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Streaking with Sean McKeever

Written by Christian on Tuesday, July 06 2010 and posted in Features

The Outhouse sits down with critically acclaimed fan favorite Sean McKeever and talks about Young Allies, future projects and eating babies!

Deep in his diabolical lair somewhere under Montana, Sean McKeever writes diabolically enjoyable comic books for his own sinister plans. McKeever is best known for his critically acclaimed The Waiting Place and Spider-Man Loves Mary Jane,  fan-favorites Gravity and Sentinel and recently did stints on DC's Countdown to Final Crisis and Teen Titans. He is currently writing the new Marvel series Young Allies and the Nomad backup in Captain America.

The Outhouse recently caught up with Sean and asked him about his latest plans for world domination.

OH: First and foremost, thanks a ton for doing this interview. It means a lot to both me and the Outhouse.

Sean McKeever: I'm only doing it for you, Christian, and NOT for those greasy, filthy Outhousers. Besides, we all know they don't know how to read.

OH: Could you explain how Young Allies came about? Was it something that grew organically out of Nomad or was this all planned from the start?

McKeever: Early on in writing the NOMAD book I came across a "Heroes Reborn" one-shot that Rikki Barnes starred in called YOUNG ALLIES. I liked the idea of this modern-day Bucky--even if she wasn't Bucky anymore--carrying on the name. So I sent an email to Tom Brevoort with the idea and he liked it enough to ask for a pitch.

OH: Did you get a choice of all your characters? Is there any characters that you wanted on the roster but were unavailable?

McKeever: One of the initial notes from Joe Quesada was that he thought it would be cool if Nomad met Araña, which I agreed with. She was initially going to show up in the miniseries but it didn't work out. When the opportunity to continue NOMAD in the back of CAPTAIN AMERICA came along, I decided I'd have the two meet up there.

As for the other characters, when I first sent that email I mentioned to Tom, I suggested having Nomad and Araña work with a couple other younger heroes, specifically Gravity and Firestar. I knew I wanted to write both those characters again, and I knew how they'd fit with the book's dynamic, which is that of an ensemble of young heroes as opposed to a "team book."

I also suggested another character (who I plan to bring into the series later, so mum's the word) but Tom had suggested using the man-bull Toro from the "Heroes Reborn" book instead. I liked that because he had ties to Nomad, but also because we'd be introducing a Toro from this reality so I had room to sort of build him up from scratch.

OH: It seems like the Young Allies team is going to have a very unique dynamic with its unique mix of characters and backgrounds. Was that a conscious decision or something that just happened?

McKeever: I can't say it was conscious in terms of ethnic diversity, especially since Toro wasn't one of my initial choices, though I always feel there isn't enough diversity in comics. But I did want different perspectives from the get-go with people from different upbringings, social strata, and experience levels.

OH: Are you planning on expanding the cast of Young Allies after the first arc? Or are you looking to stick with this cast for the long run?

McKeever: I've got a lot I want to do with just these five for now, but you can expect guest stars whenever possible.

OH: One follow up question: If to convince readers to pick up Young Allies in 20 words or less, what would you say? (Bonus points if you do it haiku!)


Springtime of life calls
to five heroes; villains plot
yet friendships blossom.

OH: Do you have any upcoming projects that you can talk about? For instance, a return to Sentinel or Spider-Man Loves Mary Jane?

McKeever: Hmm, upcoming that I can talk, I can't think of any. I've got three projects under wraps right now, one of which you'll learn about in a couple weeks and will most definitely appeal to fans of Firestar's post-Hellions roles. Another is a Marvel one-shot I'm eager to put together and then there's a creator-owned graphic novel I'm slowly working on in my spare time.

That's it for me in comics right now as I've started taking on some work in the video game industry, but I'll never leave comics. (Sorry, folks!)

OH: At DC, you seemed to like working on darker anti-hero types like Bombshell, Ravager, and the Terror Titans. Is this a trend that you look to continue in Young Allies?

McKeever: Man, I loved writing Ravager and the Terror Titans. I like to explore those darker shades of gray. You'll definitely be seeing more of that with Toro and the Bastards of Evil. Even Gravity is questioning where the line should be drawn. You have to challenge characters' perceptions to define who they are and darker themes can certainly accomplish that.

OH: After you went DC exclusive, rumors began to emerge that you ate babies. Can you confirm or deny this for the Outhouse?

McKeever: Sorry, did you say something? I was busy basting dinner.

Sean was also nice enough to answer some questions from the Outhousers themselves.

What's been the best/worst writing experience you've had? (Submitted by guitarsmashley)

McKeever: The best was SMLMJ (Spider-Man Loves Mary Jane); most trying was CTFC (Countdown to Final Crisis).

What sort of work force do you have now? Worker monkeys? Or cyborg monkeys? (Submitted by Zechs)

McKeever: Zombie pirate robot baby monkey ninjas.

What character that you haven't written would you like to try out? (Submitted by sdsichero)

McKeever: Batman or Iron Man. I love the idea of a rich industrialist in self-imposed isolation.

Would you have liked to have seen Wonder Dog as a Black Lantern? (Submitted by Black_Orchid)

McKeever: I never said he was dead.

You're well known for writing all-ages books and teen characters, would you ever want to write a MAX book? (submitted by Punchy)

McKeever: Absolutely. Once tried to get a Punisher vs. Blade mini going, and would love to do a Cloak & Dagger origin book with Jae Lee or Jason Shaun Alexander style art.

Finally, we had Sean answer the most important questions of all: Lightning round questions!!

Cable or satellite?  Cable.

Elephant or donkey?  This is a sex position thing, right?

Team Jacob or Team Edward? Team Bieber.

Beer, wine, or liquor?  Yes, please.

Italian or Chinese? Love 'em both but Italian gets the edge. Wait, food or people? If i answered for people, is that racist?

Favorite movie? Don't have one favorite, but my favorite underrated movie is Sodebergh's The Limey.

Dex-Star the Red Lantern cat or Krypto the Superdog?  You saw my vision of Wonder Dog, right? You tell me.

X-Men or Legion of Superheroes?  X-Men

How long would it take Batman to make Superman cry? Depends on Batman's prep time.

If Marvel was a lion and DC was a tiger, who would win and why?  Some bear.

Best comic book today not written by Sean K McKeever?  Locke and Key

Sean's latest comic, Young Allies #2 will be released this Thursday, July 9th in comic book stores everywhere! 


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