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Nightfly's iTV Week in Review 2/12/12 - Web Therapy, Project S.E.R.A., and more!

Written by Nightfly on Monday, February 20 2012 and posted in Features

Nightfly recommends his favorite webisodes, shorts, and clips from the previous week.

Nightfly's iTV Week in Review  (week of 2/12/12)
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Regular readers of my TV column know I've been integrating webisodes into my weekly roundups for some time. Initially in support of Whedonverse alums Felicia Day and Emma Caulfield then later in the form of movie reviewers and IGN's Weekly 'Wood, I've been trying to get to this ambitious stage for awhile. Obviously way too many web series and shorts come out each week for me to possibly try and catch 'em all, so unlike my music column, here I'm not even going to try. My plan is merely to start posting ones I learn about and find personally interesting and hopefully, if nothing else, it'll lead to me (and you) learning a lot more about what's out there. If you know of any good ones I might miss please let me know and I'll be happy to investigate. I'm already eager for The Guild and Bandwagon to make their new season debuts in upcoming columns. Speaking of Felicia Day, her most recent web series Dragon Age: Redemption came out on dvd Valentine's Day; read about it here.

Since this endeavor will include short films (and the like) I find on the net as well as ongoing web series, I thought it fitting to launch my first Web TV column with Sir Ridley Scott's announcement of the YouTube Your Film Festival 2012 contest. Entering your film, of any length, either recently finished or made years ago, gives you the chance to win a trip to the Venice Film Festival where top entries will be judged by Ridley Scott himself. The YFF winner will recieve a half-million dollar grant to take their concept to the next level with Sir Ridley as your production partner. Read more about it here and make sure to enter your submission by March 31st.

Future short films being featured in my columns will always appear as out-of-competition 'bonus' content. The first I'll present is unofficially considered a Resident Evil prequel. Based on your knowledge level of the franchise, you'll just have to decide for yourself. Undoubtedly the pieces line up. Unveiled the day after Valentine's Day, well-timed to build buzz for upcoming video game release RE: Operation Raccoon City, this remarkable short stars Julia Voth (as Jill), Victor Webster and Dennis Keiffer. Enjoy.
Project S.E.R.A.  [TV-MA]

FYI, the main sites I'll be tracking to learn about new web series are blip and the well curated twitter feed of Assisted Living.

Last week I featured CBS' new C.S.I. centered web series, Anatomy of a TV Hit: C.S.I. as a bonus vid in my TV WiR column. In this column I'm spotlighting it out-of-competition as well, not just because it's about the making of a network powerhouse, but also because it's an example of a web series that releases multiple episodes per week. Below is its latest, third installment, focused on the "Casting for 'Stealing Home.'" You can easily find episodes one and two here.
Anatomy of a TV Hit: C.S.I. - (Ep.3) "Casting for 'Stealing Home'"

Last Week's Web Series Download Complete. Ready to initiate entertainment...
* Warning: videos in this column may contain mature content not suitable for all ages *

This is an interesting new series I'm sharing for a few different reasons. First, it held my interest and entertained me. Secondly, it's gotten good reviews and stars some quirky characters. One noteworthy reason not to be denied is that this is its Pilot episode. No better time to discover a new web series then at its very beginning.

I Hate Being Single - "Pilot"  {released 2/14 via}

If you're like me you find a gorgeous female supervillain pretty irresistible. Prepare to not resist Natalie Bain as Jessica James in Super Knocked Up. Check out its engaging trailer then watch the much anticipated first episode (below).
Super Knocked Up - "One Night Stand" (released 2/17 via

* Next week look for Episode 1.1 titled, "The Darcy Danger Files." Meanwhile, follow the series on twitter and take a look at this BTS clip about "Punching on the String."

Taking a completely different approach to costumed hijinx is the silly, fun [TV-MA] superhero action figure based web series, Shelf Life. Actress Tara Platt, a sweet mutual twitter follower, stars as the inimitable Hero Lass and just last week set up a SL Swag Store on Zazzle. The series is currently in its second season but you can catch up from the beginning here.
Shelf Life - (S2.Ep.3) "Keepin' Up With the Jonesin'"

* Don't forget to follow Shelf Life on twitter.

