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Power Poll Results for 7/21/10

Written by Christian on Tuesday, July 27 2010 and posted in Features

It came down to the wire in this week's Power Poll.  Click to find out what won!

  Welcome to the Power Poll, where the Outhousers' opinions on the week's comics are heard!  Each week, we poll our readers to find out what they think is the best comic out that week.  The top vote getters are entered into our monthly Power Ranking Poll, which determines the Outhousers' Top Book of the Month.  Thanks to a record number of voters and votes, we have this week's results! 

This week's winner is: Zatanna #3

So without further ado, here's this week POWER POLL!

1: Zatanna #3 "DC has needed a good magic ongoing since then end of Shadowpact and the passing of Steve Gerber prevented a new Dr. Fate series and Zatanna has not failed to impress since it launched."-Duck Punch

2: Scott Pilgrim's Finest Hour "Scott Pilgrim is hotter than the hell your bastard ass is going to."-GLX

3: Prince of Power #3 "Egyptian LOLCats, nuff said. Oh, and Pak/Van Lente, nuff said twice."-pat

4 (tied):  Batman: Streets of Gotham #14

4 (tied):  Time Masters, Vanishing Point #1 "Time Masters is an unassuming gem in DC's roster." Punchy

4 (tied): X-Factor #207

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