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First 'Official' Look at Evangeline Lilly in 'The Hobbit' Trilogy

We've seen a couple of leaks of her elf warrior so far, but here is the first official look at her in The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug.

Zauriel to Appear in the New 52

The angel will appear in The Phantom Stranger.

DC Pushes Digital Price Drop to 8 Weeks After Release

The comics publisher has decided to delay scheduled price drops by four weeks.

Watch The Marvel Heroes Opening Cinematic

The cinematic opening for the video game is now online!

DC to Release Digital "Choose Your Own Adventure" Comic

The news was announced as part of DC's new digital initiative.

Fables Getting Developed for Movie (Again)

The series is moving forward into pre-production.

DC Shocker: Justice League Also Being Quadruple Shipped

One of the books will act as a coda to the cancelled Dial H series.

'Halo: Spartan Assault' Officially Announced

The new game will be 'a top-down twin-stick style shooter for Windows 8 devices.'

Lionhead Announces HD Re-release of 'Fable'

Revisit the first Fable in an updated Anniversary edition remake.

DC Shocker: Flash Covers Also Photoshopped

Newsarama has expertly exposed the farce with their new image viewer.

DC Shocker: DC to Double Ship Aquaman in September

Aquaman is also getting the Marvel treatment of shipping comics.

DC Shocker: DC to Quadruple Ship Action Comics in September

DC's new publishing strategy: QUADRUPLE SHIP ALL THE COMICS!

Fable 4 Coming to XBox One?

As more company get websites ready for new game releases we get an idea of what games we might see at E3.

Marvel Teases "Mighty" [Updated]

Tying in to Infinity, Marvel teases who might be migh-tay migh-tay

EXCLUSIVE: Outhouse Obtains Next Set of Photoshopped Batman Covers from DC

In the scoop of the week, The Outhouse will exclusively reveal the next nine lazily photoshopped Batman Villains Month covers!!!

DC Shocker: DC to Quadruple Ship Batman: The Dark Knight in September

The series will release four issues in September, all focusing on different villains.