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Super Reads Siege & Realm of Kings 13

Written by SuperginraiX on Saturday, June 05 2010 and posted in Features

Welcome back! Let's go.

Today, we check out Dark Wolverine #84, New Mutants #11, Realm of Kings: Inhumans #5, and Blast to the Past for Daredevil #7. Enjoy and spread the word!

Spoilers Ahead!

Mutant, mutant, space, mutant. That's your preview!

If this is your first time reading Super Reads, it's been around for a while, now! We've covered everything from Secret Invasion through Dark Reign as well as War of Kings. If you're interested in reading all that backstory (and who wouldn't be?), check in the "Features" link at the top of the page, look for the "Super Reads" button and click away for DAYS of reading enjoyment. If that's too many clicks for you, just hit HERE and get there in one shot.

Let's head right into Asgard for some excitement.

dw84.jpgDark Wolverine #84
Writers: Daniel Way & Marjorie Liu
Penciler: Guiseppe Camuncoli

Last issue, Daken gloated over the dead body of Norman Osborn. The Fates revealed themselves. They talked their spidery words to Daken. Daken woke from his trance to find that he never stabbed Norman through with his claws. Osborn flew off and Daken got orders to enter Broxton in search of Thor. Once there, he was hit by a blast of lightning and fell into another trance where the Fates showed him his destiny to bring about Ragnarok. Daken liked what he saw but beat up the Fates anyway. He returned to the real world and found himself burnt to a crisp. Daken beat up a HAMMER Agent while Iron Patriot did a fly-by. The Fates changed up their strategy and decided to give Daken a taste of his greatest fear instead of his greatest desire.

In this issue, Daken ends up in a last stand situation with Hawkeye and a few terrified HAMMER Agents. Hawkeye and Daken fight (and kiss) over what to do in this battle (retreat or stay and fight) before being forced into a fighting retreat. The Fates look on. Daken kills Asgardians while the HAMMER Agents escape. Once they get to a clear area, the argument comes up again about retreating or fighting. No-one is willing to follow Daken but as soon as Iron Patriot shows up everyone races back into battle. The Fates ask Daken if he's ready to bring Ragnarok now and learn that he totally is. Daken returns to the start of the issue with a new purpose.

Daken continues the fight in Asgard and finds himself saddled with Hawkeye and a couple HAMMER Agents. There's some captions leading us to believe that the Dark Wolverine had already left the battle and returned... or maybe he's saying he left the Fates and returned. Daken might be getting all poetical.

At this point, the Asgardians are overrunning their position. Hawkeye is ready to cut and run, and the other HAMMER Agents pretty much have the same frame of mind. Only Daken wishes to stay, and his reasons are probably duplicitious. He and Lester argue about this until Daken plants a big kiss on the assassin, saying definitively that they are going to stay and fight.

Hawkeye stares in disgust for a moment, wiping off the slobber before ordering the men to retreat. Maybe Daken doesn't have as much control over this Dark Avenger as he believes. Regardless, their moment to straight up retreat has passed. There are now Asgardians behind them ready to strike.

Daken flirts with the idea of sneaking off. No one would miss him, that's for certain. Still, he hasn't been called yellow before and doesn't know if it's something he could live with. Daken has his pride, after all. He looks around and the men he's been saddled with and suddenly wants to be better than them. That means leading the charge.

The Fates look on. They are surprised to see that Daken stayed to fight. It's his pride, of course. It'll kill him some day.

But not today. Today, he kills himself some Asgardians. During the fight he mocks these dudes for calling themselves gods. Daken isn't really of the mind that there's anyone out there superior to himself so he's not really the kind to believe in gods. Heck, the Asgardians don't really call themselves gods, either. They are just CALLED gods by mortals. None of this saves them from Daken's attack. While he slices and dices, the HAMMER Agents slip away. They head into a drainage pipe, finally being joined by Hawkeye and Wolverine.

