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Super Reads Siege 12

Written by SuperginraiX on Saturday, May 29 2010 and posted in Features

Let's roll on into Broxton.

Today, we check out The New Avengers #63, The Mighty Avengers #35, Avengers: The Initiative #34, Thunderbolts #142, Thor #608, and Blast to the Past for The Mighty Thor #'s 377 &378. Enjoy and spread the word!

Spoilers Ahead!

It's time to go behind the scenes of Siege to see what's really going on. Will you be shocked and awed? Not really. It's just some extra depth for your money.

If this is your first time reading Super Reads, it's been around for a while, now! We've covered everything from Secret Invasion through Dark Reign as well as War of Kings. If you're interested in reading all that backstory (and who wouldn't be?), check in the "Features" link at the top of the page, look for the "Super Reads" button and click away for DAYS of reading enjoyment. If that's too many clicks for you, just hit HERE and get there in one shot.

Cap's Avengers hit Asgard. Let's hit it with them.

na63.jpgThe New Avengers #63
Writer: Brian Michael Bendis
Penciler: Mike McKone

Last issue, Spider-Man saved himself and was attacked by Spider-Woman. A couple HAMMER Agents were ducking out of the way of the duo-Caps' fight with the Living Laser when they were taken out by a combination of killing lasers and Luke Cage's good left hook. Cap, Cap, and Luke finished the fight with the Living Laser, had a little reunion, and then faced down the laser scope of Nick Fury. The Spidey-People faked Griffin and Mandrill out and beat the hell out of them, Peter stopping Jessica from taking things a little too far. Nick and his Secret Warriors met Steve Rogers for the first time and everyone fought HAMMER Agents. The good guys escaped and rendezvous'd at the Avengers Safehouse in Brooklyn. They met up with the rest of the New Avengers there. After Steve saw the Siege going down on television, he told everyone to gather every ally they could. It was time to end this whole Dark Reign thing.

In this issue, Cap and his team hit the streets of Asgard, fighting off against Dark Avengers and members of the Initiative. Luke is blasted by Iron Patriot and ends up smashing into a building, where he gets a good look at an Asgardian family complete with kid. This leads to a flashback where he talks to his wife about their future. The Syndicate shows up because that's what they do in every frickin' issue. Ronin and Mockingbird fight various bad guys, and flashback to a battle with Lady Octopus. The Sentry smashes through Asgard and maybe Mockingbird is killed. Maybe. Probably not.

This is it, for all the marbles! Captain America, Steve Rogers if you're nasty, has finally come to Asgard and he's brought all his friends with him. They are here to kick butt and take names and that means action, action, action!

As is natural with a Brian Bendis-penned comic, it doesn't exactly fit up with any continuity established in any other Bendis-penned comic. I could mention all the discrepancies until I was blue in the face but it would feel a lot like nitpicking. While I do love to pick some nits, I'll be gentle and just move right to the action.

So: Steve Rogers, his Avengers, Nick Fury, the Secret Warriors, and all of Asgard versus Norman Osborn, his Avengers, the Initiative, and all of HAMMER.

Some of this fight is fun to watch. Some of it is just great lines. Like Spider-Man? He mentions how ridiculous it is that the Dark Avengers fly around on their own Goblin Gliders. It's nice to see that finally mentioned in the comic.

Steve Rogers shouts at everyone to not get cocky. This fight isn't won by a long shot and they'll need to keep their eye on the ball for them to have a chance. Luke Cage, of course, doesn't follow orders very well. The minute he can get a save in on the Star-Spangled Avenger, he takes it; smacking Venom around and cracking jokes at the same time. As he's helping Steve up, Norman Osborn blasts him into the air.

Luke goes back, back, WAY back... he's... smashing into a building and really regretting his cocky attitude. The building turns out not to be all that abandoned and he looks right into the eyes of a young Asgardian girl surrounded by other Asgardian women.

Those eyes lead him right into a flashback from the day before. It's him, his wife Jessica Jones, and their baby Danielle. Dani is laughing and having the good time with her parents which is wierd to Luke and Jessica. They are living a life on the run from Norman Osborn and have little to actually be happy about. Well, Luke at least is hopeful. Steve Rogers is back and everything will be good once more. Eventually. It's on Steve's to-do list. We all know how good Lists are, right?

Jessica's not so sure everything is ready to get back in working order. She probably remembers how well Steve lost the Civil War, after all. She's also not so sure about his super-hero thing. She did fight in costume in the latest New Avengers Annual but she's not so sure she wants to make a habit out of that. Luke knows his wife and knows she'll be back in uniform (and not just because he's seen the promos for the next New Avengers lineup). Still, he sees her questioning her role as a super-hero and wonders if she'll ACTUALLY be fighting as Jewel again.

It won't be during the Siege, that's for sure. Jessica is worried that she and her husband will both get arrested and they'll have their baby taken away. She thinks she's being selfish and is a little upset that she isn't standing up for what she believes in, but life usually isn't as easy as they make it appear in... comic books? Is that appropriate? Do these people's lives ever seem cut-and-dried? Not really. Life isn't easy anywhere.

Jessica's not that happy for Luke going into battle either because she doesn't want to lose her husband. She also knows that Luke's GOING to be in this fight. There's not a lot she can do to stop him, so she doesn't try. She just makes sure he knows that he can't end up dead when this is all over. The two share an awkwardly drawn kiss where it looks like Luke has fallen asleep with his eyes open and we're back to the battle of Asgard.

It's Luke Cage versus Venom round two! Luke grabs the stupid tongue that's always hanging out of Venom's mouth and tosses him away.

And... the Syndicate show up to back up Norman Osborn. They are contractually required to appear in every issue of New Avengers. It just makes it easier since they're also showing up in Siege proper. This also gives our Avengers more people to fight.

For example: Mockingbird is all over the place, fighting Blackout, dodging blasts from the Living Laser, and facing Razorfist. Cap helps her our in the fight with Razorfist by throwing his shield in, leaving Bobbi free to go back to fighting Blackout.

Her ex-husband, Ronin, is helping King Balder fight the Answer. He gets a look at Bobbi and takes off his facemask. It's flashback time once more.

Clint Barton and Bobbi Morse might not be married anymore, but that doesn't mean they can't sleep together. After all, they're back to seeing each other and Clint sleeps with everyone. Note to Bobbi: get yourself checked out regularly. Clint's a former carnie and you just can't trust where he's been.

