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Lopez Has ANMN! Captain Marvel Covered

Look, it's not about Wonder Woman this time.

Infamous: An All-New Marvel NOW Teaser Featuring Cullen Bunn

What new series will we see from genetically engineered super-writer Cullen Bunn in March of 2014?!

300: Rise of Empire Official Trailer #2

Those pesky Persians are still trying to take down the Greeks.

WB Casts Unknown Actress as Wonder Woman to Prevent Repeat of Batfleck Jokes

WB executives wanted to avoid the Internet mocking their casting decision for months on end.

Gal Gadot Cast as Wonder Woman in Man of Steel Sequel

The former Miss Israel and Fast and Furious star will play the iconic DC character.

So, Yea, That X-Force Movie Is Still A Thing

And Rob Liefeld likes what he’s seen.

'Destiny': New Details on Gameplay, Races and Multiplayer Released

The latest issue of Game Informer features Destiny and offers players a deeper look at the game.

SPACE Prize Finalists Announced

Finalists for the small press prizes were announced this morning.

Arrow Adds Another D-List Villain

The Clock King will be making an appearance this season.

Oh No, There Goes Tokyo! 'Godzilla' Trailer is Coming!

A trailer to highly anticipated Legendary Pictures' Godzilla is slated to hit soon.

Reason Wolverine Replaced Kitty Pryde as X-Men: Days of Future Past Protaganist Revealed

Why replace Kitty with Wolverine as the mutant whose consciousness travels back in time to warn the X-Men of a terrible future?

Tom Taylor Talks “Earth 2”

Taylor teases what's coming up for the war-torn Earth 2

'Dredd' Sequel On The Way, But Not the One We Want

It's the sequel you deserve, but not the sequel you want. Or maybe need, I'm never sure how that goes.

Ben Affleck Talks Batman

Ben Affleck talks about what brought him to the role and how he will differ from previous batpeople.