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Bethesda Teases Next Project, Fallout 4? (Update)

Bethesda tweeted a short video out today, mysteriously offering a tease at their next game, which many are speculating might be Fallout 4. (Updated)

Bleeding Cool Exposes Female Menace in Comics Industry

Bold claims from Bleeding Cool's Rich Johnston, who suggests that DC Comics will be completely overrun with women by 2016.

Latest Casting News For "Flashpoint Paradox"

The DC animated movie will be released on July 30 in Blu-ray, DVD, On Demand and digital download formats from Warner Bros Animation, DC Entertainment and Warner Bros Home Entertainment.

Final 'Star Trek Into Darkness' Trailer Before Release

If you didn't want to see this before, the newest trailer might help. If like me, you can't wait to see it, this will only increase your anticipation.

Media Research Center Tries, Fails to Address "Gaying" of Comics

The MRC has published an unintentionally hilarious article about gays in comics.

Frodo, Zuko, Hellboy and River Tam Cast in Peter Panzerfaust Motion Comic

Actors have been cast for a new motion comic based on Kurtis Wiebe's Image series.

Movie Theatres Refusing to Sell Iron Man 3 Tickets

A lot of movie theatres are refusing to sell Iron Man 3 tickets due to a contract disputes.

Awful Jamie Foxx Electro Pics Provide Too Many Options for Outhouse Article

Outhouse writers are unable to decide which direction to take when making fun of the latest set pics of a Jamie Foxx as a sickly blue Elctro in Amazing Spider-Man 2.

Bay TMNT Critics Hurt Raphael's Feelings

All the trash talk about Michael Bay's Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movies hurts Raphael actor Alan Ritchson's feelings.

Michael Bay has Found his Splinter for Ninja Turtles

Splinter has been cast in the Great Disaster.. I mean Michael Bay's Ninja Turtles.

Marvel Announces Full Color "Epic" Collections

The collected editions have the page count of an Essential collection, but are in full color!

Creator Worries That Trumped-Up Controversies Will Overshadow Kickstarter Campaign

Greg Pak worries of the future in a one scene artistic interpretation.

DC Universe Presents #19 Cover Reveal

In this final issue, what time displaced-hero has arrived on our world — and is the destruction he brings the herald to a great disaster?

IDW Wins Spud Award in Lone Competition

Unsurprisingly, IDW took home the award for best publisher of comics based on Hasbro properties, being the only publisher of comics based on Hasbro properties.

MTV's 'Iron Man 3' Clip

MTV's exclusive clip: "Shootout"