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WebTV Week in Review 4/29/12 - Jedi Bubblebath, The Guild, & more!

Written by Nightfly on Monday, May 07 2012 and posted in Features

Nightfly recommends his favorite webisodes, shorts, and clips from the previous week.

Nightfly's WebTV Week in Review  (week of 4/29/12)
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Well, it appears this column has reached the end of the road here at The Outhouse and it's going out with an early salute to Mother's Day and the female gender in general.

On the subject of Mother's Day, consider participating in the poignant, moving campaign known as No Mother's Day taking place May 13th. Lend your support to help demonstrate that every mother counts by "disappearing" in honor of, and to raise awareness for, the hundreds of thousands of women who die each year from complications arising during pregnancy and childbirth. Mothers (and supporters) are encouraged to refuse gifts and refrain from shopping or emailing, etc. to "disappear." The hope is that folks "disappearing" this year will make it possible for more Mothers to be alive to celebrate the day next year.

My second bonus video this week is for a new (upcoming) YouTube channel created by Jon Avnet & Rodrigo Garcia promising original web series, short films and documentaries about and starring women, called WIGS (Where It Gets Interesting). WIGS premieres May 14th.

Other videos focusing on females from last week I thought noteworthy included this ten minute short about the Girl Scouts titled, Girl Scouts: Inspired to Lead, posted last Wednesday, as well as this trailer for a new web series about four moms launching today called, Little Women Big Cars. Amy Yasbeck, Julie Warner, Romy Rosemont and Kristy Swanson star as the four moms who Little Women Big Cars revolves around - watch a trailer for it here and catch its debut later today.

Lastly, before moving onto my main group of clips, it mattered to me to present this PSA featuring Victoria Justice titled, "Act Out Loud," addressing May being National Youth Traffic Safety Month. Please give it a look, especially if you're a teen driver.

Last Week's Web Series Download Complete. Ready to initiate entertainment...
* Warning: videos below may contain mature content not suitable for all ages *

Battleground - (Ep.12) "He's Better Than Television"  [Runtime 22.56]  {posted 5/1 via Hulu}

Coffey Chat - (Ep.6) "Get Fit, Get Healthy"  [Runtime 5.31]  {posted 5/2 via YouTube}

D23 Presents Armchair Archivist: Avengers Edition!  [Runtime 8.02]  {posted 5/2 via D23}

D-trix Presents Dance Showdown - (Ep.6) "Best Moments"  [Runtime 6.43]  {posted 5/3 via DanceOn}

Dark Horse: Motion Comics - "Concrete: Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous"  [Runtime 6.00]  {posted 5/2 via G&S}

Dark Knight Rises - NEW Trailer Voice Over! by The Key of Awesome  [Runtime 3.51]  {posted 5/5 via BarelyPolitical} [TV-14]

Down the Rhodes - "Michael Bearden"  [Runtime 3.25]  {posted 5/3 via FenderRhodes}

Face to Face with "Weird Al" Yankovic - (Ep.3) "Morgan Freeman; Michael Cera"  [Runtime: 7.40]  {posted 5/1 via Nerdist}

Filmnut - "Jon Huertas"  [Runtime 49.50]  {posted 5/3 via blip}

Flock - (Ep.7) "Can't Do This"  [Runtime 4.31]  {posted 5/2 via blip}

The Flog - (Ep.5) "Felicia Day with a Chainsaw! Plus, adorable baby animals!"  [Runtime 8.34]  {posted 4/30 via Geek & Sundry}

Guitarings - Tenacious D: Kickapoo Part 2  [Runtime 5.02]  {posted 5/1 via YouTube}
Guitarings - Tenacious D: City Hall Part 2  [Runtime 3.28]  {posted 5/1 via YouTube}

The Haunting of Sunshine Girl: Ghost - (S5, Ep.31) "Sunshine Captures Ghost and Gets a Visit From Victoria"  [Runtime 7.35]  {posted 5/4 via YouTube}

Knock & Rock: Radars to the Sky - "You Take It to Heart"  [Runtime 5.37]  {posted 4/30 via YouTube}

* I learned of this series last week thanks to actress Deanna Russo tweeting about it.