Daken isn't done yet, though. He takes the pipe then climbs over the wall to backtrack to that last battle. He wants more of that action. On top of the wall, he watches the Asgardians. They're wary about entering the pipe and following Daken after his rager. Daken almost jumps down to restart this battle but finds himself facing a giant at his current location.

The battle is shorter than you'd think. Wolverine drops the giant in one panel. He's bringing his A-game this issue.

Daken rejoins Hawkeye and the HAMMER Agents. Hawkeye is directing people to a further retreat. The plan is to hole up inside the next barred tunnel and wait for reinforcements to arrive. Daken has different plans. He mentions that reinforcements may never come. What they need to do is return to the fight.

It's quite clear that Daken and Hawkeye are going to take separate sides this entire issue. Wolverine says stay, Lester is saying go. Hawkeye sees the shape of the fighting men and knows that they aren't prepared to go back into the battle. They need rest and they need back-up. Daken wants blood. Pure and simple. He denies it in his rallying speech but it's what he wants. Still, his speech is nice and his control of pheremones would probably do some good, too.

Except it doesn't. No-one wants to follow Daken. They want to get out of here. As Hawkeye says, "Go to hell." No-one wants to play with Wolverine anymore.

Which pisses Daken off. He starts kicking around HAMMER Agents in a tantrum until Hawkeye gets him to back off.

In the skies, Iron Patriot soars over head. He tells the group that they got their call but weren't able to supply any reinforcements because it's all on the table. Norman Osborn comes in close, congratulating these men for holding off the Asgardians and doing a lot of killing in the process. They're totally needed in the fight and they are absolutely ready to make a difference. He leads the troops away and back into the battle.

Before Hawkeye joins the rest, he talks smack to Daken. Daken worked so hard to motivate these guys into a fighting force and they just wouldn't follow him. Then, here comes Iron Patriot, and everyone rallies around the armored leader. It's because everyone knows that Wolverine is fake. Except maybe Wolverine.

Daken is left alone-- except for those Fates that like to come out when no-one else is looking. They tell him that no-one follows him because HE doesn't know who he actually is. Sure, it looked like Daken was fighting for HAMMER but that's hardly true. He was fighting for the kill. He was fighting to watch people die. He wasn't there to inspire others to fight unless it meant watching them die, too.

Daken asks the Fates if he was supposed to leave those HAMMER Agents to die but they turn it back around on him. Is that what he wanted? He thinks about it.

Yes. That's exactly what he wanted.

He's ready to play ball. How do you bring about this Ragnarok thing, anyway?

The Fates return him to the very beginning of this issue where he, Hawkeye, and a rag-tag team of HAMMER Agents faced off against overwhelming odds. First, they tell him that they don't need to tell him how to implement Ragnarok. He has crossed the path that will eventually lead the world to it's end. They need only wait.

This time, Hawkeye shouts words of retreat. Daken smiles as the bloodbath washes around him. He's not concerned about the battle any longer. He's not concerned about defending the small team of HAMMER Agents. He's already gone.

nm11.jpgNew Mutants #11
Writer: Kieron Gillen
Artist: Niko Henrichon

In Thor #608, the Siege of Asgard continued. Heimdall saw that the Hood wielded the Norn Stones and knew that it was all Loki's fault. He and Balder went to search for the god of mischief, leaving Tyr in charge. Tyr remembered the prophesy saying the god of war will die in this battle and chickened out, racing off to check on the infirmary. Tyr realized that the god of war that had died during the Siege was Ares and knew that he'd been acting the coward. He raced back to the frontlines. Tyr was downed by the Hood and his Norn Stones. Asgard falls.

