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Nightfly's TV Week in Review #2 (Week of 7/18/10)

Written by Nightfly on Monday, July 26 2010 and posted in Features

Outhouse tvphile Nightfly highlights some of his favorite shows from the previous week of television.

Nightfly's TV Week in Review #2  (week of 7/18/10)
written by Nightfly

Last week I wasn't sure if I'd include Dr. Who in my review columns.  Partly because it'll be the first & (so far) only "foreign" show featured, and, being a "tea time" show I originally wasn't sure if it should compete alongside naked vampires & serial killers.  Ultimately I decided to put international delays, primetime labels, and all the other potentially problematic issues aside and simply give Doctor Who its due.  Steven Moffat put together an incredible season of poignantly compelling sci-fi and deserves to be recognized as one of the best showrunners in the business.  But first things first, onto the list.
* Potential Spoilers Below *

6. The Closer (TNT)
Its season premiere last week was good, this episode was better.  Change continues to come in waves on this series  The powerful story and guest stars (Titus Welliver & Catherine Dent), along with Mary McDonnell, ensured this one would make my list.  Capt. Raydor always raises the stakes and this epi raised 'em the most.  Sedgwick seems to get better in this role every year.

5. Psych (USA)
Switching partners and Dulé Hill's dancing made this episode one to remember!  Psych has such a great supporting cast & consistently cool guest stars it's hard to heap too much praise on this comedic gem.  Also worthy of note is Outhouser misac's accurate assessment, "that girl in the lab was really cute." Indeed.


Danielle Harris
Danielle Harris (a.k.a. girl in the lab)

4. Lie To Me (FOX)
Corruption, juvenile corrections, betrayal, family, and, home invasion are but a few potent issues making this epi one of the series' most emotional so far.  Kelli Williams was particularly good in this one.  I'd like to see her new suitor stick around - he impressed me as both a cool guy and worthy of Williams' character.

3. Burn Notice (USA)
I naturally favor shows with car chases, gunfights, bikinis, explosions, and spies... add Richard Kind and a gunfighting Burt Reynolds as your guest stars & you're sure to make my list!  Westen's reputation among the Russians was a hoot.  Burn Notice continues to be one of the best action adventure shows on tv.

2. True Blood (HBO)
The parallel storylines finally slammed together this week. Eric's arrival in Mississippi alone would've landed this epi on my list, but discovering the further connection to his origin is gravy.  Alcide is a new favorite but I have a terrible feeling he's gonna die by season's end - I hope I'm wrong.  This week's cliffhanger ending was fantastic! To quote Outhouser Greg, "this episode makes up for the last two" -  I couldn't agree more.
* FTR, I haven't read the True Blood books, so I honestly don't know what's gonna happen.

1. Doctor Who (BBC-America)
Amazingly Brilliant!  An exciting and emotionally moving piece of sci-fi drama.  Wonderfully written & beautifully executed.  Without question my favorite time traveling story in a long long time.  Moffat, Smith, Gillan, and Kingston really brought it home.  Rory finally won me over as well - two thousand years of dutiful service will do that.  I'm now actually glad he'll (apparently) be a co-companion.  If you're not a fan of The Doctor after this season you probably need to see one, cuz there must be something wrong with you.

Guilty Pleasure Award
- Work of Art/The Next Great Artist (Bravo)
I had no problem with Peregrine's win - her work was clearly evocative and obviously affected the judges.  It's just that the large collection of freaks (er, "artists") that originally entertained me has been wittled down to a small group of freaks that mostly irritates me.  I'd hoped this show would offer insight into what NYC gallery owners favor, sadly, it's turned into an abject lesson in the inherent subjectivity of "art."  Answering the question "why can't I quit" this show is hostess China Chow, whom I've been a fan of since The Big Hit, as well as artist/contestant Nicole whose radiant spirit I find enticing.  Artists Miles & Jaclyn really need to go.
* I swear by Wil Wheaton's manly beard I nearly gave Eureka this booby prize. For
whatever reason this week's epi just hit a sourish note with me.  My anti-fandom of Wheaton surely coudnt've helped + he was especially obnoxious in this part.  Future episodes not featuring Wheaton would be welcomed. (hint hint)

Eureka on SyFy
Erica Cerra & Wil Wheaton

* Best Reality Show *

1. Top Chef: Washington D.C. (Bravo)
Speaking of "choking" (hehe), it really was time for Tamesha to go; Angelo played her like a fiddle.  It was nice to see Kelly win immunity the week after I named her my dark horse pick to win it all.  I hope I'm right.  TC really kicks into gear when the contestant pool dwindles.

I'll normally feature three (3) reality shows in my columns but almost half the reality shows I follow aired repeats this week.  Bravo's Work of Art/The Next Great Artist got the Guilty Pleasure Award cuz I thought this week's epi was weak.

Thanks for checking out my second TV Week in Review column!!


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