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DC Comics Full Monthly Solicitations for July 2013

Creative teams are subject to change due to angry, last-minute creator walkoffs.

Vertigo Comics July 2013 Previews

Solicits and cover previews for July 2013

Two Generations Of British Writers Line-Up To Apologize To Margaret Thatcher’s Corpse

No one wants to be the last to say, "I’m sorry" for fear of being rounded up.

DC Comics July 2013 Previews

Solicits and cover previews for July 2013 - WILL BE UPDATED THROUGHOUT THE DAY

Die, Comixology, Die! Marvel to Destroy Digital Comics Once and For All

Failing to finish off the digital comics platform in their first attempt, Marvel hopes to finally get the job done starting April 11th.

ICYMI: Trinity War to Be Six Issue Crossover

DC announced that the event will be a three book crossover between the three Justice League titles.

Joe Abercrombie's 'The Blade Itself' Coming to Comics?

Joe Abercrombie has been posting some interesting images on his blog the last few days.

Gail Simone Launches "The Movement" This May

THE MOVEMENT by writer Gail Simone and artist Freddie Williams II

Possible 'Once Upon A Time' Spinoff casts Michael Scocha

In a possible spinoff from ABC's 'Once Upon A Time', a small cast is beginning to take shape.

Official Title and Show Description for S.H.I.E.L.D.

Joss Whedon's S.H.I.E.L.D. gets official with ABC released show title and breakdown.

DC Comics July 2013 Solicits - Green Lantern Titles

POSSIBLE SPOILERS, solicits and cover previews for the Green Lantern group titles.

Filoni Plans For More Star Wars Animation

What have you done with those plans?!

Marvel Teams up With WWE for Wrestlemania 29!

The two purveyors of fictional violence join together for the biggest wrestling show of the year.

Marvel Throws Superior Spider-Man Team-Up at Wall, Hopes it Sticks

The company would be happy to make "at least a few more bucks off this whole Doctor Spiderpuss thing" before it runs its course.

DC Comics July 2013 Solicits - Superman Titles

Superman Family solicits and cover previews

DC Comics July 2013 Solicits - Batman Titles

Batman Family solicits and cover previews