In this issue, the New Mutants enjoy a vacation in Las Vegas while Dani Moonstar pays a special visit to Hela. Hela tells the depowered mutant that she must become a Valkyrie of Hel and guide the souls of Asgard's dead to their proper place. Moonstar meets a large group of dead Asgardians, including Tyr, when she is distracted by the battle. Dani joins the Valkyries in defending Asgard, believing that the dead are no longer threatened. Unfortunately, they are. The Dísir show up and start devouring Asgardian ghosts. Tyr tries to fight them but the Dísir ignore him. Moonstar returns and fights them off, regretting the ghosts she lost. She returns to Hela to find that Hela too is upset by their loss.

This issue isn't by the New Mutants regular creative team. It's by the current writer of Thor and follows up on some plot points brought up in that storyline, particularly the fate of Tyr, the god of battles. He fell in Thor #608 and we were all left wondering if Knut's prophesy meant that two gods of war would fall this day. It certainly is the kind of battle that would claim them.

But first, let's meet up with the New Mutants as they enjoy some time in Las Vegas, Nevada. They're hanging out at the Inferno Club. If you don't remember the place, it was mentioned during the Utopia storyline. This was the place Danielle Moonstar went to make a deal with the devil... erm... Hela. Asgardian goddess of death.

Dani has returned to fulfill her part of the bargain she made. The New Mutants might show up on the first page but they aren't here to support her. Heck, it looks like they don't even know Moonstar's true purpose here. All they know is that there's a casino downstairs that is calling their name. While they make a trip down, Dani heads up to the very special roof garden.

This isn't the normal view from the roof. What they look out on is a very special section of Hel reserved just for Hela.

Before we move on, I might want to explain the back story in more detail just so everyone's up to speed. In the Utopia storyline that ran through the pages of Uncanny X-Men and Dark Avengers, Cyclops needed someone that could counter Ares. He sent Moonstar to Las Vegas to make a deal with Hela. Hela would grant her the power to defeat the greek god of war and Moonstar would return to fulfill her part of the deal at a later date. That date is right now.

Hela mentions a very interesting bit of trivia. In Utopia, Moonstar looked an awful lot like a Valkyrie, but Hela isn't the diety who commands Valkyries. While Moonstar explained in that story that she was much more than a Valkyrie, that hasn't been followed up on until now. To be a Valkyrie of Hel... that's what Dani became and it gives her a very specific mission.

Instead of leading warriors into Valhalla, Dani Moonstar will ferry the dead gods to Hel. Normally, they wouldn't need a guide but Asgard's location on earth throws that whole theory into doubt. It's possibly that the dead won't be able to find their destination since they've died on Midgard instead of the heavenly realm. Hela makes sure she knows that this duty is very important and that she's not there to get mixed up in the battle.

Danielle isn't to psyched to be working for Hela but she has little choice. She signed a contract and, more importantly, there's divine magic working. If she doesn't fulfill her part of the bargain, there was no bargain. That means she never had the power to defeat Ares. That means she would lose. That throws everything out of balance. In short, she needs to fulfill her part of the deal in order for Hela to fulfill the other part. Even though the other part is already in the past.

Hela puts Dani in a very dark, broody-looking Valkyrie suit and Moonstar flies off on her pegasus, Brightwind (who isn't looking as white as he usually does-- in fact, he looks downright evil). As the Valkyrie of Hel takes to the skies, Hela says something ominous about the dead having something to fear other than death but Dani's probably too far off to hear this cryptic warning.

In no time at all, Dani is in Asgard. The city has already collapsed but that doesn't mean that the fight is any less intense. She flies into the city and locates a huge patch of ghosts, led by Tyr. While everyone else is looking a bit blurry, Tyr is sharp and in-focus yet still as blue as everyone else. Dani takes charge and tells everyone to assemble for their last journey but she's soon distracted by her Valkyrie sisters.

The other Valkyries don't see the dead gods. All they see is a fellow Valkyrie not attending to the battle at hand. They call her up to arms and she joins them. Tyr tries to call her back to her duty but Moonstar believes that there's no rush to collect the dead. After all, they're DEAD. They aren't part of this battle and in no danger. As she joins the other Valkyries, monsterous creatures make their approach to the dead Asgardians.