Anyway, Bobbi wakes up from a bad dream and decides to go on patrol around town. Even though Clint is told not to come along, he catches up to his ex-wife moments later. Yeah, he's not good at listening. Bobbi's ticked that he followed her but it's clear that something in her dream rattled her even more. When Spider-Man swings by, they both give him a look and send him away. Just then, they hear a window crash. It's just what Bobbi has been waiting for. It's time to beat someone up.

And who is crashing windows at a quarter-to-five in the morning? Lady Octopus. If you don't remember Carol Trainer then you probably skipped out on her appearances in Spider-Man's comics during the Clone Saga. She's here to steal something or other for another nameless person when she runs afoul of Mockingbird. Clearly, Bobbi wants to beat someone up and a female version of Doctor Octopus is good for that.

Ronin helps her clean up, because he clearly doesn't get that Bobbi needs to work out some issues through violence. He actually picked up on the fact that police were making their way in, and, since they're both fugitive super-heroes, they shouldn't be there when the authorities arrive.

Bobbi shares her dream. She dreamed that they were dead and just hadn't figured it out yet. Barton tries to comfort her but she's not the touchy-feely kind of girl. Instead, he tries to convince her that things are just about to look up. Cap's back. The world is saved. The Dark Reign is over. It just doesn't know it yet.

The cops show up and the heroes make themselves scarce. Clint suggests that after the world is saved they should get away from all this and get a new start on their lives. Bobbi chews these words around in her mouth while we take this thing back to the present.

Clint and Bobbi aren't fighting together but they are fighting close enough where they can keep an eye on each other. Bobbi gives her ex-husband a smile...

And Sentry blasts through Asgard.

The city falls. Building collapse. Thor drops to his knees in the rubble.

Clint is fine. He's just lost sight of Mockingbird and really wants to see the love of his life. Barton calls out her name and gets no response. He sees a woman but it turns out to be Sif. She's standing, bewildered, in the ruins of her home. Clint keeps searching and calling out Bobbi's name. Under a large piece of rubble, we see a gloved hand sticking out. It looks like someone might have died...

ma35.jpgThe Mighty Avengers #35
Writer: Dan Slott
Penciler: Khoi Pham

Last issue, the Mighty Thor was called in to rescue his brother from... the Mighty Avengers! Some flashbacks may be required. Jarvis traveled the world to get the special ingredients necessary to make the Mighty Avengers a nice meal. The Avengers discussed current events until Pietro finally learned that the Scarlet Witch they've been listening to wasn't actually Wanda Maximoff. Hank told him who he believed their Scarlet Witch is: Loki. The Mighty Avengers headed to the Isle of Silence, fought trolls, and captured Loki. After a little torture, Thor arrived and fought the Avengers until Hank agreed never to torture a god again. Hank was allowed to ask Loki one question and get a truthful response. He asked if Loki would like to join the team. Everybody quit. Back in the Infinite Mansion, Jocasta was hurting. One of her many bodies seemed to be acting on it's own...

In this Siegin' tie-in, not much actual Siegin' occurs. Ace and Black Jacquie show up to fire the Mighty Avengers and find only Jarvis, Hank Pym, and Jocasta in residents. Hank gives Jocasta flesh limbs. Ultron gets a body. Hank catches up on current events and turns down Steve's offer to join the Siege. Jarvis heads off to hand over a suitcase to a man in red, white, and blue. Ultron takes over the Infinite Mansion. Amadeus Cho gathers Mighty Avengers to fight the Thunderbolts. Hank escapes Ultron using ants. Wasp disconnects the Mansion from the real world and we learn that the Infinite Mansion is located around Janet Van Dyne's body.

The Avengers team are disbanded but we've still got two issues left. Let's see what that means for the Wondrous Wasp: Hank Pym.

Black Jacquie and Ace have been hanging about the Infinite Mansion for a while before Jarvis meets them and escorts them to Hank Pym. This is usually something that Jocasta would use one of her infinite bodies to accomplish but Jo's gone offline. It's all Ultron's doing but no-one's realized it just yet. As Jarvis leads the two guests to Pym, Ultron even looks out at them from a nearby painting. Jacquie catches a glimpse of this but it's too quick for her to think of it as anything but a trick of the eye.

Hank Pym is nothing if not dedicated to his goals. Right now, he's working on bringing Jocasta back to the land of the living. He doesn't have time to get fired by the Agents of GRANDPA.

That stands for Global Reaction Agency for Mysterious Paranormal Activity. They have been the Mighty Avengers sponsors since soon after the new team formed and it's allowed them to save the world as long as they didn't touch the United States.

This meeting isn't going to go away so Hank tells them to go on while he keeps working on his robotic girlfriend. Black Jacquie and Ace list off all of the Mighty Avengers' achievement, allowing Hank to fill them in on the outer space adventure with the Inhumans that probably didn't make the paper. These were the good days when the Mighty Avengers were doing a very successful job at keeping the world safe.

Elsewhere in the Infinite Mansion, the many bodies of Jocasta are engaged in a ritual to bring Ultron back to life. When Ultron's body is reformed, the Jocasta army asks him what number should follow his name. Ultron usually goes by such monikers as Ultron V, Ultron X, or even Ultron Unlimited. This time, Ultron accepts his lineage as a Pym and just chooses that as his last name. He'll be Ultron Pym from now on. We also learn that he followed his daddy into the Infinite Mansion as a robot insect and worked on infecting the various Jocasta bodies from there.

Where did it all go wrong in GRANDPA's relationship with the Mighty Avengers? That would be when they went into the United States, the only country where they had no authority, and made Norman Osborn look like the savior of the world all over again. Remember the battle with a Cosmic Cube-powered Absorbing Man? Yeah, that was not a moment to put in the highlight reel of the Mighty Avengers.

Something like that probably makes Osborn's agenda against Asgard all the more popular. Now, wait a second now- what's this all about? Pym's been out of the loop while he fixed up Jocasta. Jacquie and Ace fill him in on how Volstagg is seen as responsible for thousands of deaths and is the catalyst for Norman Osborn's Siege of Asgard. They know that such an event had to be staged because it's far too similar to the Stamford Incident that ignited the Super-Human Civil War. Pym thinks that something like this has Loki's signature all over it. This could have been prevented if only Hank hadn't asked Loki to become an Avenger.

Just then, Steve Rogers places a call to the Infinite Mansion and asks Hank to join his resistance movement. They're heading off to fight Norman Osborn and save Asgard. The GRANDPA Agents weren't even aware that Captain America was still alive so... yeah, Hank mocks them for being a bad secret agency. He also has to turn Steve down.

