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Marvel Releases Increasingly Disturbing Series of All-New Marvel NOW Teasers

Marvel's one-word teaser format takes a turn toward the macabre in the latest series of poorly photoshopped images.

Batman: Arkham Origins TV Spot

The new tv spot is making the rounds and you'll see it all over the boob-tube soon enough, but it was so cool I had to go ahead and share it now.

A Sad J.H. Williams Reveals What Might Have Been for Batwoman

With Williams and W. Haden Blackman's final issue of Batwoman out this week, Williams muses about the plans the pair didn't get to execute.

Rumor That Michael Jordan Will Play Johnny Storm Rumored to Be Confirmed

The news is making its way around the blogosphere with far more misleading headlines than this one.

R.I.P. Ed Lauter (1938-2013)

The actor, famous for playing tough lawmen in film, has passed away.

Dan Didio to Appear on ABC's The View

The co-publisher of DC will be appearing on tomorrow's episode of the View. Yes, you read that right.

Another All-New Marvel Teaser NOW!

A new teaser... or did we just ms one?

Marvel Comics Full Monthly Solicitations for January 2014

Will the Marvel Universe change forever, or will it be shaken to it's very foundations? Find out in the Marvel solicits for January 2014! (It was a trick question.)

Oh, FFS! Marvel's "Spider-Girl" Costume

We might need a new section for stories that are just too stupid for words.

Michael Bay Attacked on "Transformers: Age of Extinction" Set

The director was attacked on set by two men and their motive surprisingly wasn't that he raped their childhoods.

S.H.I.E.L.D. Ratings Drop Again

ABC is reportedly considering canceling Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. two times, just for good measure.

New South Park Delayed Due to Power Outage

So I bet you're wondering what happened to that new episode of South Park tonight?

Trailer: Non-Stop

Check out this trailer for the upcoming thriller Non-Stop, which stars Liam Neeson, and Julianne Moore.

Nominees for Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Class of 2014 Announced.

Nominees for Rock Hall's 2014 class include Nirvana, N.W.A., and KISS.

Hipsters Decry Valiant's New Greatest Hits Album

Collecting X-O Manowar #5, Quantum and Woody #1, Harbinger #1, Harbinger Wars #2, and Shadowman #0!

NYCC: Harassment of One Weakens Us All

While most had a great time at this past weekend's event, there's a very good reason why many others did not.

Mark Waid: Print Comics Aren't Dead After All

In a blogpost on the 13th Dimension, Waid admits he was partially wrong about his statements about the future of the industry.