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Yahoo Fools Everyone by Labeling Car Pictures as Autobots

Yahoo offered a first look at two autobots in Bay's Transformers 4, spoiler: they are just car pictures. (Updated: Optimus and Bumblebee added)

So How Does Superman Shave?

A question every Superman fan probably knows the answer to, but for some reason it's a big question today.

DC Recruiting Artists to Draw Old Kevin Smith Superman Script?

Rob Liefeld was all like hey you know DC is all calling people up and asking them to, like, do this and stuff, and we were all like nuh uh, oh no they didn't!

XBox One Will Be Region Locked

As news of the new console trickles out, we get confirmation that the XBox One will be region locked.

Lee to Blame for Batman/Superman #1 Delay

The Outhouse admonishes the artist for probably causing a three week delay on Batman/Superman #1.

Hugh Jackman Defends The Wolverine's Departure from the Comics

The actor claimed that Marvel's current depiction of the character is wholly unlikeable and wouldn't be a good fit on the silver screen.

"Forever Evil"? More Like "Forever Late"

No, Mark Millar is not working with DC

Forever Evil: DC Comics Trademarks Corporate Management Style

DC Comics has registered the trademark for "Forever Evil," solidifying their plans to continue to manage their business villanously.

Spidey Uses Small Child As Human Shield Against Rhino

These new behind the scenes shots of Amazing Spider-man 2 seem to show spider-man hiding behind a small child from the pre-CGI Rhino.

New 'Pacific Rim' TV Spots

Yep, that's plural, check out both of the new TV spots for Pacific Rim.

Newest 'Man of Steel' TV Spot Offers Hope (Updated: 3 New Trailers)

Jor-El has a message for his son in the newest TV Spot for the Superman reboot. (Updated: Now 3, count 'em THREE new TV Spots)

New Young Justice Trailer Arrives

For Young Justice: Legacy that is.

Toonami Nabs Sword Art Online

Starting in August, Toonami will be airing the anime.

Marvel Unveils 'Age of Ultron' #10 Quesada Variant

Age of Ultron shaking things up with reveals.