He doesn't have a doorway to Oklahoma and meeting everyone else in New York would just be WAY too easy. Besides, he has some time-sensitive experiments going on that he can't just drop. Steve Rogers is disappointed that Wasp isn't able to help. Rogers tells Pym that Thor and Tony Stark are already on the scene and everything. They need all the help they can get. No can do for Hank Pym.

This is why you haven't seen him in Siege. He has stuff to do.

Black Jacquie and Ace are astounded that Hank just turned down Captain America. They ask why but Hank can't give them a straight answer. He just notes that it's imperative that he get Jocasta back up and running. To that end, he installs some new flesh aspect limbs to Jocasta's body and hits the restart button. The Agents of GRANDPA can't believe that Hank Pym turned down Captain America so he could make out with his robot.

Which isn't exactly true but Hank has a hard time letting people know what's really going on. Even Jocasta is in the dark to his true intentions.

When Black Jacquie suggests he at least call in the rest of his team, Hank tells them the news. There is no-one else. Everyone quit after he messed up their confrontation with Loki. They met up again during the Assault on New Olympus (which took place over in The Incredible Hercules book) but when Hercules died, the team separated once more. All that remains are Hank Pym, Jocasta, and... oh, there goes Jarvis.

You might remember that Jarvis handed Captain America a very special briefcase in Siege #2. Jarvis tries to respect continuity so that means even though Hank doesn't answer the call of Captain America, Jarvis does. He walks to the nearest door to New York and doesn't notice the hundreds of Jocasta-bots watching his every move. They ask Ultron if Jarvis should be killed before he can leave, but Ultron decides that this one can die at a later date. He's inconsequential for the moment.

Back in the control room, GRANDPA is finishing up their business with the Avengers. It was a good run but, ultimately, a failed experiment. Hank is a bit peeved but doesn't care enough to make a case out of it. He tries connecting Jocasta back up to the main systems so she can lead the two guests back out. Everything goes crazy. Jocasta demands to be disconnected as alarms start sounding. Ultron is back. Jocasta just found out. It's too late.

Since the Infinite Mansion is somehow maintained by a certain Avenger's memory files, it can be overwritten by other intelligences. The classy walls are replaced by a series of tubes and wires. Ultron controls the vertical. He also controls the horizontal. Ultron makes a personal appearance on the monitors, promising to meet/kill his dad as soon as he can.

We all know the story of Ultron, right? Well, if you watched Next Avengers, you might not have it right. In that video, Tony Stark created Ultron. This isn't so in the comics. Ultron was created by Hank. Pym wasn't trying to create a killer robot. He was just trying to create an artificial intelligence. Later on, we learn that he based Ultron's thought patterns on his own; which goes a long way to explain his guilt over the entire thing. It's not every day you creat a robot using your thought pattern only to watch the robot go insane and start trying to conquer the world.

Any way, Ultron has the ultimate daddy issues.

As everyone shuttles out of the control room, they realize that the entire Infinite Mansion has been taken over by Ultron. Hank is concerned because the portraits on the walls represented "her" memory files. Now, he isn't referring to Jocasta's because Jo is standing right there with her memory intact.

This becomes the least of Pym's immediate concerns, however. Ultron has corrupted the other Jocasta bodies and our heroes find themselves fighting an army of Ultron Brides. Hank makes sure they know not to hit the one with fleshy limbs. She's with him.

Hank gets a plan in place. He scans Black Jacquie and Ace and then calls in his troops. No, not the Mighty Avengers. They have other things going on.

You may remember that some of the team showed up in Thunderbolts #141. We get another look at how that meeting took place with a little more inside info on how USAgent was put back into the team. Amadeus gave him a call, yes, but John Walker didn't just accept. He hemmed and hawed because he was left out in the breeze by Hank Pym. Since Hank isn't part of the team anymore, Amadeus has some room to maneuver to get Walker to put on his USAgent suit (sans cowl) and rejoin the fight. All it really took were the words: "Screw Pym."

Amadeus got a hold of Vision and Stature while they were in Brooklyn with the rest of the Young Avengers. This was during Steve's big motivational speech in Siege #2. Stature is convinced when she learns that she'll be able to fight Ant-Man.

Quicksilver doesn't get the message because he's racing around the world faster than the speed of radio. He's in a mood after losing his daughter's respect and learning that he wasn't anywhere near to tracking his sister down.

Back at the Infinite Mansion, Ultron and his Brides have surrounded Hank Pym and friends. Hank tries to negotiate but Ultron will have none of it. Pym decides this is as good a time as any to tell the villain that he isn't really Hank Pym. Ultron steps closer to demand clarification, steps on an ant, and causes Hank to disappear. Yep. Hank put image inducers on a bunch of ants again.

Ultron is impressed at this because even his sensors couldn't tell the difference between the image inducer and the genuine article. Other areas of the mansion or being covered with ants as well. This is a distraction so that Hank and his companions can get where he needs to go. Hank has shrunk himself, Jocasta, and the Agents of GRANDPA to ant size and then had them use image inducers to appear to any Ultron Bride to be a normal everyday ant.

Hank has gotten to the door of his lab and returned everyone to their normal size. They rush inside and Wasp seals the door shut behind them. Inside Hank's lab is, literally, the heart of the complex. The Dimensional Wave Device is heart-shaped. It's also what allows the Infinite Mansion to connect to different doors throughout the universe. With such a device, Ultron has access to EVERYWHERE.

So they need to shut it down right now.

Ultron is super pissed that his Brides allowed his pop to get into a lab. After all, Hank's Scientist Supreme. Give him a bit of science and he can accomplish some amazing things. Usually involving ants.

Inside the lab, Hank has disconnected the heart and shrunk it down to size. Hey, it's the perfect size to fit into a certain robot's chest. Jocasta opens up, gets a heart put in, and she didn't even need to walk down a yellow brick road.

With that, Hank is out of ideas. Sure, he's in his lab but there's nowhere else to go from here and no secrets hidden in his lab that can help them out. Ace and One-Eyed Jacquie make up their own plan. They see one more door out of the lab. Sure, it doesn't open up to Chicago anymore but there's something on the other side, right?

Even as Hank protests, they blow off the door and walk on out only to find that they are not in Kansas anymore. Allow Hank to explain what he probably should have explained a long time ago.

The Infinite Mansion is located in Underspace. Say what? OK. There is our level of reality. If you size up a lot, you get to the Macroverse. If you size up even more, you get to Overspace. Now, if you size DOWN from our reality, you enter the Microverse. Size down ever further: Underspace.