Life Stinks? - "The Boutique"  [Runtime 0.58]  {posted 4/30 via YouTube}

Mermates - (Ep.6) "The Meal"  [Runtime 3.31]  {posted 5/1 via YouTube}

MyMusic - (Ep.3) "Invisible!"  [Runtime 8.01]  {posted 4/29 via MyMusicShow}
* Catch yesterday's new episode, "Duck Face!," here.

The Newtown Girls - (Ep.8) "Super Green"  [Runtime 7.27]  {posted 4/30 via blip}

Paranormal Xpeditions: Slater Mill Promo  [Runtime 2.36]  {posted 5/3 via YouTube}

* Catch the PXP World Premiere on Ghost Tales TV May 18th.

PipersQuickPicks - "Girl in Progress: Cierra Ramirez + Raini Rodriguez Interviewed"  [Runtime 9.43]  {posted 5/2 via PipersPicksTV}


Fave *New* Webisodes of the Week: [3-way tie]
First Dates with Toby Harris - (Ep.10) "Drinking"  (Co-Starring Casey Wilson)  [Runtime 5.31]  {posted 4/30 via Yahoo}

The Guild - (S5, Ep.4) "Ends and Begins"  [Runtime 8.04]  {posted 5/1 via G&S}

Sexy Jedi Bubblebath! Saber 2: Return of the Body Wash (Starring: Rileah Vanderbilt and Clare Grant; Dir. by Seth Green)  [Runtime 2.58]  {posted 5/4 via Nerdist}

* Relive their first lightsaber fight here.

Runners Up: [3-way tie]
Dungeon Bastard - "Hard Times at the Table"  [Runtime 2.49]  {posted 5/2 via YouTube}

The Kids in the Hall - "The Daves I Know"  [Runtime 3.43]  {posted 5/4 via Nerdist}

Too Many Avengers  [Runtime 1.56]  {posted 4/30 via CollegeHumor}  [TV-MA; NSFW]

Geek & Sundry

PopSpot: Obama Girl's Crush On Obama (Enhanced Version)  [Runtime 4.12]  {posted 5/1 via PopSpot}

Republicans, Get In My Vagina!  (Starring Andrea Savage, Kate Beckinsale and Judy Greer)  [Runtime 2.28]  {posted 5/4 via FunnyOrDie}

SAVE NBC'S BFF  [Runtime 1.37]  {posted 4/30 via FunnyOrDie}

S.U.D.S. - C.O.D. (Chimp On Delivery)  [Runtime 4.05]  {posted 4/29 via Nerdist}

* Check out yesterday's new episode, "A Stalker's Born," here.

Space Shuttle Discovery Delivered to the Smithsonian  [Runtime 4.18]  {posted 5/1 via Smithsonian}

Spellfury: BTS on Season 2!   [Runtime 0.35]  {posted 4/29 via YouTube}

Super Therapy - (Session #15) Avengers  [Runtime 4.18]  {posted 5/1 via BarelyPolitical}

* Watch the Making Of this webisode here.

TableTop with Wil Wheaton - (Ep.3) "Zombie Dice, Get Bit! & Tsuro: Ryan Higa, Freddie Wong, Rod Roddenberry"  [Runtime 32.38]  {posted 5/4 via G&S}

Talk of Thrones - (Ep.3)  [Runtime 4.15]  {posted 4/29 via NormalTV}

TFF: Elvis's Granddaughter, Riley Keough Takes On Tribeca!  [Runtime 2.33]  {posted 4/30 via YHN}

Ultimate Viral Video (Starring Ryan Seacrest & Justin Bieber)  [Runtime 2.00]  {posted 5/3 via RSP}

Up At Noon: The Best (and Worst) of Up At Noon, Vol.1  [Runtime 8.36]  {posted 4/30 via START}

