Odin Force to fix it as well. Strange told Thor that if he wishes to fix Mjolnir, he would lose his father's magic and he would be back to where he was before he inherited it. Strange also told him that he would now be bonded with the hammer and if ever it get severely damaged or destroyed, Thor would die. Thor agreed to go on with the procedure in order to save Sif's life, even if it meant risking his. Strange called upon the forces of creation which was old when the universe was still young to fix Mjolnir. The elder forces passed through Thor and took with them the Odinforce and transferred it to Mjolnir. It was done. Thor saw himself inside the hammer and it was fixed.

He went as soon as he could to the old lady who was dying. He got there in time and was able to separate Sif from the body of the old lady. Thor and Sif were reunited but the old lady still lost her life. Donald Blake was watching as it was taking place and he was able to speak to the spirit of the lady. meanwhile, in Latveria, Doom and Loki, who is now in his male form, talk about how the Asgardians are accepting their new home. Balder and Bill also talk about how moving to Latveria could prove very costly to Asgard and Doom can never be trusted. Balder then talks to Heimdall and thanks him for going along with them to Latveria. He asked Heimdall what he sees ahead and he tells Balder that all he sees is death. Bill has been killed by rogue Asgardians who were siding with Loki and Doctor Doom.

Dr. Doom sends three Doombots after Donald Blake. They travel to Oklahoma where Blake is with Sif and the Warrior's three. They try to attack and kill Blake, but Sif gets in front of Blake and protects him from the Doombots. The Warrior's Three then come to aid Sif as she holds off the Doombots. The Doombots hold off the Asgardians with their attacks, until Volstagg decides to take action and he defeats them. Blake couldn't find his cane during the battle. He sees it after the fight and goes on to pick it up. He gets attacked from behind by one of the surviving Doombots. He hits his cane and then transforms into Thor. He tries talking to the Doombot, but it's memory has been erased, so he destroys it. However, Blake was injured and left weakened by the blast that hit him in the back. He goes to a hospital where he's told that we won't be able to run or do any similar activities because of the damage that his spine took. He's told to use a cane, but Blake already uses one most of the time.

Kelda goes to Doom's castle to seek revenge for what's happened to her lover, Bill. She goes into the castle, but walks into a trap set by Doom, and she gets killed. Jane calls Donald up and tells him to be more careful with what he's doing. Blake then calls up Reed Richards. He asks him to help him narrow down who sent the attackers. They narrow it down to only a few possible people. Blake then tells him where Loki and the rest of Asgard currently was, they then figure out who sent the attackers. Meanwhile, Balder and the rest of Asgard go to Doom's castle to attack him and Loki and to avenge both Bill and Kelda. Loki comes to them before they attack and gets arrested. The team of Asgardians arrive at the gates of Doom's castle where they see him waiting. He sends the Asgardians, now mindless, that he's been testing on to attack them. Doom watches them as they fight, until he hears someone. Thor arrives and ready to fight telling him that he's about to learn a hard lesson.

Thor engages Doom, but Doom distracts Thor and is able to escape. Thor then fights alongside Balder and the rest of the Asgardians against those Asgardians who have been corrupted. While they fight, Doom comes in his castle holding the dead body of Kelda. He throws her body off the tower, which angers Thor. Thor destroys what seems to be Doom, but is actually a Doombot. Loki tells them how to save Kelda. They have to find her heart and bring it back to her body. Heimdall locates her heart inside Doom's castle, and Thor destroys the way to it. He sees Doom, but before he can lay a hand on him. the Destroyer armor attacks Thor. Doom acquired it from Asgard now that it's in Latveria. Doom says that the armor wasn't quite as powerful as it was before, because it isn't complete yet. Doom gets in the armor and heads on to attack Thor. The early stages of the fight show Doom overwhelming Thor with his new power set, and even managing to block Mjolnir effortlessly with one hand. However, due to the Destroyer facsimile not yet being completed, Thor is able to take the offensive and eventually manages to shatter it in 6-7 shots. Doom is then teleported away by Loki.