Why Underspace? Because, at the end of the Secret Invasion, Thor teleported Janet Van Dyne there so that she didn't explode and destroy the world. The Infinite Mansion covers her entire body. It was "her" memory files that Hank was worried about.

That's... kind of wierd. No wonder he never told anyone.

ati34.jpgAvengers: The Initiative #34
Writer: Christos N. Gage
Penciler: Jorge Molina

Last issue, Night Thrasher remembered his older half-brother. The Avengers Resistance fought the Syndicate at Camp HAMMER. Norman chewed out Taskmaster for showing up at the fall of Thor. Taskmaster rejoined the Siege of Asgard and fought Hogun. Maria Hill rescued the god of thunder. Diamondback was "rescued" by Constrictor. Ares was killed by the Sentry. Taskmaster noticed the New Avengers and company showing up and gave Norman the heads-up. The Hood came shooting in the defense of Camp HAMMER. Robby Baldwin found himself facing off against two HAMMER Agents who wanted him to stay put. Tigra attacked the Hood. Parker gave Night Thrasher the choice of killing Tigra and restoring his brother to life or never seeing his brother alive again.

In this heart pulsing chapter of Avengers: The Initiative, Night Thrasher chooses the side of the angels and beats down the Hood. Tigra and Donyell team-up to continue this fight. Penance and the other good members of the Initiative join the fight. The Hood gets called in to the battle of Asgard and takes his Syndicate with him. Taskmaster fights Cap and Cap. The Hood's reinforcements show up. Diamondback and Constrictor get separated. Asgard comes tumbling down.

What is so awesome about Avengers: The Initiative? EVERYTHING. The art is very cool. The story fits pretty well into the events happening in Siege. The New Warriors! Butterball! It's just all around good times.

Hell, this story even makes me sort of like Donyell Taylor and the New Warriors series made that incredibly hard to do. Man, I hated Donyell in that book. Here, you actually feel his moment of crisis. Do you make a deal with the devil to get your brother back even though you know your brother will hate you for doing so? It's a tough decision with consequences either way. Granted, saying no just means that things stay the way they are.

So it's the easier decision to make. The current Night Thrasher decides against killing Tigra and instead swats down the Hood. Since Tigra has issues of her own involving the Hood and his thugs, the two argue about which of them should be allowed to beat down Parker Robbins. In the end, they agree to share. Because sharing is caring.

It lasts a second or two. The Hood is powered up with the Norn Stones. It gives him whatever powers he wants. He uses them to knock his opponents away and then charges up his soldiers. Justice is taking this all pretty hard. He's seeing his team fall apart and blames himself for rushing them into this fight unprepared.

Down in Penance's room, two HAMMER Guards are making sure Robbie Baldwin doesn't join the wrong side of the fight. They've got SPIN Tech dart guns that can take away super powers. The main guy is still giving Penance a chance to either stand down or get shot up but, suddenly, he doesn't care anymore. He just fires off a few rounds of SPIN darts.

They never reach their target. Robbie stops them with a glowing hand, possibly taking away their kinetic energy, and the blows the two guards into the hallway.

Penance isn't the only one being kept out of the fight. He's just the only one being held in place by armed guard. In another section of Camp HAMMER, where they keep the members of the Shadow Initiative, Butterball, Batwing, and Bengal are questioning whether this is the time to enter the fight or not. Penance enters in full armor, taking out a wall in the process. It's time to take down the Initiative.

Their help is well timed. Justice is about to lose his telekinetic shield and get pummeled by the Hood and Scorcher when the good members of the Initiative come to the rescue. Penance takes off his helmet so everyone knows who he is before putting it back on and returning to the fight.

Suddenly, it's a party.

You know what assures victory for the Avengers Resistance? The fact that the Hood and his Syndicate are called away to reinforce Norman Osborn's forces in Siege #3. That happens... right... about... now.

So, the Hood and the Syndicate take off, leaving a skeleton crew of super-charged Evil Initiative members to fight on their own. While Tigra is very upset that the scores aren't settled between herself and the Hood, this is the part where the Avengers Resistance has a chance of winning this thing.

Let's set the clock back just a bit and zoom on over to Asgard.

Steve Rogers and his Avengers have just arrived to help the Asgardians fight off Norman Osborn. This all takes place in the pages of Siege #3 but we're going to take some interesting perspectives for what happens behind the scenes. The first one is Taskmaster who provides much of the voice-overs for this part of the issue. Tasky has a thing for Captain America. Not THAT kind of thing. It's more of a "I'd love to be the guy to kill that guy" sort of thing. As such, he moves in to fight Cap one on one... on one? Oh yeah, there are two Captain Americas and one of them has a firearm.

Just like in Siege #3, Cap talks about barely remembering who this guy is.

The truth of it comes out pretty quickly. Steve Rogers wouldn't be the man he is if he didn't remember a guy like Taskmaster. That stuff before? Just smack talk. Since Taskmaster has studied Steve to the point where a fight between the two might not end favorably for the star-spangled Avenger, Steve hands the villain off to Bucky. Taskmaster doesn't know Bucky's fighting style so there's a chance that the fight could go much better for Barnes.

It doesn't take Taskmaster long to realize that he actually HAS studied this Captain America's fighting moves. They probably fought back in New Avengers #59. Also: this is Bucky! That makes this pretty interesting. Still, James Barnes has picked up a thing or two since his time as Bucky. For one, he's got that robot arm. This fight is still pretty evenly matched.

We finally get to the point where the Hood and his Syndicate teleport in. They aren't the only reinforcements arriving. Bucky Cap tells Taskmaster that even the Syndicate won't help just as the regular military arrives to shoot down the HAMMER Helicarrier. The President has chosen a side.

Our voice-overs move on to Diamondback. She and Constrictor are in another part of Asgard just trying to stay alive when Captain America arrives. Both of them see the writing on the wall. Norman Osborn's Dark Reign is nearing it's end. Both of them watch as Iron Man and Captain America duke it out with the Iron Patriot.

Thoughts are swimming around in Rachel's head that require some explanation. Diamondback knows that once this is all over, Norman's group of criminals are going to jail. That's when she realizes that Constrictor might be one of them. She takes a glance back at her lover and then races off to tell Steve that Constrictor isn't on Norman's side.

