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Comikaze Expo, You Messed With... Oh OK, You're Not So Bad (Updated)

Outhouse favorite Larime Taylor blasts Comikaze Expo for it's lack of support for disabled creators.

DC Confirms Existence of Five Years Later Plans

DC is moving ahead with some sort of plan to jump its comics five years into the future.

Rich Johnston Dishes Major Dirt on DC Burbank Move

Bob Harras, Bobbie Chase, and Joey Cavalieri could be out, Mike Marts could be new EIC, and there could be friction between Geoff Johns and Dan Didio!

CW Developing Hourman Television Show

The CW is bringing another DC character to television.

Neil Gaiman Returning To Dr. Who With New E-Book

It was is sure to be a critically acclaimed, pretty good book.

Jaimie Alexander is not Screwing Around

It was the Lady Sif show at the Thor premiere in Hollywood.

So, You Say You Want A Revolution!

"Remember, remember, the fifth of November….”

Wolverine 3 In The Works

Considering the first crappy one earned a sequel, you didn't think the second one, which was actually decent wouldn't get a follow-up as well did you?

Look Like a Dork in This Marvel Comics Snow Suit

Nothing says 'please take my lunch money and stuff me in a locker' like snowsuits and comic book apparel!

Bluewater Figures Out Way to Put Out Neil Gaiman Comic Without Neil Gaiman

Gaiman will join the likes of Sarah Palin and Paula Deen as he gets his own Bluewater biography comic.

Return Of The Marvel Teaser

What? You thought we'd use the word "resurrection"?

New Trailer and Poster for The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug

Peter Jackson released a new trailer by way of The Hobbit fan event today and here it is.

X-Factor New Line-Up And Hideously Ugly Uniforms Leaked.

All New X-Factor line-up features Quicksilver, Polaris, Gambit, and Garth Brooks-like uniforms.

Diane Nelson: DC Move to Burbank Will Make Holiday Parties Run More Smoothly

In an interview with the Wall Street Journal, Nelson explains how difficult it was to hold a Halloween costume contest on two coasts.