Danielle flies into battle but has trouble drawing her blade. Missiles streak past her and she decides to use them as weapons instead. Grabbing one right out of the air, she redirects it at the nearest jet. This might be serious business but it's also something that Moonstar enjoys. She's a warrior at heart.

On the ground, the dead try to remain calm. It won't last long. They fear something that is merely a myth but will turn out to be very much a reality. Monsterous, skeletal creatures rush into their midst. Tyr tries to defend the dead Asgardians but the creatures simply ignore his attacks and move past him to attack the dead. In the skies, Danielle Moonstar sees the trouble and races down to defend the dead.

The creatures surround her and Tyr as the god of battles explains what they are. They are called the Dísir. They were the Valkyries of Odin's father, Bor. The Dísir were all kinds of messed up. They fed on the gods. Bor found out and cursed them. They were forced out of the nine realms and could only exist in spirit form. Further, they could only eat the ghosts of exiled gods. Since they couldn't exist in Asgard, they would go hungry for a long time. Now? With Asgard on earth? It's like a feast.

Danielle understands the threat. Suddenly, her blade slides right out of it's scabbard.

She strikes down two Dísir in a matter of moments. The rest slink off.

The battle isn't without casualties. Some of the dead haven't survived. You might be curious what would be worse than just death. For a god, that would be actually dying. DEATH death. The kind you don't get resurrected from. Those consumed by the Dísir will not rise again. These words do little to improve Danielle's mood. If she hadn't raced off to battle... everyone would have made it to Hel.

It's amazing when Hel is actually the preferable option.

Tyr tries to comfort the Valkyrie of Hel but it's little help. Moonstar returns to her duties but asks Tyr if he's realized that he isn't actually dead yet. There's a reason the Dísir paid him no attention. He wasn't a shade. He's merely very injured. Tyr relates the short version of why he believes he should be dead. It's a story of cowardess and overcompensation. Moonstar tells the god of battles that it looks like he's more needed in the land of the living than the land of the dead. Tyr says his goodbyes and races off to find his body.

Moonstar continues her job bringing the dead to Hel.

When all is said and done, Dani returns to the Inferno Club to confront Hela. She realizes that Hela wasn't trying to trick her or anything and that her duty was actually extremely important. She's just pissed off that Hela failed to mention the threat of the Dísir. Hela has her reasons, first and foremost being that the Dísir were thought to just be myth and mentioning them might have summoned them to this plane when they might not have otherwise noticed. At any rate, Hela had warned Dani against getting involved in the actual battle. The losses are on Dani's shoulders.

Hela looks visibly upset that there were Asgardians that permanently lost their lives in the battle. She tells Dani that these sentiments will NOT be shared with anyone else EVER. There are reputations to think of, after all.

Hela takes away Danielle's Valkyrie abilities and sends the New Mutant on her way. When she leaves, Dani gets a call from Sam. They're wondering when she's coming down to join them in the casino. Moonstar turns them down and says she's not interested in gambling this day. She's not feeling all that lucky.

roki5.jpgRealm of Kings: Inhumans #5
Writers: Dan Abnett & Andy Lanning
Artists: Pablo Raimondi & Tim Seeley

Last issue, Gorgon, Crystal, Ronin, and Lockjaw rushed the royal palace with a contingent of Inhuman Elite and Kree Stellar Guard. Karnak tried to stop them, but then learned what they were here to do and told them that he'd stall the queen while they did what they had to do. Maximus had monitors all over and listened in on Gorgon and Karnak's conversation, learning that Gorgon had him tagged. Gorgon and company entered the Chamber of Devices and were faced with the Omega Construct. In the Fault, Triton talked to Ra-Venn about the report they were going to make to Medusa before the crew succumbed to a crazy mutation. Gorgon, Crystal, and Ronin faced off against more of Maximus's inventions before finally cornering Black Bolt's mad brother. Only then did Medusa, Karnak, and Lockjaw teleport in to inform the others that Maximus was under Medusa's protection and was just following orders.

