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Cartoon Network Fires "Clarence" Creator Over Sexual Harassment Claims

As far we know, the show will continue without creator Skyler Page, who was let go after allegations of sexual assault from a co-worker at the network.

UDON to Produce Manga Classics - Pride and Prejudice and Les Miserables

If you liked Classics Illustrated but wish they were more sexually arousing, this is the announcement you've been waiting for!

Hobgoblin and Carnage Nab AXIS-Related Mini-Series Set for October

The two Spidey villains will be getting AXIS-related mini-series in October.

Arrow Casts Peter Stormare as New/Old Villain

What's new again is old, or something like that.

Superman Bathes in the Tears of Thousands in this New Batman v. Superman Photo

Something, something, mass destruction, something, something snap my neck.

When Will America Finally Enact Sensible Blaster Control Legislation?

Another blaster incident in Kansas as activists demand stricter blaster control laws for stormtroopers.

Hey, Did You Know That Marvel Is “Killing” Wolverine?

I know, right, this is the first I am hearing of it as well.

Three Out of Four DC Comics Pre-Comic Con House Ads Are Phallic Themed

We're not sure what this says about them, about us for noticing, and about the state of sexism in the comic book industry.

Low Sales? What Low Sales? DC Resurrects Deathstroke Series

This time, Deathstroke will be written and co-drawn by Tony Daniel.

Starz Picks Up American Gods TV Adaptation

The beleaguered premium cable channel hopes this series can help them get ahead of rival Encore in the ratings wars.

Yea, Finch, That Made Everything Better

Maybe you should have hired someone to write that tweet for you.

Devon Aoki Cuts into 'Arrow' as Katana

The former "Sin City" veteran has been cast for the show's third season as the sword-wielding vigilante.