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Gotham Debuts to 8 Million Viewers, 3.2 Rating

It was a strong series opener for Fox and DC's Batman without Batman show.

Marvel Cancels Future Milo Manara Variants in Wake of Spider-Woman-Gate

At least two upcoming Milo Manara variants have been canceled after the negative reaction to the infamous Spider-Woman cover.

The Sequentialist, A New Cartoon Newspaper, Launches in Columbus, OH

Featuring a mix of local interest stories and syndicated strips, the Sequentialist made its debut in Columbus, OH last night.

Agent Carter Gets A Boss

Shea Whigham cast as chief.

Toonami: 'Beware the Batman' & 'Sym-bionic Titan' Bounced from Network

Both shows are leaving the animated block after THIS WEEK due to being "written off" by Cartoon Network.

Bleeding Cool Article Claims Cosplayers Ruining Comic Cons

According to the article, they're taking money away from true industry professionals.

Cubano Review: Superman Saved by Whales in Aquaman Easter Egg in Man of Steel?

El Presidente is back with the hottest scoop since... okay, maybe not the hottest... lukewarm would be more accurate.

Blogger Has Difficulty Reporting That Bryan Singer Will Direct X-Men: Apocalypse in Wake of Sexual Abuse Scandals

Fox has finalized the deal for Singer to direct the upcoming X-Men movie, now that Singer has cleared up those sexual abuse lawsuits from earlier this year.

Marvel Teases Death of Deadpool

Everything's Coming Up Roses for Outhouse Editor in Chief and renowned Deadpool hater Christian Hoffer

Woman Gets Artificial Third Breast, Hopes to Become Reality Star

I would just like to point out that this is a real story and not a joke.

"The Great One" Brian Bendis Closes Famous Message Boards; Maybe Powers Will Come Out on Time Now

Another comic book forum bites the dust as the Bendis Boards are closed and, apparently deleted, all without warning.

Five Tips for Calling Into CBR Founder Jonah Weiland's New Radio Show Today

We want to help out Jonah for his big radio debut as a guest host on KFI AM, so here's some tips to help you be a great caller for his first show!

Orci Exits Power Rangers, Fulfills Promise

Says sayonara, heads back to Starfleet Command.

New Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D. Season 2 Promo & Image

Watch on screen while the Agents watch a screen…

Warner Bros. Cutbacks Could Result in up to 1000 Layoffs

The layoffs are expected to hit all divisions of the company in October and November.