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Rich Johnston Suffers Freak Horn-Tooting Accident

The famed British muckraker is still determined to tell everyone that he reported upcoming SDCC announcements first.

The All-New, All-Black Captain America or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Retcon

Welcome to the confusing lineage of people to wear the star spangled costume, Sam Wilson!

Five Reasons You Should Support the Outhouse

Because lists are always the best way of explaining things.

The All-New Captain America Confirmed - Updated

What hashtag controversy will arise from this?

First Look at Unworthy, Unemployed Thor After Girl Takes His Job

The artist formerly known as the God of Thunder is looking a little worse for wear.

Manuel Noriega Sues Video Game Company for Using his Likeness in Call of Duty

Former Panamanian dictator Manuel Noriega has sued Activision for using his likeness in its Call of Doody games.

The Tale Of Princess Kaguya Rises In North America This October

Sailor Moon is not the only moon-themed anime this year.

Even More Guardians Of The Galaxy Character Posters

An Alpha Centaurian and a pair of Xandarians. Sorry STILL no Gamora butt.

DC is Mentioned Once in 2014 Harvey Award Nominations

Danny Miki earned the sole nomination for DC Comics.

DC To Put Fish Telepathy in Perspective in Justice League: Throne of Atlantis

The animated movie will do its best to convince people Aquaman doesn't suck.

Stupid Idiots Drive Death of Wolverine to Top of Reorder Charts

It's a good thing we all stood up for our principles and said "no" to mindless gimmick publishing.

Obvious Pseudonym Named Some Sort Of President At BOOM! - UPDATED

No, I am not going to define “pseudonym” for you.

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