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WB Fasttracking Flash TV Series, Wonder Woman Project Halted

The company is considering the Flash for a CW show in the vein of Arrow.

Rumors of the recovery of long-lost Doctor Who episodes regenerate.

Recently-squashed rumors of the recovery of missing Doctor Who episodes from the Sixties have, like The Doctor himself, regenerated.

Reporter Exhausted After Reading Beat's Monthly Marvel Sales Analysis

Citing "math is hard," a reporter felt extremely tired after reading through The Beat's thorough analysis of Marvel's monthly sales statistics.

DC Shocker: WB Licensing Ruins Super Best Friends Forever

Warner Bros. has turned the layered superhero shorts into wide eyed, generic bratz characters.

Rumor: Jamie Foxx Wants to Be Spawn

The Amazing Spider-Man actor wants to star in a Spawn reboot.

Leaked SDCC Amazing Spider-Man 2 Footage Appears Online

A recording of the Amazing Spider-Man 2 panel has appeared, showing off new footage for the event.

The Wolverine Box Office Threatens to Expose Comics Industry Secrets

The movie took in $55 million dollars this weekend, causing some to ask whether people are getting sick of Wolverine.

First Look at Star Wars: Rebels

At Star Wars Celebration: Europe we got our first look at the new Star Wars cartoon, Star Wars: Rebels!

The Top 50 Reasons Why The Wolverine Sucks (SPOILERS)

Because you demanded it, Doc Jon is back to tell us the top 50 reasons why The Wolverine movie sucks! (SPOILERS)

Hints On The Future Direction Of Godzilla Films?

Director talks with the press about his upcoming film and hints where he'd possibly like to go with it.

Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson Shows off Thracian Army in Latest Tease

The Rock keeps offering behind-the-scenes peeks at work on Hercules and here's the latest.

Justice League Dark #23 Preview Art

Unlettered interior art by Mikel Janin

Open Discussion: No Richard Rider in Guardians of the Galaxy?

Join the raging debate over original Nova Richard Rider's rumored lack of presence in Guardians of the Galaxy and the merits of his replacement, Sam Alexander!

Another Trailer For Another Thor: The Dark World

This one is for the "Official" video game.

47 Ronin

Apparently there is a movie about this event that has nothing to do with the event.