VernissageTV - "Gabriel Kuri at Galeria Kurimanzutto"  [Runtime 3.15]  {posted 4/29 via blip}
VernissageTV - "Zona Maco Mexico Arte Contemporaneo Art Fair 2012"  [Runtime 5.38]  {posted 5/1 via blip}

The West Wing: Walk & Talk  [Runtime 2.22]  {posted 4/30 via FOD}

Will Ferrell Says Happy Mother's Day  [Runtime 0.49]  {posted 5/2 via FOD}

YHN: Sharing A Sundae with Gail Simmons!  [Runtime 6.57]  {posted 4/29 via YHN}

YHN: Studio Secrets - Alison Brie & Mindy Kaling  [Runtime 6.04]  {posted 5/1 via YHN}
Fashion & Beauty

Beauty Vlogger Boot Camp - (Ep.5) "Boy Crazy"  [Runtime 17.54]  {posted 5/1 via ulh}

Big Girl in a Skinny World Q&A with Nicolette Mason  [Runtime 1.28]  {posted 5/4 via HelloStyle}

The Get In Or Get Out Show - "DIY Glamour Headwrap"  [Runtime 1.18]  {posted 5/2 via GIOGO}

Meet Josie Maran - Model, Mother and Entrepreneur  [Runtime 3.53]  {posted 4/30 via TheChalkboardTV}

Selena Gomez on Her Fans, Fragrance and Drugstore Favorites  [Runtime 1.55]  {posted 5/1 via HuffPost}

Strawburry17's April Beauty Product Favorites  [Runtime 6.45]  {posted 5/4 via YouTube}

TV Guide: Desperate Housewives Series Finale - Eva Longoria's Last Day on Set  [Runtime 3.07]  {posted 5/3 via TVGuide}

* Follow Eva Longoria on twitter.

Vogue Magazine's Health Initiative Requires Healthier Models by Shandi Finnessey  [Runtime 1.26]  {posted 5/4 via ENTV}

VPL: Celebrity Travel Style and Fashion Tips  [Runtime 5.58]  {posted 5/2 via HelloStyle}
News & Reviews

4 Points with Alex Albrecht - "Justin Donaldson, Alison Haislip, Zachary Levi"  [Runtime 22.56]  {posted 5/2 via Nerdist}

Ain't It Cool with Harry Knowles - (Ep.5) "Greg Nicotero talks Walking Dead and Zombies"  [Runtime: 14.49]  {posted 5/3 via Nerdist}

Allstate's The One Pledge - Here's Your Sign from Bill Engvall  [Runtime 1.58]  {posted 5/2 via YouTube}

Annie's Bits - "The Avengers: Everything You Need to Know, Perfect Strangers Game, and We Got Discovered"  [Runtime 3.50]  {posted 5/4 via R3}

Black Flag - (Ep.4) "Harley-Davidson in Miami"  [Runtime 2.11]  {posted 5/1 via OctaneStyleTV}
Black Flag - (Ep.5) "BF Interviews Rally Star Ken Block"  [Runtime 4.49]  {posted 5/5 via OctaneStyleTV}

Breakin' It Down with Catherine Reitman - (Ep.63) "The Avengers"  [Runtime 6.35]  {released 5/4 via R3}

Cheap Cool Crazy with Naomi Kyle - "Video Game Soap, Sphero & Turntable Rider"  [Runtime 3.59]  {released 5/3 via START}

Comic Book Club - "Bill Hader and Steve Wacker"  [Runtime 21.43]  {posted 5/2 via Nerdist}

DVDiva with Brigitte Dale - (Ep.65) "When the Clock Strikes Midnight..."  {released 5/1 via NextMovie}

Finalist Voting May 14 - Vote for American Jazz Museum  [Runtime 2.00]  {posted 5/2 via YouTube}

Fresh Ink with Blair Butler  {posted 5/1 via G4}

The Grind with Marisha Ray - "Episode 9"  {posted 5/4 via GameRevolution}  [Age Restricted]
* Watch the extended cut of Marisha washing the '66 Batmobile below.

