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Now Bluewater Is Making a Comic About The Joker and Aurora Shooter James Holmes

The comic is a "biography" of The Joker and the real life copycat crimes he inspires.

Geoff Johns Forever Evil Signing Event Press Release Reads Like Parody

Johns will be signing copies of "truly the most epic crossover event of all time" at a Barnes and Noble in L.A.

A Look At Vision From 'Avengers: Age of Ultron'

Looks surprisingly like the comic book version.

Emmett Scanlan Cast as Jim Corrigan (The Spectre) on Constantine

Clearly someone didn't read the "Irish Need Not Apply" signs.

Warner Bros CEO Admits Layoffs On The Way "At Every Level"

In a corporate memo, Kevin Tsuijhara revealed that "positions would be eliminated at every level throughout the studio."

Here's a Completely Useless Preview of the New Female Thor Comic

Want a clue to the new Thor's identity? Want to see her in action? Too bad! You get nothing! No Thor for you!

CW Casts White Guy as Ra's Al Ghul

This follows the proud tradition of casting other white dudes as Ra's al Ghul.

DC Editing Team Narrowly Dodges Hazardous Cassandra Cain Appearance in Batwing: Future's End #1

If only they could be as thorough in explaining past New 52 continuity as they are in in efficiently quarantining toxic characters.

First Second Announces "Secret Coders" Graphic Novel Series by Gene Luen Yang, Mike Holmes

The new GN series will be like "Harry Potter only with computers instead of wands".

Marvel Will Finally Publish New Miracleman Content

After years of teasing they had purchased the property and months of reprints, the publisher will finally produce new comics featuring the character.

The Secret Six is Back!

Gail Simone and Ken Lashley are bringing the DC cult classic to the New 52!

Would Al Pacino Join the Guardians of the Galaxy 2 Cast?!

If the situation were to hypothetically arise where Pacino was hypothetically offered a part in a hypothetical film, he would hypothetically say yes.

New Line Didn't Get Memo on "No Jokes" DC Policy, Will Make Shazam Movie "Fun"

How could they have missed this company-wide policy that every website reported on as if it was proven fact?!

The Flash Casts Another Prison Break Actor as a Villain

The CW seems to be following a villain when casting Flash villains.

Top 10 Things You Need To Know About Marvel’s Death Of Wolverine Event

I'm sure it will be really good; the word "death" is in the title.