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Syfy: Dream Machines Q&A

Written by Nightfly on Tuesday, April 10 2012 and posted in Features

Marc and Shanon Parker answer questions about tonight's series premiere and the first season of Syfy's Dream Machines.

Tonight Syfy blasts into the realm of vehicular programming with Parker Brothers Concepts' Dream Machines! A promising new reality series chronicling the design and fabrication of fantastical vehicles rivaling and inspired by science-fiction favorites from tv, film and comic books. The brothers' destructive "Shredders" hit screens next month nationwide in the action-filled alien invasion picture, Battleship. Marc (Chief Engineer) and Shanon Parker (Chief Designer) have turned imagining greater into a lifestyle thanks to their company's motto, "Dream Big. Build Bigger."

The Parker Bros.These Parker Brothers aren't playing games, they're crafting drivable (typically street legal), one of a kind concept vehicles that defy conventional wisdom and practicality for celebrity, corporate and charity clients. Syfy kindly invited The Outhouse to ask Marc and Shanon questions about their new series and as a lifelong vehicle fanatic, I was grateful to represent.

After sharing a list of my personal favorites with the bros. I asked what originally inspired their shared passion for vehicles? "Shannon has always been a big comic book buff. You'll see in the show his entire office is covered in comic books and he's always been more into Knight Rider and things of that nature - comic book based stuff. I've always been more into the space sci-fi vehicles from Star Wars and Battlestar Galactica and things like that. We've always been really interested in vehicles that are more fantasy based. Anything that people look at and go, "oh, that's so cool, I wish it was real. That's when we step in and see if we can make it real."

The Parkers gained early notoriety thanks to Shanon modifying his childhood go-kart and bolstered their reputations by continually creating eye-catching beauties for themselves. "We were making things that were really out there," shared Shanon. "The stuff that we liked wasn't available on the market," Marc further explains, "you couldn't go out and buy what we were interested in having so we kind of had to learn, from an early age, how to create for ourselves what hadn't been created before. It was kind of a necessity thing. We just had to learn to do it on a small scale budget and as we grew up we continued with it and, I don't know, it just kind of evolved." Shanon elaborates, "People saw that we could build these outlandish vehicles and wanted to see if we were interested in doing it fulltime. And, next thing you know here we are."

 "Anything people approach us with we'll gladly take on.":
        - Marc Parker

These days their "outlandish" creations surpass what the Parkers could afford to make for themselves. Shanon confides, "Honestly, we can't afford most of what we make for other people now. We're not wealthy by any stretch and most of these things are just way out of our price range. But we enjoy the build more than we'd enjoy actually having the vehicles anyway." "It's the challenge that drives us," Marc states with conviction, "Anything people approach us with we'll gladly take on."

Dream Machines' freshman season will challenge the Parkers with builds for a diverse group of clients including rapper Curtis "50 Cent" Jackson, wrestler John Cena and just to name a few. Marc additionally offers, "We just built a vehicle for the Susan G. Komen Foundation to auction for Breast Cancer Awareness."

Dream Machines

I asked if they've ever made a battle ready spy-car to which Marc replied, "I don't think we have anything like that in this season, though the Shredders we built for Battleship would pretty much take out a building if you wanted 'em to. But yeah, I would love to build a spy car that had all the cool gadgets and everything on it. James Bond, yeah, I'm all over that. Anything that anybody wants that's not normal, we're into it."

Curious as to what their fastest build ever might be I asked Chief Engineer Marc to what degree their creations lean towards speed? "We don't necessarily focus on speed, but there are plenty of builds you'll see this season that go really fast. We don't really test to the limits because they're all prototypes and one-offs. We (basically) build show vehicles but they're capable of doing a lot. One vehicle in particular has upwards of 750 horsepower. This season you'll see plenty of them that have speed capabilities, it's just a matter of who wants to take them out and test that."

"It's the challenge that drives us.":
        - Marc Parker

Since the brothers have built such a range of imaginative vehicles, including a submarine, I couldn't resist asking if they'll be featuring any flying vehicles anytime soon? "We've actually dabbled with the idea of flying type vehicles. It will come up eventually because it's something that we're passionate about. We want to push the envelope and it doesn't necessarily have to be on the road. So you will definitely see our attempts at making things work that you wouldn't normally think could work. I won't always say that they will work out perfectly but it's because it's a prototype and these ideas don't always work out, but we're willing to go there and push the limits and at least try," concluded Shanon.

If you're a fan of strange and unusual vehicles be they cars, bikes, trikes, subs or beyond you won't want to miss Syfy's incredible new series, Dream Machines, debuting tonight at 10/9c (after WWE's SuperSmackDown Live!).

Until then build your own dream ride online in Syfy's virtual Dream Machine Garage, follow Parker Brothers Concepts on twitter and watch the series preview trailer (below). Getglue members can unlock exclusive Dream Machines stickers by checking-in here. Lastly, witness the destructive power of the 'Shredders' from Universal's Battleship (hitting theaters May 18th) beneath the preview clip.

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