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Live Wolverine, Magneto's Wang to Star in House of M Rehash, Summer 2015

The latest Marvel event teaser shows fans a little more Magneto than they needed to see.

Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje Joins Game of Thrones Cast as Brand New Character

The character, who doesn't exist in the books (so far?), will be named Malko.

Tread Lightly Florida Mother; Bryan Cranston Weighs in on 'Breaking Bad' Action Figure Controversy

Bryan Cranston aka Walter White aka Heisenberg himself responds to the Breaking Bad action figure controversy. This is gonna be good.

Whitewashing Works; Brad Pitts’ Fury Takes US Box Office

No word yet regarding how Marvel plans on explaining this in the movies’ continuity.

Mother Starts Petition to Ban 'Breaking Bad' Figures from Toys R Us

A Florida mother has filed a petition to try and remove Breaking Bad figures from Toys R Us shelves and online stores. Because of crystal meth and loose moneybag accessories. I am not joking.

Neil Gaiman Hints at "Slate" of Vertigo Films

Asked why Sandman was absent from the recent DC film slate, Gaiman revealed a "different slate of films" for Vertigo.

Big Shot Retailer Brian Hibbs Blasts Cash-Grab Publishing, Warns of Looming Market Crash

In his column over at CBR, Hibbs savagely blasts Marvel and DC's gimmick and event publishing practices.

Xander from Buffy Arrested for Drunken Hotel Rampage at Idaho Comic Con

We'd probably get drunk break a dish if we were stuck at a comic con in Idaho too.

Marvel Reveals A New Hero With Cochlear Implants

A Marvel Team-Up with The Children’s Hearing Institute.

Your Friday Doctor Strange Movie Lead Rumor Roundup

Some returning names, some new ones, and a former contender possibly in a different comic movie role.

Rumor: Jena Malone is Robin in Superman v Batman

In a fairly reputable rumor, Malone will reportedly play Carrie Kelly.

UK Submits to New Comics Overlord Dave Gibbons

Gibbons will rule the country with an iron fist!