In this stunning conclusion, Medusa explains that Mad Maximus is really doing her bidding for the good of the Kree and Inhumans even though there's some dispute to that going down. Triton's ship crash lands on the docking tower. Gorgon, Crystal, and Ronan race off to the rescue and find themselves facing a monsterous Fault creature that turns out to be a combination of all the Kree crew members. Triton joins the others as they make a stand against the monster. Medusa takes the monster down with a platoon of Chorus Sentries. She then appears on television to tell the Kree just how much good she and her people are doing for them and how the Fault has properties that might jumpstart the Kree's stagnant genetic code. Medusa teaches Gorgon a violent lesson on who's in charge. She then heads for Ovar where Gladiator is holding a meeting on the dangers of the Fault.

OK. Swerve. I was not actually expecting Maximus to be working for Medusa. I figured he was just doing his traditional betrayal bit that he always ends up doing.

This time, it turns out he was really working for the throne. The revolt of the Alpha Primitives? The terrorist strikes? Probably Devos the Devastator's attack? All Maximus and all at the command of Medusa. You might wonder why Medusa set Max to work with destabilizing her empire. Go on ask.

"Why was Medusa commanding Maximus the mad to facilitate attacks against the Kree Stellar Empire and it's Inhuman rulers?"

Well, the answer is a little crazy. It was to solidify their power. After all of these attacks, the Kree have come to rely and trust their Inhuman rulers more than ever. There was a chance that the Kree would rise in revolt now that Black Bolt is dead... or whatever Black Bolt actually is. I'm still expecting him to reappear at any time. Medusa wished to keep her powerbase strong until her son could eventually take the throne. To her, that meant setting Maximus loose to do his thing.

She's not the only one who was in on it. Karnak was also in the know. Gorgon and Crystal were not in this new inner circle and are appalled by Medusa's actions. Ronan (also not in the loop but he's not an Inhuman) tries to assure Medusa that the Kree would have stayed loyal to their leadership but the point is moot. These actions have already taken place. Crystal is more concerned that the Kree WILL revolt if they learned the underhanded way that Medusa took to solidify her powerbase.

Medusa reads this as a threat but, really, there's a real concern that this will all come to light and ruin everything the Inhumans have worked for. It's not like Gorgon, Crystal, and Ronan didn't stumble on this plan, after all.

This is as far as we're going to get on this argument. Matters of the State rush up to drag our heroes away to their next confrontation. That means alarms start going off and everyone teleports up to the Main Control Level to figure out what the new threat is. All we know for certain is that this threat wasn't manufactured by Maximus.

Up in the Main Control Level, we learn that Triton's ship is returning. That might be a good thing except when last we visited Triton and his crew, we learned that a horrible mutation was spreading like crazy. When the ship starts coming in erratically and stops responding the hails, well, there's a problem, isn't there? Medusa tries to use her Queenly authority to command Triton not to crash his damn ship but that works just about as well as it sounds.

Triton's ship smashes into the docking towers.

Crash teams are called in but Gorgon takes a more active position and orders Lockjaw to teleport him to the crash site. Medusa tells him to stay out of it and let the Crash Teams do their job but Gorgon shouts defiantly back at Medusa about the likelihood of him leaving his cousin's survival to others and teleports away with Ronan and Crystal. Maximus mentions how... "commanding" Gorgon is getting which just sets Medusa off.

Down at the crash site, our heroes get right to work.

Unfortunately, Gorgon forgets that Triton's ship contained a pressurized liquid environment. He breaks off the hatch and gets blasted by a high pressure burst of water. Crystal uses her control over the elements to stop most of the blast and tries to use that water to put out the fires.

A new problem arises almost immediately. Emerging from the ship is a huge tentacled monster thing. Crystal tries to communicate with it but it's not responding to words. Only violence. Big fight scene all around. Highlights? Lockjaw biting into tentacles with Ronan and Gorgon smashing whatever they can.