OK. 1: Constrictor was part of the Initiative well before Norman Osborn took over. He was pardoned during Tony Stark's term as Director of SHIELD. Yeah, he's part of this battle but you'd think his actions during the fight would be enough to keep him from jail time. All he's been doing is protecting his girl. Sure, this all needs to be explained to the authorities before there's a huge misunderstanding but there'll be time for that later.

2: Maybe she should have told Constrictor what she was doing. All he sees is his girlfriend rejoining her former boyfriend and leaving him behind. He turns to make a run for it.

Rachel realizes that she may have wanted to tell Frank what she was doing and glances back to see him walking away. She has just enough time to shout back to him what she was planning before Norman tells the Sentry to bring Asgard down.

She even starts to say that she loves him.

Just like in most of the Siege comics this week, Asgard falls at the hands of the Sentry. Constrictor and Diamondback reach out to each other and call out the other's name before the city comes crashing down around them.

tb142.jpgThunderbolts #142
Writer: Jeff Parker
Penciler: Wellington Alves

In the last issue, the Thunderbolts took off for their mission in Asgard and got another prerecorded message from Norman Osborn. He told them that their mission isn't to join his forces directly, but instead to retrieve the Spear of Odin from the Asgardians Armory. The Ghost found himself teleported inside of Asgard following his battle with Tony Stark. After reading his emails and checking his messages, he learned that Norman Osborn had sent the Thunderbolts to capture the Spear of Odin and decided to seek out an appropriate counterforce to prevent that from happening. To that end: The Mighty Avengers. The rest of the T-Bolts arrived in Asgard and are shot out of the sky by Hogun and his mighty arrow. The team parachuted down, argued a bit, and finally entered the Asgardian Armory. After a little searching, they located the Spear but are interrupted by an Asgardian. After Mister X killed the poor minor diety, the T-Bolts were attacked by the Mighty Avengers.

In this issue, the Mighty Avengers continue their attack on the T-Bolts. Paladin hurls the Spear of Destiny through Vision's intangible form and destroys an Asgardian tower in the process. The fight continues as both teams try to recover the Spear. USAgent realizes the Norman has populated his teams with psychopaths and withdraws his support. Paladin and Ant-Man decide that Norman shouldn't get his hands on the Spear of Odin but the Avengers don't know that and hyjinks ensue. Asgard falls. Scourge gets a hold of the Spear and cuts off USAgent's left arm and leg.

The Mighty Avengers versus the Thunderbolts! It's an awesome way to get the team involved in this event while Hank Pym deals with family issues in the Mighty Avengers' main book.

If you're into fight scenes, this book has them. Lots of them. I'd also say that some of these Avengers have never looked better than they do at the hands of Wellington Alves. USAgent isn't wearing his cowl but he still looks damn cool. His super-strength and extra cool look doesn't prevent Grizzly from tossing him into Stature, though.

It's a rare issue of Thunderbolts where someone doesn't own Mister X. No, seriously. He's the most smug dude ever considering how many times he's been beaten up in this book. That's what makes it so satisfying. At the same point, he DID kill an Asgardian last issue. He's buzzing from his god kill. That also means he's about to get owned again.

This time, it's Amadeus Cho who teaches him that sometimes knowing what your opponent is thinking doesn't help if you can't follow the math. Cho tosses a quiver of arrows into the air and then calculates where the arrows are going to land. Sure, X can read those thoughts, he just can't figure out the calculations. The arrows come at him and start making punctures.

Scourge orders Ant-Man to grow to super-size and take on Stature. O'Grady has spent the better part of his time in Thunderbolts avoiding combat. Now, he's forced to jump right into it. He tackles the giant teenager and the two make a titanic mess of the Asgardian Armory. In the end, Stature is better trained in close-quarters combat and is able to toss Ant-Man away.

The problem with Paladin is that he's not a bad guy. What the hell is he doing on the Thunderbolts team beside earning scads of money? Vision approaches asking just those questions but Paladin doesn't want to discuss any of this. He grabs the Spear of Odin (the thing they came here to collect for Norman Osborn if you're just tuning in) and hurls it at Vision.

Vision turns intangible and the Spear passes right through him. It still does him damage. The Spear of Odin doesn't stop there, though. It bursts through the walls of the Armory and keeps on traveling, leaving a lightning trail in its wake.

Yeah, this is definitely a weapon Norman Osborn DOESN'T need.

On it's trail back down to earth, the Spear strikes a tower and topples it. Serious power right there.

The Mighty Avengers stare in awe at the Spear of Odin's destruction. It leaves them wide open for Scourge's assault. Vision tries to assist USAgent and Amadeus Cho in the fight against the Thunderbolts leader but he finds that he's too damaged from the Spear to do anything. Stature is stopped by Grizzly, who grabs her foot and launches her into a nearby building.

While their teammates deal with the Mighty Avengers, Paladin and Ant-Man track down the Spear. Now that he's seen just what that Spear can do, Paladin is determined to keep it out of Norman Osborn's hands. O'Grady tries to make a joke out of this but stops himself. Yeah, keeping that away from the former Green Goblin is a great idea.

Stature hurls a huge statue of Thor at Grizzly and nearly passes out from the effort. Not the weight of the statue so much as growing so tall. It takes a lot out of a body. With her leaning against a wall, she makes a very good target for Scourge's gun. Fortunately, USAgent is around to make sure his team doesn't get shot up.

Finally, it's a battle between USAgent and Scourge. Walker kicks off Scourge's facemask and gets a good look at the face of Nuke. There's a really messed up American flag tattooed on Scourge's face. After the T-Bolts' leader explains just why he would be wearing the flag on his face (and not a very good-looking flag, either, to be honest), USAgent realizes that Norman would be crazy to put this guy in charge of a covert ops team. John Walker officially pulls away his support for the Director of HAMMER.

In one-on-one combat, USAgent proves Scourge's superior. Scourge decides it's time to drop some power pills to amplify his strength, but Walker punches his foe off the legde they're fighting on and right into a flaming dish. Scourge starts to burn.

The battle isn't won just yet. Vision seems more injured by the moment. Amadeus rushes to the Avenger's aid and starts doing some field repairs. Suddenly, the winds starts whirling around at a rapid pace and monsterous tentacles sprout from the skies. Amadeus says "That... looks like the end of the world." This is worth mentioning because the ad on the adjacent page is for the new SHIELD comic. The tagline? "This is not how the world ends." C'mon. Laugh.

The Ghost shows up to tell Amadeus that this very well could be the end of a great many things.

