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Exclusive: Unstoppable Cullen Bunn Clone Army Slowly Taking Over Entire Comic Book Industry

The announcement of a new Army of Darkness series reveals an evil plot to replace the industry, and eventually the human race, with Cullen Bunns.

BREAKING: Marvel Settles with Kirby Family Over Character Rights

The longstanding legal lawsuit between Marvel and the Kirby estate has been settled.

New Disney Big Hero 6 Trailer

Second full length trailer, now with more heroes.

Star Wars Episode VII: Troopers Time To Shine?

Will stormtroopers get Chromium variants?

Comixology 'Barbara Gordon' Sale is Awfully Picky

The online comics distributor is having a 'Barbara Gordon' sale, but is kind of leaving out a good twenty-year chunk of history.

Optimus Prime Himself Wants Michael Bay Back for Transformers 5: The Search for More Money

Optimus is really pushing the "freedom is the right of all sentient beings" card as he voices his desire for the controversial childhood-ruining filmmaker to direct the next installment of the...

DC Comics' Harley Quinn Rub n' Sniff Comic to Smell Like Weed, Duuuude!

At least it will in America. In Europe it'll smell like cut grass, which will totally harsh your buzz, maaaan.

Discovery Family Channel Replaces The Hub On October 13

Rebrand confirmed, changes are night and day…

College Degrees About to Become Even More Worthless as University Offers Class on Comic Book Movies

We're not saying we don't enjoy comic book movies, we're just not sure how they'll help you get a job when you're done accruing massive student debt.

Capitalism Shocker: CW Network May Be Interested in More Arrow Spinoffs

Amazingly, the network may consider adding more of a certain type of show to their lineup if it's profitable to do so.

Bleeding Cool Claims Manara Variants Not Canceled but Delayed, Quotes Outhouse, Declares War

According to that scoundrel Rich Johnston, the covers have not been canceled, only delayed.

BREAKING: Agents of SHIELD's Ratings Still Mediocre, But Here's a Picture of Bobbi Morse To Make Up For It

Numbers weren't great for last night's premiere, but hey, here's a picture of Bobbi Morse to make up for it!

A Hint At A Future Cinematic Hawkeye Appearance?

Besides being in that little film called Avengers: Age of Ultron.