When Norman Osborn leads the Dark Avengers in invading Asgard, Thor rushes to Asgard's defense, only to be beaten back by Osborn's team. Osborn tries to arrest Thor and declare Asgard under his jurisdiction, only to be beaten away by Ares. After the Sentry kills Ares, Osborn orders him to kill Thor only for the gathered Avengers to come to his aid. The Sentry finds Thor with Maria Hill and the two battle, with the Sentry barely injured. Before he can kill Thor, Osborn tells him to tear down Asgard, which he gladly does. When Thor finds the defeated Osborn, he demands to know where Loki was, knowing his hand was part of this. Osborn rattles off that they're all dead as the Sentry returns as the Void. As the battle goes south for the heroes, Loki ends up aiding them, giving them the power to fight back until the Void slays him. Enraged, Thor battles the Void until Iron Man takes over and drops the H.A.M.M.E.R. Helicarrier on it. As Robert Reynolds is restored to normal, he begs to be killed. Thor denies his request, only to be forced to as the Void returns. He wraps his body in his cloak and takes him to the sun to be burned. As the heroes celebrate after the end of the battle and the dissolution of the Superhuman Registration Act, Thor and a number of Asgardians arrive and declare that for now on, Earth and Asgard are forever allies, marking the moment by erecting a remaining tower from Asgard on Stark Tower and declares he'll be willing to heed another call to join the Avengers. He later forgoes attending the Sentry's funeral to tell his mother about her son's death.

2. Captain America (1063 [points - 45 first place slots)

captainamerica2.jpg"The leader of the whole Marvel Universe. He is its moral compass."

"When Steve Rogers showed up in block of ice in those early issues of the Avengers, he, more than anyone else, secured a lasting spot in comics history for the group, which might otherwise have faded into obscurity rather than becoming the premiere comics team for forty years. Though Cap, like many other heroes, suffered some setbacks in the nineties and early 2000s, he has come back full force under Brubaker, and his death and resurrection have only served to strengthen the Steve Rogers character and make him even more important to the Marvel U. Another example of a character proving, after all of these years, that he DOES live up to his hype, like Scott Summers."

"Inspirational leader and a guy you'd follow anywhere."

"The Living Legend, The Man Out of Time, The Sentinel of Liberty take your pick on what you want to call him it's all true. Cap's one of the best characters in comics for so many reasons. Great costume, great weapon, awesome back-story, punching Hitler in his face etc etc."

"Steve, the 97 lb weakling who sacrificed a normal life for his country."

"A lot of characters were born during the era of World War 2. It was the beginning of superhero comics. None of them -- not Batman, not Superman, not Wonder Woman or Namor or the Human Torch -- can get anywhere close to what Captain America represents. He may be draped in the flag, be he's not what America is. He's what America strives to be. A representation of ideals, of hopes, of dreams.

Look at it like this. Superman's death may have made major news, Captain America's death made major news AND sparked debate. "

"The Sentinel of Liberty, flag wearing symbol of justice and ass kicking. Steve is a time displaced icon trying to fit in to a society that has left him from behind. It's a truly epic idea which NEVER loses it's resonance."

"The inspiration of the Marvel U. THE Avenger, THE living legend, THE leader, and THE most-respected, most-beloved hero in its universe, Cap shall always be the emotional, spiritual, and ethical barometer by which the other heroes are measured. His will to win, his tactical skill, his dedication to cause, his confidence, his compassion, his sense of duty, and his leadership are second to none, and will never be matched. A voice that can command gods and does, and yet also a sounding board that never fails to listen to the common man as well, Cap is everything we as Americans, and moreso as people, aspire to be, and everything that I love in my heroes."

"Steve Rogers. Embodies American pride and glory... I'm not American and I still feel a sense of pride seeing Cap."

"Steve's THE guy. If you merged the Marvel and DC universes together, EVERYONE would look up to and respect Superman. But SUPERMAN would look up to and admire STEVE ROGERS."

"I can't believe how much I used to hate this character when I was a kid."