Half in the Bag - (Ep.30) "ZAAT!"  [Runtime 24.47]  {posted 4/30 via blip}

Lena Katina Video for the Daniel Zamudio Memorial  [Runtime 1.13]  {posted 5/4 via YouTube}

Mix'd Reviews with Jessica Chobot  [Runtime 4.42]  {posted 5/4 via START}

Molly Quinn Discusses Narrating Cassandra Clare's CITY OF LOST SOULS  [Runtime 1.01]  {posted 5/4 via YouTube}

Paula Garces: Aluna Digital Comic Book - Free Download All Week  [Runtime 1.05]  {posted 5/5 via YouTube}

* Like Aluna on Facebook.

Q with Jian Ghomeshi - "The Lady's Michelle Yeoh and David Thewlis"  [Runtime: 24.48]  {released 4/30 via blip}

Showbiz 411: Jason Statham at the SAFE premiere in London  [Runtime 0.39]  {posted 4/30 via YouTube}

Talk Nerdy To Me with Cara Santa Maria - "Prayer: What Does The Science Say?"  [Runtime 6.06]  {posted 5/1 via HuffPost}
Talk Nerdy To Me with Cara Santa Maria - "Asteroid Mining, The Republican Brain, Science Education On 'The Point'"  [Runtime 51.36]  {posted 5/5 via HuffPost}
Talk Nerdy To Me with Cara Santa Maria - "Virtual Humans In The Wild Wild West"  [Runtime 4.57]  {posted 5/3 via HuffPost}

Tom Morello: The Nightwatchman Speaks #17  [Runtime 10.01]  {posted 5/4 via YouTube}

Vaginal Fantasy Hangout #4 - "The Iron Duke"  [Runtime 1.03.11]  {posted 4/30 via YouTube}

Variant with Arris Quinones - (Ep.1) "The Essential Avengers!"  [Runtime 8.58]  {posted 5/2 via VariantComics}
* Follow Variant Comics on twitter.

Weekly 'Wood with Jessica Chobot  [Runtime 2.47]  {posted 5/3 via IGN}
Late Pass Zone

Nostalgia Chick - "The Chipmunk Adventure"  [Runtime 20.17]  {posted 4/28 via blip}

Spoiler Alert: Aubrey Plaza (features Aubrey as Buffy The Vampire Slayer & Zach Woods as Angel)  [Runtime 7.44]  {posted 4/26 via ENTV}

* Read about it here.
** See Aubrey star in the music video for "Hollywood Forever Cemetery Sings" here.
Bonus Videos

To close out this final WebTV entry I've included the two TED Talks that've become standard but I also gladly add this link to an informative Joss Whedon interview clip (re: The Avengers) here I think you'll enjoy, and the web series trailer (directly below).

Next month (June 18th) Season Two of original Hulu web series Leap Year debuts, this season boasting guest appearances from Whedonverse faves Emma Caulfield and Eliza Dushku. Check out its preview teaser (below).

Lastly, my favorite two TED Talks from the latest batch that appeared online last week.
TED Talks - Liz Diller: A Giant Bubble for Debate  [Runtime 12.06]  {posted 4/30 via TEDTalks}

TED Talks - Gary Kovacs: Tracking the Trackers  [Runtime 6.39]  {posted 5/3 via TEDTalks}

Fans of Justine Ezarik (a.k.a. iJustine) should unlock this iJustine sticker I only just found at GetGlue! I didn't even know Justine had a page there - keep abreast of all her latest web clips by subscribing to her YouTube channel here.

Before saying goodbye and putting this column to bed, I wanted to share the exciting news that I'll next be writing for Geek Nation (launching soon).
To those who found these columns interesting or entertaining, thanks... and I want to ask you to please consider following my future column when it launches. Until then, I'll be publishing a couple more TV Week in Reviews throughout May. I sincerely hope I've helped you discover some new YouTube channels and/or shows you didn't otherwise know of and I (of course, as always) highly encourage you to Stay Jacked-In and Happy iViewing! It's been fun.

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