Mister X has finished pulling arrows out of his body and is climbing out of the Armory to rejoin the fight. He gets to a high vantage point just in time to see Ant-Man make a grab for the Spear of Odin. O'Grady is stopped in mid-air by Stature. Cassie announces that Norman Osborn won't be getting this spear and O'Grady totally agrees with her. In fact, he tells her to throw it as far away from Asgard as she possibly can.

While those two size changers talk it out, Paladin manages to get his hands on the Spear once more. It's fleeting at best. USAgent kicks the mercenary down and takes the Spear. Paladin doesn't fight back. As long as the Spear doesn't get into the hands of Norman Osborn or any of his loyalists, he's totally cool.

Just then Asgard begins to topple. The Spear goes flying out of Walker's hand and everyone is separated in the chaos that follows.

USAgent recovers and knows that the Spear of Odin couldn't have gotten far. In fact, there it is just a few paces away. John stumbles over to it but doesn't make it in time.

Scourge has the Spear of Odin.

t608.jpgThor #608
Writer: Kieron Gillen
Artists: Billy Tan & Rich Elson

Last issue, the Asgardians discussed the Chicago Incident involving Volstagg ten hours before the onset of Siege. Knut prophecied the fall of Asgard and the death of a god of war. Loki took Knut to his bed and killed him. Heimdall found that his bed-chambers had been moved well below Asgard so that his warnings wouldn't reach the the Asgardians in time. Kelda told her dead boyfriend's parents about his death. Heimdall finally broke his way to the surface too late to warn anyone of Norman Osborn's Siege of Asgard. The god of battle, Tyr, broke into Knut's chambers and finds the seer dead. Volstagg was in the local Broxton jail after turning himself in but he was anxious to learn what was going on in Asgard. When the police officers saw Thor fall on national television, they decided that word had to go out that Volstagg didn't mean to do what he migh have done. They let V use the internet to get his story out to the people. That got the press buzzing and support for Osborn's police action to weaken. Ragnarok rolled into town, found Volstagg, and started dealing out some justice.

In this issue, the Siege of Asgard continues. Heimdall sees that the Hood wields the Norn Stones and knows that it's all Loki's fault. He and Balder go to search for the god of mischief, leaving Tyr in charge. Tyr remembers the prophesy saying the god of war will die in this battle and chickens out, racing off to check on the infirmary. Ragnarok fights Volstagg in Broxton. Kelda tells Bill's parents of his death and then leaves to face some HAMMER troops. Tyr realizes that the god of war that died during the Siege was Ares and realizes what a coward he's been. He races back to the frontlines. Balder and Heimdall are having trouble finding Loki. Volstagg has left Broxton to fight Ragnarok at the base of Asgard. Tyr is downed by the Hood and his Norn Stones. As Asgard falls, Ragnarok is caught beneath the city.

Asgard is falling. No, not the city itself. Not yet. That happens later. Right now, Asgard's people are falling to the onslaught of HAMMER. This particular story happens after the Hood has brought in his reinforcements but before Sentry shatters the city. It's a short time frame for so much to happen within.

Balder can't believe they're losing ground to these mortals but Heimdall has the answer. The Hood is using the Norn Stones to power up the invaders. There's no doubt in Heimdall's mind that Loki is heavily involved in all of this. After all, Loki didn't exactly hide the fact that he trapped Heimdall deep beneath Asgard to prevent the watcher from sounding the alarm as the invasion forces approached. Balder and Heimdall leave the front to search out the trickster god, leaving the god of battles, Tyr, in charge.

Tyr is finding it hard to give orders. After all, last issue the seer, Knut, predicted the death of the god of war. Tyr believes that this means his own death. It's something that he's finding a hard time facing. To that end, he leaves the front himself to check on the house of healing. If anyone is chickening out of this battle, he'll find them. Or be them. Either way.

In Broxton, Volstagg fights the Thor clone, Ragnarok. Volstagg is preparing to deflect whatever attack Rags sends his way until he remembers what happened the last time he deflected an energy attack in a populated area (here's a hint: Soldier Field won't play host to many more football games in the Marvel Universe). He would hate to see more innocents suffer from his own folly. So, instead of deflecting Ragnarok's attack, Volstagg lets it connect and is hurled into the air. V lands on his feet and then turns to run out of town.

In yet another part of Broxton, Kelda is telling the parents of her dead lover, Bill Jr., just how he died. This is not a big comfort to them. They ask Kelda to leave. They know it wasn't her fault that their son is dead but that doesn't mean that they don't subconsciously blame her for having a hand in it. Kelda is ready to leave when the building is surrounded by HAMMER soldiers.

HAMMER wants the Asgardian to exit the building or they'll be forced to demolish the entire house. Kelda believes she has visited enough pain on these two mortals. She prepares to leave.

Tyr has entered the House of Healing and finds no able-bodied warriors here. He even finds the body of the god of war. Ares has fallen this day. Suddenly, Tyr understands the prophesy. It didn't refer to him. It referred to Ares. He curses his own cowardice and races off to re-enter the fight.

Balder and Heimdall haven't had much success locating Loki. Heimdall may be all seeing but there is a LOT to see today. I mean, you can just look up in the sky and see Sentry fighting Thor. Heimdall mentions that Thor really shouldn't be fighting in Asgard. The god of thunder is, after all, exiled. Balder responds that Thor is doing what he always does: what is right. If only Balder felt that he himself had that nature.

Safely outside of Broxton, Volstagg turns to face his attacker. The two fight directly underneath Asgard. While there are signs of battle even down here, it is mostly peaceful below the great city. Volstagg finds that, even though this is a clone, Ragnarok is certainly a mighty warrior to be reckoned with.

Tyr has rejoined the battle. He gives his men orders and then sees them acted out. The Asgardians make one final push forward before retreating back to their own lines. The Hood doesn't even notice that this was all choreographed.

While his troops have been acting on his orders, Tyr has snuck up behind the Hood to lauch his own attack. The Hood is momentarily caught off guard but those Norn Stones are powerful things. Just like his battle against Night Thrasher and Tigra, Parker is able to use the power of the Stones to knock Tyr back with a powerful blast of energy.

Tyr falls and doesn't return to his feet. The Hood is impressed by his attack but now it's time to finish this.

Underneath Asgard, Volstagg is losing to Ragnarok. The Thor Clone is taking his sweet time killing the overweight Asgardian. Volstagg is knocked all over the place. At one point, he is able to look up and see the HAMMER Helicarrier being attacked by the American military. He wonders if this had anything to do with his internet video.

