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The Kickstarter Pipeline - June 16, 2014

A new feature focusing on current Kickstarter campaigns.

SENYC: Marvel Announces Four Artists For Nine Issue AXIS Series

We scored an EXCLUSIVE interview with Axel Alonso to discuss this huge story!

Image Comics' "Spread" Press Release is Pretty Much Love Letter to Outhouse

How do you stop The Outhouse from mocking your press release? Reverse psychology!

ATTN Virgins: Martian Manhunter Slated for Justice League Movie

And because you know this, according to DC movie mogul David Goyer, you've never been laid.

Old DCU Characters to Return During Band-Aid Event?

Yay! We mean booo! We mean yaaayy! We mean boooooooo!

'Rat Queens' Being Developed As Animated Series

The Image Comics title may be coming to a TV network in the future

Bride of the Return of the Jason Momoa as Aquaman Rumor, Part 4: The Revenge

According to the latest scuttlebutt, Momoa is a lock for the lord of the fish!

Zechs Celebrates Victory as Green Goblin Replaced With Hobgoblin

So yeah the teaser showing off the Marvel Event now has the Green Goblin being replaced by the Hobgoblin. OH! Ace Reporter Zechs is claiming innocence of the abrupt move.

Bleeding Cool Notices That Marvel Has Goblin-Bent AXIS Cover

Green Goblin has been replaced by Hobgoblin on the cover of Marvel's upcoming AXIS super-mega-crossover event, you may have noticed Bleeding Cool noticed.

Orange Juice Barons Hire Marvel Comics to Revamp Citrus Mascot

The Florida Department of Citrus will pay Marvel ONE MILLION DOLLARS to reimagine their Captain Citrus character.

Loki Sings! Tom Hiddleston To Play Hank Williams In Biopic.

The star of Thor and The Avengers is tapped to play legendary country musician Hank Williams.

Hub President/CEO Margaret Loesch Steps Down

The executive who oversaw the birth of and ran the HUB Network for the first four years is stepping down from the position at the end of 2014.

Does DC's Upcoming Movie Schedule Include a Wonder Woman Film?!

The latest gossip from the Hollywood rumor mill says: yes!