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Black Jesus Expanded Trailer

From the mind of Boondocks creator Aaron McGruder, comes the Second Coming of our Lord, this time in the Hood.

CW Casts Wentworth Miller as The Flash's Captain Cold

The Prison Break star will appear on the CW show this fall.

Five Characters Who Have Never Carried Captain America's Shield

We take a look at five characters who have surprisingly never touched or carried Captain America's shield.

Even More Guardians Of The Galaxy Character Posters: The Sequel, Plus A Mobile Game!

This time see the bad guys, and a chibi version of the Guardians.

Cartoon Network: Meet the New Boss

Christina Miller has become the ruler of Cartoon Network and Boomerang, replacing the unloved Stuart Snyder.

In Case You Missed It: Avengers NOW!

This Avengers Initiative starts… LATER!

More On Star Wars Rebels' Inquistor

Inquiring minds will want to watch his new character video.

Rich Johnston Suffers Freak Horn-Tooting Accident

The famed British muckraker is still determined to tell everyone that he reported upcoming SDCC announcements first.

The All-New, All-Black Captain America or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Retcon

Welcome to the confusing lineage of people to wear the star spangled costume, Sam Wilson!

Five Reasons You Should Support the Outhouse

Because lists are always the best way of explaining things.

The All-New Captain America Confirmed - Updated

What hashtag controversy will arise from this?

First Look at Unworthy, Unemployed Thor After Girl Takes His Job

The artist formerly known as the God of Thunder is looking a little worse for wear.