No matter. Volstagg turns and tells Ragnarok that no matter what happens, Asgard will live on. Rags disagrees and hits V with his hammer again.

Volstagg is sent flying out from under the great city. Ragnarok claims the fall of Asgard is at hand as he strides towards the Voluminous One.

The Sentry smashes through Asgard one more time. The city falls. Ragnarok was still underneath it.

Bloodied, Volstagg watches as his home topples to the ground below. It looks like he was wrong. Asgard has fallen.

mt377.jpgThe Mighty Thor #377
Writer: Walt Simonson
Penciler: Sal Buscema

In this issue, the Dark Elves of Svartalfheim start losing doors to Midgard because Thor is forging Asgardian steel. They decide drastic measures must be taken: it's Grendel time! Let's move to the recent past to see just what would make Thor work a forge again. Thor is injured after a battle with the Absorbing Man and because of a curse that makes his bones brittle and unhealable, he needs to figure out a solution. He heads to Damascus Steel in Pittsburgh and rents out the facility for a week. He and the steelworkers work to forge Asgardian Steel, using the magic of Thor's hammer. In Asgard, people start passing out. Grendel attacks Thor before he's finished at the forge. Thor ends up breaking a hand. Loki helps to re-embigulize the Frost Giants of Jotunheim using the chilling power of Iceman. Back in Asgard, Fandral, Hogun, and Sif start to pass out. In Pittsburgh, Grendel and the Dark Elves overcome the weakened Thor and prepare to end the god of thunder permanentlike. Loki looks on and decides to teleport Thor away for his own purposes. While Thor goes unconscious, Loki is attacked by Frost Giants.

Svartalfheim! Home of the Dark Elves! Something major is going down. The doors connecting Svartalfeim to Midgard are being violently destroyed. The Dark Elf Wormwood leads his people to the Mirror of Finvarra where they look in on Midgard and see Thor working in a steel foundry in Pittsburgh. Iron is damaging to the Dark Elves but Thor is going this one better. He's making Asgardian Steel. This magical metal is causing the doors to earth to explode and even the Mirror of Finvarra can't hold up to viewing this scene and shatters. If Thor finishes this forging, Svartalfheim may be closed off from Midgard FOREVER.

Drastic steps needs be taken. Wormwood summons the most ferocious of all Dark Elves: Grendel.

We're not going right to Pittsburgh. Instead, we'll move back a couple days to the Roosevelt Hospital in New York City where Thor is recovering from wounds received in his battle with the Absorbing Man. This isn't really "recovery" though because there will be no recovery for the god of thunder. Hela has cursed him with brittle, unhealing bones and denied him death. Thor knows that the hospital is in danger the longer he remains and has himself taped up. It's time to solve the problems of the brittle bones.

To that end, Thor travels to Damascus Steel in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. This is where, MANY years ago, Thor repaired his hammer. For what Thor has in mind, he needs the full run of the facilities for the next week. This is an expensive endeavor but the Asgardians have TONS of money. The Asgardian cuts the boss a check and gets what he needs. He'll have to work quickly because every moment is causing him pain.

Thor goes right to work with the facility workers, forging some super-steel using the power of his enchanted mallet. This is how you forge Asgardian Steel. Since the main crux of the forging is too godly to be visited by mortals, Thor orders everyone away so he can finish the process.

The Rainbow Bridge to Asgard is shattered. Heimdall is pretty much out of a job. For now, he's brought the Enchantress up to the remains to allow her to cool off. Soon, she's cooled off TOO much and she collapses, nearly falling off the edge of the bridge.

Thor has finished the forging and fashioned the metal into it's form. Now, all he has to do is inscribe the metal with the special runes to make it do what he needs it to.

That'll have to wait for later. The Dark Elves attack! Thor barely rises to the defense when he's pushed back. The Dark Elves are accompanied by Grendel.

Since Thor has those brittle bones, his battle with Grendel soon shatters his hand. Thor needs to end this quickly and sends a vat of molten iron come crashing down on the Dark Elves.

Balder shrunk down the Frost Giants of Jotunheim in his very own limited series. They aren't very happy about their short stature and are now awaiting the help of Loki to give them back their height. They don't plan on rewarding Loki for his efforts. Instead, they will betray the betrayer.

Loki's plan involves a slight crossover with X-Factor. Not the whole team. He just needs Bobby Drake: Iceman. Silently teleporting the mutant out of the X-Factor Compound, Loki sets Iceman up on a special containment disc and then super-charges his cold powers so much that they hurt Drake.

Outside, the Giants are hit by this cold through one of Loki's machines and begin growing.

In Asgard, more people are passing out. Hogun and Fandral wrestle while Sif and two mortal kids watch. After the match, Fandral starts to feel faint. That could be chalked up to him losing the match but then Sif starts feeling weak herself.

In Pittsburgh, Thor is losing. He's injured and in severe pain but isn't going out without one major fight. He tears out of the grasp of the Dark Elves but is too late to save his leg. Before breaking their grip, Grendel smashes his poor leg with that war club. Thor recalls his hammer and Mjolnir returns to it's master, hitting Grendel on the return trip. The thunder god capitalizes on his short advantage, stabbing Grendel through with an iron pole. With that, the last of his strength is exhausted. Thor is about to be run through with lots of spears.

In Jotunheim, Loki watches all of this and is impressed by Hela's curse. It's surprisingly subtle. He knows that because of the curse, Thor won't actually die this day. Loki decides to teleport Thor away before the Dark Elves try their best and make Thor beg him for release (or something-- the twisted plans of Loki). The Dark Elves scream impotently as their foe is encapsulated in an orb and disappears.

Thor's journey to Jotunheim causes the god of thunder to lose consciousness. Loki muses that this will be his last good night's sleep and allows his brother to keep on dreaming.

The giants have gotten tall enough and Loki shuts off the beam giving them their increased height. This doesn't please the Frost Giants at all. They start pounding on the doors of Loki's fortress, demanding to be hit by more growing ice. Loki is furious about this and suits up in armor to teach the Frost Giants a lesson.