"Even as a Canadian, Cap showed valor and integrity in a way that even Superman couldn't. That of a soldier."

Steve Rogers was a scrawny fine arts student specializing in industrialization in the 1940's before America entered World War II. He attempted to enlist in the army only to be turned away due to his poor constitution. A U.S. officer offered Rogers an alternative way to serve his country by being a test subject in project, Operation: Rebirth, a top secret defense research project designed to create physically superior soldiers. Rogers accepted and after a rigorous physical and combat training and selection process was selected as the first test subject. He was given injections and oral ingestion of the formula dubbed the "Super Soldier Serum" developed by the scientist Dr. Abraham Erskine. Rogers was then exposed to a controlled burst of "Vita-Rays" that activated and stabilized the chemicals in his system. The process successfully altered his physiology from its frail state to the maximum of human efficiency, including greatly enhanced musculature and reflexes.

After the assassination of Dr. Erskine. Roger was re-imagined as a superhero who served both as a counter-intelligence agent and a propaganda symbol to counter Nazi Germany's head of terrorist operations, the Red Skull. Rogers was given a costume modeled after the American flag, a bulletproof shield, a personal sidearm and the codename Captain America. He was also given a cover identity as a clumsy infantry private at Camp LeHigh in Virginia. Barely out of his teens himself, Rogers made friends with the teenage camp mascot, James Buchanan "Bucky" Barnes. Barnes accidentally learned of Rogers' dual identity and offered to keep the secret if he could become Captain America's sidekick. Rogers agreed, and trained Barnes. Roger met President Franklin D. Roosevelt, who presented him with a new shield made from a chance mixture of iron, Vibranium and an unknown catalyst. Throughout World War II, Captain America and Bucky fought the Nazi menace both on their own and as members of the superhero team the Invaders, which after the war evolved into the All-Winners Squad.

captainamerica.jpgIn the closing days of World War II in 1945, Captain America and Bucky tried to stop the villainous Baron Zemo from destroying an experimental drone plane. Zemo launched the plane with an armed explosive device on it, with Rogers and Barnes in hot pursuit. They reached the plane just before it took off, but when Bucky tried to defuse the bomb, it exploded in mid-air. The young man was believed killed, and Rogers was hurled into the freezing waters of either the North Atlantic. Neither his body or Bucky's were found, and both were presumed dead.

The Avengers discovered Rogers' body in the North Atlantic, his costume under his soldier's uniform and still carrying his shield. Rogers had been preserved in a block of ice since 1945, which melted after the block was thrown back into the ocean by an enraged Sub-Mariner. When Rogers revived, he related his last, failed mission in the closing days of the war. Rogers accepted membership in the Avengers, and although he soon adjusted to modern times well enough to eventually assume leadership of the team, he was plagued by guilt for not being able to prevent Bucky's death. He also undertook missions for the national security agency S.H.I.E.L.D., which was commanded by his old war comrade Nick Fury. Rogers established a residence in the Red Hook neighborhood of Brooklyn, New York and has discovered that Bucky had been held in suspended animation throughout the Cold War performing assassinations as the Winter Soldier.

Recent events have been tumultuous for Captain America. As the passage of the Superhuman Registration Act drew near, Maria Hill (the leader of S.H.I.E.L.D.) propositioned Rogers and the Avengers to join S.H.I.E.L.D. in enforcing the act. When he refused, Hill had her trained "Superhuman Response Unit" attack him. During the scuffle Rogers avoided being tranquilized and managed to escape by lodging his shield in an aircraft and forcing the pilot to fly him to safety. Soon after, at the Baxter Building the Watcher told the heroes who had gathered there about the Captain's escape. Captain America soon became the de facto leader of the Secret Avengers, heroes fighting against the registration act, much to the consternation of his erstwhile friend Iron Man. While the two made sporadic attempts to reconcile during the Civil War, the clashes between their respective teams became more and more heated, ultimately leading to a pitched battle in the middle of New York City. At the end of the battle, as Cap was about to deliver a finishing blow to Iron Man, he was tackled by several emergency workers. Realizing the damage the war was doing to the city and its civilian population, Captain America unmasked and surrendered as Steve Rogers.