Fans of Robert Kirkman's The Walking Dead comics may be interested to learn details about Telltale's upcoming video game adaptation. In the new web series, Playing Dead, the game's developers and designers discuss their progress and share engaging screenshots and concept art. Read more about it here then watch the debut episode (below).
Playing Dead - Episode 1  {released 2/14 via YouTube}


Fave *New* Webisode of the Week:
Web Therapy - (S4, Ep.14) "Acting Out" (guest starring Minnie Driver)  {released 2/15 via L|Studio}

* Follow Web Therapy and Dr. Fiona Wallice on twitter for the latest updates.

Runner Up:
Last week Kirby Ferguson finally finished his incredibly insightful four-part web series titled, Everything is a Remix, about Property Law versus Social Evolution. The first episode focuses mainly on music, Led Zeppelin in particular, but the later episodes expand on the idea greatly. I highly recommend checking the series out. I've embedded the first and most recent episodes. You can catch all previous episodes here.

Everything is a Remix Part 1 from Kirby Ferguson on Vimeo.

Everything is a Remix Part 4 from Kirby Ferguson on Vimeo.
* Read about the series here and if you like what you see consider helping fund his new series which aims to explain the major ideas, events and human quirks that've shaped our current political reality. His new project titled, This is Not a Conspiracy Theory, won't happen unless financed via Kickstarter so contributions are critical to its creation.

* Apropos of Intellectual Property theory, do yourself a favor and screen this brief lecture I included in a recent TV Week in Review column. Originally recorded in 2010, it only recently came to me via @TEDConf and I've shared it with many friends since. Johanna Blakley relays her lessons learned about 'remixing' pop-cultural commerce & ideas in, Lessons From Fashion's Free Culture. I predict you'll see the wisdom of Johanna's points no matter where your interests lie.


News & Reviews Weekly Series:
Breakin' It Down with Catherine Reitman - (Ep.52) "The Shawshank Redemption; Spirited Away; Alien"

Weekly 'Wood with Naomi Kyle  {released 2/16 via IGN}
More IGN Weekly Wood Videos

DVDiva with Brigitte Dale - (Ep.53)
Make-Up Section:
Mercer actually premiered Feb. 3rd but I only learned of it when actress Dichen Lachman tweeted about it on Valentine's Day, saying, "Check out my dear friend Paul in this." I liked it a lot. I greatly look forward to screening episode two.
Mercer - (Ep.001) "Pilot"  {released 2/3 via YouTube}

A super-cool series that debuted late last month that I totally plan to keep watching is titled, Malice: The Webseries (starring Brittany Martz as Alice). Take a peek at its trailer then watch Episode 1 below.

* Follow Brittany Martz on twitter.
Bonus Videos:
Another new web series that got a lot of buzz last week was, Guidestones, a Canadian "Da Vinci Code-style mystery" that (as part of a global conspiracy) explores the enigmatic Georgia Guidestones. I wasn't able to embed the first episode but you can view it here. Check out its gripping trailer (below) and read more about it here.

* Follow Guidestones on twitter.

Readers of my TV Week in Review column may remember I included the super-campy, highly imaginative fantasy series, Spellfury, as my Webisode of the Week last November. Spellfury is a web series that employs a level of creativity that sincerely entertains me. Season 2's third episode is overdue but last week (2/15) series creator T. Bone Pearson posted this short BTS clip showcasing a set design prop, built to display products from their latest sponsor.

* See all past episodes here and follow the series on twitter.

To close out this inaugural column I'm including a clip that would've normally appeared in my Music Video Week in Review column in a less crowded week. Enjoy this bonus material from the musical documentary film, Down the Rhodes: The Fender Rhodes Story.
Down the Rhodes - "Ronnie Foster"   {released 2/15 via YouTube}

* Follow The Fender Rhodes Story on twitter.

Thanks a lot for joining me on my expanding exploration of entertainment culture and sources of free media on the web. Please don't hesitate to share your comments and additional link suggestions, and, I'd also really appreciate your checking out my TV and Music Video columns too. Stay Jacked-In and Happy iViewing!

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