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NYCC: Dirk Gently's Holistic Detective Agency Series Coming from IDW

Douglas Adams' other creation will hit comic stores sometime next year!

‘Guardians of the Galaxy’ Animated Series Coming in 2015!!

The animated series is fully confirmed now, being "Phase 2" of Marvel's Animated series. Wait they're doing everything in phases now?

Labyrinth and Dark Crystal Sequels in Development ***UPDATED

Two 80s classics seem to be on pace in FINALLY getting sequels. ***UPDATED Sadly one of these sequels just got shot down by Entertainment Weekly just crushed all our hopes. BOO! BOO!!!

NYCC: Legend of Korra Panel

So what does the final con panel for Legend of Korra hold for fans? FIND OUT HERE!

'Lego Batman' Movie is Coming 2017!!!

Yes this will be a real movie! Groundbreaking. MORE DARKNESS!! STILL NO PARENTS!!! WILL STILL REMAIN THE OPPOSITE OF LIGHT!!!!

NYCC: Johnston Was Right, Marvel Teases Fantastic Four "End is Fourever," "No More Mutants"

Marvel teased "The End is FOURever" and "No More Mutants" at a retailer presentation at a secret retailer summit at New York Comic Con.

NYCC: Marvel's Next Super-Mega-Crossover Event is Secret Wars by Hickman and Ribic

It will feature various versions of Marvel heroes from a multiverse or the broken timestream or something.

NYCC '14: IDW Acquires A Jem

This one just begs for a hologram cover.

Star Wars Rebels: Spark Of Rebellion To Air on ABC, With Special Guest Appearance

They are altering the movie, do you pray they do not alter it further?

CW Casts Pied Piper for The Flash, Will Be Super Gay

"Smash" star Andy Mientus will play the openly gay villain. Did we mention he's gay? He is.