On his way to an arraignment at the Federal Courthouse in New York City, Captain America was shot in the right shoulder by a sniper's bullet. Several subsequent shots were fired point blank at Rogers by Sharon Carter, brainwashed by Dr. Faustus who was allied with the Red Skull. Sharon, unaware of her actions and concealed by the crowd during the shooting, escorted Rogers to the hospital while the Falcon and the Winter Soldier subdued the sniper, Crossbones (Brock Rumlow). Captain America was pronounced dead on arrival at Mercy Hospital. Sharon's memory was restored by a keyword spoken by the Red Skull's daughter, Sin (Sinthia Shmidt).

Captain America: Reborn #1 revealed that Steve Rogers did not die; the gun used on him instead transported him to a fixed position in space and time. The Red Skull tried to use Sharon Carter and a machine created by Doctor Doom to retrieve him, but since Sharon destroyed the machine, Captain America has been phasing in and out of space and time, appearing at events in his lifetime and fighting battles. In one of these event phases, he relays a mission to the Vision, who passes the message to Reed Richards, who concludes that Sharon is the key to bringing Rogers out of time. Reed is too late when the Red Skull gains control of Steve's body and uses it to fight Bucky.

In the one-shot comic Captain America: Who Will Wield the Shield?, taking place after the conclusion to Reborn, Rogers wonders if he should even bother retaking the mantle of Captain America from Bucky. He feels that Bucky has grown into the role and that the identity means "something else" to him now. Going out on patrol, he encounters Bucky and Black Widow, as Bucky spots him and throws the shield up to Rogers. With it, Rogers easily takes down some hoodlums. Afterward, Rogers hands the shield back to Bucky, who does not want to take it back since Rogers has returned, feeling Rogers is the one true Captain America. Rogers tells Bucky that he's not sure he'll be back in the role, and asks him to keep the shield, to which Bucky reluctantly agrees.

Later, Rogers waits patiently in the White House and speaks to President Barack Obama. Obama, feeling the SHRA was "un-American," gladly grants Rogers a full Presidential pardon, saying that he would only risk his reputation by doing so to Captain America. When Rogers explains to Obama that he may not be Captain America again, the President states that he may need Rogers for something "far greater".

It has been announced that Captain America will fight alongside Thor and Iron Man for the first time in several years during the Siege event, which will bring the on-going Dark Reign event to an end.

The end panel of Dark Avengers Annual #1 shows Bucky Barnes as Captain America. He is talking with Steve Rogers, who is in a dark body suit, as they observe Noh-Varr. He welcomes the New Avengers to his base of operations after the Dark Avengers destroy Barnes' apartment. The intro to the Siege storyline ends when Steve sees Norman Osborn and his Dark Avengers neutralize Thor on live television. In the second issue of Siege, Steve Rogers makes plans to go to Asgard with a group of heroes including Nick Fury, Spider-Man, and Bucky. Rogers tells the heroes that he doesn't know how the world got the way it did but it is in chaos with madmen like Norman Osborn in control. Before the heroes leave for Asgard, Steve Rogers (in his Captain America suit) is pulled to the side by Bucky. Bucky tells Steve that he needs the shield in the fight against the Dark Avengers. Steve Rogers takes the shield but asks Bucky what he will do, to which Bucky replies "I will do what I do", while holding a large gun in his hands.

At the conclusion of "Siege," Steve Rogers is called to the White House where the President offers to make him the new head of security of the United States. Steve agrees on the condition that he gets to do the job his way. The Super-Human Registration Act is repealed and during a gathering at Avenger Tower, Steve appears and tells them it's the start of a new day for all of them and he needs their help. Steve is later seen overseeing the incarceration of Norman Osborn, at The Raft penitentiary, under his new role as Captain Steve Rogers

1. Your Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man (1157 points - 51 first place slots)

spiderman2.gif"Peter Parker is Marvel's flagship character for a reason. He is simply one of the best characters out there and he exemplifies hope and heroism like nobody else can."

