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DC Comics to Release New Tom Strong Series, Maybe Some Kitchen Appliances

When the new series fails to enrage Alan Moore, DC will have no choice but to resort to drastic measures.

What’s New In The New 52: Iris Gets A New Suit

Check out Barry's solution to keep Iris safe from a mysterious killer

DC Annuals For October 2013


Another Deadpool Clip From Ultimate Spider-Man

Yet another clip has surfaced of the Merc with the Mouth.

Exclusive Interview: Aronofsky Talks Noah, Image, and Digital Comics

The Outhouse sits down with Mr. Aronofsky for an interview about the upcoming Image Comics titles.

Beware the Batman: Opening Revealed

Beware the hype machine, as we got our first look at the opening sequence to Beware the Batman.

Trevor Hairsine is Valiant Exclusive

The superstar artist signed an exclusive contract with the Flying V!

Millar, Brubaker, Aaron, Remender, Fraction, and Aronofsky Creating New Books at Image

So many awesome new creator-owned titles were announced at Image Expo that an Outhouse reporter suffered brain damage and didn't think it was newsworthy.

Image to Release DRM-Free Digital Comics

The comics publisher has decided that DRM-free comics will not ruin the industry.

Image Expo 2013: The Walking Dead Goes Biweekly in October

The Walking Dead will ship bi-weekly for six months during a 12 part arc.

Deadpool Arrives on Ultimate Spider-Man

The Merc with a Mouth debuts on Ultimate Spider-Man.

Marvel Reveals Thought-Provoking First Look at New Avengers #8

The prelude to super-mega-crossover event Infinity looks to be a little bit more cerebral than usual.

Christian Bale Will Be Batman in Justice League Movie

Not really, but now you'll actually be momentarily shocked when you find out he won't be.

William Fichtner Shreds Some Light on His Role in TMNT

The actor talks about the character he's playing in Michael Bay's TMNT.

Marvel Shocker: Ed Brisson Replaces Nick Spencer on Secret Avengers

The last person to tell his employer he needed a little bit of time off was superspy Edward Snowden.