Triton shows up alive and fills us in on just what this monster is. Remember when the crew started mutating? It turns out that it was only the Kree crewmembers that experienced the mutation. The Inhumans were left unchanged. Triton tried to stop the mutation from spreading but was unable to affect any changes. Eventually, those that were mutating combined into the creature we see before us. It filled up the ship. In fact, now that it is FREE of the ship, it's continuing to grow larger and larger. That means more tentacles, more random eyes, and more mouths than anything should ever have.

Crystal was pushing to isolate the creature and see if they could return the Kree to normal but that's no longer an option. She gravs some flames from the still blazing ship and uses them to push the creature back. This attack is effective but is nothing more than a delaying tactic. It's still growing. Ronan thinks an orbital strike will be necessary.

Medusa shows up with a platoon of Chorus Sentries. She's got a different plan. Kill the thing with Black Bolt's voice. As the Chorus Sentries destroy the monsterous Fault created thing, we get a voice-over from a speech later on in the day. Medusa is telling the Kree people that this monster was a threat from the Fault and leaves out that it was actually Kree people mutated into an evil mass. She continues to tell the people of the Kree Stellar Empire that she and the Inhumans will always be there to protect and lead the Kree. Even more, the Fault seems to have the ability to mutate the Kree. When this ability is mastered, the Kree's genetic stagnation will be ended.

When she's done, she gets a mouthful from many members of her family. Even Ronan diplomatically mentions that it was premature to mention the mutations brought on by the Fault. After all, if they can't bring them under control, they're useless to the Kree and just give them false hope. Medusa sees it in another way. It makes the Kree rely on her and the Inhumans even more since the Inhumans are the only ones capable of exploring the Fault without mutating.

Crystal takes this the hardest and tells Medusa that she can't even be in the same room as her sister anymore. This duplicitious attitude is not something Crystal likes to see from her family. She's spent far too much time with the Fantastic Four and the Avengers. Medusa dismisses everyone but tells Gorgon to stay.

Throughout this mini-series, Gorgon has been getting more and more commanding as he fills the void left after Black Bolt "died." It's put him directly in the path of Medusa. She tells Gorgon that he is Captain of the Royal Guard and is pledged to serve the realm and the Empire. Medusa strikes out with her hair, telling Gorgon that she IS the realm and the Empire. The attack is brutal and swift, leaving Gorgon bleeding, dazed, and subservient once more.

Karnak returns but doesn't seem too moved that Gorgon was just taught a major lesson. He's here to tell Medusa about a communication sent out from the Galactic Council. They're meeting on Ovar at the request of Gladiator to discuss the dangers of the Fault. We already saw how that went down in the final pages of Realm of Kings: Imperial Guard #5. Medusa heads off to Ovar with the mind of using her allies as little more than pawns to secure the Fault and it's secrets. Before she leaves, she tells Karnak to set the Kree up for another War.

dd7.jpgDaredevil #7
Writer: Stan Lee
Penciler: Wally Wood

In this issue, Warlord Krang sets Namor up to sue the surface world! Nelson and Murdock turn down the Prince of Atlantis! Namor starts a one man war! Daredevil... doesn't defeat Namor! The Sub-Mariner gives himself up! Trial! Krang tries to take over Namor's kingdom! Namor escapes from jail and attacks everybody! Daredevil AGAIN doesn't defeat Namor! Namor is so moved by Daredevil's defeat that he returns to the ocean without any more destruction.

If there's one hero in the Marvel Universe who can't defeat Namor, it's Daredevil. Oh, sure, DD has ninja-like reflexes and radar senses. He's still just a man. Namor? Super-strength, flight, nigh-invulnerability... yeah, this issue is one big mess of a match-up. Still, sometimes you are defined more by how you face defeat than how well you can win. That's the case in this issue.

