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Matt Smith's Thank You to Doctor Who Fans

It's getting all teary-eyed up in here.

DC Announces Omnibus for Villain's Month

This might be the best way of purchasing the Villain's Month books without paying for those pesky 3D covers.

FX Gets 'Man of Steel', 'Star Trek Into Darkness', 'Fast & Furious 6' & More

Cumberbatch, you haven't destroyed enough of the city to attract Superman's attention yet.

Latino Review Gets the Villain Scoop for 'Doctor Strange'

You'll never guess who the rumored villain for Doctor Strange is, Never!

Mary Jane Watson recast for Amazing Spider-Man 3?

Is Sarah Gadon replacing Shailene Woodley for the part of MJ in spidey's third act? (Updated - she has been cast, but not as MJ)

Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson to join 'Terminator 5'?

A version of the script is being developed specifically for The Rock, but will he be interested?

Valiant Joins Amazon's 'Kindle Worlds'

Amazon adds Valiant to the list of licenses for its fan fiction program.

Crisis Averted: Robert Downey Jr. Coming Back for Avengers 2 and 3

Marvel announced the news today, ensuring that Disney will make lots more money over the next few years.

First Look at Trinity Of Sin: Pandora #2

DC has released previews of the pencil art for issue #2

DC Shocker: DC's Taking a Loss on Every 3D Cover They Print

The publisher will actually lose money for every comic they print with a 3D cover.

Upcoming Batman Issue to Feature Batman's Butt?!

Greg Capullo revealed pencils of Batman's crack for an upcoming issue of Batman.

Dan Didio Blames Social Media for Bad Reputation

A girl can do what she wants to do, and that's what he's gonna do.

Man Puts Curse on Rick Remender After Offensive Remarks in Uncanny Avengers #9

Remender will continue to lose weight until he dies, unless the blood debt is paid.

R.I.P. James Gandolfini

The actor has passed away at age 51 in Italy, reportedly of a heart attack.

Beware the Batman Promos Hit

A pair of Beware the Batman promos have hit the net showcasing the computer animation of the show along with confirmation the show will be debuting on July 13.

Kim Thompson, Fantagraphics Publisher, has Passed Away

Thompson passed away today after a battle with lung cancer.

Microsoft to Reverse XBox One DRM Policies, Eliminating Used Game and Always Online Restrictions

Has Microsoft seen the light and decided to change their DRM like policies on the XBox One? (UPDATED)