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News Hungry Websites Leap at Captain America 2 Poster

Various comic websites reacted favorably to the poster during a slow news day.

Titan Magazines Launches Arrow Comic Based on Hit TV Show

Titan Magazines will launch a comic book based on the television show based on a comic book!

Jeff Bridges Talks Iron Man Improv

The Dude reveals that the first Iron Man movie had no script and scenes were all improvised as the movie was filmed.

Batman: Arkham Origins Killer Croc and Lady Shiva Images Leaked

Images have leaked of the two characters, who STILL for some reason haven't been confirmed by WB.

Beware the Batman Pulled from Schedule

Cartoon Network has pulled the cartoon from it's Saturday morning line-up.

Movie Advice: Stay Til The End Of Thor: The Dark World

Rumor has it that it will be less like Iron Man 3 and more like Avengers.

The Future Of Star Wars Includes Darth Vader TV Specials?

Many Bouthans blogged to bring us this information.

Lou Scheimer Passes Away

We lose another of the founders of Filmation.

Marvel Releases Increasingly Disturbing Series of All-New Marvel NOW Teasers

Marvel's one-word teaser format takes a turn toward the macabre in the latest series of poorly photoshopped images.

Batman: Arkham Origins TV Spot

The new tv spot is making the rounds and you'll see it all over the boob-tube soon enough, but it was so cool I had to go ahead and share it now.

A Sad J.H. Williams Reveals What Might Have Been for Batwoman

With Williams and W. Haden Blackman's final issue of Batwoman out this week, Williams muses about the plans the pair didn't get to execute.

Rumor That Michael Jordan Will Play Johnny Storm Rumored to Be Confirmed

The news is making its way around the blogosphere with far more misleading headlines than this one.

R.I.P. Ed Lauter (1938-2013)

The actor, famous for playing tough lawmen in film, has passed away.

Dan Didio to Appear on ABC's The View

The co-publisher of DC will be appearing on tomorrow's episode of the View. Yes, you read that right.

Another All-New Marvel Teaser NOW!

A new teaser... or did we just ms one?

Marvel Comics Full Monthly Solicitations for January 2014

Will the Marvel Universe change forever, or will it be shaken to it's very foundations? Find out in the Marvel solicits for January 2014! (It was a trick question.)