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Microsoft Investing $1 Billion into XBox One Games

Say what you want about the XBox Reveal event, but Microsoft is putting its money where its mouth is for games.

Paul Jenkins Goes BOOM! Exclusive

The fan-favorite creator signed an exclusive contract, but has BOOM! Studios bitten off more than they can chew?

New 'Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters' Trailer

Official Trailer #2 for the next Percy Jackson novel turned movie.

Valiant Announces Quantum & Woody Weekly

Before they arrive in comics shops, find Quantum & Woody in their own webcomic, exclusively on...some other site.

Former President Bill Clinton Endorses Top Shelf's March

The upcoming graphic novel series, co-written by civil rights leader and Congressman John Lewis, is headed out on a publicity tour.

Get Ready For The Shitstorm: DC Edition [SPOILERS for JLA #4]

I think we can all agree that internet fanpeople will take this like the mature adults they are.

Huge Shake-Ups Rock DC Comics

The company published a Top Six Superman Stories article on their website, instead of a top 5.2.

Next Bond Film May Be Delayed To Accomidate Director Sam Mendes' Schedule.

James Bond producers in talks with Sam Mendes to direct followup to Skyfall.

Peter Molyneux's 'Curiosity Cube' Cleared

Hype-man Molyneux promised something big was inside the cube that players have been working to open for months, and the other day it was finally revealed.

Yahoo Fools Everyone by Labeling Car Pictures as Autobots

Yahoo offered a first look at two autobots in Bay's Transformers 4, spoiler: they are just car pictures. (Updated: Optimus and Bumblebee added)

So How Does Superman Shave?

A question every Superman fan probably knows the answer to, but for some reason it's a big question today.

DC Recruiting Artists to Draw Old Kevin Smith Superman Script?

Rob Liefeld was all like hey you know DC is all calling people up and asking them to, like, do this and stuff, and we were all like nuh uh, oh no they didn't!

XBox One Will Be Region Locked

As news of the new console trickles out, we get confirmation that the XBox One will be region locked.

Lee to Blame for Batman/Superman #1 Delay

The Outhouse admonishes the artist for probably causing a three week delay on Batman/Superman #1.

Hugh Jackman Defends The Wolverine's Departure from the Comics

The actor claimed that Marvel's current depiction of the character is wholly unlikeable and wouldn't be a good fit on the silver screen.

"Forever Evil"? More Like "Forever Late"

No, Mark Millar is not working with DC

Forever Evil: DC Comics Trademarks Corporate Management Style

DC Comics has registered the trademark for "Forever Evil," solidifying their plans to continue to manage their business villanously.