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Marvel Shocker: Studio Plans to Continue to Make Movies

News that the date for another Marvel Film has been set a couple years down the road has the interwebs abuzz.

DC Shocker: DC Shortens Final Order Cutoffs by One Week for 3D Covers

Retailers will have little margin of error for the risky DC event.

'Pacific Rim' Offers Up New Posters, Images and a TV Spot

Along with a new IMAX Poster, Pacific Rim has released new stills and a tv spot with new cutscenes.

Will Smith Won't Return for Independence Day Sequel

The actor is too big a name with too high a price tag to appear in the sequel to the popular action film.

'Deadpool' Gameplay Launch Trailer

The Deadpool Video Game hits shelves tomorrow and a new launch trailer featuring gameplay and cameos teases what's to come.

More Doom for DC Comics as Robinov Departs Warner?

How might things at DC change with the departure of the Warner Bros. executive who restructured the company as DC Entertainment?

Jim Carrey has Second Thoughts about 'Kick Ass 2'

Of all the comic book movies he's been in for him to have second thoughts about. (Updated with Mark Millar's response)

"Under The Dome" Premiers Monday June 24

CBS debuts their new sci-fi thriller this Monday

William Fichtner Is the Shredder

The mysterious role William Fichtner was playing in Michael Bay's TMNT, isn't so mysterious any longer.

Robotech 2-Movie Collection Trailer Online

See the trailer for the home release of the new (to the West) Love Live Alive special and "classic" Shadow Chronicles Collector's Edition.

Full Live-Action Japanese Gatchaman Trailer

Get a better look at science ninja team in live action (in Japanese).

MAN OF STEEL's Michael Shannon To Co-Host Benefit Screening This Weekend

Chicago fans get to see the new Superman movie with 'General Zod'

Matt Smith's Thank You to Doctor Who Fans

It's getting all teary-eyed up in here.

DC Announces Omnibus for Villain's Month

This might be the best way of purchasing the Villain's Month books without paying for those pesky 3D covers.

FX Gets 'Man of Steel', 'Star Trek Into Darkness', 'Fast & Furious 6' & More

Cumberbatch, you haven't destroyed enough of the city to attract Superman's attention yet.

Latino Review Gets the Villain Scoop for 'Doctor Strange'

You'll never guess who the rumored villain for Doctor Strange is, Never!