"The ultimate, archetype "every man" hero."

"Marvel's most loved character."

"C'mon he's Spider-Man doing all a spider can."

"Let me tell you why Spider-Man is the best of the Marvel superheroes and maybe the best of the superheroes in comics. Everyone focuses on the dressing -- the dork, the person who can't keep a job, or the guy who has girl problems -- but that's not it. That's the garnish on the five star meal or the representation of this core ideal: Superman is the hero we all wish we could be deep down. Batman is the hero we would never really want to be. Spider-Man is the superhero we would all be if one day we had those great powers.

He's not bullet proof. He's not a man-god. He's not a playboy crushed under the weight of childhood drama. He's human and vulnerable. And we cheer for him because despite that, despite bills, and girl problems, and the 1,001 little speed bumps of life, Peter Parker tries to -- and succeeds -- and making a difference in the world.

Just like all of us want to do."

"The poster boy of bad luck and being dumped on. He is a worrier and still cracks jokes. He is a fun character (when written correctly) that still has time to help out new heroes and old favorites. He's misunderstood and yet still holds to his values. Who can't relate?"

"Other than the weird choices made with Mephisto... A great hero. A KID who became New York City's champion."

"He was the first of the MU heroes I got hooked on. It wasn't so much that the original cartoon show was on, but that I got to read all of the old Stan Lee/Steve Ditko comics alongside the Romita Sr. issues and then the Gil Kane and Ross Andru stuff."

"He's the character that set the direction for the Marvel Universe."

"Spidey better win this whole thing. Just saying."

spiderman.jpg"To me, he's the quintessential Marvel hero. Flawed, emotional, down on his luck, but with a huge heart and clear sense of right and wrong. Throw in some humor, drama and a unique perspective on the world of superheroes and he's clearly a comic book icon."

"He's the everyman, he's you and he's me... and he has a HOT redhead waiting at home for him!"

"The most amazing friend of all"

"I discovered Spider-man after my parents died, and he has been with me ever since"

"One thing DC and Marvel fans agree on is this, Spider-man is the best hero there is."

You know, we all know who he is so I really do not have to write anything do I? But I will, it may be cliché though but I think it will do.

spiderman3.jpgSpider-Man, Spider-Man
Does whatever a spider can:
Spins a web, any size,
Catches thieves just like flies--
Look out:
Here comes the Spider-Man.

Is he strong?
Listen bud,
He's got radioactive blood.
Can he swing from a thread?
Take a look overhead;
Hey there--
There goes the Spider-Man.

In the chill of night
At the scene of a crime
Like a streak of light
He arrives just in time.

Spider-Man, Spider-Man
Friendly neighborhood Spider-Man.
Wealth and fame
He's ignored
Action is his reward.

To him, life is a great big bang up
Whenever there's a hang up
You'll find the Spider-Man.

Were you shocked? I wasn't. Though, the rest of the list shocked the hell out of me, especially the Top 10. But seriously, look at that point total? I think that is a record in both points AND first place votes? I think Captain America broke it first, then Spidey came in and stole it from him. I am glad Spidey won this one, he deserved it after the whole OMD thingie, but we do not like to talk about that.

So there you have it, your Top Marvel Heroes. This is where I usually ramble on and on and on about how this list pissed me off, but you know what? I enjoyed it. This was my favorite of all the lists. Speaking of Lists, keep an eye peeled for the next one: Top Comic Book Runs. Oh yes, it will be uber delicious.

I just want to give a shout out to all the people that voted on this, we really couldn't have it without you. And all the folks that got pissed off and shocked in the thread. You are my fav. And a big round of applause to misac and everyone else who helped me out BIGTIME in this. Oh yes, and the folks who decided to play the TLC, I hope you enjoyed yourselves.

On the topic of TLC, I guess I should list who won this whole damn thing, am I right?

The runner up is......


Which means Amoebas won. Congrats to you both, get ready for some trades to come your way!!!


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