It would be rare in today's Daredevil comic to have it begin underwater with the Atlanteans but that's exactly how this comic starts. Namor is ruling over his underwater kingdom in regal splendor. Lady Dorma is sitting near his throne. Warlord Krang is bringing in his report.

Krang has never been SUPER loyal. He's always been interested in Lady Dorma though his eye for the throne might not have been as apparent as it is in this comic. Right here, his duplicitous nature gives away his ambition though Namor hides most of his suspicions well. He knows Krang is interested in leadership but tolerates it because Krang is a competent Warlord and Namor is arrogant enough to believe he's unusurpable.

Krang tells his liege that the people are still smarting because of their loss of the surface world. The land, after all, is exactly what the Atlanteans want. You know land, right? The place no Atlantean other than Namor can walk upon without some water-breathing device? Yeah, the Atlanteans totally want that.

Namor is about to make another play for the surface world but this time he's going to do it solo, using the laws of the lands above to take control.

To that end, Namor takes his trusty turtle steeds and heads off to New York City. The Sub-Mariner strides through downtown causing a panic just by his presense. Namor's objective is a random office building. Even when Namor isn't trying to be a menace, he still causes destruction wherever he goes. For instance, the spinning doors of this building are too confusing for the Avenging Son and must be smashed to bits. That elevator? Too slow. He grabs the cable and pulls it down to his level. Even the door to the Offices of Nelson and Murdock is insolent and needs a good smash. If first impressions are important, then Namor has completely blown his.

Still, this is too high profile for the two trial lawyers to turn down. In fact, when they learn that Namor is trying to sue the world, their eyes light up with all those potential dollar signs. Still, suing the world isn't something that can actually be... done. They tell Namor that this is one case they can't take because it's just too crazy and out there. There's no precedent. Namor is frustrated that his idea is fruitless but that won't stop him. He'll just have to get to court his own way. He smashes out the wall to avoid that pesky door and is off to commit random acts of mischief and mayhem.

I know what you're thinking: why does Namor need to commit more crime? Isn't he the guy that sicced a huge monster on New York City in his first appearance? The one that was destroyed by a nuclear explosion? Wouldn't he be able to get arrested right now just for that? Maybe but that just wouldn't be Namor's way. His way, as illustrated already this issue, is to create havoc wherever he goes. He hardly even needs a reason.

Maybe the Fantastic Four are out of town. Maybe the Avengers are stuck in the future. Maybe Spider-Man is taking finals. All I know is that the only super-hero in New York that even confronts Namor during his current temper tantrum is none other than Daredevil... but it's not the Daredevil you've seen in previous issues! Oh, sure, it's still Matt Murdock, the brilliant trial lawyer who Namor visited to start his current destructive streak, but he's dressing in all new duds. In this very issue, Daredevil puts on the traditional red pajamas we've all come to know so well. It's a look that has lasted right up until the present with only a short hiatus when DD decided to wear armor in the nineties.

The Army is losing pretty badly to the Sub-Mariner. Namor swats them around like flies and walks off to commit more crime. Daredevil swings in, getting a lift from a low flying plane to save on the commute.

Namor has Daredevil outmatched in nearly every way. Only DD's speed saves him from serious injury. His intellect certainly isn't doing him any favors. For some reason, Murdock believes that dropping Namor into the water is the best idea ever. Maybe he isn't aware that Namor only gets stronger when he's in water. The fight from this point on is painful to watch as Daredevil is forced to join the Sub-Mariner in the drink and gets swatted around for the next page.

In the end, Namor decides that Daredevil can't be allowed to drown and tosses the vigilante up to the surface. That done, Namor turns himself in to the authorities to await the next phase of his plan.

Nelson and Murdock are called in to defend their client during his trial. It is during this hearing that Matt files Namor's counter-charge: he's suing the human race.

