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NYCC: Netflix's Daredevil Page Goes Live

It's a mildly interesting event before the Daredevil panel tonight, but all the other sites are reporting it, so...

NYCC: Officially Licensed Dancing Groot, in Time for Xmas, $14.99

The most un-shocking news to come out of the convention!

NYCC '14: Marvel Goes Back To The 50s With Operation S.I.N.

Peggy Carter and Howard Stark get their own mini

NYCC: Marvel to Publish James Patterson's Max Ride: First Flight

A new young adult series announced at Marvel's Cup O' Joe panel!

NYCC: Marvel Announces Star Wars: Kanan - The Last Padawan

Another big announcement coming out of the Cup O' Joe panel!

NYCC: Marvel Announces "Black Vortex" Cosmic Event Starring Guardians of the Galaxy and X-Men

At Marvel's Cup O' Joe Panel, Black Vortex was the first of the anticipated big announcements.

NYCC: Snyder and Jock's Wytches Optioned for Movie After Being Featured on Outhouse

The Outhouse's coverage of the book convinced New Regency and Plan B to option it for a film.

Your First Look at Reverse Flash for TV's 'the Flash'

In honor of the character's debut on the WB show, we're posting it a day after, in a hope this will somehow screw up Barry Allen's life.

NYCC: Rick & Morty Comic Coming from Oni Press!!! *Updated

Yes, the duo are invading comics in 2015!! ***Updated with a Small NYCC Animatic.

NYCC: IDW to Publish Collection of Spider-Man Newspaper Strips

The publisher made a deal with the devil, just like Spider-Man did to erase his marriage.

NYCC: Dirk Gently's Holistic Detective Agency Series Coming from IDW

Douglas Adams' other creation will hit comic stores sometime next year!

‘Guardians of the Galaxy’ Animated Series Coming in 2015!!

The animated series is fully confirmed now, being "Phase 2" of Marvel's Animated series. Wait they're doing everything in phases now?

Labyrinth and Dark Crystal Sequels in Development ***UPDATED

Two 80s classics seem to be on pace in FINALLY getting sequels. ***UPDATED Sadly one of these sequels just got shot down by Entertainment Weekly just crushed all our hopes. BOO! BOO!!!

NYCC: Legend of Korra Panel

So what does the final con panel for Legend of Korra hold for fans? FIND OUT HERE!