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Alan Moore Denounces Contributors to Own Kickstarter

After launching a Kickstarter to fund the short film His Heavy Heart, notable comics recluse Alan Moore immediately began berating its contributors for being corporate sellouts.

Man of Steel is Man of $$$$

Man of Steel made $125 million at the box office this weekend, shocking everyone at DC Comics.

DC Hires Fictional Character to Write Earth 2

Tom Taylor, the main character from Unwritten, will take over as Earth 2's new writer.

James Robinson Jumps Ship to Marvel to Write Spider-Man: Family Business

The original graphic novel will be co-written by Mark Waid and Robinson, and will reveal that Peter Parker has a sister.

"Marvel Mondays" Sale On ComiXology Features Villain-centric stories Actually Worth Reading.

ComiXology's weekly "Marvel Mondays" $0.99 sale features titles bound to be better than anything DC comes up with for "Forever Evil."

DC Shocker: More Extreme is Added to Already Extreme Doomsday

The beast who killed Superman is about to make his New 52 makeover debut during "Forever Evil" month, and he's sporting a new look Rob Liefeld would be proud of.

Wizkids Gives Us A Look At Pacific Rim's Kaiju

They looked a lot bigger in the trailers.

What Are Marvel's Mystery Movies?

Two untitled movies are slated in 2016 and 2017.

The Legend of Korra Book One Score Due on July 16

The orchestral score for the popular animated series will be released on July 16.

Mark Waid is MAAADDD About Man of Steel (SPOILERS)

The hot-headed comic book writer posted a scathing review of the movie on the Thrillbent blog.

New 'Elysium' Trailer is Here

A longer trailer, offering a better look at Blomkamp's second sci-fi movie.

Marvel Reveals Covers for X-Men: Battle of the Atom

The 50th anniversary X-Men super-mega-crossover event will have covers, in case you were wondering.

First Look: Roseanne Barr as Kraang Prime in TMNT

Check out a brief clip and full look at the leader of alien race of the Kraang: Kraang Prime! Voiced by.. Roseanne Barr?!

E3 Wrap Up: What Games Are You Excited For?

Today is the final day of E3, news and game previews have flooded the internet, what are you looking forward to the most?

Marvel Comics Full Monthly Solicitations for September 2013

It's Marvel solicit time! Check out what's shipping from Marvel in 2013!

Rumor: Possible Recovery of Long-Lost Doctor Who Episodes

A report surfaces of the possible recovery of Doctor Who episodes missing from the BBC Archives for decades.

Update: Polybags to Blame for Age of Ultron Shortage

The Outhouse has learned that a lack of polybag material is to blame for the 13% shortage in Age of Ultron #10 (NOT A JOKE).