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The Zaboo Interview or So Tell Me About Your Mom's Comic

Written by Dom G on Thursday, December 29 2011 and posted in Features

Sandeep Parikh, co-star of The Guild, stops by the Outhouse to talk about his first comic, The Guild: Zaboo!

Sandeep Parikh, who has appeared in more web series than a Yankee Spider-Man, including the wildly popular The Guild and The Legend of Neil web-series, stops by the Outhouse to dump some knowledge regarding his new co-written (with Felicia Day) comic book The Guild: Zaboo. Dom provides the Q's. Sandeep spits out the A's...just like every other baseball team! Zing! Oakland sports burn!

Dom: Family seems to be a reoccurring theme on The Guild. Tink's family was featured in last season, Blade's sister and Clara's family often make appearances, and probably the most memorable reoccurring family member, Zaboo's mother, has been a prominent character in several seasons. When Felicia Day and you started plotting out The Guild: Zaboo, was inclusion of Zaboo's mother a must?

theguildzaboo1Sandeep Parikh: The timeline we were working with insisted that we include Zaboo's mom, and I'm glad it did. She is a strong character with a very specific goal: keep Zaboo safe at ALL costs including his freedom.  So she made for a great antagonist, and really drove the story forward.  She keeps the pages turning.

Dom: I've had the pleasure of meeting your mother in real life. She seemed very sweet and soft spoken, yet if her little boy (you...Sandeep) ever got harassed at school would she shift into fierce mother-mode, as Zaboo's mother does in The Guild: Zaboo? And if so, what's her best mother-mangling move?

SP: My mom is NOTHING Like the mother in this series. She's not remotely over-protective, so they really don't have much in common. I was the third of 3 boys and came 10 years after the last brother, so I got away with everything. On the flip side, they made me defend myself when it came to being picked on in school. They never let me be the victim, even though I grew up in a rather ostracizing small town. I think it gave me a thick skin and pretty much forced me to hone a sense of humor to use as self defense. 

Dom: This was your first time writing a comic book, correct? How did Felicia's experience with writing a few previous Guild comic books benefit you while co-writing The Guild: Zaboo?

SP: This was an incredible experience. I have a new found respect for the form. So much goes into every panel, and it's a highly collaborative art form, which I loved.  Writing can be very solitary, but with a comic, you're in constant dialogue with your editor, artist, letterer etc. It was a tremendous boon having Felicia as a guide/co-writer and being able to work in the world of The Guild that I've become so familiar with. Also having an editor like Scott Allie who was tremendously supportive of my newbness and Becky Cloonan who literally made all of our ideas better allowed me to let my imagination run wild. In the end we were able to do some things with this comic that aren't in the rest of the Guild comics. We created mini-games, and each page becomes homage to different genres of video games, etc. We took some chances and created an interactive experience. I'm just so very proud of how it all came together.

Dom: Seeing oneself drawn can be quite jarring. I know. When I modeled for the Winter Soldier the artists made the wrong arm metal and my muscles too small. When you saw yourself (as Zaboo), drawn by Becky Cloonan, what was your reaction?

theguildzaboo2SP: Well, I saw myself drawn by a host of other artists (Darick Robertson, Cary Nord, etc) in the previous issues, so it wasn't all that weird seeing myself. I think Becky did a great job, particularly with the totally ripped version on the first page. I'm sure I look like that in some alternate dimension.

Dom: Cloonan's amazing illustrations aside...how did The Guild: Zaboo enlist one of comic's elite colorist Dave Stewart?

SP: Well we had Dave, then we lost him to another project because of shifting timelines. Thus is the nature of the business. So, his highly capable wife, Michele, filled in and did a fantastic job.  When I showed some of the art to my uncle and aunt who have literally zero experience with comics besides the occasional bazooka joe wrapper, they both exclaimed in adorable Indian accents, "ooh the colors!" I never really understood how a colorist could completely make or break the art, and Michele made... oh, she made.

Dom: So...one comic done. Will we see some more Sandeep Parikh penned comic books in the future? And if so, what type of comic would you like to write...horror, humor, one with lots of cats?

SP: Yes. Definitely. I want to do an original series of my own. Badly. I don't know what the hell it's going to be about just yet.  I tend to really love action adventure comedies a la Legend of Neil, so I might want to play in that genre. I have some ideas. I'll figure it out, ok? God, get off my back, Dom! ... I'm sorry I yelled ... Go on get on my back, Dom.  Get on my back and ride... Man, this interview got weird.

The Guild: Zaboo is in stores now. Go buy it! The Guild web-series is in internets now. Go watch it! And keep an eye out for Sandeep's soon to be released series: The Horrifically Humorous Comic about Cats, sure to be 2012's biggest hit!


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