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The Outhouse Presents: NuMarvel: Marvel Knights!!

Written by Christian on Monday, August 29 2011 and posted in Features

The Outhouse continues to present its 52 Marvel fantasy titles!

What if Marvel, seeing DC's (as of yet unseen) success with their Relaunch, decided to revamp their own books?  What titles and characters would readers see?  Which characters would be forgotten?

Sakie, one of our fine Outhouse forum members, asked these questions and proposed that other Outhousers join in to come up with a list of 52 proposed titles to base this fantasy relaunch on.  Outhousers were asked to suggest a title, a creative team, a cast of characters and a brief plot summary.  The front page is proud to present The NuMarvel 52!  After taking a look at the daily list, feel free to vote in the forum poll to pick which titles you'd be interested in buying! To check out past offerings, check out the NuMarvel Avengers and Marvel Fringe titles!

The NuMarvel 52: Marvel Knights

They may not be the most known heroes in the Marvel universe. They may not be on the biggest teams. But rest assured, at the end of the day, these men and women are doing everything in their power to make sure that you are safe and sleep well at night.

Photon by Christopher Priest and Mark Bright (Suggested by Chesscub)

Summary: Monica Rambeau has been harbor patrol captain for years. A freak accident grants her the ability to transform into various forms of energy. She's becomes the beacon of light that New Orleans needs to move forward.

Daredevil by Nick Spencer and Dale Eaglesham (Suggested by T.Shock)

Summary: The best offense is a good defense, and for the super villains of New York City, there's only one man you call when you need legal help: Matt Murdock. During the day, he's the most celebrated attorney at the powerful firm of Nelson & Page, the one man the world's worst villains can't wait to see. But, then, what about those rumors of the ones who wander into Hell's Kitchen and don't come out?

Invincible Iron Fist by Ed Brubaker, Matt Fraction, and Steve Epting (Suggested by Dragavon)

Summary: Daniel Rand is the only person to the escape the Seven Cities. He has no desire to spend the rest of his life fighting in the Tournament of Death. But escaping to New York might not be enough. Because those who are following will make sure he goes back...alive or dead.

Every month from Marvel, the greatest comic company in the universe!

The Monstrous Hulk by Fahd Mohamed and Mike Deadato Jr. (Suggested by fahd)

Cast: Bruce Banner, The Hulk, Emil Blonsky, Abomination, Sylvia Blonksy, and Betty Ross.

Summary: A noble act gave the monster inside Bruce Banner life, and after months of suffering he intends to kill it using the help of his research partners Emil and Sylvia Blonsky

Shroud by Andy Diggle and Alex Maleev (Suggested by HNutz)

Summary: Michael Wyatt is a financial genius and in the import/export business. That's about all that anyone knows for sure. The FBI thinks he's a criminal mastermind and is currently investigating him. The tabloids think pictures of him sells papers and makes them money. And that's all they really care about. The bad guys want him out of the way. The general public thinks he should be locked away (and the cops should throw away the key).

But there's two big things that nobody knows.

1) He's got special abilities. Even though he doesn't often overtly use them, they are invaluable to him. He has the power to create and shape darkness, only limited by his imagination. He also has a specialized arsenal and an excellent physique.

2) Despite evidence to the contrary, he's a superhero. He entered the criminal underground to take it down from the inside. But he never thought he'd be as successful as he was. Of course, he also never thought he'd be in so deep and has no way out. Of course, there are certain perks to his lifestyle, so he's always in danger of "becoming the mask"...

Night Thrasher: The Man Without Fear! by David Liss and Francesco Francavilla (Suggested by HNutz)

Summary: From the team that brought you Black Panther: The Man Without Fear... Dwayne Taylor's been working in secret to bring law and order to the mean streets. He's the Batman of the Marvel Universe (okay, maybe Batman: Year One), using his smarts more than his fists (although he's well adept at kicking ass). Maybe he'll invent something from everyday items (like Black Panther did in his recent book), maybe he'll use his economic resources (he's no Bruce Wayne, but he's no slouch) to buy out the baddies or otherwise screw them over (like Archangel did in Casey's Uncanny X-Men).

And he's not one to start small. Vlad Dinu, Wilson Fisk, Norman Osborn, Stane International... he's gathering info on them all, as well as any bad guys who wander into HIS neighborhood! Of course, the more he takes on, the more they realize he's a problem...

Songbird by Cullen Bunn and Andrea DiVito (Suggested by Stalzer2002)

Cast: Songbird, Baron Strucker, Andrea "Swordswoman" Strucker

Summary: No one knows that Hydra runs the sleepy little town of Burton Canyon, Colorado. Not the costumes who protect the America's major cities. Not even the legendary spymaster Nick Fury. Horrible reprisals against the family and friends of anyone who even tries to get help have kept a terrified populace in line. Melissa Gold found out what no one knows that hard way. She and her boyfriend David Angar were a couple of small time hoods who tried to rob the Burton Canyon Municipal Bank. But it was more than a bank, it was also a underground weapons lab. Melissa slipped on a strange looking harness moments before the security forces burst in and gunned down David. All she could do was scream, which seemed to charge the harness. Her scream became solid, and battered the guards into unconsciousness. In that moment, the small time hood vanished. Instead, she became a hero for people for whom the Avengers and SHIELD offered no hope. She became a voice for the voiceless. She became...Songbird!

The Punisher by Christos Gage and Stefano Caselli (Suggested by Knuckles McSmasher)

Summary: Frank Castle former special forces military man, turned CIA operative, see's his family tragically killed right before his eyes, the casualties of a super human battle gone wrong. Now Castle turns his years of experience in violence and torture on the super human community, heroes and villains both must now pay for their crimes and face the judge, jury, and executioner know as The Punisher.

Prime! by Brian Michael Bendis and Mark Bagley (Suggested by HNutz)

Summary: This is the story of a thirteen year-old boy named Kevin Green with the power to transform into a super-powered adult. In this sense, he is much like the Golden Age Captain Marvel. Like the Modern Age version of Captain Marvel, Kevin retains the thoughts, memories and consciousness of his thirteen year-old self as Prime. This is a chief source of conflict for the character as he is frequently placed in adult situations and circumstances he may not be mature enough to deal with.In fact, it is frequently suggested that the appearance of the Prime-body is formed mostly by Kevin's subconscious. Many of the features of the Prime-body are taken from Kevin's role models such as action stars and comic book superheroes. The face of Prime also bears a striking resemblance to Kevin's own father, Russell Green. In effect the Prime-body reflects Kevin's own attitudes towards heroism at any given moment. As such, Prime's physical appearance has changed numerous times. Common elements exist among the different Prime-bodies though, such as a stylized 'P' resting somewhere on his chest or cape and some metallic adornment such as chains or gauntlets. Maybe one form looks more like Spider-Man, Captain America or Thor... or, if he's been watching movies, maybe John McCaine or Indiana Jones.

Hellcat by Steve Englehart and Aaron Lopresti (Suggested by Timbales)

Cast: Hellcat, Hellwolf

Summary: Patricia 'Patsy' Walker hides a secret behind her sunny daytime TV persona - her soul belongs to the demon lord Mephisto. A cruel twist of fate led Pasty and her then friend Helen Wolfe into a pact with the demon lord. To earn back their freedom and salvation, they must track down and commit condemned souls to hell. Patsy's conscience won't let her send someone who can be saved to Mephisto's realm, but now rival Helen has so no such qualms.

So which titles did you like?  Be sure to vote in our Reader Poll and check back tomorrow for more awesome titles from the NuMarvel 52!

Written or Contributed by: BlueStreak

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