Once the door is burst open, he thinks better of that lesson. The Frost Giants are a lot taller than he expected.

mt378.jpgThe Mighty Thor #378
Writer: Walt Simonson
Penciler: Sal Buscema

In this issue, Loki runs afoul of Frost Giants and leaves the mighty Thor to their tender mercies while he works on his own plan. The temptation of more cold beckons them more than revenge against Odin's favored son and they continue on to Iceman, discarding Thor for later. Loki takes on all comers but is left defeated. Thor wakes up to see Loki's fall and is shown that even the god of mischief is capable of valor. In Asgard, Balder and his court falls prey to whatever is making everyone pass out. Heimdall joins him with the fallen form of the Enchantress before the watcher god falls as well. Thor knocks a wall on the Frost Giants, causing them to scatter. He rescues his step-brother and Bobby Drake. Using Loki's teleporter, Thor grabs his armor from Pittsburgh and finishes etching the runes on it. Hogun, Sif, and Fandral are still walking but feel the effects of whatever is paralyzing the Asgardians. They gather at Volstagg's home where everyone passes out, leaving the two mortal children the only ones around still awake. Thor faces the Frost Giants in his new armor and bests them in combat. The Giants retreat and make plans to summon Jormungand!

The Frost Giants of Jotunheim have been driven mad for their desire for more and more cold. Last issue, that cold was able to help them regain their lost height. When Loki turned it off, he started a riot of Frost Giants smashing into his very dwelling place. Loki intended to stand tall and teach these giants a lesson but in their current berserker states, Loki know he doesn't stand much of a chance. He retreats further into his fortress.

Loki walks by the still unconscious form of his step-brother, Thor. Hey... there's an idea. The god of mischief uses his magicks to teleport the thunder god out into the hallway. He announces to the Frost Giants that Thor is a gift for them to do whatever they would like with. After all, Thor was planning on killing them all, right? Loki loves to make things up on the fly.

Loki continues on to his inner chambers where he still has the mutant, Iceman, strung up. Loki has turned off the machine that spread Bobby Drake's ice around but that hasn't stopped Iceman from chilling down the chamber in an attempt to free himself. While this isn't going to work as planned, the cold will do a lot to lure the Frost Giants to this location. Loki demands that the mutant stop all this but Iceman doesn't feel like listening to his captor. He just pours it on even more.

Outside, the Giants are trying to figure out what to do with their Thor doll when Iceman's cold starts to reach them. Thor looks like he'll keep for later. That delicious cold must be reached ASAP. They drop Thor in the hallway and continue forward.

The chamber gets colder and colder as the move nearer to their prize. Standing in their way is Loki who has decided he has run as far as he is willing. The god of mischief fires a burst of flame at the Frost Giants and melts a few unlucky enough to get too near the fire. The Giants work on smashing the very walls of this room and the falling rubble knocks Loki from his stance. The Frost Giants rush forward to capture their foe.

Meanwhile, a VERY injured Thor awakes from a fitful nap and nearly screams aloud for all the pain. We're dealing with a thunder god who is still under the effect of Hela's curse. His body is breaking and there's nothing that can heal it. His hand is shattered, his leg broken, and his ribs in pieces. Thor has no illusions that his step brother brought him here for ill-purpose. Still, he looks on as Loki defiantly meets what could be his end and is moved to assist the god of lies.

In Asgard, Balder sits on the big seat, ruling the city and it's inhabitants to a brighter tomorrow or something. That future will happen AFTER a good nap. Even here in these hallowed halls, the weakening sleep is spreading. Balder's aide, Ularic, is overcome by it. Heimdall shows up with the Enchantress, who has already been claimed by the overpowering sleep. Soon, it causes both Heimdall and Balder to fall to their knees. This isn't how Asgardians should meet their fate. This isn't a fight at all.

Back in Jotunheim, the Frost Giants are busy looming of Loki in a threatening manner when the very walls topple in on them. One Giant is caught in the collapse. The others flee. The walls falling down was all for Thor's purpose. He collects his brother and walks into the inner chamber to find Bobby Drake.

Iceman has used up much of his cold but is still emanating icy temperatures even in his human form. Thor recognizes Drake's costume. It's very similar to the one Angel wore during the Mutant Massacre when Thor defended him in the Morlock Tunnels. Iceman asks if Thor is making a habit of rescuing members of X-Factor but Thor has some bad news on that score. The god of thunder can hardly stand. Walking into the room is about as much defending as he's capable this day.

Or is it? He looks around and sees the teleportation device that caught up both himself and Iceman. It's a design Thor is familiar with. Thor lays his unconscious brother down and decides to use that teleporter to grab some specific items from Midgard.

At Damascus Steel in Pittsburgh, the workers are all staring at the armor created by Thor last issue. The process wasn't completed but it still looks like a nice set of armor. Since Thor has paid for the use of the facilities until the end of the week and everyone is pretty intimidated by the god of thunder, no one has moved anything. It's all right where Thor left it which is perfect. Thor uses the teleportation device to grab each piece of armor and bring it to him.

As it reforms in the room, Thor completes the runes of Odin on the metal. He stands within the forming globe and the armor begins encasing him.

Hogun, Fandral, and Sif are still heading back to Volstagg's home in Asgard. One of V's daughters is with them but she's starting to grow as weak as most Asgardians are this day. The two mortal twins help her walk the rest of the distance. Sif collapses and has to be carried by Hogun.

There is no salvation to be found in Volstagg's house. Everyone inside has already been overcome by sleep. Hogun and Fandral pass out leaving only the two moral kids conscious.

The Frost Giants of Jotunheim have overcome their fear and have returned to find the cold they long for. They smash into Loki's inner chamber and find that the cold is coming from a mortal. Before they can claim their prize, they are faced with the champion of all mortals in his new fancy zoot suit.

Now, here's the deal with that new armored look: It's not just armor. It doesn't just protect Thor's brittle bones, it also allows him to use the limbs that are already broken. It has been bonded to him through the magic runes. This suit makes him every bit the god he was before Sif's curse. It doesn't answer whether or not Thor still feels the pain inside the suit but, for now, he's riding on the high that comes from victory over the Frost Giants.

Because they can't stand against him. Once they realize that Thor can't be broken as easily as he has in the past few issues, they lose all thought of winning this fight and move straight into retreat.

And, sure, it's a victory for the god of thunder but it's a victory through artificial means. It wasn't his muscles that struck the Giants. It wasn't his hide that took their blows. No, he's just a guy in a suit. He's Iron Man. Still, in his heart, he knows that soon it won't be the armor that is tested but his very will.

The Frost Giants pause once they are away from Loki's fortress. They are ashamed of their loss. It won't stand. In Thor's new armor, no Frost Giant can stop him. So they decide to give the thunder god something else to fight. Loki's spawn, the Midgard Serpent.

Thor will soon face the awesome might of Jormangand.

And that, as they say, is that! Now go enjoy the weather outside! You've earned it!

Until next time: Who Do YOU Trust?

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