That doesn't fly with the judge. This is going to be a straight-up trial involving Namor and his many, many (MANY) crimes. Of course, the case doesn't go well. Namor can't keep his mouth shut and is nearly called in contempt of court. That's BEFORE Lady Dorma shows up to tell her Prince that Krang has made his play for the throne of Atlantis. At this point, Namor finds no point in staying for the trial and swats around a group of bailiffs in his attempt to leave. Matt Murdock is able to convince Namor to stay in one place but it doesn't last long.

Namor's impatience grows when he learns that the trial has been suspended for a week. The Sub-Mariner simply doesn't have that kind of time. When Matt delivers the news, Namor tears through his bars and fights his way out of the jail.

Outside, the army is waiting for him and they are just as useless this time as they were earlier. Namor smashes through the soldiers and takes down the tank with a jeep. He's in such a rage that he isn't even thinking of swiftly returning to the sea and getting his kingdom back in line. He's rather just play with the army.

Matt has used this time to switch into his Daredevil suit. He reaches the street and requests the the army hold back and let him deal with Namor in his own way. While we know that means that DD will get swatted around again, the army is probably thankful for the break and let the vigilante go do his thing.

What follows is probably the most impressive loss you'll ever see in comics. Daredevil loses this fight. He loses bad. What makes it great is that he just keeps on coming. This is a man that is totally outclassed by his foe but that doesn't stop him from entering the fight.

Daredevil starts with a bit of strategy. A smokescreen. This gives DD the advantage by taking away Namor's sight but it doesn't do the masked hero much good. Even though Namor doesn't land a blow, Daredevil doesn't risk getting close enough to launch an attack of his own. By the time the smoke clears, DD has to think of something else to do in order to end this fight.

His next plan is to lasso up Namor's foot but that's less of a good idea that the smokescreen. Namor simply takes to the skies, dragging Daredevil along for the ride. Murdock does the unexpected, leaping up and covering Namor's foot wings. The two plummet back to the ground.

They end up in a construction yard with neither of them receiving much damage for their fall. Matt lets go of Namor before they both hit the ground so Namor is able to fly again. Daredevil uses his acrobatic talent to hook on to a rope connected to a wrecking ball and saves himself from the long fall.

Matt uses the wrecking ball and some rubble to try and take the Sub-Mariner out of action, but Namor shrugs these attacks off with ease. The Atlantean grabs the steam shovel Daredevil is standing on and shakes it until the hero falls off.

We're reaching the moment of truth, and it all comes down to a lamp post. Daredevil uses this lamp post to break his fall, but Namor uses it for a different purpose. He tears it from the street and uses it to swat the vigilante back down to earth. Namor believes the battle is done, and walks away. Daredevil has other ideas. He takes the broken wires that were explosed when Namor tore off the lamp post and lasso's Namor with them. He then touches the two ends of the wires together, banking on his insulated gloves to keep him from any real danger.

The shock still hits him hard. It hurts Namor as well but the Sub-Mariner is made of sterner stuff. Namor again starts walking off but a barely conscious Daredevil reaches out and grabs Namor's ankle before passing out.

And that's how Daredevil lost to Namor the Sub-Mariner.

Namor is pretty moved by this fight. Daredevil fought like a champ to the bitter end. Because of how his valiant foe faced him in this fight, Namor decides that his battle with the surface world can be postponed for later. The Sub-Mariner flies directly for the ocean. He's got business to take care of with a certain Warlord, anyway.

The next day, Matt Murdock returns to work with bandages on his face. It's a good thing his co-workers fill in the blanks for him because it doesn't look like Murdock had any excuse ready. They just think he's taken a nasty fall because of all the blindness. There's one of those moments here where Matt holds Karen Paige in his arms after she tripped on a chair and dreams of a life with her but the less said about that the better.

So it looks like Nelson and Murdock have lost a client. They aren't sad to see him go. They're just glad that it's over and that no-one was permanently hurt during the escape.

And we are done for the day! We'll be back again soon, don't you worry!

Until then: Who Do YOU Trust?

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